Solstice Ch. 04

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Solstice – Chapter 04

After unloading the car at home, Xander gave his son a heavy leather bag.

“Take care of this while it’s in your possession, it’s irreplaceable.”

“The book?” Alex asked.

“Not the original. That’s kept in a vault. This is one of the two handwritten translations from the original Greek. If you get a wild hair, you might want to type it out into an e-document.”

“Is the second one locked up too?”

“I don’t know. Your mother oversees that one. Read it completely. If you have questions, she’ll probably be able to answer them better than I can.”

“Dad, you’re really okay with me moving into the master bedroom with Mom?”

“Alex, I am. Our family doesn’t look at sex and marriage like the rest of society. We’re very free and open about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love your mother with all my heart. As Mamas, it’s both a responsibility and an honor for her to be your wife. She and I will still have our time together, but she belongs to you.” His father smiled. “But she’s still your mother too. So, if she tells you to clean your room – clean your room.”

“That’s a gimme.”

“One day, when your son becomes E’papas, you’ll present him with your Mamas.”

“Ariana and Demi?”

“Uh huh. They’ll become his wives. Your daughters will also become his wives when they turn twenty-one.”

“And all this is done willingly?” Alex asked.

“No one is forced to do anything. Let’s say Ariana decided she wanted to marry someone else, she would sit down with your mother, you and me, then after discussing it, she would be given the freedom to do that.”

“Even someone outside the family?”

“It’s her choice.”

“Has it ever happened?”

“Not that I’m aware of. Your mother would probably know. Reading the book will answer most of your questions. I’m going to go start moving my things to the guest room. Give me about an hour and then start moving your stuff. By the way, your mother likes the bedroom kept neat.”

“Any tips on being married to Mom?”

“When the queen is happy, there is peace in the kingdom,” his father replied.

“You’re a big help, Dad.”

“One day you’ll understand and appreciate that advice. Read your book.”

“Got it.”

Xander left his son’s room. Alex took the book out of the bag and laid back on his bed to read. The cover was made of leather, and simply read Papas. The pages were old and yellowed. A few pages were torn and had been mended with transparent tape. It was obviously incredibly old. His father had been correct. This did need to be made into an e-document and have this copy preserved in a vault.

The first part of the book told the creation story, where Gaia had created her own son Uranus. They had twelve offspring. One of which was the forest goddess, Rhea. This is the goddess that our family line followed, and Zeus was her son. Gaia was the one who established the guidelines for the family, but Rhea was the first to put them on paper to be handed down generation to generation, with the intent of keeping the line pure.

Alex wondered about the DNA of the first ones, even though it wasn’t mentioned in the book. They didn’t know anything about DNA at the time. Since Gaia had created her own son, their DNA, except for the XY chromosomes, should be identical. Cronus and Rhea, both offspring of Gaia and Uranus, should be too. That would mean that Zeus, and his sister-wife Hera, except for their sex chromosomes, would have DNA identical to their grandmother, Gaia. Alex chuckled at the foolishness of the story. The flaw being that Gaia couldn’t have possibly created a child by herself. Through incestuous procreation the line could be kept fairly pure but certainly not identical. Whoever actually fathered Uranus would have diluted the purity of the line. Alex had a friend that had done a DNA test for his ancestry and had been traced back to fifty thousand years ago in west Africa. Alex wondered how his lineage might look. ‘Interesting idea,’ he thought. He sat the book aside and began moving his things into his mother’s room. With his mother’s help he was settled in very quickly.

“Mom, has anyone in the family ever had DNA tests done to see what our lineage really is?”

“Why would we do that? We already know,” she asked.

“Mom, what I’ve read so far is the stuff of fairy tales and mythology.”

She sat on the side of the bed next to him. “Remember the last time you got sick and went to the doctor for it?”

Alex thought for a minute. “My broken arm, I think.”

“That was an injury. When was the last time you went to the doctor because you were sick?”

“As a kid, I guess.”

“When was the last time you can remember being sick?”

He thought about it. “I can’t remember being sick.”

“Can you remember any of our family ever being sick?”

“I remember Dad being sick. He gets colds and had pneumonia last year.”

“Any of the rest of us? Even a cold or runny nose?”

“No, I can’t remember any.”

“That’s because it hasn’t happened. How about dental work? How many cavities pendik escort have you had?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a cavity.”

