Snowfall Ch. 02

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Her feet were frozen. Still, Talia kept on kicking up the snow. Some of it landed on her shin, seeping through her jeans and leaving her leg damp and cold. Talia tilted her head back, squinting up at the pale, clouded sun. Its warmth was a faint, unreliable thing. Sun or no sun, the snow kept on falling.

Talia shoved her gloved-hands in the pockets of her hand-me-down coat (it had previously belonged to her mom). There weren’t too many cars out; a lot of people avoided driving in the snow altogether. Her dad was always warning her about black ice on the roads. The streets were quiet, and so were most of the stores. Talia was on her way to meet Emily. Honestly, she was a little nervous. It would be the first time she’d seen the other girl since their… ‘special’ night together.

Were they dating now? Was Emily her girlfriend? And not just her ‘girl-that-was-a-friend’, but girlfriend-girlfriend??? Talia just didn’t know. She didn’t even know if she wanted that or not. What if their relationship ended badly? Talia didn’t want to lose Emily as a friend. They’d been close for years and years.

Talia rounded the corner, wishing she’d thought to bring a scarf, when she saw Emily sitting on a bench at the bus stop. Talia paused. Emily’s wavy blond hair was dusted with snow. Her cheeks were rosy from the cold. She was all bundled up. Emily, unlike Talia, was usually prepared for this kind of weather. She had on good, winter boots, a puffy coat with faux-fur lining the hood, and gloves that were more than likely lined with fleece. Plus, she had a scarf to warm her slender neck. Talia sighed.

Emily turned her head towards her, grinning happily. Talia glanced at her dark pink lips and quickly looked away. Emily stood, brushing the snow off her ass. “Hey,” Emily said, albeit a little shyly.

“Hi.” Talia winced at the awkwardness of her own voice. She cleared her throat. “How – how are you?” Warmth crept over her face, and she knew she was blushing.

Emily walked over to her, her eyes quickly looking her over. “I’m great,” she replied cheerfully. Emily outstretched her hand and Talia took it in her own. The two girls started walking, hand in hand. Every now and then, their shoulders would bump together. “I missed you,” Emily said after a while.

“I missed you too, Em.”



Emily laughed. She tugged Talia down a familiar path between two condos, the area tastefully arranged with trees and gardens that were quite beautiful in the springtime. There were benches around, perfect for sitting and admiring the flowers. “So, what do you think?” Emily asked, glancing up at her. The two paused by a tree, bare of its leaves. Talia leaned one shoulder against its trunk. “About… Well, you know.”

“I… I’m not sure. Are we – are we dating?”

Emily smiled, shifting nervously. She ducked her head, “I’d like that,” she said quietly.

“But what happens to us if we break up? I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“We’ll figure it out if that happens. Talia, I want to be with you. I’ve wanted to be with you for years.”

Talia let go of Emily’s hand. The other girl simply watched as Talia tugged off her glove. Tentatively, she reached to touch Emily’s cheek. Her skin was cool against her fingertips. Emily lightly took hold of Talia’s hip, her own gloves stuffed in her pockets. Talia traced her fingers down the curves of Emily’s youthful face, dropping her hand until her fingers caught under her jaw. Gently, she tilted Emily’s face up.

Yes, Talia thought. She remembered how she’d felt after their night together, with Emily curled up against her. She hadn’t been that happy in a long, long time. Wasn’t it worth the risk? In the back of her head, Talia thought about what they’d said about Eskimos – how, when they kissed, their lips or tongues could get stuck together. She smiled and Emily smiled back at her. Talia pressed her mouth against hers.

Talia gasped as Emily’s cool hands stole up under her coat, under her shirt. Emily’s fingers travelled along her hipbones, her thumbs circling her stomach. Emily leaned into her, standing on her toes to get closer. Talia cupped her face in her hands, deepening the kiss. When she felt Emily’s fingertips graze her ribs, Talia broke away. mecidiyeköy escort bayan

Her face was heated, and her heart was beating fast. Emily grinned, reaching up on her toes to kiss Talia affectionately on the cheek. “I love you,” Emily said contently, as they moved apart. They intertwined their fingers together.

