Sniper’s Dream

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Mike lay on the high ridge under an outcropping of broken rock. He watched a patrol move through the jumble of broken rock below him. He could tell these were not highly trained troops. They were sloppy in all aspects of their search. They should be easy to evade if necessary. Unless they stumbled on something by accident they should not effect the mission.

He watched as they moved away from his position toward the oasis. The tiny spring was not much, but it was the only surface water for many miles. People had stopped here for centuries.

He watched and realized that the patrol was checking out sniper positions. They were just about right if the sniper were using the 30 caliber rifles. Mike was using the big fifty caliber Barrett XM107 rifle with a much longer range. The patrol checked out every possible hiding place on the slope down to the spring. Every clump of rocks was examined. Other squads of troops were visible moving over the terrain in other sectors. It appeared that the meeting with German and French agents was going to happen. It would have been possible to wipe out the whole mess with one laser guided bomb but someone in the meeting was a valuable source of information. Could be anyone. Tomorrow was supposed to be the big day when the foreigners would arrive.

Normally he would have a spotter with him on a mission but Dave, his spotter had sprained or broken his ankle when they landed from the parachute jump. Mike had to leave him behind, well hidden, miles from the target area. Dave would wait five more days and then call for a helicopter extraction if Mike were back or not.

Mike was well back in the hole and couldn’t see the whole area from there. He would move further forward later when the patrols moved further away or returned to camp. He checked the time, almost five. He slipped a little further forward and pulled the spotting scope up beside him. It was just about time for the beautiful girl to take her bath. She did it every day. There she was. She went to an area a short ways from the camp and entered a clump of boulders. She was hidden from the camp. She carried a small pail of water. She spread a blanket on the sandy ground and started removing her clothes. Her hair was long and black and hung below her waist. When she was finally nude she bent over and dipped a cloth in the pail of water then squeezed it out. She washed her face and neck. She took the damp cloth and rubbed under her arms and over her chest and back. She wrung out the cloth and dipped it in the pail again and washed between her legs. She began dressing again. She looked so sweet, serene, and peaceful.

Mike saw a man moving through the boulders and nearing the girl. He was a large man and wore native garb. He stepped in front of the girl and started waving his arms and suddenly a knife appeared in his hands and he threatened the girl with it. She fell on her knees before him and appeared to be begging for her life. He fumbled with his clothing and pulled out his semi erect penis. He pointed to it and she crawled toward him. She took the cock in her small hand and moved her face towards it. Her lips closed over the head of the erection and his head pulled back as he savored the feeling. Her other hand appeared with a small knife and she lunged upward and caught him in the throat with it. Blood spurted all over and he fell to the ground clutching his throat. The girl jumped up and grabbed the pail. She felt his pulse and calmly walked away.

Darkness fell quickly and Mike broke out his night vision gear and watched the camp. He got his satellite phone out and recorded a message describing the events around the target camp. Including the murder of the large man. He sent the message on the burst transmission feature of the phone. In about an hour the message received light glowed. He put the phone to his ear and hit the play button. The message directed him to try and remove all traces of the murder. He scratched his head. How could he do that? He thought the situation over. The girl had to be the informant. Nothing else made sense.

He got some items from a pack and crawled out of his hiding place. He started down the hill as fast as he could go. It was not too fast. He couldn’t chance making any noise. He could see all the sentries with his night vision glasses and had no trouble avoiding them. He found the body and wrapped it in the blanket the girl had left behind. He moved the body in to the rocks and was almost back to the murder scene when he heard a slight noise. He froze and looked for the source. It was the girl, she was crawling around trying to find the body. He slipped up behind her and grasped her hands, mindful that she knew how to use a knife. He whispered, “Do you speak English?” He felt some of the tenseness leave her body. She nodded. He said, “Follow me.” He took her hand and led her to the body.

He whispered, “I was going to try and hide him. I don’t know where, do you have any ideas?”

