Slap , Tickle Ch. 5

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I had been meaning to paint the outside of the house for ages, I felt a sense of achievement as I finished each section, not having the worry of writing my book, trying to think of characters, plots and tying it all in to make some sense, I felt a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders, my mind relieved of the preoccupation of it all.

I looked at my watch, nearly four o’clock Julie should be home soon, I hurried to finish the last section of the house she will be so pleased with the end result, as I was climbing down the ladder Julie’s car sped down the driveway, I shook my head, the amount of times she has told me off for my speeding along the driveway, I thought.

Julie jumped out of her car and came running over to the ladder I had started to descend. ” Hey be careful, I nearly fell,” I shouted, I gripped the ladder tightly waiting for Julie to step back, when I reached the ground I could see Julie was so excited she was trembling. ” Your not going to believe this, I’ve been made deputy principal,” Julie announced. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug, “It was a unanimous vote, and I didn’t even know I had been nominated, this is just so fantastic,” Julie said.

I followed Julie into the house, she grabbed the phone and rang her parents, I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Champagne, I popped the cork the noise surprising Julie making her turn around quickly, she saw the bottle and smiled at me with one of those I love you looks. After about two hours of Julie ringing all her family and friends we finally sat down for dinner. ” Thanks for making dinner honey, it tastes great,” Julie smiled at me as she spoke, “would you like another bottle of Champagne? She asked, I nodded in agreement. Julie must be excited I thought as too much bubbly tends to make her go a little wild.

We finished the second bottle, when Julie held up a bunch of keys, ” how would you like to come and see my office,” Julie exclaimed ” what right now,” I replied, Julie nodded her in Bycasino an up and down motion, I thought about complaining it was late, but it was a special day for her and what the heck I didn’t have much on the next day, “sure,” I said. Julie excused herself from the table; she wanted to change out of her track pants.

The school was about ten minutes from where we lived and the entire journey was filled with Julie talking about all the changes she now would be able to make to the school. I pulled the car up outside a side entrance to the building, Julie said if security checked they would know it was her car and that she was working late, this is where all the teachers parked if they were going to be in the school after hours. Julie guided me through the dark corridors till we reached her office, she led me in, turning on the light as we entered, her office was reasonably large with a big oak desk taking up most of the space. ” I am so proud of you Julie this is what you have always wanted,” I said. ” There’s more, wait here I’ll be back in a minute,” Julie proclaimed and left the room.

I took a seat at Julie’s desk, my mind wandering back to my school days, how I hated school, and especially rooms like this, god knows I spent enough time in them, I thought. There was a knock at the door, ” come in,” I said nervously. It was Julie her blonde locks in pigtails wearing a tight white blouse, short tartan skirt and long white socks. ” I am sorry I am late sir, I know this will probably mean an extra punishment,” Julie said smiling at me, I was about to reply when Julie said, ” I will just assume the position sir I know you’re a busy man, with all those punishment you have to give out.”

Julie slinked onto the table lifting her skirt up exposing her white cotton panties to me, ” what is my punishment for today sir will it be the ruler, your hand or will it be the paddle.” My eyes darted across the desk looking for objects, I picked up the ping pong bat and whacked it across Julie’s soft Bycasino giriş white cotton panties, ” good choice sir, I’ve been a very naughty girl”, she said. Julie undid the first three buttons of her blouse, her pert breasts popping out, I paddled Julie’s arse again her breasts rocking with the motion, with every smack her nipples became longer and harder, they were rubbing against the gap in her silky blouse, I increased the speed and hardness of the paddle across Julie’s arse, I could see her pussy swelling as it filled her white panties. I draw the paddle back and smacked Julie’s pussy, I knew she was close to Cumming, a damp patch appeared on her panties, it was to wet for the cotton to absorb and I could smell her sex in the air.

I pulled Julie’s panties down only enough to expose the naked red skin of her arse, Julie flinched in the expectation of the air hitting her swollen lips, it did not come as her panties still covered her swollen mound, Julie moved her hand down between her legs to remove her panties fully, I stopped her hand mid way and told her no, Julie reluctantly removed her hand and placed it back on the desk. I paddled Julie’s uncovered arse, ” Oh yes sir, I deserve that,” Julie whimpered, I punished her arse again with the rubber covered bat, this time leaving it hard up against her naked flesh, pulling the bat downwards stretching her skin, then I released and followed with a direct smack against her pussy lips.

I put the paddle down and placed my hand down the back of Julie’s cottons, she let a sigh as she felt my skin upon hers, I cupped my hand over Julie’s engorged lips, holding my hand over them I pushed up hard against her pussy, Julie wiggled her arse trying to part her wet lips so that my hand would touch, I squeezed her pussy not allowing her to be able to achieve her goal. ” I am ready sir really ready, I need you to finish the punishment please,” Julie begged.

I ran two fingers along the inside of her lips, Julie moved forward, her ache Bycasino deneme bonusu finally reached, I caressed her moist pussy running my fingers further along her pussy with each stroke, my fingers were drenched from her wetness, I increased my rhythm as well as running my fingers along her arse up to her anus, rubbing her juices around it, I moved to her protruding love pearl, Julie moaned at my touch, the hardness of her clit, making her desire even more intense.

I slipped my index finger into Julie’s wanting hole and my thumb into her arse, Julie’s hips swayed, when I touched her clit with my other hand Julie pushed her arse harder against my thumb, “Fuck me with you fingers,” she cried. I pinched her clit hard and Julie continued to hump my hand her pace was increasing, “you are such a naughty girl, I might just not finish you off, what do you think of that?” I asked. Upon hearing my words Julie pushed my finger and thumb into her as deep as possible, I could feel her anus tighten as she came, I pinched harder against her clit, Julie sucked her fingers trying to muffle out her cries of ecstasy, she sat back on her calf’s grabbing my arm and pushing it harder, forcing my fingers deeper into her, she gyrated her hips on my hand, Julie pinched her swollen nipples, her back arched and her head pushed back against her shoulders, Julie closed her legs tight trapping my hand against her clit, she held her position motionless, then her body quivered as she reached her final orgasm, her pussy trembling against my hand.

I removed my fingers from Julie’s now satisfied holes, Julie’s body jumped, I ran my wet hands across her breasts and kissed the nape of her neck, Julie breathed heavy, the atmosphere was shattered with a voice coming from the hallway, “are you alright Mrs. Brodie?” it was Mike the security guard.

“I’m fine thanks Mike,” Julie answered, she quickly buttoned her blouse and pulled up her panties, she explained to Mike she had been excited about her new job and had brought her husband to show him her new office, we both watched the door handle hoping it would not turn, the explanation seemed to satisfy the security guard and he continued on checking the rest of the building. Julie fixed her hair and we quickly departed.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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