Soccer Players Do Score Ch. 01

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“Hey, sweetie,” Amanda called out as she walked along side Chad to the grass near the field, “so are you going to score again today?”

Chad flashed her that smile, the one that never failed to excite her during their little interludes before, during and after their games together. “As always babe, I like to score,” he teased giving her a nudge with his elbow.

As they laced up and prepared to play another game he stood in front of her and slid off his t-shirt. Her eyes roamed over his tight ass beneath his shorts and up his which was scarred from some lover’s nails up and down the length of it. Chad turned and she was eye level with his crotch, Amanda couldn’t help but wonder how big he was and just what piece of flesh was hidden beneath those shorts right in front of her, given different circumstances she might just reach out and cop a feel but not here, on the sidelines with so many others around.

The other thing she had to think about was their respective spouses, they were both happily married but something about this guy just always managed to make her hungry for sex. She looked up at him as he lathered his arms up with sunscreen and then went to find his game shirt. His erect pierced nipples caught her eye and she knew that she would once again be teasing them and giving those little rings a soft tug. She had made it a pre and post game ritual and they had been winning since the first time she had done it so it was more a matter of superstition now.

She quickly stood up before he pulled the shirt over his head and tugged each ring, she secretly longed to capture one of them in her mouth and run her tongue over the nipple and pull on the ring with her teeth. Dammit she thought I have to stop thinking like this, we are both married and it just makes me wet thinking about it.

Chad felt that ritualistic tug and twist of the rings in his nipples and felt that sweet quick burst of excitement and arousal as she pulled away freely. He wanted to grab her by the head and pull her to him and let her clamp her mouth over the rings and later his cock but he doubted his fantasies would ever come true.

The whistle blew and out they went, onto the soccer field and to the place that felt so much like home to each. An hour and a half later, three goals for Chad and two for Amanda off his assists and they took a seat on the sideline.

“Good game honey,” she said smiling as he pulled off his sweat soaked shirt and then bent to grab a towel. She reached up and slipped her hand along his hard stomach and through the hairy chest of his and then gave each nipple ring a good hard tug.

They talked for a while about the events of the game and what games they would be playing later that evening for another team they both played for and then decided to go out and have a quick drink and bowl a few games before their next soccer game which was in four hours.

Through a pitcher of beer Chad felt that Amanda was subtly hitting on him and teasingly brushing her knee against his thigh. Chad wondered if it was just the simple fact that they had just played an hour and a half of grueling soccer, running and sweating that made the beer rush through Zonguldak Escort both of them and give them a good buzz early on through the second pitcher of beer.

As they started bowling Amanda swayed her sexy hips over and over and bent over teasing him showing Chad her tight ass. Chad watched as she tormented him with her body, slowly bending over and taking a little extra time standing back up. It was a nice sight and almost too much for him to deal with but he figured it was harmless flirting.

Each time he went to take his turn bowling she would reach around his chest pushing her tits against his back and then tugging his nipples, “Come on honey, you can do it,” she teased. He was wondering if it was meant as a double entendre but he would endure her teasing a while longer to see just what she had in mind.

As they finished their game she had beaten him by one pin and she was demanding a prize.

“Well what kind of prize do you want Amanda,” Chad asked unsure if he really wanted to know the answer or if he would go through with a demand if it was indecent.

“I want to go out to the truck and get in the back and I want you to show me your cock and to let me tease those nipples and rings just once,” Amanda said, not believing the words she heard coming out of her mouth.

“Amanda, honey, that would lead to something bordering cheating, hell not bordering it would be cheating and would possibly lead to much more and you know it.”

“Come on honey, I’m buzzed and this is the only time I will probably work up the nerve to ask you what I and some of the other girls on the team have wanted to know for a while, and that is just how well hung you really are.”

Chad sighed, “I wonder if later I’ll regret this but alright, I’ll grant your wish, let’s go.”

They paid their bill and rushed out to her truck. Once inside they got comfy in the back and Amanda looked up at him and smiled. “Let’s see it big boy.”

Chad was already at half mast and knew that once he pulled out his cock in front of her it would surely gain it’s full erect stature. “Alright girl, but why don’t you do the nipple sucking and teasing first.”

Without a word she lifted his shirt and pulled him close, her lips closing around the erect nipple and hoop and as she tugged it with her teeth she flicked her tongue over his nipple. His hand came around behind her head and he held her there as she teased him. Amanda didn’t try to pull away as she rubbed and tugged the other ring with her hand. His skin was salty from the dry sweat but it gave him that musky manly smell she loved.

She pulled away briefly and looked up at him as she switched nipples and then tugged the bottom of his shorts. “Pull it out and show me sweetie,” she said as she smiled up at him. He half stood up in the back of the truck right in front of her, glad that the windows were tinted and then pulled down his shorts enough to expose his thick rigid cock and large cum filled balls.

Amanda wasn’t surprised at his size, he had carried himself on and off the field like a man who had a big cock swinging between his legs. She looked up and down his shaft Zonguldak Escort Bayan and couldn’t resist reaching out to give it a tug.

“Hey, that wasn’t part of the bargain Amanda.”

