Sisterly Love Pt. 03

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The following is obviously a continuation of Sisterly Love Pt. 2, of which I recommend reading first as an introduction, or at least the least few paragraphs at a minimum. And as I mentioned in the prologue to Sisterly Love, this will be a long series by the time I finish documenting everything so please bear with it. Thank you.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


After Walter got himself a beer from the refrigerator he joined us on the patio. Once he settled in on a lawn chair he asked Brenda how her first massage was.

“I must say, pretty incredible. Not sure why I was never interested in one before, but I can assure you it won’t be my last.”

Walter then looked at me before saying…”Sad to say Lacey, I have to work tomorrow, but not all day. We have an issue with a customer which requires some personal attention, but I should be home by noon.”

Walter occasionally works on weekends due to the nature of the business he’s in so it wasn’t a surprise. Although he always feels bad since it prevents him from spending it with me after working twelve hour days during the week. But with Brenda staying with us, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

“No need to fret, it’ll give Brenda and I a chance to take our first bike ride together. Now I’m glad you decided to keep my old bike after you bought me a new one. And we should be back by the time you get home. Since you have to work tomorrow, are you going to use the hot tub like you usually do on a Friday night?”

“Not tonight. I plan to go to bed shortly after dinner so I can get an early start tomorrow.”

While I didn’t say anything, I was disappointed since I was horny as hell after listening to Brenda describe her massage with Rita, and was looking forward to some sex. Like it or not, I was going to have to wait until Saturday night. Or masturbate first chance I got.


Saturday morning well after Walter left for work, and after Brenda and I showered, we had a light breakfast before I got her one of my chamois bike riding shorts to wear. Something I didn’t think for her to buy during her shopping spree. Once we adjusted the bike seat for her and a quick lesson how to change gears, we hit the road. Fortunately our end of town is perfect for bike riding with very little car traffic and relatively flat terrain. After about two miles we stopped at a small park for Brenda’s sake, which has a few benches where you can sit to rest.

“I don’t know about you Lacey, but I’m pooped. And my ass is sore. How many miles do you normally ride?”

“Usually about six, sometimes more. But not today since it’s your first day. Once you’re rested we’ll head home, which is only a couple miles from here.”

“While we’re alone it’s a good time for me to ask about you being bi-sexual. How long have you’ve known you were Lacey?”

“You might be surprised, but I got the first inkling the last time we masturbated together. The very last time we reminisced about the other day.”


“Very much so, but it was just an impulse at the time. Although as time went by I found myself more and more curious about having sex with another woman. But like you, I figured it was something only lesbians did and never pursued it. Especially since it wasn’t a burning desire and I was more than satisfied with my heterosexual sex life. Especially after I met Walter.”

“Obviously something must have happened to explain about you and Rita. Was she your first bi-sexual encounter, or lover?”

“No she wasn’t. It actually occurred about fifteen years prior to meeting Rita. On a cruise Walter and I took not long after 9/11. Long story, but my first sex with another woman was with someone named Elaine. Same for her too. Afterwards there was a long span in between the next time, being with Rita. Since then, Rita and I have had an ongoing relationship for about three years. But I need to be honest, Rita isn’t the only woman I’ve had sex with. There have been others, but the relationship between Rita and I is special. I think it’s safe to say, we’re extremely fond of each other. Not to the detriment of my relationship with Walter, or him with me, same with Bill and Rita, but we care deeply for each other. As for the other women, all are friends of both Rita and I. With one being her sister Teresa. Although the relationship with them is more of a case of mutually enjoying sex with another woman. I guess you could say we’re simply a small group of mature bi-sexual women who take advantage of it with each other. Now I hope by being frank and honest you don’t think badly of me.”

“That blows me away Lacey. Not about you and Rita, but the others. I never would have guessed. And no my feelings about you haven’t changed an iota. Actually, I’m kind of jealous. But I’ve got a feeling there’s more to the story than you’re telling me. So when you feel up to it, it would be nice if you share hastane porno it with me. But for now I have one other question. What’s it like having sex with another woman?”

