Sit Pretty

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It was big. That was the first thing Wren noticed, if she was being honest. Big like Mina, matching the woman’s strength and solidness all the way around.

The clear glass dildo and its harness lay on the inn’s bed, innocuous as a bridle or a glass cup.

They were decidedly neither of those things.

When Mina had brought this up – well, technically they both had had a part in the genesis of this particular idea…

(“Fuck you,” Mina grumbled, early in the morning when Wren reminded her that it was her turn to check the traps Wren had set the night before. “Only if you’re very, very good,” Wren had moaned in her best fake-sexy voice, all breathy and through pouted lips. But then Mina had just looked at her for a second, like she’d never even thought about Wren riding her, Wren riding her dick and not her fingers, Wren straddling her hips and Mina panting with the effort of keeping the both of them moving. Things kind of snowballed from there. Things usually did, with the two of them.)

Wren really liked the idea of this being Mina’s dick. Maybe an embarrassing amount of liked, if she was honest. It wasn’t that she wasn’t into the idea of also fucking Mina, but something about this particular dildo looked like it should be Mina’s and Mina’s alone.

… Fuck it, there was no else here and they had all night to spend alone in this room. Wren reached her hand up her own shirt, tweaking her nipple a little with one hand, letting her breath come a little faster. Imagined Mina, behind her with that voice all rumbly-sexy like she got when she was super horny but trying to hide it, her callused hands on Wren’s breasts, in her pants.

Imagined Mina, behind Wren, the slick girth of that dildo nudging at Wren’s thighs.

This was getting out of hand.

Good thing Wren had a girlfriend with two more hands.

Said girlfriend was currently checking with the inn’s owner about the thickness of the walls and whether or not there were any people in the rooms next to them.

Yeah, they had this subtlety thing down.

When Mina came in, Wren was sitting cross-legged on the bed with the dildo in her hands. She was wearing one of Mina’s shirts again, one loose enough that it almost fell off of one of her shoulders.

She was not wearing anything underneath it – not that Mina could tell at this point. (Mina could probably guess. Still, that information was for later.)

Mina locked the door behind her, and walked over to the bed. Her expression did not change once, but Wren knew her. She knew the way Mina squeezed her right hand into a fist, let the left one tap out a frenzied rhythm on her thigh. She knew the way Mina held her head back when she was on edge.

“Mina,” Wren said, and stretched up on her knees to put her hand on Mina’s cheek. “It’s okay.”

The sound of Mina swallowing was just audible; the movement of her throat nigh hypnotic. “Wren. Little bird,” she murmured. “I am- I am nervous.”

Wren hushed her, smoothing her hair back with one hand and reaching up with the other to the tie on Mina’s pants. “Good nervous?” she asked, keeping an eye on Mina for any adverse reactions.

“The best,” Mina assured her. She closed her eyes, pressing into Wren wherever skin touched skin. “I would just-” The taller woman took a deep breath in, keeping her eyes closed. Wren paused her ministrations on the tie of Mina’s pants, moving her hand instead to cup Mina’s hipbone. When she opened her eyes again, she met Wren’s without hesitation. Sin-dark eyes and lips parted just barely, Mina was picture-perfect. “Just tell me what to do,” she said.

Wren raised an eyebrow. “You sure? I hear I can be pretty bossy.”

Mina reached up, took Wren’s hand from her face and squeezed it once before setting it on the dildo beside her. “I’m sure.”

“Then, Mina my love, we’d better get started,” Wren said. She slipped her other hand under Mina’s shirt, caressing the warmth of her bare skin for just a moment before removing Ankara escort it from Mina entirely. “Get undressed.”

And, here, this?

This was a fucking miracle.

Mina was a fucking miracle, over a hundred pounds of muscle and spitfire and docile as a pet at Wren’s word, and only at Wren’s word. She shucked her clothing without making a show of it, functional, fast. Mina even took the time to fold her shirt and pants, laying them on the floor with her undergarments on top.

Wren just watched her. The muscles shifted in Mina’s body, just under the skin. There were obvious tan lines on Mina’s biceps, and the dichotomy of the skin there fascinated Wren. Russet tan to autumn gold, the shift not gentle but jarring. In a good way. Wren loved every inch of Mina’s skin, from the scars that criss-crossed her arms and legs to the birthmark in a splotch of brown across her lower back.

And Mina stood, still and steady before her, waiting for Wren’s next move.

“Touch yourself,” Wren said, voice louder than she expected. More confident. “Breasts first, and work your way down.”

Mina’s hands on her chest were a work of art. She liked it a little heavier, a little less gentle on the contact. Her hands rough and strong worked at the smooth skin on her breasts, palming the weight of them. The mahogany of her nipples peeked from between her fingers with each movement.

