Skins vs Boys

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Big Dicks

Please do not read if under 18 years of age, or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations. (TG, FM, femdom, anal) (c) 2001 Couture

* * * * *

The biggest football game of the year was almost over, and my husband sat next to me angry and blushing in humiliation, while I cheered. Call me a bitch, but I took extra pains to rub it in. “Wahooo! The Skins are going to lose to the Boys!” I cheered. Then I got up and did a little victory dance in front of his face. “The – Skins – are – Pansies!”

Now ordinarily, when I was wearing my little grey exercise shorts that look like the tiny version of their football equivalents and a cutoff Cowboys football jersey, my husband would have been all eyes, but today he wasn’t quite so happy. Hee-hee, he always said that I look sexier wearing this than any of that satin and lace stuff. It’s good that he thinks so, because I’m not a big fan of wearing satin and lace — never have been. I’ve always been more of the tomboy type, and never grew out of it.

My husband used to be okay with this. However, lately, he has been pestering me to wear some other things. “I’m just getting a little bored with the same-o same-o,” he had said.

Then, earlier this week, when I was doing my usual, the Skins-suck-routine, before the big game, he said he wanted to make a bet…to make it *interesting*.

I thought for sure he was going to ask me to wear some sexy lingerie, but nothing prepared me for what he said next. Can you believe what he said he wanted me to do if I lost? He wanted me to have anal sex with him.

Granted, he’s tried that shit before, but I always stopped him. Then he pretended like, “Oops, sorry, honey – wrong hole.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I would probably have tried it. However, there have been things that I wanted to do – things that turn *me* on – and each time he would say, “Honey, I can’t do *that*!”

So, the asshole had known the Skins were predicted to win by 14, and he wanted to take advantage of me pure and simple. Well, who’s laughing now?

It is all over but the crying. The Skins had lost to the Boys 21-14, and I had won. Poor little hubbie was shifting uneasily in his seat.

“Honey, I know we made a bet, but maybe I could do something else,” he said hopefully. “I’ll clean the house by myself for a month. I’ll even dust your Cowboys stuff.”

Ha-ha, our living room is divided by an imaginary Maginot Line with Cowboys memorabilia on one side and Redskins crap on the other. Each of us, of course, refuses to dust the other’s stuff — just on general principle. “Please?” he pleaded.

“A bet is a bet, sweetie,” I answered, loving every minute of his mortification. “Come on, I’ve got a bath already run for you.” It wasn’t just the bath, I had *everything* ready. I had been working on this all week, and I wasn’t going to give him a chance to think of a way to wimp out of it.

I walked with him to the bathroom, my hand squeezing his ass through his jeans. “Let’s get you out of these nasty old Redskin things. No, no, honey, let me do that for you,” I said, undressing him. I was pleased to see his cock standing up at attention like a good little sailor; it appeared that though he was trying to pretend he didn’t like the consequences of his loss, another part of him liked it very much.

I kissed him and gave his nipples a quick pinch, watching as his cock bobbed into the air in reaction. “Ha-ha, it looks like someone likes this.” I picked up a bottle of hair remover, and began to coat his body with it.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I want you smooth and soft,” I replied, paying attention to his cock with the lotion. Now, I know it says on the bottle that you aren’t supposed to put it on the genitals, but surely they were just talking about women, right?

“I think you are taking this too far. Please, honey, I don’t feel comfortable doing this,” he whined.

“How do you think it makes me feel, when I do this stuff for you?” I had him there, and he shrugged and shut up.

“Hon, this – err, this stuff kind of burns.”

“That’s natural, dear; you should try a wax sometime. Besides, you’ve only got two more minutes – try to be brave,” I soothed.

He grew increasingly uncomfortable, shifting his body uneasily as he stood. “How much longer?”

“Your ten minutes is up, let’s get all this nasty hair off of you,” I said, as I took a wet washcloth and wiped the hair off his body. “Come on, into the tub with you.”

He practically jumped into the bathtub, sighing with relief. He looked so cute, blushing in his little bubble bath, I almost laughed at his embarrassment.

He wanted desperately to wash himself, but I had the sponge and gel in my hands and bathed him. I think he liked it in the end.

I even dried him when it was over, to get him used to having me do things and be in charge. I took him in front of the mirror and picked up a tube of lipstick. I wondered if he would go through with it.

“Uh-huh, this is too much, honey! I can’t do this!” Bycasino he said, backing away.

“A bet is a bet. Would you have fucked my ass?” I asked.

“Yes…” he squeaked.

