Something Old, Something New

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I’ve been a reader of Lit for many years and this is my first submission. I welcome any constructive criticism, editing tips or any advice anyone cares to share. I hope you enjoy my offering. Thanks in advance for taking your time to read.

I walked into the reception room and began scanning the tables for the one that had my seat assignment. Still unsure as to why I’d accepted the invitation to this wedding, I planned to stay a polite amount of time and then head back home to my high-rise condo and hopefully get a decent night’s rest.

I was relieved to see I was seated toward the back of the hall and near an exit. That would make for an easy and discreet departure when I figured the time was right. My seat was positioned with my back to the main part of the room, again I figured another path to an easy escape.

I began to introduce to my fellow dinner guests, trying my best to seem enthused to be there and knowing I would forget their names as soon as I heard them. I had no room in my head for names of people I’d never see again, I was still trying to figure out why I’d been invited. The bride had been a casual friend of my daughters from middle school through high school, I barely knew her parents and had no idea who the groom was. As I was finishing up my introductions, I heard a voice say “Mr. Hamby? Is that you?”

I turned toward the voice. “Oh my God, it is!” she cried and before I knew it, Paige Griffin had her arms around my neck and was hugging me.

I hadn’t seen Paige in almost a year. Another acquaintance of my daughters, Paige had always been a closer friend and we had spent more time together as she grew up. Paige was smart, witty and I had developed a fondness for her over the years. She was always willing to help when visiting and we had many conversations since she first started her friendship with my daughter. Not only had they known each other for as many years, they had also gone to college together and she always stopped by over summer break and holidays.

Paige had always been a cute girl who seemed somewhat older than her years. I’d always felt her self-confidence was lacking a little but attributed that to the awkwardness all teenagers struggle with as they attempt to figure out what type of adult they would mature into.

As she disengaged from the embrace, she took a half step back, still holding my hands in hers and I was able to get a good look at her. Her appearance had certainly gone past the cute stage. Her face was framed by her deep auburn hair, which set off her cobalt blue eyes. Just a few of her childhood freckles remained, sprinkled across her nose and a few more framing her full lips.

Paige was wearing a turquoise cocktail dress with a single strand of pearls. She had grown a taller as she got older and was about 5’6″ inches tall in her matching heels. Her shoulders were bare, and the front of her dress had a slight scoop to the design, which showed off her cleavage in an elegant manner that was not overtly flashy. Her dress stopped a few inches above the knees, gently flowing over her perfectly proportioned hips.

“Paige! What a delight to see you” I said. “You look amazing. Where are you sitting? I would love to have the chance to spend a little time with you tonight so that we can catch up. I often wonder how you are doing”

“I’m sitting right here, table 15. Where did they seat you?”

“15. And if we can arrange it, I’m sitting right next to you. You can fill me in on what your life is like since you graduated and what you’re doing these days.”

“I’d love to. You know, I always enjoyed our conversations. You always listened to me and treated me with respect. I felt like you helped almanbahis me by talking to me and I’ve always valued your guidance”.

I guess at some point we ate, judging by the dirty dishes on the table, but I had no memory of much once Paige and I started talking. The old familiarity and closeness returned as we laughed at old memories and brought each other up to date on our lives. It wasn’t until the DJ played a slow song and we danced that our world began to shift. We began our dance as friends, but as she nestled into my arms, and laid her head on my shoulder, I felt a stirring that startled me. I wanted to embrace her more tightly but restrained myself, not wanting to do anything that would alarm her. But when she lifted her face and exhaled her warm breath over my neck, I was compelled to lift her chin and press my lips against hers.

How would she respond to this, I wondered? Had I misjudged what we were sharing? Would this drive a wedge between what had always been a platonic and wonderful relationship?

My fears quickly abated as she returned the kiss. Her arms around my neck, her body melted closer to mine as my hands pulled her into me. As the song ended, we disengaged, and a look passed between us that made me glad that we had been seated near an exit. Gathering our belongings, we quickly said our goodbyes and found ourselves hand in hand, rushing to retrieve my car from the valet.