“I love you, too,” Talia said after a moment. She loved Emily, she didn’t have any doubts about that, Talia just wasn’t sure if she was in love with her. It seemed a bit early in their relationship for all that, but Emily sounded sure.

The two girls went to a local coffee shop. They ordered their drinks (hot chocolate for Emily, and a chai tea latte for Talia) and found a table to sit down at. They sipped at their drinks and they talked, and talked, and talked. Emily reached her hand across the table, and Talia placed her own hand over it. Her fingers tapped absently on the inside of Emily’s wrist. Emily’s skin was so pale that Talia could clearly see the veins underneath.

“What do you want to do?” Emily asked contently. Her hot chocolate was all gone, but for the dregs at the bottom. Talia felt warm and a little sleepy, the taste of chai lingering on her tongue. Emily’s green eyes were bright and vivid. There were fragments of amber near her pupils, like chips of stained glass. She looked so happy, so beautiful. A tightness pulled in her chest. Talia squeezed Emily’s hand, and stood. She winced as her chair scraped noisily back against the floor.

Talia grabbed her empty mug, and Emily’s too, and took them back over to the counter. She pulled her coat back on, glancing out the frosted window. “We could go back to my place. Well, your place is closer,” Talia said, taking Emily’s offered hand. She braced herself for the cold as they stepped outside. Her boots sank through the white. She wriggled her toes ruefully.

“Hmm… Let’s see, wherever should we go?” Emily licked her lips, looking up at her with a mischievous smile. “My parents aren’t home.”

Heat bled over Talia’s cheeks. Suddenly, her palms were sweaty. “Oh, um, right. Right.”

Emily cocked her head, “Are you okay?”

Talia nodded, fixing her gaze straight ahead. Emily squeezed her hand reassuringly. “I’m fine. Really, Em, I’m fine. I’m just… Would you laugh if I said I was nervous?”

She smiled, bumping her shoulder against hers. Emily brought their intertwined hands to her face, lightly pressing her lips to the back of Talia’s hand. The action sent a sense of calmness over her. Talia exhaled, feeling the tension in her shoulders fade away. “No,” Emily answered, “I wouldn’t laugh. But it’s nothing we haven’t done before, right?”

Talia couldn’t help but grin at the memory. Emily did laugh then, and so did Talia. That’s just how it was with them; Emily was always perfect at making Talia feel better. Talia couldn’t count the number of times Emily had been there for her, had comforted her when she was feeling sad or angry or anxious. They were the closest of friends, and Talia had to believe that, no matter what, they’d always find a way back to each other. She didn’t want to lose Emily. The girl meant everything to her. Was it selfish to hope Emily felt the same?

Emily and her parents lived in a big house in a friendly, if not bland, neighbourhood. The outside was painted a pale, faded blue. Her dad was always talking about repainting it, but it was one of those things that was talked about, but no one really did anything about. The two girls held onto each other for balance as they marched up the steep, slippery driveway.

“At least,” Talia grunted, “it’s not as bad as last year.” Her arms flailed out as her foot skidded to the left. Emily grabbed onto her as Talia gave a little scream. By some miraculous stroke of luck, she managed not to fall flat on her ass. Emily giggled and Talia scowled. “The sidewalks were horrible,” she continued as they started walking again, “it took forever to get anywhere. You remember Jackie, from Mrs. Stevens class? She slipped on the ice and broke her wrist!”

“I heard about that,” Emily said, shaking her head, as she fumbled around in her pocket for her keys. “I’m so surprised that I managed not to fall. I almost did, a bunch of times.”

“A lot of the lesser used roads were a complete mess.”

“But you love the winter, Talia.”