“Alex, other than your father, none of us have. We don’t get sick. We don’t get cavities. Whether you believe it or not, our line is special. With time, you’ll come to see that. Get your DNA test done. Actually, let’s get all five of us tested. Answer your questions for yourself.”

“What if the test blows the family history right out of the water?’

She chuckled. “We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?”

“I know something I’d like to see?” Alex said, with a sly grin.

“And what, pray tell, might that be?” she asked, with a smile.

“The look on your face when you have an orgasm.”

“How do you propose I have this orgasm?”

“Take off your pants and let me eat you,” her son replied.

His mother unfastened her shorts and pulled them, along with her panties, to the floor. After stepping out of them she climbed on the bed and sat up with her legs spread. Alex crawled up between her legs and kissed her mons, then began kissing the inside of her thighs in a teasing manner. He nibbled and licked everywhere but between the lips, getting her worked up. His first lick between the labia elicited a soft moan. As he continued, he could tell she was getting close. The bed shifted as someone sat beside them.

“Whatcha doin’ guys?” Demi asked.

Alex raised up and looked at her. “I’m eating Mom’s pussy.”

“That’s what I thought,” she replied. “Don’t let me interrupt you.” Alex went back between his mother’s legs and licked the full length between her labia, teasing her clit with his tongue. She moaned again, returning to her previous state of arousal. “How’s it feel, Mom?”

“Wonderful!” she said, a bit frustrated.

“Is he better at it than I am?” Demi asked.

“Not yet, but he’s learning fast.”

“She likes the tongue along the right side of her clit, Alex.”

“Her right or my right?” Alex asked.

“Her right. Put a couple of fingers in too. She really likes that.”

“Does she?” Alex asked. “Care to demonstrate?”

“For heaven’s sake, will someone please quit talking and eat my pussy?” their mother asked.

“Move over Alex. Let’s team up on her since she seems to be so impatient.” Alex scooted over to make room for his sister. “I’ll tongue her. You put some fingers in the holes.”

Alex easily slid two fingers in his mother, then after moistening a third, slid that in her ass. Together they worked on her for several minutes. Once again, she was nearing orgasm. The bed shifted.

“Kids, there’s something your mother has wanted for a long time. Mind if I join you?” their father asked.

Aphrodite let out a heavy sigh.

“What’s that, Dad?” Alex asked.

“Ever heard of DP?”

“You want the front or the back, Dad?”

“Hey, where does that leave me?” Demi complained.

“You can sit on her face,” her father suggested.

“Do I get any say in who goes where? It’s getting a bit frustrating here.” Aphrodite asked, somewhat annoyed.

“Nope,” Alex replied.

Demi moved off the bed and took off her pants. Xander laid next to his wife on his back. She got up and straddled him, facing the foot of the bed. Taking her husband’s cock in her hand, she guided it to her asshole and slipped easily onto it, then gave him several good pumps before laying back onto him. Alex moved between her legs and slid his cock into his mother’s pussy.

“Oh god! That feels wonderful,” Aphrodite said.

She began moving on both cocks. Demi watched for a moment before climbing back onto the bed and straddling her mother’s face. It only took a few seconds to get the rhythm going and Aphrodite quickly returned to her previous state near orgasm. The bed shifted again as Ariana climbed up and stood leaning back against the headboard. Her feet were on either side of her parents. Demi moved her face between her sister’s legs to feast on her pussy. It was just minutes later that Aphrodite stiffened and came, moaning loudly. Xander came a short time later and pumped his seed into his wife’s ass. As Aphrodite started to recover, she attacked her daughter’s clit, bringing her to orgasm. Ariana grabbed her sister’s head and shoved it hard into her pussy and held her there as she came with her. Xander had gone soft and slipped out. When the girls moved off the bed, Aphrodite put her arms around her son and rolled him over then straddled his cock, slipping him into her ass. She pounded herself on him mercilessly. When she came again, it triggered Alex, and he added a second load to the cum already in her ass.

“Wow, that escalated quickly,” Aphrodite said.

“I’m still pissed you guys were going to leave me out,” Ariana grumbled.

“We weren’t leaving you out. I was eating Mom and everyone else came and joined in. You were just the last to arrive,” her brother told her.

“Next DP, you can be first,” her father said.

“I’m holding you to that, Dad.”

“That was cool. All five of us have never been together before,” Demi said.