As he scurried off to the car, Paige and I faced each other and then fell into each other’s arms, our lips combining again as our tongues playfully began to explore the other’s mouth. As my car arrived, we reluctantly separated, and I helped her into the vehicle.

As we crossed the lobby of my condo building, she had her arm in mine and told me that she had always wanted a lover that would be in command of the relationship, that the boys she had dated were all to tentative and her desire was to be subservient to her lover.

As the elevator doors slid closed, I took her in my arms again, pressing her against the wall. Our kissing had morphed into our tongue’s dueling with one another, until I felt her body surrender to me. She pressed her torso against me, softly moaning as she rode the thigh that was between her legs.

Entering the foyer of my home, I took her coat and gazed at her.

Her face slightly downturned, I lifted her chin until our eyes met.

“You must always meet my gaze” I instructed. “If you are to me mine, you need always present yourself to me as a gift, so that I know that your submission is true. I will never harm you, but this must be a vow between us. You will give yourself freely to my wishes and know that you will always be safe with me.”

Meeting my eyes, she acknowledged this covenant between us.

Still separated, I instructed her to unbutton her dress. Without looking away, she began to disrobe. When all the buttons had been undone, she parted the front of her dress and looked expectantly at me for my response.

Her lavender bra and panties were molded to her perfectly. The swell of her breasts over her bra was not excessive but inviting. Her panties rode her hips and were cut so that they rode the crease of her leg as if she were the model for the design.

Back into my arms I swept her, she clung to me as I stroked her back. Her cool skin absorbed the heat from my hands as I continued to explore her, finally resting my hands at the top of her thong as our lips worked in perfect harmony.

Breaking our embrace, and remembering my admonition regarding eye contact, she released the catch of her bra, she cupped her breasts with he hands and told me that this was her initial offering to almanbahis yeni giriş me, with the hope that I would be pleased.

I took them in my hands, feeling the weight of them and began to trace my lips across the tops of her breasts. Still holding the up for me, she ran her fingers over her nipples, which had begun to stiffen. My lips encircled each one in turn as her sighs became louder. I gripped each one between my lips, gently tugging them as they became harder and more sensitive. I lightly scraped my teeth across them causing her to pull my head closer to her in response.

As I led her toward the couch, I couldn’t help but notice the darker spot on her panties that indicated her wetness. Pressing my hand to the front of her thong, she pushed back against the pressure, grinding against the palm of my hand as I lowered her to the sofa. Her nipples fully erect, she reclined with her body open to whatever came next.

Kneeling in front of her, I pressed my face against the fabric, breathing in the scent of her arousal. My tongue began to explore her, tasting her juices through her thong. I pushed against her clit, sucking on it until I felt it begin to harden. I parted her lips and pressed the gusset of her panties slightly inside her, the softness of the textile sliding easily into her, the consistency of the fabric rubbing against her in ways that caused her to gasp and pull my mouth closer to her.

I stand, Paige’s juices coating my lips and chin. She opens her eyes and stares into mine. “Do I not please you, sir?” she asks in a timid voice. I smile and respond, “Yes my precious gift, so far I am extremely pleased with you. Now I want you do go into my room and when I enter, present yourself to me as a decadent treasure, displayed just for me.”

With a quiet “Yes, Sir” she stands and removes her panties before heading toward the softened light that indicates the location of my sleeping quarters. Watching her as she left the room, I stalled for a few moments in the living room before I entered my room in anticipation, wondering what tableau awaited me.

Her head and shoulders resting against the pillows, Paige was gently rubbing her mons with one hand as she caressed her breasts with the other. As I approached, she used both hands to open herself up for me as her eyes stayed focused on me. Sliding a finger inside herself, she retracted it and placed the tip of her finger on my lips before sliding it slowly into my mouth. The sweetness of her juices coated my tongue, and I sucked greedily on her finger with my lips as she withdrew it.

