Ski Trip With The Guys From Work

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Forced to suck cock: Skiing with the boys

John and I worked together for a number of years, but we never had any relationship after work, we didn’t even go to lunch together that often. One winter I got word that he was organizing a Ski trip to Mammoth. I asked him about it, but I got that weird vibe, like he didn’t want to tell me about it, hadn’t planned on inviting me… This made me all of the more curious, so I persisted. He eventually gave me the details, but said that there was a “condition” to going, one that would be revealed at Mammoth.

All of the others on the trip had agreed to the “condition” and he would tell me the condition only after we arrived. More intrigued than ever, I agreed and began the planning to go. The time came around fast and the next thing I know we are in the van headed up to Mammoth. I had forgotten all about the condition. We managed to get in 4 solid hours that first day, the snow was great, life was good. Afterwards we hit one of the local watering holes and got liquored up. I probably had to much…..

Back at the cabin, I moved slower than the rest of guys (five total) and was the last one out of the shower. Returning to the great main room, I was pleased to see a roaring fire in the circular fireplace. And surprised to see John and his four friends naked, sitting on the different couches.

The word “condition” popped into my head. Was this the condition? A little weird, but didn’t bother me any…. John beckoned me with a hot whisky, “join us, Jim”. I dropped my towel with the others and joined the rest of the group, dick swinging in the warm breeze being thrown off by the fire. John put his arm around me and told me it was time to pay the real price for coming on the trip. I responded with “running around naked? no problem!” “It starts there, Jim” and with a devilish grin he told me the rest. Each night, one of the boys must “be the bitch” and service the rest of the crew. He assured me over my protestations that all of them had been the “bitch” at one time or another. He also said that he had a feeling that I would enjoy it for some reason.

I remember thinking that I was buzzed, but not that buzzed… John clearly did not want to give me a lot of time to think about it. I glanced over and saw Rick and Steve stroking their growing cocks, looking at me hungrily, I couldn’t see Bill and Fred, but I imagined they were doing the same. John reached down and grabbed my cock, which for some reason was on the rise. “I told gerçek porno you” John said. He put his hand on my shoulder, pushed me down and said with a gruff laugh “what happens on the road, stays on the road” Next thing I knew, his rigid cock was pressing past my lips and into my mouth.

There I am on my knees, sucking John’s cock. I can’t believe it! John instructs someone to put on some music, and then begins to instruct me on how to suck his cock. “lick the opening Jim, now suck it harder” etc…. I was the bitch all right. I barely had time to realize my own cock was at full mast when he started to pump my face harder.

Bill and Fred soon joined him, one on either side, pumping their cocks furiously. John pulled his cock out now and commanded that I lick his balls. I licked them as best I could, but his dick slapped my cheek every time he became displeased with my technique. Bill and Fred had both become impatient, each with a hand on my shoulder, pulling me towards their cocks. Bill won by shouldering John out of the way. Bill grabbed my lower jaw with one hand and his cock with the other, quickly he jabbed it into me, going for deep throat on the first push.

Starting to gag, I tried to pull back, but Bill grabbed a handful of my hair and kept my face mounted on his cock. He pushed me down farther towards the ground and then changed the angle of my neck slightly, straightening it out. He then began to pump it straight down with expert thrusts. I grabbed a hold of his legs and hung for dear life as he thrust that cock down my throat. Unbelievably, he pumped it faster and I felt his cock begin to pulse. The bastard was coming in me!

He continued that way until the last of his load was gone. He pulled out abruptly and told Fred that it was his turn and walked away. I didn’t know how much more of this I was going to be able to take, John hadn’t cum so I counted at least four more to go… Fred told me to relax, Bill was just being crude.. He slipped it into my mouth, assuring me that he would be gentle. I hoped that he would because he had about two inches on Bill! Fred had a lot of precum on his knob from jacking off, it was salty but tasted pretty good, like peanuts almost.

Fred was larger as I said but I tried to give it my best. Fred whispered to me that I was doing great and that he had a treat for me… John slid the ottoman over to me and told me to lie over it, as soon as I did, I felt lube be spread over my asshole genç porno izle and cheeks. As I opened my mouth to protest, there was John’s cock in my mouth to silence me. The next thing I felt was Fred’s hands on my hips, followed by his large knob pressing against my asshole. I started to clench, when John leaned over and cracked me on the ass, hard. “relax, or you won’t be able to sit down for a week” he said.