“We’ve maltepe escort been kind of busy the last few days,” her mother replied. “We’ll have lots of opportunities from now on.”

“If we can get Grandpa Leonidas or Adonis involved, we can do airtight,” Ariana suggested.

“You girls can. I only work with your father and your brother, and the women, of course,” Aphrodite told them.

“How about Grandpa Adonis?”

“Girls, I’m the wife of E’papas. That restricts me to him and Papas only, without permission. I have no desire to be with the other men. You two have your brother and father to use freely but anyone else has to request you through E’papas.”

“Even our grandpas?” Demi asked.

“Even your grandpas,” her father replied. “Once you’re married to Papas, I’ll even have to ask for permission.”

Alex started laughing. “And I’ll say, ‘Sure, right after you mow the lawn.'”

His parents looked at him. “Don’t push it,” his mother said.

“I was joking!”

“What would you do if he asked?” Aphrodite asked.

“I’d check with the girls before answering.”

“And if they said yes?” Xander asked.

“I’d probably check to see if your room was clean, homework done, lawn mowed, that kind of stuff,” Alex replied, grinning.

“Aphrodite, we’ve created a monster,” her husband said.

“There’s nothing in the books that say we can’t spank him,” she replied. “Alright, everybody up! I need a shower.”

Everyone got up and went on about their business. After showering, Alex returned to reading the book. After the history came discussion of the Mamas and E’mamas responsibilities. Mamas is considered the actual daughter of Gaia. Following that, was discussion of Papas and E’papas. Papas is the ‘seed’ of Gaia. From the explanation it was clear that Papas and E’papas, although highly respected, were servants of the group. Their primary responsibility was providing seed. Otherwise, they were mostly involved in ceremonial things. It was clear that they were to be treated with as much respect as Mamas. Consorts were discussed but the writing style differed from the rest of the text, making Alex wonder if this hadn’t been added later.

This was followed by a description of the different festivals and celebrations. It was very specific about the actions and responsibilities of Papas and E’papas during these. This made up most of the book. Alex scanned through this part and would look at it more closely later.

During dinner, the topic of the DNA came up again. Aphrodite had ordered five tests. One for each of the family. They would be arriving in a week or so, then take approximately four weeks to get the results. There were two different tests available. The first was capable of tracing DNA back as much as about fifty-thousand years. The other was for a period of about the last two-thousand years. She had ordered the first one.

Alex asked a few questions about what he had read in the book. His mother did seem to know everything. There were two other books that were similar. One was for Mamas and the other was for the other members of the family. Only Mamas and E’mamas were allowed to see the Mamas book. There was also a family history book that listed the lineage from Gaia to the present day. Most surprising was the book of prophecy. Only Mamas and former Mamas were allowed unlimited access to that one.

For big decisions within the family there was a council. It was comprised of former and current Mamas and Papas, E’mamas and E’papas, consorts and their parents, and family members age seventy and above. The elder Mamas led the council, just like everything else within the group.

“Alex, I have a request,” his father said.

“What’s that Dad?”

“I’m going to be away for most of the next couple of weeks on Papas business. I’d like to spend the night with your mother tonight.”

Alex grinned at him. “Is your room picked up?”

Xander laughed. “It is.”

“Mom, is that what you’d like?”

“Yes, if it’s alright with you,” she replied.

“Of course, it’s alright with me. I’ll take the guest room tonight.”

“No, we’ll take the guest room. The master belongs to E’papas,” his mother replied.

“Alex, since you’re going to have that big bed tonight how about Demi and I keep you company?” Ariana asked.

“I like that idea,” he replied.

After dinner, Alex called Alexandra and made arrangements to take her to lunch the following day. Alex spent much of the evening reading the book and about nine his sisters came to him and walked him to the master. His parents had already retired to the guest room for the night.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“We’re going to shower and shave you then wear your butt out in the bed,” Demi said.

They undressed him the took him to the bath. Ariana rubbed her hand over his pubic region then knelt in front of him. “Alex, did you shave already?”

“No. You two are the only ones that ever did it.”

“Weird, you don’t even have any stubble. You sure you didn’t shave?”


“I always have kartal escort stubble by three days. You’re as smooth as you were when we shaved you. Oh well, less we have to do,” Ariana said.