Wanting her to have a taste of herself, I cradled her face in my hand as I lowered to kiss her. She rose to meet me as I took her into a tight embrace. I felt her reaching to my chest and she began to unbutton my shirt, fumbling with the buttons. Overwhelmed by her desire and with her patience exhausted, she grabbed the placket of my shirt and tore it open, her hands quickly moving to explore my chest and encircle me.

My mouth was soon at her breasts as she once again offered them to me. Her nipples were standing up, eagerly awaiting my mouth to suckle them. I grabbed each of them with my lips, biting them more firmly than before as she began to whimper in lustful delight. I felt her hands undo my belt hand pants as she urgently grabbed my stiff cock.

“I need this from you” she breathed heavily in my ear.

I began kissing down her stomach and she reacted to that motion by opening her legs wider. My hand was just below her waist and continued down until I could feel the thin line of hair that she had trimmed into an auburn landing strip. Her smooth flesh surrounding it was almanbahis giriş very warm and firm and my hand glided across it as my fingers found her clit. As I began stroking it, her pelvis rose to meet my touch. Keeping pressure and rotation on her sweet nub with my thumb, I parted her lips with my fingers and slid them easily between them, pushing down the entire length of her labia, pausing and then retracing that route. As I began to repeat that same action, Paige again thrust upward do that one finger entered her silken wetness. Grinding against my hand, she drew me deeper inside. I began to push another finger inside her and as she welcomed it, I inserted a third finger.

Paige pushed back hard against this stimulating intrusion, needing to be filled and fulfilled. I then withdrew my fingers and, using both hands, opened her and surrounded her clit with my lips, sucking it between them as my tongue danced across the tip. She pulled my face tightly into her as she ground herself on my face. My fingers replaced my lips as my mouth moved to her opening. Probing inside her, my face and mouth were coated with her fluids, fragrant and delectable. As I rhythmically pushed deeper and faster into her, she gasped as her body stiffened and then shook as her orgasm washed over her.

I continued to blow warm breath across her clit as she her breathing became steadier and her body began to relax and her quivering became less frequent until she, with one last long sigh, looked at me and then kissed me gently.

She reached down and removed the rest of my clothing and then sliding down my torso, took me into her hand. Continuing to move her head down across my belly, she took me deep in her mouth and then removing me from her mouth, started to rub the length and head of my cock, gently and lovingly across her face. Her mouth traced the entirety of my shaft, and her lips would engulf the head and again take me fully into her warm, wet mouth. This loving worship continued until I was crazed with desire and knew that now was the moment to make her completely mine.

Pulling my self from her grasp, I pushed her onto her back and positioned myself between her open legs. She stared back at she gripped my cock firmly at the base and drew me to her fragrant opening.

“I need you to fill me up” she spoke. “I am yours in whatever way pleases you. Please take me fully so that I know I have kept our vow.”

With that, she pulled me deeper into her, the head of my cock opening her more fully with each new depth I discovered. The walls of her pussy welcoming me as I pushed deeper and clinging desperately to me with every pull back. I pushed myself fully into her, feeling my balls nestling against the firm cheeks of her ass. Her hands on my ass, she somehow managed to rotate her hips and draw me in closer until the head of my cock pressed against her cervix.

We continued to slam into each other, feeling each other being forced completely to engulf the other, we became one entity, one flesh, one being swept toward the complete and total merging of our separate selves into to one being.

We could both feel the impending conclusion, her pussy gripping me tighter as I felt the rush of my seed traveling up my shaft. With a final stab into her warm confines, I exploded inside her welcoming depths, she cried aloud as her crescendo matched mine, and we lay shaking in our shared embrace as I finished emptying my load into her warmth.

I withdrew and lay beside her, my respiration returning to normal. As I relaxed next to her, Paige moved down and took me in her mouth again, explaining that she had to taste the two of us together and that would be the lasting signature that our union was just a beginning, and that our bond was now fully secured.

With her laying against me under my protective arm, we both drifted off to sleep smiling about how neither one of us really wanted to go that wedding in the first place.

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