“I love the snow,” she admitted. “And the trees. You know that park we used to go to all the time, the one with the playground? I love how it looks in the winter. The trees are so gorgeous, and it looks so peaceful… The snow really transforms everything…”

Emily pulled her inside, shouldering the door closed. Talia’s back pressed against the wall. “And I love how you talk, and I love how you stare at the snow as if it’s this life-changing thing that you’ll never see again.”

It was dark in the house, only the light coming in from the windows illuminating the shadows. Talia smiled. Emily swiftly undid the zipper on Talia’s coat, pushing it off her shoulders until it fell in a heap to the floor. “I know I’ll see it again. But it comes so rarely. A year is a long time.” She heard Emily’s own coat fall, too. “It’s beautiful. It’s… It makes everything so calm, so… serene…”

Emily’s warm, now gloveless, hands found their way to Talia’s hips. She could feel Emily’s body heat pressing against her. Her fingertips grazed her abdomen as she pulled free the button on Talia’s jeans, pushing down the zipper and then the jeans themselves. “Emily! I still have my boots on!” Talia laughed.

“Then take them off,” Emily demanded against the base of Talia’s throat. Shivers laced through her. She heard the rustle of clothing being stripped as she hastily kicked off her boots, then her socks. They moved a little further down the hall, away from the pile of clothes and shoes. Emily pressed her against the wall once again, kissing her as if they hadn’t seen each other for weeks, for months.

Talia made a sound of surprise at the abruptness of it. There’d been no warning! Emily laughed huskily, giving Talia the slight chance to breathe before the girl was on her again. Talia wound her arms around her neck, pulling her closer. Her shirt was off! What else had Emily already stripped?

Emily was tugging at her jeans again. She broke off their kiss, and Talia pressed back against the wall for support as she struggled to catch her breath. “Take off your shirt,” Emily whispered hoarsely. Talia did, her shoulder blades hitting the wall when it was done. It was freezing in the house, but Emily was already warming her with her touch, with her nearness.

Lips dragged carelessly down her stomach. Talia gently placed her hands on Emily’s shoulders. Emily pulled off her jeans, and Talia stepped out of them. Emily’s soft hands ran up the backside of Talia’s thighs as she pressed feather-light kisses along her hipbone, then across her abdomen.

Talia groaned, her fingers pressing into Emily’s skin. Talia sank to the ground, gripping Emily’s face in hers as she crushed her mouth against hers. Heat coursed through her. She swore she could feel Emily’s pulse beating in time with hers. Teasingly, Talia lightly bit Emily’s lower lip. The other girl gave a little gasp of delight, pressing harder against her. Talia’s fingers knotted in Emily’s soft, blond locks. She pulled at Emily’s hair, tearing her mouth away to run kisses down Emily’s throat. Emily moaned her name, gripping Talia’s thighs.

Suddenly, Talia pushed her back. They were both breathing raggedly. She could feel the heat of Emily’s stare on her. The intensity of her desire shocked her; it was almost feral. Talia surged forward, pushing Emily onto her back and straddling her.

Emily stretched her arms above her head. Talia pinned them down, grasping the girl’s wrists. Emily squirmed under her, mumbling rasping pleas. Talia kissed her, hard and hungry. She moved her hand, letting her fingers trail over Emily’s chest, her stomach. Her hand slipped under Emily’s panties. Emily threw her head back, not even caring when it connected with the floor.

“Talia! Oh, fuck, Talia! Please, please-“

Talia laughed breathlessly. Emily was already wet. Her fingers ran up and down, though it wasn’t long before she pushed them inside Emily. She let go of Emily’s wrist, placing her palm on the floor to balance herself. Emily reached for her, drawing herself up to kiss her.

Talia pulled her fingers güngören escort bayan out. After a brief pause, Emily sat up. Daringly, Talia traced Emily’s lips with those fingers that were slick with her own fluids. Emily’s tongue darted out. Talia’s heart jumped. She pushed her fingers in, swallowing as Emily’s tongue swirled around them. Emily sucked Talia’s fingers clean. Talia exhaled slowly.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said.

