Skanked – Awakening – Sam’s Story

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Although this is a standalone story, it is the third chapter in a series depicting Dr. Samantha Kaplan-Donovan, a pharmacist and family friend of Daniella and Maria Quinones. Daniella is the owner of a small family pharmacy, where Sam and her daughter, Maria, work.

Sam and Maria’s parents were good friends, and when Sam’s parents passed away, Daniella took her under her wing as if she were her own. This created a ‘sister’ dynamic between Maria and Sam, along with all the stress and jealousy a sister can elicit.

This chapter is told from Samantha’s perspective, moments after a shocking encounter with Maria at a birthday party for Samantha’s husband. Maria manipulated Sam into an evening of sexual submission and manipulation during the party in Sam’s own home, with a house full of guests.

It contains elements of lesbian non-consent, reluctance and masturbation as Samantha tries to come to terms with her internal struggles and a growing obsession. If this is offensive in any way, please find another story. If you choose to read on, please enjoy.


I returned to the party, still dazed from my shocking encounter with Maria. It took me over thirty minutes to collect myself and change my clothes. When I came down the stairs, I saw my husband, Edmond, smiling contentedly after giving him his birthday blowjob with the added bonus of swallowing. That is something I had never done before with him, and never would have, if not for Maria.

Maria is my semi-adopted sister. Her parents and mine were best friends, and when my parents died, her mother, Daniella, took me under her wing, as if I was her own.

Maria and I are very different and have had a love-hate relationship, as many ‘sisters’ do. But after one of our recent arguments became particularly ugly, I lashed out at her and her retaliation, awakened in me some pent-up desires that I had no idea even existed. It all culminated, just moments earlier, when she manipulated me into surrendering sexually, in my own house, full of oblivious guests.

I scanned the room but did not see her. It felt like every eye was on me and they all knew what we had just done. It was like a bizarre dream, but the lingering taste of her in my mouth, reminded me it was all too real. This all began several months ago, when I let myself get way-too drunk at a party and told her things about my sex life with Edmond, that I should never have shared. I didn’t even recall sharing it, until she reminded me during our falling out.

The day of our quarrel, I let my temper get the better of me, when we were planning a party for the anniversary of her mother’s pharmacy. We were discussing things that needed to be done for the party, but she was typing away on her phone. I snapped, accusing her of not paying attention, or even caring about her mother and the family business. It turned out she was actually typing the to-do list into her phone, to make sure she didn’t miss anything.

What ensued next, changed everything. Spurred by her feelings of jealousy and personal inadequacy, she unleashed a barrage of pent-up emotions on me. I’m the strait-laced honor student and successful career woman, she felt like she had been compared to her whole life, but could not measure up.

Despite the immediate regret and feeling of guilt I felt for my unwarranted outburst, the vitriol she unleashed was so hurtful, I reacted and escalated the situation further, ultimately calling her a tatted, skanky freak.

In the end, she backed me against the pharmacy counter and painted a picture of me as a gold digger, who married a limp-dicked, older CEO for his money, so I could have the biggest fucking house on the lake and feel important.

She finished off by telling me, what I really needed was to be fucked, and highlighted several things she could do to me that Edmond couldn’t. (Edmond refused to do oral on me, even though I faithfully administered it to him on his birthday and special occasions.) Prior to her outburst, I had no idea she was attracted to women and, at the time, also had no clue how close to home her words hit.

In her outburst, she pointed out how pathetic it was that I was committed to a life of never having oral sex again. She emphasized her point by jiggling her tongue stud and teasing how she could pleasure me with it.

That day planted a seed in my head that grew into an obsession, that I still don’t fully understand. Her taunting caused that seed of lust to germinate, and I began masturbating, imagining her face buried in my cunt, bringing me pleasure that Edmond simply would not.

She continued to taunt me at work when no one else was around. I knew it was wrong. She was like a sister to me, and the harder I fought to keep those images from my mind, the more frequently they appeared. The more they showed up, the more often I masturbated. It all came to a head in such an unimaginable way.

As I replayed the last couple hours in my mind, I was in a fog of disbelief. It started with bahis siteleri a casual conversation, and she asked me how many times I had masturbated today while thinking about her. I answered before the question even sunk in fully and the secret was out!

