Snowdrop Wyatt

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It was her mother’s fault. Shortly after she was born, she carried her to the window and the first thing she saw was a flower – a Snowdrop. Thus her name was decided. It wasn’t until she went to school at the age of four that the problems arose. Her school friends – of course – shortened her name to Snow. Eventually the penny dropped and having been called Snow Wyatt, she became known as Snow White.

Snow hated boys from then on. They were the ones that made fun of her. As she got older, her friends all started dating but she held back. She assumed that the only reason that anyone would want to go out with her was to be able to say they had dated Snow White. Or worse; maybe they want to say they’d laid Snow White.

When she was thirteen, her mother died of a rare disease, which she caught while on holiday in Africa. This was a very sad time for Snowdrop – especially as she had always been closer to her Mother than her Father.

Five years later, her father announced his intention to re-marry. Celia was quite an attractive woman, with a dazzling smile, but eyes that seemed somehow lifeless. Snowdrop’s father appeared even more remote now that he was pre-occupied with her step-mother. Celia was obviously a gold-digger, using sex to ensnare Mr Wyatt – frequently and very loudly. Almost every night Snowdrop would hear them, the bed creaking and Celia yelling in (fake?) ecstasy.

Worse still was the sexual way in which she acted when around Snow’s father – frequently fondling him in front of Snowdrop. It seemed to please Celia to embarrass her. It was almost as if she was trying to drive her away. But Snow wasn’t going to leave. She loved her father and was determined to stay and protect him from her evil step-mother.


Chapter 1

The Wyatts lived in a nice house with about 10 acres of gardens surrounding the property. Mr Wyatt had inherited the house from an Uncle who had no other relatives, but not until he had made his own way in the world and had carved out a lucrative career for himself.

Old Ted the Gardener had also been inherited, but he was getting on in years and Celia persuaded Robert Wyatt to retire him with a decent pension. Within a week she had hired a new employee; David, who was a very handsome and very fit looking 28-year old.

Robert had no idea that Celia and David were ‘old friends’ and they kept up the appearance of employee / employer at all times. But Snow noticed the looks that David cast in Celia’s direction as she walked past. She could see the lust in his eyes.

Then, one day while walking in the grounds she found a shaded spot beneath a tree and sat down. It was warm and peaceful and she found herself in a very relaxed state of mind. Snow heard a sound behind her, so she leant over to peer around the tree. Through the bushes she could see David working, trimming some of the plants that had started to grow across the network of paths.

He was whistling a tune to himself as he worked, stripped bare to the waist. He really was very good looking and Snow found herself becoming aroused. Without thinking, her hand began to unfasten the belt on her jeans. She continued watching David as she popped the button and pulled down the zip. Her fingers slid under the elastic of her panties and pushed on through her pubic hair. At the first touch of her clitoris, she gasped and spread her legs wide.

Snow was surprised at how wet she was. The gusset of her knickers was sodden with the juices that her pussy had already produced. Her eyes had closed as she first touched herself, but now she opened them again to observe the image that had inflamed her passion.

David suddenly stopped working and Snow was concerned that she had been discovered, but he had seen her stepmother instead. Celia was now approaching him down the path on which he stood.

“Hello Celia,” he said.

“That’s Mrs Wyatt to you David,” she replied.

“I was wondering how long it would take.”

“How long it would take, for what exactly?”

“I knew you couldn’t keep away from me.”

Celia smiled, “We have to stick to the plan. We can’t… well, we can’t risk getting caught.”

David laughed and then said, “Yes, but you didn’t have to come all of the way down here to tell me that. Did you?”

Celia looked around to make sure that they couldn’t be seen and then took a nervous step forwards.

Meanwhile, Snowdrop had stopped rubbing herself. She was still incredibly turned-on, but froze in place while watching the scene in front of her.

“Come here you slut,” commanded David. His voice was no longer soft, nor subservient. “Now!”

Celia moved quickly, for fear of David shouting aloud and being overheard. She stood in front of him. Although she was tall, he was much taller still and she had to look up at him. The gardener took her head in his big hands and kissed her on the mouth.

Snowdrop watched, shocked. But then, although outraged, she began to imagine it was her lips being kissed and she slowly began masturbating again.

