Sneaky Quickie with Otaku Roommate

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Hello folks, this is Demon and the other helping with this lovely story is my lover Novari. This will be our first story so i hope you enjoy that we make more for you all. ^_^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thema sighed looking up to the ceiling while laying in bed along side with her fun size girlfriend Eri that she had been seeing for the past three years and looked over to her as she slept soundly from steamy love making that they had moments ago. She then sighed once more. “Another night with no satisfaction with her….i love her but damn she can’t go long enough for me. Even my ex boyfriends went limp within a few pumps and couldn’t fucking last.” she mumbled with frustration as she hated herself for this feeling inside that wouldn’t fade away. But she had someone that always took care of her urges which who was in the living room within the apartment complex, Rogue, her roommate she been having as a fuck buddy for years. And another thing she loved about Rogue was that he’s was a hot otaku. She met him years back at an anime convention and been seeing each other ever since. Even at times thought about asking him out but her girlfriend noticed and didn’t like him much due to his personality but didn’t have a problem with them watching anime or gaming together. Thema didn’t really care cause he was an awesome friend and greatest fuck she ever had. She got out of her bed carefully not too wake Eri as she strolled to her personal bathroom, closing the door to look at herself in the mirror.

She smiled and posed, loving the fact Rogue was into curvy thick, black, goth girls and she was up to 5’2 in height as she turned to look at her ass as she smacked it seeing as it jiggled then turned to look at her 34F cup breast as she grope them firmly as her nipples begins to harden. She looked herself in the eyes then decided that she needs him now so she exited the bathroom then reaches within her closet and places on a black crop tank top then some cotton shorty shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks with her box braids, dyed white highlights on the end covering it then looked at herself up and down in the mirror attached to her closest door then smirked. “Well time to get a good fuck from someone that knows how to really give a pounding.” she said with confidence, biting down on her lip giving her ass another light smack before leading out the bathroom.

Thema walked out if the room and saw Rogue sitting in the living room on the couch which she then suddenly froze leaning against the wall stood there admiring his muscular build that you would see in an anime of any girl’s dream with his skin black as chocolate being five inches taller than her, with wearing a tank top and shorts along with his dreaded mohawk and his sides shaved off with a dragon tattoo on the side and a Fairy Tail emblem on his right shoulder as she looked to him in awe as he watched a hentai with her gulping Bolu Escort down her saliva. “Damn…. why don’t I just date him already…” She stood there as he caught her by the corner of his eye which caused him to look up then waved. “Hey Baby Oni been missing the best parts of this. ” He said looking up to her with a smirk that caused chills down her spine with the addition of calling her by the nickname he given her with being a little demon at times. She collected herself, moving away from the wall and moving closer to the couch leaning against it from the back, looking to the screen.

“Yeah cause the last time my girlfriend caught you watching this stuff in here went so well last time that basically, all the neighbors could hear her.” She said with with a soft giggle as he shrugged smiling with no regret of the incident as he kept his eyes on the screen with her looking up to it “Is this the new episode from the other night?” He nods looking up to her then back to the screen as she went around sitting next to him then giving her a puzzled look turning his head to her. “Isn’t Eri here though. Shouldn’t you be giving her some attention.” She looked back and shrugged leaning back against the couch, turning her gaze with her eyes glued to the television. “She’ll be fine, besides she’s passed out. Really didn’t last long with the strap on.” Thema rolled her eyes as Rogue smirked at the comment as they begin watching the screen in silent.

As time went by she noticed the sound of soft, hard breathing as she looked over catching a glance at him, seeing he had his 14 inch, thick cock out, hard as a rock in his hand as he stroked himself watching the screen still. “Damn…. couldn’t wait… Eri would be pissed if she saw you right now also with me being next to you like this…” she said then paused as he turned his glance to her with his deep silver eyes as he continued while she looks at it biting her lip, melting into the couch. “She should be sleep right now?” he said as she nods softly, he reaches for the remote to turn the tv off then looks over to her as she pulled up her shirt to expose her tits as he then kicked off his shorts before she leaned over with her knees on the couch and ass perked up in the air, gripping hold of his cock as it felt heavy in her hand then begins sucking on the upper half of his cock with him closing his eyes stroking the rest as he looks down at her.