Her resulting excitement caused her to come on to me with such intensity, I couldn’t resist. I gave in to the moment and she played me like a master manipulator. Threatening to expose me, she leveraged a moment of weakness into her sick little game. The lingering tingle in my ass reminded me it was not some twisted dream. She manipulated me to put in her vibrating butt plug. Once inside me, she made me keep it there during the party.

I would never have imagined such a device could induce so strong a reaction in me. It was remote-controlled and she spent the last two hours, bringing me to the edge and back, in front of my husband and our guests, including the Chairman of the Board for his company.

In order to finally get relief, she made me sneak off with Edmond during the party and deliver his birthday blowjob, while she watched from the closet. Finally, after Edmond returned to the party, she took me to my dressing closet and delivered on her promise. She gave me the three strongest orgasms of my life. Then, as quickly as she turned it on, she walked out with a drop-the-mic exit, telling me to have a nice, lonely, unfulfilled life.

Still stunned, I scoured the room with no sign of her, and when I saw Daniella and Edmond talking, I went to join them.

“Hello, beautiful,” grinned Edmond, with his knowing eyes.

I smiled back; thankful he had no idea what happened after he left the bedroom. Also, in some way, I was thankful to Maria for forcing me to blow him. Now, Edmond was satisfied, and oblivious to the anxiety that oozed from every pore of my body. Daniella, on the other hand, sensed something almost immediately.

“Everything okay, Samantha?” she asked, concerned.

Trying to divert her attention, I stole a glance at Edmond, teasingly hinting at our secret encounter and his eyes jumped with excitement.

“I am absolutely fine, Daniella, thanks for asking,” I replied, looking toward Edmond mischievously. “And how is the guest of honor? I hope our little surprise was pleasantly received.”

“Best birthday ever,” he replied, sincerely.

“I’m so glad, you think so.” I continued to scan for Maria.

He gave me a kiss and a grin, as one of his friends pulled him into a conversation. I watched nervously after the kiss, fearing he may have tasted her on my lips. But he gave no indication he noticed.

“You two, still look like newlyweds,” she said smiling. “You pulled off the surprise beautifully. I’m so proud of you, Samantha. You and Maria have worked so well together lately. I can’t thank you enough for your help in bringing her back to the business, and frankly, getting Maria in line.”

I thought for a moment I might be sick. Daniella thought I was a great influence on her daughter, when less than an hour ago, I was naked, on all fours, while Maria made me come with a vibrator in my ass and her panties in my mouth. I think I even cried out that I was her skanky, little fuck toy.

“Have you seen her? I really should thank her again,” I said, still looking.

“No, I haven’t…”

“BB! Have you missed me?” said Maria, as she grabbed my shoulders from behind.

I practically jumped out of my skin.

As I tried to collect myself, Maria continued, “Let me get my favorite ladies a drink and we can talk. I think Edmond’s gonna remember this party for a while. I know, I will.” She bounded off toward the bar. “The usual?” she asked, smiling back. We both nodded.

“Awe, that’s so sweet, she used to call Juan’s sister, Bibi. Norma was her favorite aunt. She was ten years older than Juan, but she and Maria were like best friends. She’s never used that nickname for anyone else. You are in a special club,” Maria said, smiling contentedly.

I was not sure how to react, knowing the name ‘BB’ Maria gave to me, meant ‘bubble butt’ and or ‘bimbo boobs’ depending on her mood. But, I suddenly understood this was likely going to be my nickname in public, and her new way to secretly taunt me.

My mind once again tried to grasp the deviousness of Maria. Was all of this some kind of twisted master plan she devised to manipulate me, or was she just making it up as she went along.

I was vaguely aware Daniella was still talking, but my mind was overwhelmed. Could this all be planned? She had the butt plug in her purse, as if she knew she could use it on me. It couldn’t be. She could never have known I would slip up and give away my secret fantasies. Or that she could so easily get me to give up my wet panties with a houseful of people about to arrive.

Threatening to show them to Edmond if I did not comply was beyond devious, and hard to imagine a spontaneous decision.

“Here you go, Momma.” She handed Daniella her drink with a smile. “BB?” she said, canlı bahis siteleri handing me a chardonnay.