David güvenilir bahis grabbed Celia roughly and began to squeeze a breast with one hand and an ass cheek with the other. She whimpered as he dropped his hand to the other cheek and lifted her up off of her feet. Snow could see Celia’s chest rising and falling rapidly as David buried his head in her cleavage.

Suddenly, David dropped Celia and she collapsed to the ground. She sat there panting, looking up with pleading in her eyes.

“That’s more like it,” he growled. He then slowly unzipped his trousers. Two sets of eyes – Celia’s and Snowdrop’s – watched as he reached inside and began to release his dick.

Snow had never seen one before. To her it looked enormous, but far from being frightened she was pushed over the edge into an orgasm that hit her with the force of a train. She pushed her lips together to prevent any sound escaping, but her breath continued to snort through her nostrils.

When Snowdrop came to her senses again, she looked back around the tree to see her stepmother kneeling in front of David. One hand was wrapped around his penis; the other was cupping his testicles. At first, she wasn’t sure what she was seeing, bit then David lifted Celia’s hair away from her face. The bright red lips were stretched wide as she tried to swallow as much of the Gardener’s dick as possible. While she rubbed with her hand, her head bobbed rapidly in time.

Snowdrop watched in fascination as her stepmother fellated the Gardener. When he came, he grunted and grabbed hold of her hair, forcing her to swallow his ejaculation. Not until she had taken the last drop did he release her head, by which time she was gasping for breath. David picked her up easily and stood her on unsteady legs. Before she could react, he reached down and pushed his arm up under the hem of her skirt. His hand rose rapidly until he reached her silk-clad crotch.

Celia’s legs almost gave way. As she regained her balance David savagely ripped her panties away and rammed two fingers up into her cunt. Now her legs did give way, but he was ready for this and grabbed her around the waist as he started to finger-fuck her furiously.

Snowdrop continued to watch and began to push a finger up into her own pussy, aware that she was beginning to stretch her hymen. Her stepmother had now half-turned away from David allowing him to play with her breasts and tease her nipples with his free hand. She was turned directly towards Snow now and the young woman could see the hairless vagina being invaded by the two powerful digits.

Celia stopped breathing as she reached her climax, only exhaling as she came down from her peak. The sunlight filtering through the trees meant that Snowdrop could see the shiny streams of her stepmother’s come running down the inside of her thighs and soaking into her stocking tops. David released her and she slumped to the ground.

The Gardener licked her come off of his fingers as he grinned down at her. “You really are a little slut, aren’t you? And you know what? I’m willing to bet you’ll be back for a lot more soon.” He turned and walked away; leaving Celia sprawled on the ground.

Slowly, the dishevelled woman got back onto her feet, brushed down her dress and tried (unsuccessfully) to straighten her hair before stumbling back along the path the way she had come.

Snowdrop waited until she was sure that her stepmother had gone before she dressed herself and walked away from the tree. Finally she had proof that Celia wasn’t to be trusted. Now she could tell her father. Surely he would kick her out. She smiled and hummed to herself as she walked back to the house.


Chapter 2

“But Daddy, I saw them!” she cried.

“Listen Snowdrop, I know that you miss your mother, but she isn’t coming back. Please understand that Celia isn’t trying to replace her. You simply must stop telling these lies.”

“I’m not lying!” she yelled. “Why won’t you believe me?”

“Because I know that you have never liked Celia. You’re just being selfish aren’t you? You want me all to yourself. Well, for once in your life perhaps you should start thinking about other people.”

Snowdrop was stunned into silence.

“Why should I have to suffer a lonely existence and an empty bed just because you think it offends your mother’s memory? She’s dead, but we have to go on living. Don’t you understand?”

“But…” began Snowdrop.

“Enough!” Her father’s voice was now raised to the level that prohibited argument. “Get out of my sight.”

Snow left the room. Now she was sure what Celia’s hold over her father was. It was sex. Obviously she was doing a lot more for him in the bedroom than she had understood. She imagined that Celia probably acted the complete whore for him. That stopped Snowdrop’s thoughts for a moment as she realised that she didn’t actually know precisely what a ‘complete whore’ did. Whatever it was, she was sure that her stepmother did it.


Chapter 3

“That stupid little bitch saw us canlı bahis and told Robert!”

