Slight Indiscretions Ch. 01

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This story has many beginnings and many ends. But suffice it to say that this particular portion will begin on Wednesday, August 31, the day that I flew back into California. I have been married to Shelby Marie for four years now. Her mom, Lynn Marie, got divorced several years before Shelby and I got married – on the eve of her 25th anniversary. Shelby’s sister, Samantha Marie, is two years younger than Shelby and although she is a third grade teacher (and turning 25 in November), she still lives at home with mom. It’s cheaper for her than having to deal with the California real estate prices.

I flew back to California for an extended business trip. During this time I was going to spend some time staying with my mother in law and sister in law, as well as with friends. We did this to help break up the burden of not having to stay too long in any one home.

So, from my Wednesday arrival, through the end of Labor Day weekend, I was to spend my nights in a home with two women whom I have found very attractive since the first time Shelby brought me home. Shelby takes after her mom, and Sam takes after Lynn’s ex-husband. Shelby and Lynn are 5’8″ and 5’6″, respectively. They wear their weight proportionately – Shelby is 160 lbs while Lynn is 130 lbs and while they are both 34B’s, they have some deep cleavage, which makes looking down their blouses always an eyeful adventure. They both have dirty blonde hair that they like to dye. Shelby tends to prefer the strawberry blonde look, pushing towards the red. Lynn, on the other hand prefers the darker, dirty blonde, closer to a brunette.

And then there is Sam. She is the beautiful and typical California third grade teacher that we all wished we had when we were back in grade school. She loves to run and keep in shape by exercising. She’s 5’7″, light blonde hair, and at a120 lbs, has a tight and well toned body. The only place she differs is in the breast area – unlike her sister and mom, she is smaller, while still having pert and perky breasts.

So, while most of the back story is not fully told, the descriptions are out of the way and I can move on with this particular segment of our history. Shelby loves to tease me that I have a harem that I move with. You see, most of the time that we ever go anywhere, it tends to be myself, along with Shelby and any number of her female friends or relatives. So as I was headed to California without her, Shelby made it a point to remind me to be careful with my “harem” that awaited me upon my arrival. She also loves to tease me by saying that if she were to ever die and her mom or sister were still single then I would have to choose between one of them, as they would love to get their hands on me and take good care of me.

We had made arrangements for Lynn to pick me up from the airport and get me to her house. We would have a down afternoon while we waited for Sam to finish with work and the plans were to get together for dinner. I had picked up my bags and was walking out of the terminal when I saw Lynn walking up towards me.

“How’s my sexy sugar momma doing?”

My mother in law’s signature giggle followed, “You are such a tease! How was your flight?”

“What can I say,” as I put my arms around her and nuzzled her neck, “I’m glad to be on the ground and in your arms.” I ran my hand through her recently cut hair, “I love the new cut, babe.”

“Do you?” She put her hand over mine and leaned her head into our hands. “I thought it might be too short, what do you think?”

I paused my hand, just at the top of her head, curled my fingers and grabbed a fistful of her hair. “Lynn, there is still plenty to grab,” I said, as I playfully pulled on her hair, causing her to yelp a bit, giggle some more and moan a bit, softly.

“Oh boy, we better get going before we get in trouble,” she said.

We hopped in her car and headed for her home. We made small talk the whole way home as I was somewhat tired from a day full of traveling east to west. I rested my hand in the center console and she placed her right hand over mine, gently tracing her index finger over my skin. With my eyes half closed I somewhat felt that I was riding in the car with Shelby and the feel of her skin on mine felt oh so good. What slight indiscretions might happen over the next six weeks?

I already knew that we were going to a day spa the next day. I had known that after a long spell away from California, I would need a day to relax. And to take Lynn and show her off in her bathing suit – well that was simply a must. And I could chalk it all up to being a good son in law wanting to get and give a day of relaxation. I also knew that during this weekend I would be making several trips to the beach with Sam. Just thinking about those skimpy two piece bathing suits she loves to wear was making me fidget in my seat. I could feel my dick start to swell within my jeans. We got home not a milf porno moment too soon.

