Sophomore Orientation

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It was almost Labor Day. Time to resume the college grind. I had had a decent summer job in my hometown, nothing too exciting really, and I was ready to focus on my senior year and whatever lay beyond.

With the overcrowding at the college even a senior didn’t rate a private room so I had to face the roommate lottery again. I was assigned Adam, a sophomore physics major. We chatted at lunch about roommate compatibility. Morning or evening person? What kind of music? That kind of thing. What we didn’t chat about was sexual preference. There was no way Adam could know that I was gay.

The next day, Saturday, was two days before registration. Adam jumped out of bed and beat me to the hall shower. Although we’re in a coed dorm we’re on a men’s floor, so Adam returned from the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else. I was studying the catalog but couldn’t help noticing that he seemed to be taking an unusually long time to finish drying off. In fact, it seemed like he kept massaging his crotch. I don’t think he saw me sneaking a peek; it did make me wonder.

I got up as if to go to the closet and, as I passed him, said “Seems like you’re paying a lot of attention görükle escort to your lower region.”

Embarrassed, he turned to get his underwear out of the dresser, but his hand slipped and the towel fell away revealing a more than modest erection. “Wow,” I said, “You know if you keep drying that thing it’ll get wet.” He managed a little laugh.

“I mean, what if I do this?” I faked a move as if to grab his penis, which responded by going up in the air several inches. “Gee, if it does that when I don’t touch it what happens if I do?” With that, I prodded the head gently. It swelled and ascended even more. “Or if I do this.” I circled my thumb and finger around his engorged prick and started milking it, slowly at first and then faster.

His eyes half closed and he sputtered, “I think we need to, uh, stop.” But he made no move to disengage and in short order he came on the towel that had long since been deposited on the floor.

The next day, Sunday, I decided to take the next step toward my little scheme. To do this I had to recruit the two guys in the adjacent dorm room (or should I say two gays?–no, our whole floor wasn’t gay (except for Adam)–it just seemed bursa escort bayan that way.)

In the distant past someone had cut a small hole in our walk-in closet so that one could see pretty much all of the adjacent room. With that in mind I walked into the closet shortly after dinner and said “Adam! I just discovered you can see into the next room from our closet. Come take a look.”

Intrigued, he wandered into the closet and I pointed him to the peephole, then stood right behind him. “Tell me what you see,” I said.

“Well, the two guys are sitting on the sofa, talking. Oh, gee, now they’re kissing.”

“Really,” I said.

“Now they’re starting to rub each other’s pants.”

“Hmmm,” I said. “Like this?” I reached between Adam’s legs and started to massage his balls and rapidly expanding member.

“Now one of them is unzipping the other’s jeans and taking out his, uh, penis and he’s…sucking him off.”

“Really,” I said, and unzipped Adam’s fly, pulled down his cock and, squinching backwards on my butt, started doing the same thing.

“Uh, it looks as if he’s getting ready to…” His completion of the sentence was interrupted bursa escort by a grunt followed by a big sigh indicating that he had just ejaculated a wad down my throat.

“And?, I said.

“Now they’re moving to the bed. The one that just got sucked off has his ass in the air and the other guy just got some cream out of a bedside table and is slathering it on the ass and his prick.”

I had moved back to a position behind Adam. As he said this I lowered his pants and shorts and started to rub a big glob of KY into his crack. “Uh, look,” he said. “I don’t think this is a real good idea.”

“Adam,” I said, “it’s OK. I’m wearing a condom and I promise not to hurt you. You have only to say the word and I’ll stop. What’s happening now?”

“He’s pushing a finger up his ass.” I did likewise. “Now, he’s getting in position to, uh, stick his, uh, penis in…There he goes, little by little. Wow, he’s all the way in.”

I nudged Adam’s hole with my 6 inches. After some initial resistance I told him to relax and my cock slid slowly but surely up his ass.

“What now?” I said.

“Well, he’s pulling out. No, he stopped and is going back in. Oh, now he’s starting to pump.” I followed suit. “Mmm, it looks like he’s…” I interrupted his recitation with a towering orgasm. “Now, he’s pulling out.” I did the same.

“Adam,” I said, “you can try this on me tomorrow. We just might add a new extra-curricular activity to the catalog this semester.”

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