Something New To Do on a Rainy Day

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I woke up on Sunday morning and lay awake listening to the rain outside my window. I could hear the sounds of traffic rushing through puddles making the day seem wetter than it probably was. My head rested on a perfect down pillow covered by a creamy ivory pillow case. I was curled between the matching ivory satin sheets with the top one draped partially covering my nude skin. I just stayed in that position looking at my skin so brown against the sheets and feeling the softness of the pillow beneath my head.

The coolness of the pillowcase against my cheek was so arousing. I felt the hardness of my nipples as they became erect. I noticed that my thighs ached and my clit was in a semi state of erection causing the wetness in my pussy to make it’s way to the outside of my pussy’s swollen lips. I pulled myself a little tighter into the fetal position, moving my hands gently between my legs to comfort the pleading of my pussy including the entire area surrounding it.

Without much thought my fingers began to explore trying to continue to increase the arousal that had been initiated by the lazy rainy Sunday morning sounds and the feel of the satin along with my mental reflection of what I must look like at this moment. My finger ran across my clit making it pop up for easy access. My second finger found itself gently entering my pussy and curving upward until with a soft but audible sigh I reached the gspot. I began to press it and tap it while massaging my clit. The result being my nipples becoming so hard they throbbed and begged for attention. As my body became so aroused my legs uncurled bringing me out of the fetal position and onto my back with knees drawn up.

I took my other hand and cupped my breast beginning to massage it. Moving slowly up to the nipple and grasping it with thumb and finger pinching it until I could feel the pleasure into the depths of the flesh and muscle of my breasts. My hand continued to work on my clit and inside pussy gently pressing and tapping the gspot until I could feel this area become spongy feeling. I knew I was almost ready to gush the sweet liquid that my body would offer from within to be poured out of me and onto the silkiness of the beautiful, glossy satin sheets. Within moments of this thought, with the rain tapping on the window sounding as though it was driving my aching body on, I realized that my mind would surrender control to my body.

My hips lifted themselves upward, my thighs went rigid to hold my hips up and my fingers tightened their grasp of my nipple. I moaned from the back of my throat and the fingers of my other hand grasped and held tight my clit and gspot as I released a gush of fluid onto myself and the bed with several long intense jerks upward. It seemed my thighs remained tense for so long. When they finally relaxed they twitched momentarily until they finally just completely relaxed. They had done their job of holding my body in the position it needed to be in for this incredible release from within.

I lay there in the warm wetness that I had released feeling so wonderful and so erotic. I also had a twinge of sadness that there had been no one with me to witness and share this beautiful moment. It had been everything my friend told me it would be. A beautiful discovery about myself. I could make myself produce and release cum. The kind of cum that gushes out of my body and covers me in a soaking wet puddle of bliss.

I had not ever experienced female ejaculation. I had heard of squirters but always believed that one was just simply a squirter or not. I could never have been so wrong. I met my friend for lunch just a few days before this. She was so excited she could not quit grinning. I kept teasing her about her hiding something from me. She began to tell me about her hidden secret. Her eyes sparkled as she talked. It was so obvious that whatever her news was it was something that seemed to be exciting and amusing to her. I listened eagerly to what she had to say.

She began by telling me that she and her lover had read an article about women being able to make themselves cum from deep within their pussies. She told me that it was quite different from the usual clitoral orgasm. She was so excited about what she was telling me I could see her erect nipples pushing through her soft silk blouse. Her neck and cheeks flushed from the body heat given off from the arousal as she spoke of this. I was completely captivated. She ended her description with an imperative urging that I just had to give this my full attention soon. She did not want Zonguldak Escort me to miss this exciting discovery of hers again. We finished our lunch and parted with me assuring her I would try her suggestion very soon.

I drifted off to sleep again still lying in the wetness of my own juices feeling like every muscle within my body had been completely relaxed and excused from their duties. It was an amazing peaceful erotic sleep. The feeling in my pussy and thighs continuing well after the orgasm had stopped. I could not comprehend how this wonderful feeling had escaped me until this point in my life.

When I awoke for the second time I smiled and stretched feeling my body pull itself awake from such a wonderful sleep. My breasts lifted themselves from my stretched out chest and pulled themselves in the direction of the ceiling revealing the fullness of each one. My abdomen was pulled tight with ribs easily visible and belly sunken to reveal a perfectly shaven mound. It was that stretch that comes with perfect rest. I looked down at my body this morning feeling the wonder of such a magnificently pleasurable entity, realizing the untapped pleasure I had yet to discover. With that thought I sat up, brushed my hair from my face placing it behind my shoulders and prepared myself for the shower.