“Oh wow, I could talk all day about it, but won’t. Before I try in a hundred words or less, once again I need to reiterate sex between Walter and I couldn’t be better. Better than ever. And our love for each other. But sex with another woman is a different experience. As I said before, there are certain things way more enjoyable with another woman and just aren’t the same with a man. But don’t get me wrong. Obviously it goes without saying there are some things with a man that are not possible with a woman, and them being very enjoyable too. I guess you could say, being bi-sexual, and taking advantage of it, is the best of both worlds.”

“I never thought of it that way. Especially if you’re bi-curious and have been seriously thinking about it. But it doesn’t answer my question.”

“Let me try, and keep it short as possible. Remember when you said yesterday you enjoyed kissing Rita way more than you ever did a man. Well, it pretty much sums up the difference between kissing another woman versus a man. It’s simply not the same. Plus the feel and smell of another woman when you have your arms wrapped around each other while naked is totally different. And you haven’t had your pussy eaten until another woman does it. Not forgetting how enjoyable it is to perform cunnilingus. Especially with someone you care deeply about as with Rita and I. As for the other woman who I have gone down on, and them me, it’s a slightly different experience, but still very enjoyable. I don’t know about you, but if I have a choice, I’d rather another woman eat my pussy than masturbate fantasizing about it. Even though I masturbate, it’s not as often now between my revitalized sex life with Walter and the occasional bi-sexual adventures as I’ll call them. When I do masturbate, it’s not because of a lack of sex, but because I’m horny at an inopportune time and need some relief, or when Walter and I have one of our mutual masturbation sessions.”

“Whew…my head is spinning with all you said. I just wish we had a talk like this before now. There’s so much about you I didn’t know, and you about me when it comes to sex, which we haven’t discussed yet.”

Realizing I probably overwhelmed Brenda about things…”I think now is a good time to head home, as well as to let you digest what we discussed before we continue this conversation further.”


Just as we were putting the bikes away, Walter pulled into the driveway. When he reached the garage I put my arms up to stop him from pulling the car in and asked if he would mind taking Brenda and I for an iced frappuccino. Reluctantly he agreed…”Get in, and let’s make it fast as I need to mow the lawn.”

As soon as we walked into the Electric Percolator, Rodger spotted us and came over from behind the counter to greet us. As I mentioned before, Rodger is Rita’s brother-in-law and works at the coffee shop as a barista. A job he took after retiring from teaching at age 60 to supplement his income. And he’s married to Rita’s one and only sister Teresa. As is the norm for Rodger, who is a touchy feely kind of person, although not in a licentious way as someone like Joe Biden, he gave me a big warm hug and kiss, and Walter a big manly bear hug.

Then while looking at Brenda he asked…”Now who is this lovely lady?”

“My sister Brenda, from back east who is staying with us for a while. And this is Rodger, Rita’s brother-in-law.”

“It’s easy to see you two are somehow related since you’re both such lovely ladies, but I would never have guessed sisters. Cousins maybe.”

Just then Teresa walked into the coffee shop. When she saw us she headed straight for us. After giving both Walter and I a big hug and kiss she handed Rodger his cell phone…”You need to wear this around your neck so you don’t keep forgetting it.”

I then introduced her to my sister. After I did Brenda couldn’t help but say…”I didn’t know Rita had a twin sister.”

“Actually they’re not. Like you and me, Teresa is a year older than Rita. I know, hard to believe since they’re almost mirror images of each other.”

Actually it’s a common mistake people make since Rita and Teresa look nearly identical. Both are the same height (5′ 5″), same weight, have the same facial features, same red hair and green eyes, and both are loaded with freckles. The only noticeable difference, Teresa is a lot bigger busted. 40C versus Rita being a 36C. And even though she has smaller breasts than my sister, she looks bigger because of her smaller physique.

I then asked Teresa if she’d like to have coffee with us since we were in the process of ordering some. She was more than happy to since it would give her a chance to get to know Brenda somewhat.

After Rodger brought our coffees, being iced mocha frappuccinos hemşire porno for Brenda and I, a vanilla one for Teresa and a double espresso for Walter, we talked for a bit. All except for Walter who did nothing but fidget since he was more interested in getting home so he could mow the lawn. While we were talking, I couldn’t help notice how much Brenda and Teresa made eye contact and looked each other over more than once. There was no doubt in my mind they were attracted to each other, which I found interesting. More so my sister.