“Shit,” replied David. “What happened? What did he say?”

“He thought she was lying,” she laughed. “He thought she was showing off and trying to get me in trouble with him. But he didn’t believe her.”

“We can’t be seen together, or your husband will start to think the she might be right.”

Celia frowned, deep in thought. “What we need to do is get rid of her.”

“Shit! Fuck! No way. I’m not having anything to do with something like that!”

“No stupid. I didn’t mean that. What we need to do is make her want to leave of her own accord.”

“And how do we do that?” David asked.

“We use that monster dick of yours. It’s enough to frighten any young maiden away,” she said wryly.


Chapter 4

Snowdrop was unaware of her step-mother’s plans. She was trying to keep an eye on her to see if she could find some proof to present to her father. How could he be so blind? Surely he must be able to see Celia for the gold-digger that she was.

It was a couple of weeks later that Celia slipped out of the Scullery door. Snowdrop waited until she had walked down past the conifer hedge, before leaving the house herself. She calculated that Celia was going to be heading down the same route that she had seen her taking before, where she had then met David.

Snowdrop took a shortcut and arrived just in time to see Celia walk down the path turn right and walk into the bushes. Snow waited, but her step-mother didn’t re-appear. She was in two minds how to act. Should she follow Celia and risk getting caught, or should she simply wait and see what happens?

She waited, and waited, and waited. Finally she made up her mind; if she was caught, she could simply say she was out for a walk. How could anybody think she was following Celia after such a long time?

Snowdrop walked as slowly and as quietly as she could along what looked like a small track. Very soon she was unable to see more than five yards in any direction. She seemed to have been walking for some time before she came to a small clearing. She was taken aback by its prettiness. The sun was shining down lighting the area, the grass was long and speckled with splashes of colour created by a large variety of flowers. A rustic bench stood to one side, shaded by the overhanging branches of a tree.

Her quest to follow her step-mother forgotten, she sat down to admire the beauty of such a serene place – one that she had not found before in all of the eighteen years that she had lived here. She closed her eyes and breathed in the fragrance of the flowers. She felt calmer and happier than she had in a long time.

A cloud passed in front of the sun. She frowned and opened her eyes to find that the cloud was, in fact, David. He stood before her looking down with a strange smile on his face.

“Well, well, well. What have we here then?” he asked.

“I’m sitting down minding my own business. Perhaps you should be doing the same thing?” she replied.

“What, you’d like me to sit down with you and mind your business? Sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.”

“No stupid! I meant that you should go away and mind your own business.”

“Like you did the other day? Only you didn’t walk away and mind your own business did you? Oh no, you stayed put and became a Peeping Tom. And then you went and told your father. Now that wasn’t very friendly was it?”

“What do you expect? Do you think that I’m stupid? You and that slut are taking my father for a ride.”

“Yes,” said David.

Snowdrop was confused, “Yes, what?”

“Yes, I think that you’re stupid,” he replied.

Her mouth hung open.

David went on, “What else am I to think? You walk alone into the deepest part of the woods hidden away from everybody, so far from the house that nobody will be able to hear you… especially if you get into trouble?”

Snowdrop looked around and realised the truth in what he had said. Now she was worried.

David moved closer and stood with his legs either side of hers. She went to move, but he was quicker and lifted his foot onto the seat beside her, trapping Snowdrop between his foot and the bench’s armrest.

“You’re just trying to scare me,” she said. “You wouldn’t dare touch me.”

In reply, he merely whipped off his t-shirt to display his tanned and muscular torso. Against her wishes, Snowdrop found herself admiring his body. She also couldn’t prevent her eyes from wandering down towards the front of his trousers.

It was almost as if he had been waiting for this reaction. He reached down to his flies and unzipped them. Snow froze, but couldn’t take her eyes away from the gaping opening. David took his time, waiting to see if she would panic. She didn’t, so he reached inside and pulled out his “chopper” (as Celia liked to call it). Snowdrop had seen it before, but now it was very close, no more than two feet away from her. She was transfixed, fascinated as it seemed to grow and come nearer at bahis siteleri the same time.

It was close enough now that she could see the sun glinting off of a droplet oozing from the eye. Suddenly she realised what he wanted to do. He wanted to put his thing in her mouth.