She canlı bahis placed her lips to his ear. “Let’s just get away as fast as we can, they won’t find him until morning. We need to be as far away as we can by then. Hurry.” He took her hand and led her into the night. He went up the hill very slowly and it was an hour before they reached his hideout. He moved her carefully into the hole. He gave her his sleeping bag to lay on. He softly told her he had to complete his mission before he could leave. She told him that his place was too far away for him to shoot anyone. He explained that he could get a killing shot on a man nine out of ten shots at this range. Better than that if the target was not moving. She wanted to know if the smoke from the shot would give them away. He told her that it was a very slight amount of smoke. Very hard to see at that distance. Mike asked her what her code name was. She said her name was Shalimar. He recorded a message into his sat-phone and sent it. The reply was rapid. Get the girl back to the American Forces. He told her the news, he said they would rest a few more minutes, then he would pack up and they would leave. They lay together in his sleeping bag for warmth. She smelled good. He asked what he should call her. “My parents called me ‘Cookie’, she said. “I would love for you to call me that. And what do I call you my hero?”

“Mike, my name is Mike. I want to hold you like this forever, but we must go soon.”

“Mike, could you please hold me tight and kiss me just once before we leave. I haven’t had a sweet kiss for a long time. Please.”

He held her close and felt a tremor run through her. His face was in her hair and she lifted her face to his. The kiss was soft and gentle at first. Then his tongue slipped between her lips and she moaned and pulled him closer. The kiss lasted a long time. They broke part and he felt around for his gear. He packed everything in it’s special place in his pack. He led her from the hole and placed a few selected rocks across the entrance He took her hand and placed it around a web of his pack harness. He put the night vision goggles back on and started over and down the back side of the hill. It was slow going and he knew it was much harder on her because she could see almost nothing. She often stumbled or hit rocks with her knees or feet. It was not exactly easy for him either carrying the thirty pound rifle plus his pack. They had to stop often to rest. He held Cookie’s small body close while they rested. By first light they had several ridge lines behind them. They were only half way to where he had left Dave. Mike searched for a place to hide during the day. He opted for a clump of rocks that had a hollow under one giant boulder where they couldn’t be seen from above and they had good visibility in most directions. There was no cover within half a mile where anyone could approach with out being seen. Pursuit from the camp would be seen further than that. They leaned back against a large rock and rested. They talked softly, asking each other questions about the other’s life. They talked for several hours.

Mike opened his last MRE and heated the Beef Steak with Mushroom Gravy over a FRH heat tablet and gave it to Cookie. She wolfed it down. She looked up and saw he was eating an HOOAH! Energy bar. She handed him the remainder of the meal. He refused it, “Sweetheart you need to build your strength for tonight.”

He suddenly held up his hand and told her to finish the meal as fast as she could. He said, “I hear a motor from our back trail. We need to be ready to slip away if we have to. They should come over that road through that narrow pass. Hopefully they are a regular scout patrol and are not looking for us.” They finished their meal and buried every trace of it. It was that much less he would have to carry.

The truck he had heard came into sight and paused on top of the ridge line. He could see a man stand and look over the valley ahead of them with binoculars. The man searched the valley carefully for several minutes before he sat back down. Mike could see him talk on a radio, then wave the driver ahead down the road. The truck moved slowly over the crest and down the hill and made the slight turn toward them. Mike could see now that there were six men in the back of the truck. It was not a military vehicle, just a regular one ton commercial truck. Not four wheel drive either. He would probably stick to the roads.

Mike glanced back at the pass and thought he saw movement. He swung the scope back and spotted a man in the shade of a huge boulder surveying the valley with binoculars. He turned the scope to high power and watched the looker carefully. It was Dave! Mike rolled to his pack and got out his short range communicator. He keyed the microphone switch several times. Dave’s head jerked up. He pulled his SRC out and held it to his ear. “Mike? Is that you?”

“Yep, I am at your two o’clock about three quarters of a mile. bahis siteleri In a clump of boulders.”

Mike saw him pick up a rifle with a scope and point it at them. He keyed the radio, “You are pointed right at me.”

Dave replied, “I see the rocks but I can’t see you. Do you have the agent with you?”