“Well, it has always been my fantasy to be with a woman.” I could see the look of surprise in his eyes. “Don’t worry, silly, I would never do it in real life. I could never get over the whole gay thing. But, with you, I could pretend and still be normal.”

“Please, honey,” I cooed, rolling his balls in my other hand. “I promise to make it worth your while. Maybe, I will even give you what you wanted.” Oh, that really got his attention. He stood perfectly still while I made his face.

“Do your lips like this, doll,” I said, rolling my lips in and out to a pucker. He blotted the excess lipstick onto a piece of toilet paper, after I showed him.

“You are so gorgeous, I could eat you up.” I kissed him deeply, bending him backwards over the sink. I could feel my pussy gushing with my new found power.

“We’re almost there, sweetie, just a few more yards to the end zone.” I sprayed some perfume on the more interesting spots on his body, enjoying his discomfort and his scared uneasy eyes. Next came a pair of dangly clip on earrings. I knelt down and sucked his cock, taking it all the way down — his favorite thing.

It began to spasm, and I pulled away. “Not yet. Lift your feet for me, doll,” I said, putting a pair of panties under his feet. I pulled them up and almost giggled at the picture he made, all made up, but with a hard cock sticking out of his panties. I could hold back no longer, and burst out laughing at him when he noticed the panties I had picked out. They were Dallas Cowboys panties. “I always promised I would turn you into a Cowboys fan!” I laughed.

“Hell, no!” he said, tugging down the panties. “I might do a lot of things, but I’m not wearing Cowboys panties!”

I grabbed the back of the panties and held them up, wedged into his ass. I thrust my pelvis against him, and tugged the panties up with each thrust. “Mmmmmm, you’ve got me so turned on, baby. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking the panties off my favorite little cheerleader in just a minute…if I can wait that long.” I kissed him deeply again, until I felt his resistance melting away.

Next, I put on the top. I’m surprised he didn’t fight me on that one. It was a blue western style bikini top with tassels that hung down from it. I pressed my body against his, and rubbed up and down to keep him distracted while I put the breast forms in place. Then I put the white boots onto his waiting feet. God, he looked cute in those boots.

“You are almost in the end-zone now, you sexy thing!” I said, as I put a cowboy hat on his and sexy long blonde wig on his head. He blushed, but obediently let me adjust the hair until he looked *perfect*. And he was gorgeous, my perfect little cowgirl…almost ready to ride. I could feel the end zone, just a few yards away.

“God, I wish we had done this sooner. You are so fucking hot, I could cum from just looking at you, doll face.” He blushed with the compliment. Yes, I could get used to this blushing and shy eyes routine. “Let’s put your little guns on now.”

I buckled the holster on, giving him a playful smack on the bottom. “I worked real hard on the guns. Give them a try!”

He reached his hand down, grabbed the guns, and tried to pull up. The look of surprise on his face, when he heard the click as the triggers snapped down trapping his fingers was priceless. He tugged up, but they wouldn’t give. He tried to reach the buckle, but it just slid in the direction his hands moved. At first, he thought he had done something wrong, but then there was a look of recognition and alarm, when he figured out I had done it on purpose.

“I had a feeling you might try to be a tease tonight.” I ground my pussy against his ass, pleasuring myself and holding him totally immobile at the same time.

I reached into the medicine cabinet and pulled out a jar of asoline. He renewed his struggles at the first sight of the little tub of lubricant, but he simply had no leverage.

I slowly took a big dollop out with two fingers, in front of his face. “Trust me, honey, you will *need* this.”

He understood that it could be a long night without any lubrication. He would save his fight for later, but he knew this part was necessary. Little did he know, there wouldn’t be a later.

“Such a pretty little ass on my cute cowgirl cheerleader,” I remarked as I stroked his ass cheeks. With my other hand, I undid the laces on my shorts. Ha-hah, I already wore the harness, and only had to attach the greased dildo. It was time to get in the end zone. Right up the middle! He didn’t suspect a thing.

That was – until he felt something much larger than a finger pushing through the grommet of his virgin ass.

“Ow-ow-ow! Stop, it hurts! Ugh!” he groaned. When he figured out I wasn’t going to stop, he tried another strategy. “Please, Trace, not so fast. It hurts! Bycasino giriş God, you’re splitting me!”

Touchdown! The crowd goes wild! “Is my little cheerleader a virgin?”

When he didn’t answer, I prodded him again with the faux cock. “Hmmm?”

“Ugh! Yes, I’m a virgin. Please, Trace, not so rough…”

“Call me Troy!” I ordered, pushing in forcefully again.