“No!” she yelled.

“You owe me,” he said. “You nearly cost me my job. Now suck my cock you little bitch and don’t you dare think about biting me, or I’ll teach you a lesson by shoving it up your ass!”

Before she could reply, David pushed the head of his dick past her lips. She tried to resist, repelled by the both idea and the taste. She tried to pull her head away, but he grabbed hold of her hair as he pushed the shaft deeper into her mouth. The head hit the back of her throat and she started to gag. He withdrew a little and then pushed again.

“Get used to it darling, I reckon that you could be an excellent little cock-sucker.”

Gradually she did get used to it and she managed to relax and found it easier to accommodate his dick. David built up speed and as he did so he reached his left hand down inside of her blouse and bra and began to play with her nipple. If Snowdrop hadn’t had her mouth full, she would have gasped. As it was, she began to feel incredibly aroused.

David’s hand left her breast and moved up behind her head. His right hand swiftly moved down to begin rubbing his cock.

“Swallow it. Swallow it all,” he said. He began jerking and Snowdrop felt his semen spurt into her mouth. She didn’t like the taste, but she began to gulp it down anyway. The flood seemed to go on and on. She tried to take it all, but a small dribble escaped from the side of her mouth and made its way down her chin.

He withdrew, but remained in front of her. “Now lick it clean, young lady.”

Snowdrop poked her tongue out and began to lick and tease his now semi-hard cock. He let her continue for a few minutes until he began to regain his erection, at which point he pulled away from her and put himself away.

David moved to kneel on the seat beside her. As she looked up into his eyes, his hand quickly slipped up her skirt to her crotch.

“As I thought,” he grinned. “Nice and wet. You enjoyed that didn’t you, you little slut.”

“No!” That was what she said, but her body answered in a different way, especially now that his fingers were teasing her clitoris through the thin material of her panties. She tried to keep her legs together, but it was impossible. “No,” she said again, almost in a whisper.

“Open your legs.”

She looked down and was surprised to see her knees parting.

“Wider,” he demanded.

Snowdrop tried to resist mentally, but found her body pushing her legs as far apart as possible. She could now see her panties – and his hand on the damp crotch. She watched as he pulled the gusset to one side. Her pubic hair was shining with moisture. She had never been so wet. David pushed a finger down along her pussy lips, pushing across the entrance to her vagina – almost, but not quite, taking her virginity. Snow began bucking against his finger, desperate to reach orgasm. But David suddenly withdrew his hand and stood up.

“What? Why? Why did you stop?” she asked.

“Because if I’d gone any further I’d have had to fuck you and if I had, you would have then gone running to Daddy to tell him that I’d raped you. If you want to come, then you’ll have to do it to yourself.”

Snow had never been in such a state. She desperately needed to come – yes, even if it meant having David fuck her. But he wasn’t going to touch her again. Desperate yet ashamed, she started rubbing herself furiously, dipping a finger into her pussy as she did so. Her orgasm was the most intense that she had ever had.

David pulled her to her feet and propelled her back along the path. “Now bugger off back to the house,” he said as she stumbled away.

Once Snowdrop had disappeared, Celia stepped out from behind the bushes that had concealed her hiding place.

“Well that didn’t bloody well work, did it? You were supposed to scare her away,” she said.

Celia looked down and noticed the bulge that was still pushing out the front of his trousers.

“You may not have fucked the little slut, but there’s somebody not a million miles away who needs similar attention.”

She pulled up her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Quite clearly, from the glistening appearance of her pussy, she had been playing with herself while hiding in the bushes. David didn’t reply, but in a rapid response he grabbed her hand and pulled her round behind the bench seat, where he pushed her over the back of the chair. He unzipped his trousers again and pushed Celia’s skirt up onto her back. In this position, she accepted his dick into her pussy in a single thrust.

David drove all the way in, before withdrawing until just the head remained embedded. He plunged back in with such force that Celia could feel his testicles slapping against her clit. He watched his cock driving in and out, bringing Celia closer and closer to the brink. His mind jumped backwards to the threat he had made to Snowdrop to fuck her ass. He became fixated by the puckered little hole just a couple of inches above his thrusting penis.

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