It didn’t take long for Walter to lose his patience with us. It was easy to see on his part if he didn’t say something he’d be there all afternoon…”I hate to have to leave, but I really need to cut the grass before it gets too late. If you don’t mind Teresa, could you give Lacey and Brenda a ride home when you’re done socializing.”

“Actually I have to leave too Walter. I was on my way to Cindy’s when I brought Rodger his cell phone. But Brenda, Lacey and I need to get together again…and soon. I’ll call you later Lacey, and we’ll set a date. Maybe at your place one day next week since relaxing in the hot tub would be a nice way to socialize so Brenda and I can get to know each other better.”

“Be fine with me. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure Brenda is too.”

We all stood to leave after which Brenda and Teresa gave each other a big hug before saying they looked forward to seeing each other again.


Once back home, Walter changed clothes before going out to mow the lawn. But not before remarking out how nice Brenda looked in the bike riding shorts…”You too Lacey. I always admire how you look in those tight fitting shorts. I think it’s the only reason I go bike riding. So I can ogle your ass as you ride ahead of me.”

“I’m not stupid Walter. Of course it is, but I’d ride totally naked if it’s all it took to make sure you get enough exercise.”

After he went outside I asked Brenda if she wanted to go in the hot tub for a while to relax and chat some more. Maybe even finish the conversation we started earlier.

“I’d love to, but since you mentioned you and Walter never wear anything in the hot tub does it mean I can’t?”

“Of course you can, but let’s do this. We’ll both get in the hot tub wearing bathing suits and then we’ll take them off so you can feel how much nicer it is while completely naked. Never made sense to me to wear a bathing suit in a hot tub, except for modesty reasons. Same with going to bed at night where most people first undress, then dress before getting in bed. And before I forget, wear the two piece suit you bought. It’ll be easier to remove in the hot tub.”

As for me, I wore a banana yellow high-waisted bikini. Which was a bit skimpier than the pink polka-dot one Brenda bought. More so with the top portion. I also made sure to get two large plastic tumblers filled with wine, along with a couple of beach towels and two knee high terry cloth robes for when we got out of the hot tub.

As for the hot tub, it’s an above ground or portable unit as they are sometimes called. Although they aren’t as “portable” as the name implies. Once in position and wired it’s not something you’d ever think or want to move. Ours is totally enclosed in a gazebo especially designed and built for the hot tub with large sliding smoked plexiglass panels. Perfect for an added measure of privacy in spite of how private our backyard is, and to keep you out of the blazing sun on a hot summer day. Or the rain and snow since we use the hot tub year around regardless of the weather or how cold it gets. The hot tub itself is ten foot square, being the outside dimension, and can seat eight people, but ideally four comfortably. Six at most.

Once in the hot tub sitting opposite each other, Brenda couldn’t help remark how wonderful it felt since she was somewhat sore from the bike ride. Especially her bum. The temperature was set for 94 degrees since it was a relatively warm day in the mid-eighties. Perfect actually, but with a 220 volt heater I could heat it a few degrees fairly quickly if needed.

At first we didn’t talk much, but just enjoyed the warm water swirling around and over us. Finally I told Brenda I was going to remove my suit and to join me if she wanted to.

Surprisingly she didn’t hesitate. But after she removed her suit she thought to ask about Walter.

“No need to worry Brenda. Walter is too busy mowing the lawn to bother with us. Between mowing, trimming and cleaning up afterwards he’ll be at it for at least four hours. And until he’s done, he won’t even stop for a beer.”

After relaxing for a few minutes while buck naked…”You were right Lacey. It feels so much better minus the bathing suit. Very sensuous too I might add. And I hope you don’t mind me sitting here with my legs wide open in spite of how un-lady like it is. The feel of the warm water circulating between them hikaye porno feels awesome. And I can’t tell you how nice it feels on my breasts. If it wasn’t so warm my nipples would be hard and long as nails.”

