Sister and Groom

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Sister and Groom!

As the bride sat in her waiting room, sitting with all her wedding party and family except for one she was claiming that today was the happiest day of her life, the groom on the other hand had other plans in the making.

Becky the bride to be was with all of her family, but one. She was missing her younger sister, who she knew would always be late. It didn’t matter though because later today she would be marrying the man of her dreams.

Marc the groom was hiding away in one of the back rooms. Hiding away from the groomsmen and everyone else already at the church, making out with Maddy. Becky’s younger sister.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story.

Marc was always infatuated with boobs. He likes really big ones, something that Becky did not have, but Maddy on the other hand had some to give away and then still have really big boobs.

Sometimes Maddy would catch Marc staring at them, her boobs were something she was proud of and when he was around she would wear skin tight shirts, with no bras might I had, and would parade around the house.

There was a couple of times when Becky wasn’t home from work yet and Marc had shown up early to hang out with Becky, so Maddy would have to entertain him. That included leaning down so he could get a view of her cleavage or accidentally brushing her chest against his arms. She knew it wasn’t right, but Marc was hot with a capital H. She thought why should Becky always get the good looking guys. It just wasn’t fair. That continued for about two years, when they announced their engagement. It practically broke Maddys heart. That was when she decided that before they were married she would make love to him. She tried multiple times, to make love to him, but she was always interrupted, one time they had kissed, but they had promised to tell no one saying that it had meant nothing, but she knew that was her key.

Her last day was today, if she was going to show Marc what he was missing if he married her sister instead of her, it had to be today. So she put on her sexy undergarments, her sexiest dress, which ended right after her bottom and her boobs were practically sticking out, and made her way to the church. Walking in she fluffed her hair and found the groom and groomsmen just standing around.

Walking Yalova Escort up to the group she stopped in front of Marc and told him that Becky wanted something done last minute, it was very important.

Nodding (after glancing at her chest) he followed her out of the sanctuary and downstairs into what looked like a classroom.

Once she stepped in and he followed, she shut the door, she was a moaner after all.

“What is it that she wanted,” he had asked.

“Well I lied,” Maddy said with a shrug.

“Why did you bring me down here then,” he asked almost full on staring at her chest.

Giggling to herself she walked closer to him, stands on her toes and whispered in his ear.

“I’m here to show up what you would be missing if you marry my sister today,” she pulled her head back and put her lips against his.

At first he had been shocked, not responding, but after a couple of seconds he responded. Reaching around his head she curled her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her. They had continued to make out for a couple minutes before he pulled away.

As he gasped for breath he said.” We shouldn’t be doing this, I am going to be getting married, to your own sister.”

“I know baby, but I want this, you want this, I won’t tell, and it doesn’t have to end here for us,” she almost had him.

“But I love Becky,” he whispered, more to himself.

” You love me more,” and with that said she leaned up and kissed him again, he wasn’t to far behind her.

That takes us to where we are now, him pressed against her, arms around her waist and moving down, her arms wrapped up in his hair. Their lips moving in sync, you can practically feel the sexual tension pouring from the two of them.

Moaning against his lips she leans back and grinds herself against him, before stepping back.

“Baby I want you,” she says in a sexy voice.

Nodding his head Marc reaches forwards and grabs the top of her dress and pulls it down quickly, he groans as he watches her tits bounce up and down.

“You never wear a bra, you little vixen,” he says reaching forward and cupping one of them before doing the same to the other one.

“Why would when I knew I’d be fucking you,” she replies forcing his hands harder into her tits.

Grinning Yalova Escort Bayan he responds by lowering his head and sucking on a hard, swollen nipple. Moaning she forces his head more onto her tits while taking the other hand and grabbing his cock through his pants. It was already hard.

“Oh god baby your so big, I have wanted this for so long,” she moans jerking him off through his pants.

Moving his hips to her beat, he sucks harder on her nipple while fondling the other one. Moaning she forces herself away from him. Lifting up her dress till it is above her hips, she pulls off her thong and grins as she sees desire roll over Marc’s face.

“You want this?” she asks.

Nodding Marc moves his hand to his trousers and undoes the belt and zipper before letting them slide to the floor. He then pulls off his briefs, we both knew that this would be a quick fuck, but it wouldn’t be our last.

Once his briefs are past the head of his cock it bounces up and hits him in the stomach, and Maddy practically cums just watching it. Walking forward she reaches Marc and crouches down, taking his cock in her hand she slowly starts to jerk him off before slipping her mouth over the head of him.

Gasping he grabs her head. Stilling her for just a moment before she continues up and down the length of his member, him grunting every time he hits the back of her throat.

“You give such a better blow job then Becky. God,” he grunts tossing his head back.

Quickly pulling off his cock she looks up at him.

“Say she is a slut,” she tells him before taking his head back into her mouth and bobbing her up and down.

“She is a slut, a whore, she is so fucking easy, she isn’t tight either.I just slip fucking right out, OH yeaa,” he moans grabbing her head and forcing her to stand up.

Meeting lips they swapped spit for a few minutes before moving to a chair that was placed in the room.

Sitting down on the chair Maddy spreads her legs and lifts them up in the air. Marc gets the hint and gets on his hands and knees before sticking his head between her legs and sucking on her clit. Gasping she grabs his head and starts grinding her pussy on his face. God her sister was so fucking lucky, to have this master in bed, well now Becky would have to share. Marc Escort Yalova continued to suck her clit for a few minutes before moving to her hole, where he stuck his tongue in and out quickly, making Maddys body jerk with spasms at the unexpected pleasure.

“You like that don’t you,” he says quickly before continuing.

Maddy could do nothing, but nod.

Grinning Marc stands up in a crouch and puts the head on his penis at the opening of her pussy and gently pushes in, both of them moan quietly, pleasure coursing through them both.

“God you are so tight,” he grunts pulling out before pushing back in gently.

“Baby,” she says panting, ” I like it rough.”

Grinning to himself, he thinks how he might have picked up the wrong sister. Becky liked it slow and gentle, while he likes wild rough sex.

He puts his hands on either side on the chair and goes to work. Jamming his cock in and out of her tight pussy, giving her no time to adjust to the new speed. Wrapping her hands around his neck she tossed her head back once more and moans loudly, he continues to jab himself in and out of her like this for a few minutes before he pulls out right quick.

Almost cold from the sudden action Maddy jerks forward onto the floor into the doggy position. Marc climbs right behind her and enters her slick wet hole.

“You like my cock in your hole. You like your sisters fiance in your pussy.” he said as he talked dirty to her.

Nodding Maddy gasped and moaned as Marc continues to pound her pussy with such strength and speed she didn’t know what to do.

Leaning forward so that he was leaning on her, he grabbed her tits and squeezed them. His cock slamming in and out of her, his balls slapping her clit for this angle and him fondling her tits, was enough to bring her over the edge.

“OOOHHHHHH I’M CUMMMING,” she moaned loudly.

Grinning Marc picked up the pace as he could feel her pussy clinching around his member, he too is going to finish soon, as Maddy spasm underneath him, after she finished her climax, he realized his load cumming hard and fast. Grunting he pulled out his softening cock and sat back.

Turning around Maddy smiles, she stands up, pulls her dress down, fixes her hair and walks back over to Marc.

“I truly hope we could do this again sometime, I wouldn’t want your talents wasted on my sister,” she says leaning down and giving him a quick kiss, before walking.

Marc grinning, dresses and soon follows and heads to the alter.

Neither on them realizing they never used a condom.




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