We pulled into the driveway and Lynn rolled to a stop. “Wake up sleepy head,” I heard her say as she ran her hand over my chest and gently shook me to wake me. I opened my eyes and looked at her. Damn she looked hot in your white halter top and peasant skirt. She had hiked up her skirt between her legs exposing her legs all the way up to above mid-thigh. Because of the heat outside she had been running the A/C in the car and I could see her nipples poking from under the material of her blouse. My eyes lingered on her breasts, the nipples protruding, as my eyes roamed down to the flash of leg from under her skirt and then I saw my hands as they were all over her body making her tremble and squirm, making her wet with desire, my lips all over her neck, throat, lips, ear lobes, kissing her, licking her seductively, breathing her in.

I suddenly felt her hand on my face and as I drifted back from my mental image I could hear her saying, “Scott? Babe, I said we’re home. Let me help you with your bags and lets get inside.” It had all been a mental image, but oh how a picture can speak a thousand words, and according to my penis make me feel oh so wanting to take advantage of her. We got out of the car and pulled my bags from her trunk and made our way into the house.

The front part of the house is divided into two rooms by a fireplace. On the left side of the fireplace is the living room with several large, comfortable, overstuffed couches and the television and entertainment center. On the right side of the fireplace was a sitting room with another couch, a table, and lots of empty floor space. The way this was set up, I knew that I was going to sleep in the living room, while all of my belongings would stay in Lynn’s room. I was going to use the bathroom in her master bedroom. The second bathroom, which was deemed the “community” bathroom, was the one that Sam used. The idea was that there were more females in the house than males (two to one ratio at this point and the girls only ever brought their female friends over). As Lynn was telling me that I would sleep in the living room but have my clothes in her room and have full use of her bathroom I put my arms around her and brought her close to me so that I could whisper in her ear.

“But Lynn, why go to all the trouble? I could just sleep with you in your room. You have a big enough bed and if I am going to be coming in here to change anyway, why make all of the fuss?”

“I couldn’t trust myself with you in my bed, that’s why! Besides, you run at entirely too warm a body temperature and then I’d have to kick the covers off ’cause I’d get too warm,” she said as she giggled and put her arms around my waist.

“And the downside with this is where?” I had to tease her, I had a twinkle in my eye as I started placing my hands under her halter top that was starting to ride up and expose her waist. I started to chuckle as I felt her melt into me. She placed her head on my shoulder as her arms came up around my neck. She leaned in to kiss me on my throat, just below my jaw line. I felt the hairs on my neck start to stand and my dick began to surge. I knew she would be able to feel it and knowing that Sam was not home I did not care. I knew that I wanted her and I was going to do as much as I could to seduce my way under her clothes and in between her legs. If it did not happen right now, then definitely before I left in six weeks.

“Scott … let’s get your bags back to the room,” she purred. “And then you might want to consider taking a shower.” She left her words hanging there for just a moment before she continued, “You just flew all day and you must want to cool down with a nice cold shower. I’ll get you something to drink for when you get done.”

As she patted my mid-thigh, and with her jab at the cold shower, I knew that she had indeed felt my erection. We grabbed my bags and headed back to the bedroom. I followed behind Lynn because I knew that I had to see her sway those beautiful hips and that great ass of hers. She did not disappoint. Her peasant skirt was swishing back and forth; there was an extra toss of the hips than normal.

“Oh, she not only felt my dick,” I thought. “She’s playing it up. I’ll have to let her know how much I’m enjoying this.” So as we moved into her room I dropped my bag and caught up to her as she was already half way into the room.

I put my arms around her, standing behind her. One arm went under her arm and up to her neck, while the other hand went around her hip, my hand resting just above the top of her panty line that I could feel through her skirt, my fingers roaming just below that line.

“I thought you called me a tease, back at the airport,” I said. “And look at you, shaking that ass at me!” I was feeling rather bold, as I had never really mobil porno spoken that brazenly to my mother in law.