I stood in the shower just letting the steamy water run over my body. I watched my nipples become erect under the gentle pressure of the hot water splashing over them. Soaping my breasts and running my hands over them had long been one of my favorite shower duties. I was always amazed at how differently they felt to the touch as opposed to the rest of my body. They were firm, round and heavy. Lifting each breast to wash beneath was so sensual. To feel the nipples become erect at my own touch and each little tiny beaded area surrounding the nipple having feeling independently of each other was so erotic. It is as if the nipple and areola know that they were meant to be suckled so the slightest brush against them wakes them up and brings them alive with yearning and feeling.

I continued to lather and rinse the rest of my body feeling the muscles in my legs become prominent as I tensed them by bending over to wash them. My ass was flexed by the reaching and turning so I could feel each contour where the muscles separated themselves. My body was on fire from the remaining ecstasy of the mornings adventures. It felt like every nerve ending that belonged to me had been stimulated to feel nothing but pleasure and desire. My body was saying “please” for just a little more. I was listening.

As I ran the lufa between my legs I ignored the urge to stop and rub my clit, even though the yearning from it was now begging. Instead I took the soapy lufa and just passed from front to back several times completely over my entire pussy. After this the entire region was tingling and on fire feeling very impatient to be attended to. I was enjoying the tease, the anticipation. I was thinking of nothing else completely absorbed by my own erotic thoughts. I had learned to tease myself. To make myself wait, begging me to just touch the right place so it could have permission to explode however it wanted taking charge of me. My body would show me how powerful this beautiful, mysterious piece of flesh had the ability to be.

Having been so caught up in my arousal it had slipped my mind that it was Sunday. I heard the bathroom door open and I immediately knew my day had just been planned for me in only that instant. On Sundays Mike always came for the day. He had his own key and would let himself in. Sometimes he just gently woke me and we talked, laughed, dressed and went to breakfast or brunch. There were other Sundays when he slipped out of his clothes and slid easily between my sheets easing his way up to my warm body, The day would take on it’s own life from there. Today was a different Sunday. A perfect rainy day, an incredible lover and a new pleasurable task to teach him. The day was looking to turn out perfect.

He opened the shower door and my heart melted at the sight of his smile. No one had this effect on me. He had the softest smile with sparkling blue eyes. His voice was low. He always spoke quietly leaving me so perfectly at ease in his presence. Today was no exception. I moved over to make room for him to come into the shower with me. It was an invitation that he eagerly accepted.

I felt him move up behind me. He has a six foot two inch frame and weighs about 185 pounds. My five foot five Zonguldak Escort Bayan inch body fit perfectly between his arms. I could feel the hardness of his cock between the cheeks of my ass, resting there waiting patiently to be acknowledged. His arms made their way under my arms to the underside of my breasts and cupped them. I could feel the fullness and heaviness as they rested in the palms of his hands. I just closed my eyes and leaned back into his body knowing that Mike was holding me up now and taking control of my body. There was no one else I trusted more to completely turn myself over to.

After cupping my breasts for minutes then being attentive to each nipple by teasing them and pinching them until they reached their full potential, he reached around me and took the lufa from the rack. He began to wash me from behind, so slowly that it was hypnotic. He softly and gently started from my neck working his way down over my shoulder blades moving along the curves of my sides. He put one hand firmly on my belly and used the other to wash the small of my back. Then with firm pressure on my belly he indicated that I should bend forward. As I did this he took his leg gently between mine and nudged my legs apart.

Once he had straitened himself back into a comfortable position he put the lufa away and lathered his hands. He then reached his hand between my legs and to the very edge of the mound of my pussy, He drug his sudsy fingers slowly between my legs covering the entire area of my soft bald pussy. I felt the slick finger glide across my clit bringing it out and available. Without stopping they began to pass over the lips of my pussy with one finger pulling itself slightly through the middle barely opening the slit. It made me shudder and moan.

It was wonderful, he knew how to awake every sense I had so that later he would make them feel everything they were capable of feeling. Finally his finger stopped at the entrance to my ass where he momentarily teased the opening with the sudsy finger then gently inserted it for a moment as I felt the muscles in my ass completely tighten around his finger. He slid the finger out once again just giving my body a sample of what it could expect. Then he took the shower head from its resting place and rinsed me thoroughly. He turned off the water and opened the door for me to step out before him.

He reached past me and took a towel from the shelf and began to dry me off. Sometimes when he did this I felt so sheltered and safe. There was something about this gentle man with his strong body wrapped around me one minute and drying me as gently as though I were breakable the next minute that was so deliciously erotic. I could get wet just thinking about this and nothing else. He towel dried my hair leaving it damp, falling across my shoulder, then pulled me in tightly for a kiss. I love the way he kisses me. He takes his hands placing them on each of my cheeks and lifts my face to an angle slightly upward so that when he leans down to place his lips on mine it is always a perfect fit.