Emily didn’t say anything. She only stood and grabbed onto Talia’s hand. They went to Emily’s bedroom. They left the lights off. Emily pushed her onto the bed, crawling on top of her. Talia unclasped Emily’s bra. Emily pulled off her panties, then did the same for Talia. She took off Talia’s bra and threw it to the floor.

Talia shuddered as Emily’s hands ran over her tits. Her hands went down, her fingers clamping around her hips as she pulled Talia closer. The back of her head hit the pillows and Talia couldn’t help but laugh. Emily grinned. “Sorry,” she said, laughing too.

“It’s okay,” Talia promised, propping herself up on her elbows. Emily let go of her hips, her hands cupping Talia’s ass. They ran down until they met the start of her thighs. Emily shifted down. Talia watched warily, though she knew what Emily was planning.

As if sensing her nervousness, Emily paused, looking up at her even as she lowered her head between Talia’s legs. “Is this okay?” She could feel her breath on her inner thigh. Talia closed her eyes, falling back against the bed.

She inhaled deeply through her nose, exhaling through her mouth. “Yes,” she said quietly, placing her hands on her stomach. “I want you to. Yes, yes it’s okay.”

Emily tenderly kissed the inside of Talia’s thigh. “Good,” she whispered. Her kisses got closer and closer, though Emily went slowly, letting Talia get used to the sensation. She’d never been more aware of another person touching her, not ever.

“Oh god,” she turned her head, moaning into the pillow as Emily inserted a finger into her. And then she felt Emily’s tongue.

And then it was like she’d forgotten how to breathe.

Her fingers went in and out, in and out. Talia moved her hips to match Emily’s rhythm. Her tongue swirled and licked and did everything perfectly, amazingly, so much so that Talia wasn’t able to think of anything else. The sensations shooting all over Talia were dizzying. She was moaning and gasping and god knew what else. Emily reached up one hand, and Talia blindly took it, squeezing it hard in her fingers. Emily kept going with her fingers as she started paying special attention to her clit.

Talia couldn’t decide if it was as amazing as last time, or even more so. She collapsed limply against the bed after her own climax finished with her. Emily was kissing her thighs, lightly dragging the tip of her tongue over her skin.

Emily crawled on top of her, kissing Talia’s cheek with affection. Talia grinned, laughing senselessly. Emily smiled against her, pecking her on the lips. Talia took a moment to recollect herself, and then she rolled Emily over onto her back. “Talia!” Emily shrieked helplessly.

“Shush,” Talia scolded. She hesitantly placed her hand over Emily’s breast. Emily went quiet. Talia shifted. She remembered what Emily had done, last time. Curiously, Talia took Emily’s nipple in her mouth. Her tongue circled it, and, from the noises Emily was making, Talia assumed she was doing it right. She sucked Emily’s nipple, massaging Emily’s other breast with her hand and even playing with that nipple a little.

Emily’s fingers pushed into Talia’s hair. Talia raised her head, pressing a kiss on Emily’s sternum. Her hand wandered down. She’d started downstairs, hadn’t she? She shouldn’t have kept Emily waiting.

Emily was already on the edge. It didn’t take much to send her over.

Talia fell to the bed, and Emily rolled over to face her. Their breath became the other’s air. Talia shifted closer, pressing their lips together. Emily’s hand fell against Talia’s waist, tugging her closer until they were nearly chest-to-chest. Emily’s eyes fluttered open, her pupils dilated to the point where Talia could hardly see the green of her irises. Talia threw one of her legs over Emily’s, her arm curling around her.

The two girls kissed, lazily but with passion. Their hands wandered over each other, slower than they’d been before. There was no rush. The intensity of before had passed, at least for the time being. Now, it felt as if they had all the time in the world.

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