“Yes, I do. How is your leg?”

“Not too bad, I can get around some, just not very fast. That truck down in the valley dropped off two guys on the way in, one right above me. And another back on the last ridge. They have radios and spotting scopes, they did the same thing yesterday so I don’t think they are looking for you.”

“How far did they go yesterday?”

“About where they are now. I have to hide now. I’ll join you after they are clear.”

Mike looked at Cookie, she was watching him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She told him she had to relieve herself. Where could she go? He told her to wait until the truck turned around, so he could help her find a spot. The truck was very accommodating and turned around. Mike let it get back up the road a ways before he beckoned Cookie to follow him. He avoided any place that could be seen from the ridge above Dave. He found a secluded spot and softly told her he would be just on the other side of the rock. She joined him in a few minutes and took his hand. They walked hand in hand back to the hiding place. The truck was still in sight. Mike spread his sleeping bag on the ground and lay down on it. He looked up at Cookie, she joined him. He looked up at the sky and after a while she moved over next to him. She lay so her shoulder was touching his. He turned his head and she turned toward him. Their lips were only inches apart. Neither of them appeared to move but soon their lips were touching. She slowly slipped her arm around his neck and pulled gently on him. He pushed his face to hers and their lips were pressing harder at each other. He groaned and ran his tongue across her parted lips. She opened her lips and her tongue met his. His tongue explored the inside of her mouth. She trembled and pressed closer to him. She pulled him on top of her. He kissed her eyes, her ears and her throat. He felt her hands at his belt and then his zipper. She rose up and he felt her flesh against his. The head of his cock felt her dampness and her small hand guided him into her slit. Her legs were on either side of his. He thrust up inside her with all his strength. Her pussy was warm and wet and he slipped in as far as he could go. She moaned as he withdrew and he plunged back in to her depths. He watched her face as he thrust in and out. She had a beautiful smile on her lips as shudder after shudder wracked her body. Her eyes sprang wide open and he smiled up at her. She pressed her lips to his and shook as another orgasm thundered through her body. She stiffened and slumped against him as he felt a crescendo of feelings spread through him as his sperm spurted into her pussy. They lay panting and her eyes opened and stared at him. A smile grew on her lovely face and triggered the same from him. He held her tightly and whispered, “I love you, Cookie. I really do.”

“I love you too, Mikey, with all my heart.”

Mike rolled over and saw Dave moving slowly towards them through the rocks and boulders. The lovers straightened their clothes. Mike kissed her again and told her they should be ready for a possible move to a spot for a helicopter pick up.

They contacted headquarters and were advised the pick up would be at dusk on the road. Mike walked out and waved at Dave. Dave waved back then turned and looked back toward the pass. Mike heard it too. Motors. Dave hurried forward and hobbled up to Mike. Mike told Dave about the chopper pick up. Mike introduced Cookie and told Dave it was vital that they get her on the chopper. Dave was carrying Mike’s favorite rifle. The Heckler & Koch PSG-1 semi auto 30 Cal. Sniper rifle. Mike said, “Dave, give me the H&K and you stay here with the 50 Cal. and when the truck or whatever it is comes in range, stop them. I will try to get close enough to work on them with this. I can move much faster than you can.” he pulled Cookie to him and kissed her and was gone. He ran as fast as he could towards the road where it came down from the pass. Just as the truck appeared Mike disappeared from Dave and Cookie’s vision. Dave watched as the truck moved slowly down the hill. Another truck was right behind it, then a third truck appeared. Dave found a good firing position and kept Cookie close to him but behind a rock. He put the bipod legs down and laid two extra clips in a handy spot.

It looked as if there were only three trucks each carrying four or five troops. Dave waited until the vehicles were about at 1500 meters from him and what looked like 800 meters from Mike. His first shot stopped the first truck and it burst into flames. As he targeted the second truck he saw the people from the first truck drop as Mike took them under fire.

Dave bahis şirketleri fired at the second truck and it continued rolling into the first truck and caught fire too. The third truck tried to turn off the road and a burst of fire from Mike killed the driver and the other man in the cab. The truck rolled over as it left the road and threw the people from the bed of the vehicle out to lay still on the rocky ground.

