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Background: Cal and Kara were madly in love. They had met through a friend and a shared love for the crew team and sport, of which they were both members. Cal was 21, a senior, and Kara was 19, a sophomore, both being talented, athletic, intelligent, and attractive. After meeting, they went on a few dates, all of which were not needed, as both knew they were in love. The two loved each other with a passion rarely found…and tonight, on the eve of their four month anniversary…….they were ready…

It was a dusky summer night, filled with seduction and young love. The two had spent a wonderful day watching movies and cuddling. When the last movie had ended, Kara took Cal’s hand. She gave him a look that took his breath away, her eyes smoky and sweet. He knew it was the night. They walked slowly up the stairs and she led him into her room. He closed the door and she lit the candles. They looked at one another and in one moment were pulled into each other’s arms. Their lips locked in a passionate embrace and tongues mingled. Cal couldn’t believe how full and plump her lips were, and Kara was caught up in his passion that she could Anadolu Yakası Escort feel through the kiss as it deepened. He lowered her onto the bed. They continued kissing until the sexual demands of their bodies burst forth. They rose. Kara slowly unbuttoned his shirt while staring in his eyes. Cal took her hand and kissed it. Then he unbuttoned her blouse. He slipped it off her shoulders. Her breasts gleamed full and heaving in her silky white bra. Next he slid off her skirt.

He bent down and took one nipple, hard and pointing through the silky fabric, into his mouth, teasing the tip. Kara moaned with pleasure. Cal then stroked her thigh with his hand, moving slowly up to her awaiting pussy. He pushed aside the fabric, already wet he noticed with pleasure, and slid one finger into her tight little pussy. She had never had anything inside of her before and she shuddered. He stroked and then added another finger, pushing into her over and over again, without breaking her cherry. He stopped and quickly stripped, pulling his throbbing cock into view. He laid her down on the bed once more. He unhooked Kadıköy Escort her bra and tossed it to the floor. He looked at the milky white flesh and bent his head to suckle the nipples. Her tits were succulent and sweet, quite a mouthful. Kara’s face grew slack from pleasure. Kara wanted to do something for him too. She bent over to Cal’s cock, and her nipple popped out of his mouth. She took in his thick 8 incher and sucked it for all she was worth. After a while of sucking the shaft, licking the head, and cupping his balls, Cal told her to stop so he could cum inside her.

Cal slid off her panties and gazed at her sopping pussy, all his and ready for the taking. He couldn’t wait to taste her. She was so beautiful….so soft…..all his. He laid down and spread her legs, one over each shoulder. He played with her clitty for a bit, teasing her. He then pushed his tongue into her little hole. This earned a load moan. He did this for a minute or two, then focused once more on her tiny little bud. He traced lazy circles with his tongue around her sensitivity, and then grasped her clit between his teeth and İstanbul Escort nibbled and sucked hard. Kara was moaning and rocking her hips. It was time.

Cal sucked real hard on her clit, making Kara nice and wet, then aligned his throbbing head just between her swollen lips. He pushed until he reached her barrier. Then holding her and kissing her forehead, he broke through, popping her wall with his hard cock. A silent tear rolled down her cheek, but as Cal pushed deeper, Kara only felt pleasure. He took long strokes in her pussy, taking his fill. She was so tight and so warm he wanted to cum right then. Animal instinct took over and his cock started pushing back and forth harder and faster. Kara moaned loudly and rocked her hips with his. After a while, Kara decided to be on top. She straddled Cal and sat down on his massive cock, letting it sink into her wet folds. She went up and down on his cock, her juicy tits bouncing with the motion.

Soon, they switched again to doggy. When Cal pushed his cock into her hole he knew this was the position. He slapped her ass cheeks and pumped away until she screamed for more, faster and harder. She began to orgasm, and as her walls clenched his shaft, milking him, he came in her, a simultaneous orgasm.

They licked and caressed each other, cleaning. Then she settled into his arms, content and happy, and the two fell asleep completely in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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