She then takes her mouth off then moves his hand away as she strokes it looking up to him. “My last last boyfriend always wanted his way with me and left me unsatisfied but…. but with you….you make me feel this no other could ever make me feel….and for that, I want to show you how thankful I am….” with nothing to say all that came out were moans escaped through his smooth lips as she placed her mouth back over the head suckling it with her tongue teasing the Bolu Escort Bayan tip constantly before leaning her head down more sucking on the whole length, causing loud slurps as she bobs her head up and down using one hand to stroke the lower half of his saliva coated cock as her other hand caresses his balls, lightly gagging on him with spit running down to his balls, she she took his cock from her mouth rubbing her lips Austin’s the side of his cock lightly kissing it then slides her lips back off the head of his cock as she went back to bobbing her head, moaning lightly to send vibrations into his cock as he reached over to grab hold of her ass firnly as his other hand is placed on the back of her head as it bobs alongn the movement of her bobbinh head as he then tense up as his ass is almost of the couch.

“Damn Oni…. you always give the best head….fuck…” with that, she looked then stopped as she let’s go of his cock with a pop out of her mouth beginning to stroke his cock at a steady pace, leaning over to give his lips a soft kiss then brushes her lips againt his ear as her stroking increases with the aid of cock completely drench in her saliva as she looked into his eyes smirking as he trembled against her touch.

“Oh baby I know…. you deserve it after how good you make this me feel… but don’t waste that nut in my mouth though….I want it in somewhere else for safe keeping…” she spoke softly with a lustful smile licking her lips as she releases her grip on his cock before standing up for moment to push down her shorts, kicking them off to the side of the floor. She then sits back on the couch, laying back with her legs spread open with him biting his lip reaching over for the condom in his pants.

When she saw it she took it out of his hand tossing it to the other side of the couch as he gave a confused look. “No….like I said before….I want to give you my everything…. even my womb yearns for you baby….I want you to be the first to give me a good feeling and give me a baby…. just like what we talked about last week when you fucked me at my mom’s wedding….I want it to be tonight that you knock me up.” She said whispering enough for him to hear as his breathing became heavy to the fantasy of that week finally happening.

On instinct, Rogue pushed himself on top of her then reached down in between them to grab the base of his cock rubbing the head against her wet, tight entrance as she placed her her foot on his ass using it to pull him in as he slowly enters her tight wet folds with them both letting out a sigh of pleasure. “Fuck your new cum dump of a girlfriend…..I want you to take me….I wanna be all yours….” he begins thrusting deeply into her fucking her into the couch as she cries in pleasure trying to control her moans to not wake her girlfriend, scratching his back up causing marks with him pounding Escort Bolu into her, lying her legs up over his shoulders while railing her more deeply as she gripped a good hold of the couch with her eyes rolled back as he slowed down looking at her as she looked back to him. “What about Eri?….” She smiled as she lean up to kiss him on his neck moving her arms from under him after clawing his back to her arms wrapped around his neck bringing him closer to him as his chest pressed against her breast pulling him closer with her lips to his ear. “Guess we’ll find out when we cross that bridge…” she said before licking up his ear sending shivers through his body.

Suddenly he pulls her up to straddle him with her smiling as she then begins twerking on his cock with moans following along with her movements. With him reaching up to cover her mouth as she was moaning into his hand as he then began to thrust up a bit harder causing her tits to bouncing looking up to her as he then stops after awhile. “Get on all four against the couch….” he looked at her with demands with her responding with a shakey nod before sliding his cock out of her and standing up then kneeling on the floor with her arms on the couch as he kneeled on the floor behind her slipping his cock back inside her before returning to the hard thrusting, biting into his lip as he looked down watching her ass jiggle from each impact as he continued fucking her as he was close to his limit pounding as hard as he could gripping hold of her waist.

“Fuck…Oni…. gonna cum….” he struggled to say as he continued with the hard thrusts as his body tenses up.

“Fucking do it baby…. please knock me up!” she screamed under her breathe to keep quiet as best as she could, her body’s best response was to thrust her ass back harder against his pelvis as he grunted returning them just as much while she bit into the couch, trembling as she hit her climax. With her creaming all over his cock, he gave one final hard thrust before releasing load after load of cum inside her wedged deep within as his body then begins to relax releasing his grip on her waist with him leaning onto her back breathing heavily then pulling out of her with a pop as his cock brushed against her sensitive walls then pushing himself up on the couch with his cock limp against the couch as she stayed on the floor breathing heavily leant on the couch seat.

After a moment of resting he looks to her then helps her up on to the couch, pulling her shorts back onto her then placed her as he help her with her shirt and shorts then sits down to grab the remote to switch the tv back on to some normal Tokyo Ghoul, sitting back on the couch coated in sweat with Eri suddenly coming in soon after looking over to Thema ignoring Rogue completely. “Oh hey babe I didn’t see you in the room…. damn why you so sweaty?” Thema looked over to her as Eri sat down next to her with Thema giving a soft smile. “Just a bit hot but think I’m cooled down now.” with that, Eri smiles and snuggles against her as both her and Rogue made eye contact with her throbbing pussy twitching with his cum leaking out of her, soaking her shorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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