She let her head fall back onto my shoulder, as she took her hands and started letting them go back and grab my ass, not quite sexually, but grabbing back at me nonetheless. My dick started to swell and I could feel it sliding into the crack of Lynn’s ass. She slightly ground her hips back into me. It was so slight, that it was almost imperceptible; I almost missed it and actually had to think twice if I wasn’t just wishing that she had done that. It was what she said that told me she had actually done it.

“That feels nice, but I still think you need to go take a cold shower and I need to leave you alone ’cause you need to release some tension. Hasn’t Shelby been taking care of you boy?”

“Oh, she has Lynn. But what can I say, you are my hot sugar momma and you have a killer body. Let’s face it, you are a milf.”

Because there was a mirror directly in front of us, I could see the confusion on her face, the whole while I was still holding her. “What the heck is a milf?”

“You’ve never heard that before,” I asked? “A milf…” I almost couldn’t tell her but I realized that I had already gone too far and she would keep at me until I told her. “MILF stands for mother I’d like to fuck…” I said. The whole time my eyes were studying her face and body to see how she would react.

She brought one of her hands up to her face, letting it sit just over her mouth. I noticed that her nipples had started to extend as I gave her the definition. The move of her arm only made them grow faster and I could tell that she was trying to hide her nipples with her arm. Needless to say, it wasn’t working. If anything it was highlighting them more and making me harder. “I’m your wife’s mother, Scott,” she said. “We can’t be doing this…we shouldn’t be doing this.”

I knew that there was a matter of merely fractions of a second to do something, one way or another. I chose to let her go, at which point she gasped. The look on my face was still trying to portray tenderness. I needed to let her know that I wasn’t letting her go because I was upset, but because there was more to what was happening. I took her hand and twirled her like we were dancing. Her skirt twirled, coming up just above her knees. I made her giggle and then I pulled her into me so that she was facing me this time.

“Look Lynn, I’ll be honest with you. I told Shelby before I left that while I was around you I was going to make you feel like the special, sexy, seductive woman that you truly are. I don’t know why your asshole husband left you, but it couldn’t have been because you were not good enough to be with or show off. She agreed with me and told me to just be careful, because she didn’t know how you would take it, for one, as well as she didn’t want to have to compete with you…she was afraid she’d lose.

“So, just know that Shelby knows that I am going to tease you, make you feel special and even try to get you giddy and wet in the panties. If I do anything that is too much, or too troubling for you, just let me know and I’ll back off.”

I had one hand on her face, gently stroking the hair away from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear. My other hand was around her waist, pulling her tight towards me. My erection had subsided but there was still enough stiffness to let her know that she turned me on. Her arms and hands were caught between my chest and her breasts, her palms on my pecs.

“Thanks for letting me know that Scott,” she said. “For now, yes, I am on a slight sensory overload. So, go shower, I will go putz around in the kitchen and once you get done and dressed again, let’s see how you are feeling. What do you say?”

What could I say? I knew that I was at a point that if I pushed it too much I would push her away. I hadn’t lied when I told her of my conversation with Shelby. I did keep from both of them that my intention was to get into Lynn’s bed, and between her legs, before I headed back home in six weeks.

“I say its time for a shower. I need to get the flight off my skin and then take some time to relax.” As she turned around to head out of the room I swatted her round ass and she giggled. “You’re incorrigible!”

I started to take my clothes off as I walked towards the shower and got the water going. This was the other difference between the bathroom in the master bedroom and Sam’s bathroom, out in the hallway. The guest bathroom was bigger: it had dual sinks, the toilet, and a bathtub/shower option. The bathroom that I would be using was made for sex.

At least, that is how I saw it. It only has one sink but plenty of counter space, and at just the right height, that as a guy I could have my woman sit on it while I fucked her good as I stood in front of her. I mean, there was plenty of space for me olgun porno to spread those succulent legs wide, holding her ass with one hand wrapped around those delicious globes of her derriere while keeping my other hand free to play, tease, and work on her mouth watering breasts, the tantalizing areolas and exquisite nipples.