Now, I hadn’t planned on making him call me Troy, but once I had him helpless, I couldn’t resist. It wasn’t like he had to do it, anyway. I mean, he was going to get fucked, sure, but take it like a man, not a sissy.

“Oww, please, T-troy, not so rough…”

“Don’t pretend you’re a virgin. You’re nothing but a cheap groupie slut! I bet you’ve given your sweet little ass to everyone on the team.”

“Ugh, no I h-haven’t.”

“And what’s my name, slut?”


“Why don’t we go into the bedroom, so we can do this right then, slut? I would hate for you to lose your virginity in the bathroom. It should be special.” Well, special for me, because I had a video camera hidden and pointed at the bed.

I pulled him away from the sink, but kept my dildo in his ass. He stood there bent over, then turned his head and said, “I-I-I can’t w-walk like this.”

“The only way you are going to the bed, is if I ride you there, cowgirl.” I only had a quarter of the dildo in him, surely he could walk. So, I began to walk, forcing him to move forward or get impaled. He chose to move forward, albeit bent over in a duck waddle. The little liar just needed the appropriate motivation.

I led him to the bed and pushed his head down, while his legs remained upright. Yes, I would have a lot of leverage like this, and it also provided a good angle for the camera I had set up.

I began to push in again, loving the sound of his groans. “Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard?” I asked.

“Ugh, the easy way!”

Boy, that was quick! “I promise to go slow, if you will tell me how it feels getting fucked by me. Be sure to remember my name.”

“Ouch, p-please, honey, let’s stop this. Ow-Ow-Owee– -o-okay, it feels like-“

I slapped his ass. “No, tell me just like a cheerleader would talk – a little, bubble headed blonde cheerleader.” No response…yet.

“Oh, Troy, your cock is so big in my pussy! I want to be a good little cheerleader, let me do the work for you!” I encouraged in my best ditz voice.

I wondered if he would stoop so low as to do it. I was pushing him further than I had a right to, and I knew it. I had already taken his ass. The battle was over; I just wanted to see how far he would go. I thrust the cock into him, until it was halfway in his ass. I felt sorry for him, in a way. He only wanted to fuck me with six inches; I could only imagine what it would be like to take ten *thick* inches.

“Owww, please! Wait! Oh, T-troy, your cock is big, in my tight pussy. Let me be a good cheerleader. Okay? Please, I’ll do the work,” he said, working his hips on the cock.

I pulled the cock back until just the head was in, so that I could watch him take it voluntarily. He began to inch back on the cock.

God, I was dripping! “Keep talking, slut!” I demanded.

“Oh, God, it’s big, Troy. It feels unnatural, so full when it goes in. It’s such a relief when it goes out. Ugh! Like the best shit ever… Ow, Ow, please, will you put some more lube on? There’s a tube on the nightstand, I bought in case you know.”

I squirted the lube on his ass and my fake cock. “Is that better? Does the slut like having a sloppy cunt?”

“Ugh! Yes, I like having a sloppy cunt. It – it feels good.”

He was actually doing it now. He hadn’t taken but half of it in, but he was fucking it willingly. Well, I guess I’m being a pessimist; the cup was half full depending on how you looked at it and judging from his moans, he probably believed the latter.

“Who’s the best quarterback in the NFL?” I asked, as I began to fuck him back.

“You, Troy.”

“The best running back?” I asked, smacking his ass as I fucked him.

“Emmit Smith.”

“The best Coach?”

“Jimmy Johnson.”

“That’s right. Okay, slut, tell me. Who’s the best owner?”

“Ah, Jesus, Trace!”

I spanked his ass real hard. “Remember my name!”

“Please, Troy, don’t make me say that,” he sobbed. I couldn’t believe it, he was crying. I wondered what for. I pumped even faster, fucking him into submission. I tore the panties off, because they were getting in my fucking way. Slapping the cheeks of his ass, I enjoyed their color; a nice shade of red for a former Redskin.

“Who’s the best owner, bitch?”

“Ugh-ugh-ugh, Jerry Jones, goddamn it! Jerry Jones is the best fucking owner!”

I was all the way in now. I was fucking him with the full ten inches, and he was meeting every stroke like a good little slut cheerleader. “Who has the best cock?”

“Oh, God! You, Troy, ugh – ugh – I think – I’m -“

I pulled my stiff Bycasino deneme bonusu cock out of his ass with a plop, and lifted his hips off the bed he was trying to hump. “Oh, no you don’t, slut. I’m in the mood for a little missionary position.” His asshole looked so adorable; it was so red and angry. It was also so open. I blew into his little hole and listened to his gasp, as his ass clenched, then opened back up. Hee-hee, I had opened his little back door, and the poor thing could barely stand it.