When I looked at her, the smug expression sent me into a fury, but I clenched my jaw and smiled. “Thank you so much, Maria, for everything you’ve done to help with Edmond’s party.”

“My pleasure, BB, I’m so glad I could help make this a special night for you and Edmond. You both seem so contented this evening. Don’t you agree, Momma?”

She held up her glass to Daniella, who held hers up, as well. “Yes, a wonderful evening.”

I continued to make small talk with Daniella, as Maria continued to slip her double entendres into the conversation. When Daniella became engaged with one of Edmond’s sales reps, I tried to have a conversation with Maria.

“Maria, honey, can we please talk?” I asked, trying to be stoic.

“Of course, BB, anything for you,” she replied, with a sarcastic smile.

I directed her to the kitchen with a nod, and she followed.

“Miss me already, huh? I gotta say, me, too. You are a wild child, BB. I would have never guessed you were such a screamer.”

“Please stop calling me that, Maria. You had every right to be mad that day. I spoke to you horribly, and I apologized immediately. But this is way beyond payback. Now that you’ve exacted your revenge, can we please put this behind us, and move on?”

“It is behind us, BB. I forgive you,” she said, with a smug grin.

“Then we can agree to forget about what just happened and try to get back to a normal relationship?” I asked, desperately.

“I’m never going to forget, BB. That was the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me,” she said, looking at me like she was shocked I could suggest such a thing.

I stared at her in disbelief, trying to come up with a response.

Then she moved in close to me, eyes locked. “BB, honey, you just came three times in what, fifteen minutes with me. You’ve come seven times in four years with Edmond. And let’s not forget, you confessed you’ve gotten yourself off thinking about me more than thirty times in six weeks? If you wanna pretend nothing’s happened, I’m okay with the memory of those last couple of hours. My guess is you will be on your knees begging for me to give you what you need in less than a month…”

I could feel the anger building in my chest listening to her arrogance. “You blackmailed me, Maria. I would do anything to protect my marriage, and you took advantage of that! You gave me back the evidence now, and I will never allow you to take advantage of me again. Do you understand?” I practically growled, trying to keep my voice down but making my point.

“I understand what you NEED, BB, even if you don’t accept it fully, yet. I really thought you got it when you yelled out how much you needed my plug in your ass. Now that the itch has been scratched, you seem to have had a change of heart.

I get it; your body is flooded with endorphins, and you feel contented. But they’ll wear off and that itch will return. Don’t worry though, I’ll pick you up some more itch medication. Too bad you’ll never get to see how good of an itch scratcher this really is.” She waggled her tongue with the stud bouncing against it.

“Can we please agree that we can be professional at work, and be respectful to each other outside the pharmacy?” I asked, frustrated by her persistent arrogance.

“Of course, BB, no one will have a clue about our little encounter. But know, I am open, at any time, to giving you what you NEED. When you change your mind, you will, of course, have to get on your knees and beg for it.”

“That’s never going to happen! Now, I NEED to return to our guests Maria…”

“I can’t wait to feel that sharp, little tongue when we put it where it’s meant to be. Don’t worry, I can be patient. But begging will be the price for your insubordination. I am soaked just thinking about it. You are such a sexy little… What’s the word? Not slut.” She pondered, “Nympho? Not quite…hussy? You’re so unique, I just can’t think of a word for a sexy, submissive, skanky, nympho, cunt-hungry, bimbo fuck-toy.” After pausing, “Well, I guess BB kind of covers it, after all,” she said, with her arrogant smirk.

Disgusted and angry, I just shook my head and turned away, ignoring her demeaning blather. “Thanks again for helping arrange the surprise party, Maria. I couldn’t have pulled it off without you.”

“You’re welcome, BB. Love you,” she answered, as she walked back to the party.

I did not reply. She was good to her word for the rest of the party. No one would have suspected a thing between us. Her and Daniella stayed and helped clean up after the party. Edmond even pitched in, contented, and fully satisfied. He did sneak up and hug me from behind. “I can’t wait to see what the big five-oh has in store.”

When Daniella and Maria finally left, we went straight to bed. After another thank you, he was content to snuggle and fall asleep. Despite the almost unbelievable events of the evening, canlı bahis I drifted off quickly behind him.