It was also deep enough that I could turn her around, have her bend over the counter so that I could go to work on that magnificent ass and have excellent access to fuck her from behind. Just picturing this started to make my dick swell.

I could see the shower started to warm up, so I slid into the shower. And oh, what a shower this was! You see, it too was made for sex in my eyes. The shower stall was built in such a way that it has a bench seat towards the back of it. The story for the paper is that it is there for shaving purposes. I took one look at it as I got in and realized it was a perfect place for sex in the shower. More importantly, it was at just the right height that it gave perfect access for some delicious oral sex. I love the succulent musky smell that a woman’s pussy let’s go after orgasm. After licking at a woman’s pussy, taking my time between the folds of her pussy lips, licking at her clit as it starts to swell and stick out, sliding my fingers into her pussy canal, slow, deep, and reaching up to find the place where her inner walls start to goose bump because I found her g-spot, and her pussy just cannot help to release its delicious smell. You can’t fake that smell, you can’t fake that orgasm. But as much as I love to give, I also love to receive. And that is what I pictured as I saw that bench in that shower.

My dick was aching. As the hot water ran down my body I started lathering up. I closed my eyes and pictured Lynn walking into the bathroom and into the shower. My hands started working up and down my dick as I pictured her sliding over to the bench, sitting down, her delicious breasts heaving and her nipples extending as she wrapped her hands around my legs, behind my ass. She pulled me to her, my dick pointed right at her as she took her right hand, brought it up front, and stroked the length of my shaft. I could feel my dick start to ooze pre-cum as I felt her hands continue their seductive assault on my member. My knees started to go weak as my minds eye pictured her lips start to open to envelope the tip of my head, her beautiful lips made for just this moment and she started to slide down my dick.

“Oh fuck, Lynn…that feels wonderful…” I knew she wasn’t in there with me, but the words escaped my lips before I could stop them.

“You have sounded pretty busy in there for a while now,” I heard her voice from the other side of the curtain. “And if you are going to give me credit for doing something, I want to know what it is.”

I saw the curtain pull back as she stepped into the shower with me. “My, my … is that all for me?” She slid down onto her knees, the water running over her body and head as she took my balls into her hands, cupping them, squeezing them, sliding my dick in her other hand and her mouth taking me deep into her, I could almost feel the back of her throat as she took me completely in. Her hair perfectly framed her face, my hands automatically reaching for her head, my fingers grabbing hold of her hair as I felt her tongue licking at my dick. Her mouth was working on the knob of my dick. She was one of the best dick suckers I have had in front of me in a very long time. She was almost as good Shelby. She was using her tongue to lick the length of my shaft. She would take the knob of my dick into her mouth as she came to the tip and take me in completely; she would suck on the tip on her way out. She was driving me closer and closer to a sensory overload. My knees grew weaker, as I felt my balls start to tighten.

“Oh fuck, I don’t know if you want to drink it or wear it but you are going to make me cum…” I heard myself say.

“Mmmm….well, lets see what happens…”

As I felt my cum start to make its way up my dick my knees gave out and was forced to sit down on the shower bench and then a felt the spurts of cum start to fly from the tip of my member, the sticky goo wrapping itself around my fingers and hitting the shower wall.

I opened my eyes only to realize that it was all a part of my very imaginative minds eye. Lynn had never been in there with me, but boy did it feel, sound, smell like she had been. I finished stroking myself out, feeling the nerve endings that were hypersensitive at the feel of my hand as I stroked, flashes of light still firing off in my mind. I milked the last of my cum out, finally getting to the task of finishing my shower.

I came out, toweled off, and walked into the bedroom and started thinking about what I could wear. As I was looking for my clothes I heard as Lynn started moving from the kitchen to the living room.

“Scott, are you thirsty? I’ve got your drink ready for you.”

All I could think of was trying to make my dream a reality. Because the reality had to be so much better than my day dream fantasy. Oh, what slight indiscretions might take place while I’m here?

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