I pushed him up on the bed and rolled him over. I loved the feeling of power as I looked down at my little cowgirl, looking up at me with those apprehensive eyes. However, the hat had fallen off, taking with it the wig and the mood I had strived so hard to create. I should have just fucked him doggie style. But, the hair was easily remedied; I just slipped the wig and hat back on. He was adorable once again.

“Come on, slut, spread those legs for your man.” He obliged, but not enough. He looked sexy, but what I had in mind was a slut – a fucktoy. I grabbed him by both of his boots high heels, and spread his legs out and up. His little deflowered hole once again visible and gaping. I moved my body to the side, so the camera could capture this moment. I would definitely want to relive this moment again.

I pushed his legs up farther and placed my cock next to his. I had never seen him this swollen or hard before, but compared to his, mine was a monster. “Wow, my cock is so much bigger than your hot little clit!” I don’t know what possessed me to say that. I had never been mean to him like this before, but I loved it. I got off on it, and I wanted more.

I watched his face intently as I slapped his penis with my cock. “Isn’t it?” I slapped his penis again with the dildo, watching him flinch. It didn’t hurt me at all.

“Yes, it is bigger,” he admitted reluctantly.

I placed my cock against his tender little brownie. “My cheerleader needs a big cock in her pussy, doesn’t she?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Tell me what you want, slut.” He was mine now. As much as he might like to put things back like they were, our relationship was changed forever.

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck my pussy, Tracy.”

I slammed into him brutally with one stroke, and began to pummel his ass. “What did you call me?” I shouted. “You said you were a virgin, and now you’re calling me someone else’s name! Who have you been giving that pussy up to?”

“Ouch! You’re hurting me, Trac- I mean, Troy.” His voice began to change as he assumed the role of my sweet cheerleader once again. “Please, you’re killing my ass – my pussy, with your big dick! Oh, God! It’s too big for that, please, slow down.”

I felt his legs around me, pulling my body into his, trying to slow my thrusts. “I love it when you wrap those sexy legs around me and pull me into your pussy, slut.” I began to work his ass with short hard thrusts that caused my stomach to slap against his cock with each plunge.

“Oh, God! Shit! Fuck me! I’m- I’m-” he moaned.

Shit, the little slut was getting ready to cum. Oh, no you don’t! Not like this! I grabbed his legs and put them over my shoulders. He had fucked me like this before, so I knew the effect it had. Not only are you utterly helpless and penetrated fully, you have to watch it. You cannot help but watch your pussy get royally fucked.

“Ugh – ugh – so deep. Ah…fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming!” he cried.

I grabbed his little clit and pointed it at his face. You could definitely call it a clit now, because it wasn’t even hard. But, he was cumming with it, nonetheless. “Open your mouth, sissy, I want to cum in it,” I demanded.

He opened his mouth. I couldn’t believe it. I jerked his little clit, spurting his cum in his mouth and on his face. It was a little disappointing, I wanted him to have great gobs of thick pearly cum on his face, but this cum was almost clear. There was an awful lot of it, though — more than I had ever seen him shoot before.

I began to fuck him again. I stared at his very used and soiled face as he winced in discomfort. He had gotten off, and wasn’t into it anymore. God, it was great.

“P-please, honey. Enough. You’ve had your fun now.”

“I may have had fun, but I haven’t gotten a nut. I’m going to cum in your pussy.” I thrust the cock all the way to the hilt, over and over again. On the other end of the harness, there was a small dildo that was in my pussy. Every time the larger one met resistance, the sensation was transmitted to my pussy. However, since I had loosened his ass, I wasn’t meeting the resistance I needed.

“I need to cum, baby. Come on, doll, squeeze it with your pussy, so I can cum!”

I watched as his face wrinkled in concentration and pain. I felt the dildo move in my cunt.

“Ow, please, it hurts too much,” he sobbed. He was crying again, what a fucking baby.

“Do it, bitch. Squeeze your little sissy cunt now, or I’ll fuck you raw!”

I could feel it again. The look on my precious sissy’s face, and the whine escaping from his open mouth, was enough to take me over the edge.

“That’s it. Oh, God! I’m cu- I’m cu- I’m cumming!” Fuck, it was a huge, mind-blowing, melt-your-pussy cum, too. It was the best ever — even better than my first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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