Mike continued to pick off the survivors as fast as he could. An enemy trooper stood and fired an automatic AK-47 at Mike, knocking him down. Mike rolled over and killed the man with one shot. Dave shot two more and the area was suddenly quiet.

Mike stood and surveyed the carnage. No survivors were to be seen. He walked carefully among the dead or dying and found no threat. He heard the radio in the overturned truck but did not understand what was being said. They would have to be careful. Mike trotted back to the outcropping of boulders and discussed the situation with Cookie and Dave. They decided to move down to the vehicles and let Cookie listen to see if there were more trucks coming. She said the camp only had six trucks. This was three patrols together. That was very unusual. They made their way back to the road. Cookie stood and listened to the talk on the radio. She said the camp was calling for a patrol who was not answering. She said their didn’t seen to be any urgency or surprise that the patrol was not answering. Cookie screamed when she noticed the blood soaking Mikes arm. Dave put a quick bandage on the wound.

Mike contacted his seniors on the Satcom and was informed that the helicopter was fifteen minutes away from their position. He was told to have yellow smoke ready. The blackhawk swooped down and they were on their way home. The helicopter crew videoed the battle scene as they departed.

When they arrived at the small airfield a small military jet transport was waiting to take her to Germany for debriefing. She refused to go without Mike and Dave. She refused to talk to anyone or to eat or sleep unless Mike was with her. The two accompanied her all the way to Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, D.C., and then to CIA Headquarters in Virginia. They were separated then. Dave and Mike were sent to Quantico Marine Base and turned in their sniper gear. Their personal belongings arrived a couple of weeks later. They were debriefed on the mission by CIA people and by Marine Officers.

Mike was miserable, he could find out nothing about Cookie. He was told he had no need to know the information he was requesting. He was held in limbo. Dave had been reassigned to Camp LeJeune, NC. Mike reported each morning to the office of the Base Commander and was told to report back the next morning. He had never been so frustrated in his life. He was at his boiling point and about ready to explode when he reported in one morning and was told to report to Room 233 in the Admin Building. He knew this was going to be another debrief, a waste of time. He entered the room and reported, “Sergeant Mahoney, reporting as directed.”

A woman dressed in a gray suit, with black high heeled boots stood with her back to him staring out the window. She turned and looked at him with a big smile. Cookie! She ran to him and threw her arms around his neck and cried and kissed his lips and cried some more. He just held her tightly to his breast and cried too. She pulled back and looked him up and down, grinning at him. “I didn’t know if you still wanted to see me.”

“They didn’t tell you I asked about you every single day. I was ordered not to go back to Langley ever again and to not call there trying to find you. I love you Cookie, I could never forget you. God! You look beautiful, really gorgeous.”

“They told me nothing, I refused to talk to them until I was shown every morning a live video of you reporting to the Marine commander’s office. They wanted me to go back to Iraq. I refused. I told them I would go nowhere with out you. Then I found out I had an ace to play and they surrendered.”

Mike kissed her, “What did the trick?”

“You did it.”


“Yes, you, do you love me?”

“Yes, I love you and I want to marry you.”

“I love you too, and I will marry you. Do you want kids?”

“Sure, I want several children, how about you?”

“What ever you want, Mikey, what ever you want.”

“You still haven’t told what I did.”

“You made me pregnant!”

“You are pregnant?”

“Yes, I am carrying your baby.”

Mike pulled her to him and buried his face in her hair.

She kissed him and said, “I made a deal with them subject to your approval, I will work for them as a senior analyst until your enlistment is up. We have an apartment in Reston Virginia, you have three weeks of leave starting now, me too. Then you will be assigned to the eighth and eye for the last year of your enlistment. The CIA is going to review your record and test you to see if they can use you.”

Mike just grinned and shook his head. “Wow, you go after what you want, don’t you.”

“Yes, I do. I want you in our big bed at the apartment. Let’s go. Tomorrow is a big day for us.”


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