Day One after the incident:

The next day at work was surreal. It was as if Maria, had flipped a switch. She truly did act as if nothing had happened, but also as if none of the taunting and flirting that preceded Edmond’s party had ever happened. The only exception was my new pet-name, BB, particularly when Daniella was around.

My on-off switch, unfortunately, was less definitive. After the party, when getting ready for bed, the scent of her was still in the air in my dressing closet. I thought about getting the cleansers and erasing her from the room, but told myself, Edmond would find it odd, if I suddenly decided to clean that late at night.

The next morning, after my shower, I dressed slowly and found myself waiting to put on scented moisturizers and perfume last. I breathed slowly and steadily through my nose, savoring her lingering scent. I’d like to say it was done subconsciously, but I was aware of my actions. I told myself I would clean the room later and left for work.

It was delivery day at the store, so Jessica and Albi were working along with us. Jessica was the full-time employee who had been on maternity leave for the past few months, and Albi was a full-time student and part-time employee. He envisioned himself in my role someday, and seemed to have the motivation and smarts for it.

All the activity made it easy to keep my focus on the job for the most part. However, I did catch myself staring at Maria a few times, obsessed with her dark, trimmed eyebrows and the image, created solely in my mind, of her brown eyes looking up at me as her tongue worked its magic between my legs.

She had teased me more than once about her tongue stud on my clit, but had not followed through, the night of the party. I would have to do my best not to let that ever happen. She had crossed too many lines at the party, and I resolved not to repeat that mistake.

Maria’s short brown hair looked well-groomed that morning, instead of the frazzled mop that she had for so long. I thought about how far she’d come since our little talk about coming back to work in the family business and smiled. She wore decent clothes and the store uniform top, something the old Maria refused to do.

Looking at her, I soon found myself lingering on her cute, little, round nose and strong chin. Then without thought, the shape of her eyebrows, dark and trimmed, seized my gaze. They were wider in the middle, arched up over her eyes then angled down to a sharp point on the outside.

Suddenly, she noticed my gaze and gave a sly, knowing smirk that transformed into her familiar arrogant smile. I looked away and cursed myself for my stupid obsession with her eyebrows. Of all things, her eyebrows! I retreated behind the drug shelves and collected myself. For the most part, I was able to focus and get through the day without further incident.

Later that day, I had to work the evening shift at the Walmart pharmacy, so I stopped home to freshen up and change beforehand. As I dressed, my mind drifted to the image of those brown eyes and alluring eyebrows, gazing at me over my muff as her tongue stud worked its magic.

Next, I dropped to my knees, and breathed her scent off of the leather dressing ottoman. As a rush of moist heat flooded my intimate parts, I recalled her sensuous rolling hips, when she rubbed herself against the soft leather that night.

I stood up, startled by the intensity of the tingling throughout my body. With a deep breath and focused will, I pushed those feelings aside and went on to work. I told myself, “Tomorrow, I will wash that thing and remove her scent from my dressing closet.”

I made it through my shift at Walmart, and when I returned home, dressed in my pajamas quickly, avoiding her scent. Edmond, of course, was travelling in Asia so the bed was large and lonely. But I managed to get to sleep with minimal distraction.

Day Two:

As I dressed for work again, flashes of our encounter on the ottoman played in my head. I found myself kneeling again, breathing her essence. My pussy flushed and I was once again awash in tingling heat. I saw my reflection in the mirror, wearing only a bra and panties, imagining her taking control again.

The memory of her fingers inside me, as her vibrator tingled in my ass came rushing back. In another moment of weakness, my hand slipped into my panties and my finger parted my steaming lips. My eyes closed, as a warm wetness engulfed my finger and the need to make myself come consumed me.

When I opened my eyes, the image of losing myself, slapped me back to reality. It was only the second day since I swore to her it would NEVER happen again. I withdrew my hand and forced myself to be strong. I vowed to wash her from my ottoman immediately after work and pushed on into the day.

Maria took it to a whole new level that day. Much to my surprise, there were no side glances, no arrogant grins, no signs of any emotion whatsoever. At first, I was pleased. But as the day went on, I found myself feeling deprived. When she came over to bring me a package, I couldn’t resist trying to instigate a response.

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