I decided to take my mind off of what Fred was about to do by putting my heart and soul into sucking John’s cock. “that’s right..” he murmured. I began to picture my asshole like my wife’s pussy, able to open up wide… Fred took the opportunity and pressed a little harder, hands still firmly on my hips. It wasn’t that bad I thought, I pushed back a little, pushing more of Fred’s cock into me. He froze it there, just after the crown of his knob made it past my sphincter. I sucked harder on John’s cock, he was so right, I thought… I like this…

After a minute or so, Fred began to push again, this time it was much easier going. The sensation of being filled was almost overwhelming, about half way in he pulled it back to the knob and stroked it back in even more. Harder and harder I sucked John’s cock, willing the spunk to spew forth. Fred pulled it out to the crown again and this time drove it all the way home, his belly pressed against my ass, his balls slapping mine. This had to be pretty close to nirvana I thought, until he started humping me in earnest.

With Fred fucking me like the bitch that I’d become, my rock hard cock pressed up the side of the ottoman and John throat fucking me, I thought I was going to pass out from the all of the pleasurable sensations. We stayed like that for what seemed like an hour, the two of them fucking me, filling my holes, cum started to dribble from my cock. John came next, again deep in my throat. With John no longer impeding his movements, Fred started pounding me so hard that the ottoman began to slide across the floor. With a guttural roar and a last push into my ass Fred began to release his load into me. I could feel the journey of each and every wad as they made their way up his shaft and into my ass.

Rick and Steve sauntered over as I was finishing my drink, commenting on what a good “bitch” I was, maybe the best ever for a first night. Eager to please, I set my drink down and took both of their cocks at once and tried to shove them both in mouth at the same time. It didn’t quite hdx porno work, but it was fun to try! Rick told me to lean back on the ottoman, I complied and looked up to see Steve’s cock waiting to greet me, the ottoman was a perfect sex toy as far as I was concerned, knowing from throat fucking my own wife, I knew what he wanted, I slid back a little farther until my head has hanging off the side, forming a straight pipe for his cock. Steve smiled and slid it in and began pumping. I felt, but could not see legs being lifted onto Rick’s shoulders.

It was a good thing Fred had opened my ass up, Rick wasn’t as long, but he was noticeably fatter. Fred’s cum running from my ass helped too. Rick took it slow, but soon the two of them settled into a very nice, slow rhythm. It didn’t have the urgency of Fred and Bill, but I felt like I could sustain it into the night, as long as they were going to keep giving it to me. My cock was on the rise again and Rick took hold and used it like a handle, Steve began to play with my nipples, something else I hadn’t experienced but that also felt good.

I reached back and rested my hands on the back of Steve’s legs, enjoying the tension in his muscles as he thrust into my mouth. This went on for quite a while, I have no idea how long at one point the music went off and a new CD went into the player. Steve’s movements in my mouth and throat became more urgent and I knew he was going to come soon. Even coming for him was a long slow process, but eventually I felt the last of his load slide down my gullet. Now it was just Rick and I, the finale.

I sat up a little on my forearms so I could watch him do me. He was a cockmaster. Thrusting and gyrating ever so slowly, jacking me with his thumb on my cockhead opening. He started to work my knob, just my knob, with increasing pressure and his thrusts into me ran the full gamut, all the way in, followed by all the way out, each thrust in pressuring my sphincter again. He then told me that it was time for us both to come. It was an odd thing to hear, but after this night….

He told me to clench my ass as he jerked my pud yet harder. I started to mumble I was about to come when he said “I know”. He pulled out of me and laid his cock next to mine and begin to pump it as he pumped me. Seconds later we both shot all over my stomach. It was wonderful… Fred actually carried me to bed, another advantage to being the bitch I suppose! He pulled the covers up over me and told me to get my rest because he was going to be the bitch tomorrow night and he needed it good and hard! I could tell you I was “forced” to suck cock and take it up the ass, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I ended up wishing that the Ski trip was longer so I could be the bitch again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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