Smiling up at him she just gave a simple command to him, “Shut up!” As she said this her lips came within less than an inch of his big, hard cock. She licked her lips seductively and knew that she was going to go into uncharted territory other than her husband in years. She wrapped her hand all the way around his prick and stroked it once more and then bent her head that last inch over and closed her lips around his cock. Her tongue lapped at the head, clearing it of pre-cum that had seeped out and her other hand slowly rubbed his balls.

“Amanda, we have to stop, I mean…” Chad stammered.

Amanda wrapped her arms around him and grabbed both cheeks of his ass and pulled him deeper in her mouth. She loved the way he tasted and she wanted to feel him cum in her mouth and all over her. She had something of a fetish for cum and now having this stud all to herself she wanted to drain him as fully as possible. Amanda slid her mouth up and down over his throbbing shaft, thinking of nothing else but teasing his cum from his hard cock.

Chad finally gave in completely and wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her mouth down to the base of his shaft. He was only concentrating on the way her mouth felt around him and he wanted to get a little tit for tat. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it up and then pulled away from her long enough to get her shirt off over her head. The instant her shirt was off her head her mouth slipped back over his cock.

“Amanda, I want to lay down back here now,” Chad told her.

She wasn’t about to hesitate and she slowly spun around with his cock still in her mouth as he laid down. She realized her ass was in the air and her pussy and clit were throbbing for some attention as well. Even as she was thinking this kneeling there on the seat between his legs sucking his cock Amanda pulled the straps of her sports bra down and moaned as his fingertips slid over her nipples and tugged them. In an instant her panties were more wet than before and she needed some relief. Reaching between her legs she pulled aside her shorts and slid her fingers into her boxer shorts and fingered her clit hard.

Chad watched as Amanda did this and was so turned on that he wanted a taste of her as well. “Swing up here baby and let me taste you, “ he said.

Amanda couldn’t fight off the little evil voice in her head that was telling her to strip and offer herself to this man before her. She pushed her fingers into the band of her shorts and boxers and pulled them off. Quickly she flipped around and pushed her wet pussy down to his mouth. At once she felt his pierced tongue slide over her clit and his teeth lock onto the tiny bud of pleasure as his fingers pushed deep into her open hole. His other hand was sliding up and down the crack of her ass and occasionally sliding against the tight backdoor opening there.

The trucks tinted windows were steamed up and she was moaning constantly as she sucked his cock up Escort Zonguldak and down. His cock was pulsing in her mouth and she knew he was close and wanted all his cum to slide down her throat, she just hoped that later he would pull out and come on her face if they continued down the path they were on right now.

Suddenly she felt the wave of pleasure rush through her body starting at the soles of her feet and then up through her clit. Her pussy was aflame with passion and then she exploded. As she came and ground her hips against his mouth she felt his cock pulse and his balls tighten in her hand. She gave them a squeeze and then heard him moan and in an instant her mouth was filling with his cum. She swallowed over and over as he shot into her mouth savoring each mouthful of cum.

As he finished Amanda pulled up off him and then swung around straddling him. “Fuck me Chad,” she cooed as she lowered her wet pussy down over his cock.

He wasn’t in a position to deny her right now and wouldn’t have fought her off even if he had been on top. Reaching up he tugged each of her erect nipples and then reached behind her and gave her ass a hard swat. His other hand was resting at her pussy and his thumb was rubbing against her clit with her gyrations on his cock.

“Fuck Chad you feel so good inside me.”

“Oh god Amanda this is wrong but, damn your tight little pussy feels so good around me.”

Up and down and back and forth she slid on his cock, riding him like she had fantasized about so many nights after games with him. Her pussy was still quivering around his cock with pleasure as she felt him pressing against him harder and harder, pulling him deeper into her. Chad pushed her back and kept his cock inside her as she lay back and let him slide up on top. In that instant she felt filled completely. His hard cock was stretching her pussy and she had never felt more alive than she did at this instant. Her hips bucked and as they did he reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and held her up, her pussy level with his hips and drove into her over and over again.

Amanda’s hands were working frantically over her nipples and stroking her own clit as Chad probed her deepest depths. Her husband was a great lover but something about Chad kept her constantly on the edge of orgasm. He pounded her with little mercy and then bent forward and nibbled her nipples between her fingers as she crested orgasm once again.

Chad knew he was about to cum and then he slid away and put her hand over his cock. She stroked his throbbing tool slick with both their juices awaiting his cum. She didn’t wait long though and a few tugs later his cum was splashing over her belly and up to her tits. She pulled him up more by his cock and as he straddled her chest she leaned up and rubbed his cock over her lips allowing the last few shots of cum to spray her face and lips.

A few moments later they sat still naked in the back of the truck talking. Each acknowledged that this shouldn’t happen again but more than likely would. Amanda knew that this soccer, and sex stud was hers for the pleasing after games from now on if their respective partners weren’t around.

“If I score tonight at the game, I’m going to get you back in this truck and fuck your tight ass Amanda,” Chad said with a smile.

“Honey, I’ll set you up all night for a goal you just better score there as well as you did in here today.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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