She pinched each of them, gasping a little at the pleasure-pain-shock of it.

It was only after Mina reached down to draw a finger along the curve of her pubic bone that Wren stood up off of the bed. She traced Mina’s finger with her eyes, the way it pressed down the wiry hair between her legs.

The dildo was heavy in her hands, slowly warming to her touch. Wren slung the harness over one shoulder and walked over to Mina, standing no more than a few inches away as Mina made small, desperate sounds and circled her clit with two fingers.

Wren kneeled in front of Mina. She moved slowly, carefully, telegraphing her movements with as much as grace as she could. The straps on the harness were a slick, pale leather, almost white. Its color stood stark against Mina’s skin, goosebumps rising where Wren’s hands or the material brushed against her.

“Hands off,” Wren instructed, and Mina lifted her hands away from herself. The fingers on her left hand were wet, almost shining in the low lamplight. Without Mina’s hands in the way, Wren was able to finish adjusting the straps on the harness and slide the dick through the O-ring that held it in place to buckle it securely in. “You good?” she asked, one hand on the harness and the other on Mina’s bare thigh.

Mina nodded, the barest hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. On Mina, that was as good as beaming. She reached for the dildo – her dildo, her dick – but then paused halfway through the motion to look down at Wren.

“Go ahead,” murmured Wren. She sat back a little, spreading her knees so she could touch herself.

Mina cupped her cock in her hands, hefting the weight of it between her thighs. She wrapped her hand around it, the tips of her fingers just crossing each other.

(Wren probably shouldn’t have bought something that big, she’d never had anything other than her own or Mina’s fingers in her and really should have picked something reasonable for their first time. But you know. Go big or go home.)

The contrast of it, the clear, smooth glass against Mina’s dark hands, it was almost too much for Wren. She ground her heel against herself, centering herself on that heat boiling inside her. There was lube in the side pocket of one of Mina’s bags, but at this point Wren didn’t think she needed it. She was wet enough that she was almost dripping, her thighs slick with it.

Wren leaned forward a little and took just the head of the dildo into her mouth. It was warm to the touch from the way they’d both been handling it, heavy and solid between her lips. Mina sucked in Escort ankara a breath and when Wren glanced up at her, she was transfixed. Dark eyes open wide, lips just barely parted. Wren set one hand on Mina’s hip, still wet with her own arousal. “S’okay?” she mumbled around the tip.

Mina made a small sound and nodded. She reached forward and stroked Wren’s hair, gentle right up until Wren slid up the shaft to take as much of the glass as she could into her mouth. Her movement pushed the harness forward, until the underside of it rubbed against Mina’s clit. The vision of Wren on her knees in front of Mina, with Mina’s cock in her mouth and the pressure on her clit, it was enough to send Mina over the edge whining and panting and doubling over to steady herself on the bed.

Wren slid off the dildo, grinning a little victoriously. “Damn, Mina, didn’t think you’d like this quite that much. You can’t even feel me suck this.”

“You are… extremely alluring,” Mina said. Her voice was hoarse and almost too quiet to hear and Wren was going to be smug about this for weeks, this was the best idea either of them had ever had. “Can I…” She cleared her throat. “Can I fuck you?”

Shit. That was sexy as fuck.

Wren couldn’t stop smiling now, not that she wanted to. She got to her feet and jumped up onto the bed, laying back against the pillows. “Meen-bean, I would love nothing less.”

Mina raised an eyebrow. “Call me that one more time and I’m taking this off and going to bed.”

Wren pouted, lower lip sticking out as far as she could. “Come on. Don’t you want a piece of this tight-ass pussy?”

If possible, Mina raised her eyebrow even further. “Wren.”

“Mina,” Wren mocked. “Come on, I promise I’ll stop making bad jokes when you’ve got your dick in me.”

“A compelling argument,” Mina admitted.

“So…” Wren trailed off as Mina stepped up onto the bed, kneeling at Wren’s side. The dildo hung between her legs, curving upwards ever so slightly. The glass wasn’t quite as clear anymore, marred by fingerprints and Wren’s spit.

Mina knelt between Wren’s hips, pulling her closer so that the wet head of it nudged at the folds of her vagina. “Ready?”

Wren bared her teeth. “I was ready years ago. Shut up and fuck me.”

Mina thrust forward, just far enough to let the head of it slide in. Wren shivered, a full-body motion. It was colder than she’d expected, and larger, and when Mina went to move her hips further forward Wren held up a hand to stop her. “Just, just a minute,” she panted. “I just, um. It’s a little big.”

“Do you need me to pull out?” Mina asked. She leaned forward a little, intending to help Wren and forgetting about her strap-on just inside of the younger woman. Wren gasped at the feeling of it pushing deeper inside her and Mina froze.