The three went into the shower and gave each other a thorough wash before adjourning to the bed. The put him in the middle and Demi crawled between his legs. She began by licking his balls as Ariana stroked his cock. Her tongue found its way to the glans and teased it. Demi looked up at it as she did.

“Alex, have you ever measured it?” Demi asked.

“Five and three quarters.”

“How long ago did you measures it?” she asked.

“Probably a month ago.”

“Ariana, look at this. Does it look bigger now than the other day?”

Ariana stopped what she was doing and looked closely. “It looks longer and fatter. Maybe that’s from the shave.”

“I don’t think so. It’s grown,” Demi replied. “I’ll be right back.”

She jumped off the bed and ran into the closet, then returned in a moment with a tape measure. The girls worked together to measure it.

“You said five and three-quarters?” Ariana asked.


“It’s six and a half,” Demi said.

“Cool,” he replied.

“You didn’t take any more of Mom’s elixirs, did you?” Ariana asked.

“Nothing in at least a day and mom said that was an energy drink. Why?”

“I’m getting really horny just like I did at your birthday thing. Demi, lick some pre-cum. See if you get horny from it.”

Demi raised up and her sister expressed some pre-cum from her brother’s cock. Demi licked it from the tip and waited a moment.

“You’re right. It took about twenty seconds and my pussy is already feeling it. Maybe the elixir hasn’t worn off.”

“Yes, it has. It didn’t do that on promises night. Alex gave me a mouthful. I’m going to mention this to mom tomorrow. Something weird is going on,” Ariana said.

“In the meantime, how about you two get back to what you were doing?” Alex asked.

As Demi cupped his balls, both girls licked the shaft and entangled their tongues when they met at the glans. Demi slipped the tip into her mouth as Ariana continued teasing the shaft with her tongue. About every thirty seconds they traded positions. Ariana finally made the move and swallowed most of his cock. Alex moaned softly.

“Easy or I’m going to cum really fast.”

“We certainly can’t have that,” Ariana grinned.

She stopped what she was doing and straddled his cock, facing Demi. As Demi licked her pussy, Ariana moaned and began slowly sliding on her brother’s cock. It only took a few minutes before Ariana stiffened and arched her back as she came. As Alex neared, a moment later, Ariana raised her hips, and her sister took him into her waiting mouth. He filled her mouth with his warm cum. She swallowed it all. Ariana moved off and Alex grabbed Demi’s legs, pulling her to him. He lined up with her pussy and began pumping her. She flushed almost immediately, and her hips raised to drive her brother in deeper. Her legs tightened around him and her nails dug into his back as she came. Alex came suddenly into his sister’s pussy and groaned several times. When he fell to his side afterward, Ariana used her tongue to get his cum from her sister’s pussy. Demi and Ariana turned facing each other with their heads at opposite ends and began licking and nibbling each other. This went on for several minutes before both came a second time. They laid together in the afterglow for several minutes. It was only a few minutes later before all three were asleep.

When Alex woke on Monday morning, he was alone in the bed. He showered, dressed, and went to the kitchen for coffee and a bite to eat. His mother and sisters were all sitting at the table.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning,” they all replied.

“There’s a plate of pancakes in the oven for you. Use a potholder, the plate’s probably hot,” his mother said.

Alex removed the plate, poured a cup of coffee, then joined them at the table. “These are good. Is that cinnamon I taste?”

“It is,” Mom replied. “Alex, you haven’t taken anything other than the elixirs I’ve given you have you?”

“Not a thing.”

“Are you feeling different?”

He chuckled. “I don’t have the constant drive to jack-off anymore. I’ve been kept pretty well drained.”

“Can you get an erection easily?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s no problem.”

“Could you get an erection right now?”

“With a little stimulation, sure.”

“Mind if one of the girls get some cum for me? I want to check something,” his mother asked.

“Not at all.”

“I’m done eating. I’ll get it,” Demi said, as she slipped under the table.

Her hands were tugging at his shorts almost immediately. He raised his hips to allow her to pull them down. Her mouth was immediately on his cock and working hard.

“Damn, you in a hurry?” he asked.

“She is. I need to leave very soon, and I need it before I leave,” Aphrodite replied.

Alex nodded and tried to continue eating but it was nearly impossible with his sister sucking him under the table. He came in under five minutes and his sister collected the entire amount into a cup. When she finished, she handed the cup to her mother. Aphrodite put her finger into the cup then touched it to her tongue. She looked at her daughters.

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