After our kiss we walked in silence to my bed. I was making an attempt to pull the stained sheet from the bed when I saw Mikes grin. He just looked at me with that grin and told me there was no need for new sheets. I knew exactly what he meant. I sat on the side of the bed taking him in. He was so sexy, I don’t even think he knew how very hot and sexy he was. Mike is not the kind of man who has any specific thing in mind when he is making love or just fucking. He just goes wherever he feels like going at that moment. It was probably the most erotic part of making love with him. I never knew where he might take me.

Today might be just a little different. I was very anxious to show him what I had learned. I knew that he would probably cum in his own hands just watching what I intended to show him. I could hardly wait. Before I got the chance to guide him in the direction of watching me masturbate to the point of gushing cum out of me right before his eyes, he whispered in my ear. He told me that he was starving for the taste of my pussy and that his cock would not quit throbbing until it had been sucked by my warm, wet mouth. My plans would just have to wait, I had a very important request.

He lay back across the bed. I straddled him with my pussy directly over his face and his cock pointing directly at my mouth. I reached down and took his balls in my hand squeezing them firmly followed by lowering my mouth onto his cock and licking the opening Escort Zonguldak on the head slightly just to tease. I began to completely lick every part of his cock making it so wet. Then I moved my lips up and down a few times the full length to feel the slipperiness of it followed by sucking. I sucked it hard, then moved to the head and sucked just the head with as much force as I could find. I then began to push my head forward until I felt his cock reach the back of my throat.

I am not sure at what time I realized that my own body was being licked and teased. Mike had busied himself with my pussy. He was licking and darting is tongue in then he would suck and nibble my clit and at this moment he had placed his wet finger into my ass and was slowly finger fucking my ass while he sucked my clit. I was so wet that I could feel the liquid running out of me and onto Mikes face. I stopped sucking his cock and squeezing his balls, lay my head momentarily on his abdomen in his pubic hair with his cock resting beside my lips, just letting myself feel the build up inside of me. It was going to be a meltdown between my legs and all over his face. His cock would have to wait just a few minutes, I needed to feel everything that was about to happen to me.

He took his finger from my ass and inserted into my pussy at such an angle that I still am not sure how he managed. He located my gspot from underneath me. It was so unbelievable. Then he took his teeth and gently nibbled my clit and when he heard the moan escape from my mouth and he felt the muscles in my pussy begin to grip his finger he latched on to my clit with his lips and began to suck forcefully. I felt the heat rush through me building in intensity and I let the muscles bear down on his finger. Within seconds this urge overtook my entire pelvic area and pussy. If I had not known what was about to happen I would have used all my strength to stop because it was an overwhelming feeling like I had to pee. Instead just as my friend described to me I let it happen and with just an instant of warning I made a moan that was close to a scream and liquid cum gushed from my pussy to Mikes face drenching him from cheeks to neck.

I rolled from the top of him to the bed wiping tears from my eyes and breathing so hard I was gasping. I could not comprehend the intensity of the gushing cum coupled with the eagerness of Mike to be drenched in my juices. After a moment or two of silence I turned myself around to face him and I began to kiss his face. I was tasting my own cum. It was pleasant and sweet. I started to lick his lips, chin and neck. I tried to clean all of it away from the perfect grin he was wearing.

I had not forgotten that Mikes throbbing cock was yet unattended. I sat up and moved close to him. I straddled his pelvic region and lowered myself on top of his hard erection. I took my finger and I massaged a very numb clit and aroused it enough to bring all the tingling I needed back to my pussy so that I could ride Mikes hard cock with an arousal inside of me. I leaned slightly forward so that Mike could easily fondle my breasts and then I leaned slightly back so that I could hold and fondle his balls.

I watched as he closed his eyes feeling every wave of pleasurable bliss that coursed its way through his body. When I felt him starting to stiffen his body and stretch his neck causing his head to move in the direction of the ceiling I knew his time was here. I pumped as hard as I could sitting strait up on his cock and I tensed all the muscles in my pussy to grab his cock and hold on to it while he emptied his cum completely in me. I continued to stay on top of him until his cock had stopped twitching. I easily removed myself from Mike and knelt over his cock licking away the mixture of juices giving him every moment of pleasure I could manage.

We moved in close to each other completely covered in bodily fluids, sweat, saliva, cum and more cum. We touched each other just letting sensation last as long as we possibly could. He brushed my hair from my face and smiled at me. I later asked him if he meant to make me gush or if it was merely by accident. He revealed to me that he had shared coffee with my friends lover earlier that week. My friend’s lover had been so excited to tell him what they had been experimenting with. Mike had been planning all week to try to make me gush. I just laughed and grabbed a pillow playfully hitting him with it, thinking what a small world we really live in.

This story is a fictional story. However the information about female ejaculation is very real. I had the opportunity to get to know another author from this site. She has done some very informative research on how to reach the gushing/squirting orgasm for women. I would like to say thank you to Echodancer for sharing this with me. What an incredible discovery.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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