It was warming again, the cool glass beginning to match Wren’s body temperature. That didn’t make the dildo any less girthy, and Wren was squirming even with so little of it in her, wanting to push closer but not quite sure how to do so.

Mina sat back, pulling out of Wren completely. Wren couldn’t help but sigh a little at the loss of contact, the loss of that weight inside her.

“Wren, are you alright?” Mina looked worried now, steadying herself with one hand on Wren’s hip and the other on the bed. Her eyebrows creased, mouth turned down at the corner. “Do you want to do something else?”

Wren shook her head. “Fuck no.” She snapped her fingers. “Hang on, okay, I’ve got an idea. Lie on your back, okay?”

Mina obeyed without a word.

Fuck. The curve of the cock rising from between her hips was obscene and Wren had never seen anything better in her life.

She handed Mina a pillow to put under her neck and straddled her thighs. Mina’s cock was warm and wet between Wren’s legs, the glass sticky-slick with what had to be mostly Wren’s own arousal at this point.

Mina choked up audibly when Wren started lowering Ankara escort bayan herself onto Mina, the angle perfect to put pressure against her clit and let Wren have the control she needed over the length of the dildo. It sank into Wren to the point she’d previously taken it easily.

She sighed a little, resisting the urge to bury it inside her with no more preamble.

MIna was grasping the sheets with both fists, eyes shut tight and biting her lip.

“Good?” Wren asked. Look, just because she was riding someone didn’t mean she was gonna be fuckin’ rude and ignore their pleasure or lack thereof.

“The best,” Mina breathed. “Keep going.”

Wren sank down on Mina’s dick little further, the glass base of it stretching her slowly, steadily. She bounced on the length she’d taken so far, testing her limits.

“You’re doin’ so good, Mina,” she murmured. “Lying so still, letting me fuck you all gentle-like, just the way I want to. So good for me, Mina, it’s amazing.”

Mina let out a breath of air, almost a moan. “So good,” she repeated.

“The best,” Wren promised, and spread her legs to take the rest of the dildo inside of her. Her crotch brushed the leather of the harness, the flare at the base of the dick that kept it secure in the harness. She didn’t bother suppressing a whine of her own, the intrusion of it more than welcome.

It pressed inside of her, the gently ribbed sides hitting every spot she never knew she had. Wren couldn’t stop herself from lifting herself on and off of it; supporting her weight on her hands on Mina’s stomach more than anything else. The friction between them did nothing but escalate until Wren was making soft desperate sounds with every fall back onto the dildo and was shaking almost too hard to keep going.

“Mina, Mina, I need you,” she blurted. “Come on, just fucking fuck me, I know you want to, hurry up and do it.” She was begging and desperate and probably looked a real sight, face blotched red and hair tangled with sweat and legs spread wide enough that she’d definitely feel it tomorrow.

Whatever Wren looked like, Mina was more than willing and able to fulfill her request. Her hands were strong on Wren’s hips, almost strong enough to bruise. She thrust up and held Wren down to her, filling her with her cock.

Wren couldn’t help it. Mina’s hands were so hot and her face was so hot and her strength was so hot and her fucking dick was the hottest thing in the whole world. She shouted, wordless and loud and wanton, coming with her legs wrapped tight around Mina’s hips and Mina’s hands on her.

Mina let Wren ride her through it, past the point when it was too much and too good and too everything and back to where it just felt so fucking amazing again.

Or maybe ‘let’ was the wrong word. Mina was enjoying this just as much as Wren, the rocking motions grinding against her clit, spurring her onward until she came for the second time. She let her hands fall from Wren’s hips, boneless and gasping beneath her.

Wren let herself slip down, seating the strap-on firmly inside her. “A little tuckered out?” she teased, but she was grinning like a loon and couldn’t stop rolling her hips ever so slightly, enjoying the motion of Mina’s dick inside her. She poked Mina’s breast. “Hey, don’t you dare fall asleep on me when you’ve literally had double the orgasms I have.”

Mina laughed, the sound almost more like panting. “Wren. Little bird, I have come twice. You have had one less orgasm less than me.”

Wren snickered. “I might be a little bird, but you sure aren’t.”

Mina shook her head. “I can’t believe you.”

“Get it, ’cause you’ve got a big cock.” Wren emphasized her point with a wriggle and both of them gasped a little as the strap-on shifted inside Wren and the harness of it rubbed Mina’s clit.

“Believe me,” Mina breathed. “I got it.”

“So,” Wren said, far too casually for a woman riding her best friend’s dick. “You gonna be nice and make that orgasm count all good and equal or do I have to go finish this off all by my lonesome?”

The fierceness in Mina’s grin was almost terrifying and Wren about came just at the sight of it.

“Sit pretty, little bird,” she murmured. “And let me show you just how nice I can be.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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