“To be honest Brenda, I couldn’t see if your legs were spread open or not. And truth be known, mine are too for the same reason. If you want a real treat, try positioning yourself with your anus about six inches in front of one of the jets. I promise you won’t be sorry you did. But for now, why don’t you put your feet on the top of my knees and I’ll rub them for you. Then you can do mine.”

As I did Brenda leaned her head back against one of the built in headrests and relaxed with her eyes closed as I massaged her feet one at a time.

When I was done…”It felt simply wonderful Lacey. Between you and Rita, I don’t know who has better hands. You missed your calling, you ought to be a masseuse. People would be lined up to get a massage from you.”

“Thank you Brenda, but I’m perfectly happy in my role as a humble housewife and sex partner with Walter. Besides, I have too much fun at both to be hampered by a steady job. Plus it would interfere with my photography. Although you can describe me as an avid amateur at best, by working it would take away valuable time for it.”

“Speaking of your photography, I know your specialty is wildlife, but do you do people as in portraits or weddings?”

“No, although as I have done a couple of weddings as a favor for people. Only because they couldn’t afford a professional wedding photographer and I did it for zero compensation. The only time I’ve photographed people is when they’re naked. As being totally nude, or women in sexy lingerie for glamour photos.”

“You’re kidding. Men and women?”

“No I’m not, and it’s mainly women. The only time I do men is when I’ve done couples together. But you can count those times on one hand. As for women, you’d be surprised how many do it as a favor or as a personal gift for their husband or significant other. I don’t do it often and only when it’s a special request. And since I don’t have a studio I do the photo shoot in people’s homes. If I had one, I could probably make a decent living photographing women, who are a lot more comfortable with a woman photographing them when naked or scantily clad than a male photographer. Plus they tend to pose a more seductively and ‘openly’ for a woman, if you know what I mean. Now enough about my photography, it’s time for you to rub my feet for a while.”

As she did…”Before I forget, I couldn’t help but notice you were quite smitten with Teresa. And her with you.”

“You’re very observant Lacey. But I didn’t think it was so obvious. Do you think Walter noticed?”

“No. And if I wasn’t bi-sexual, I probably wouldn’t have either. But since I am, you have a sixth sense about the way women act or react with each other. Especially when they’re captivated by another woman in particular. The gestures between two women attracted to each other are more subtle than between a man and a woman. The latter being way more obvious in comparison, and most anyone can pick-up on it. So once again, there’s no need to worry if Walter noticed.”

“You mentioned Teresa seemed the same way with me.”

“Yes she did…even more so. Even though she didn’t elaborate, it’s the reason she wants to get together again soon. So she can confirm her suspicions. But don’t worry, she’s not going to proposition or hit on you in anyway. It wasn’t until fairly recently she came out of the closet so to say about her own bi-sexuality. No doubt in my mind she was attracted to you simply because she liked you as the person you are, and could feel positive vibes emanating from you relative to being attracted to her. But I didn’t get a feeling you could from her.”

“No I didn’t. I just thought it was me, and maybe because of how much she looked like Rita. And the fact you mentioned earlier she was bi-sexual might have had something to do with it too.”

“I’m sure both did. But Teresa in her own right is a very attractive woman and it’s highly likely without realizing it you were sensing she was attracted to you. If and when you ever get beyond the bi-curious stage, and engage in sex with another woman, you’ll eventually acquire a better feel for it.”

“Once again, you’ve given me a lot to think about.”

“Just don’t think too hard. Simply go with your feelings and what you think is right for you. But whatever you do, don’t jump into anything too soon or fast.”

“You’re right Lacey. And let’s take a break discussing it for now. Besides, I’ve been dying to try one of the jets on my anus ever since you mentioned something about it.”

“Let me show you how first.”

Which I did with one of the jets in the well centered in the middle of the hot tub for the calves on your legs. While on my knees I positioned my anus about six inches from one. Once the water flow was hitting my bumhole perfectly I moved my ass around in a small circle to get the optimum effect. Felt heavenly, as it always does.

“Now you try it Brenda.”

Which she did after I moved out of the way…”Oh wow. You were right Lacey. It feels awesome. How did you ever come up with the idea to try something like this.”

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