Spare Girls Ch. 03

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Unemployed in a depressed nation, Maddy Blotz chooses to live as a sex doll until the economy improves. Her owner, Paul, modifies her breasts, ass, and legs with illegal add-ons that become real when a safety feature, activated by an apartment fire, allows Maddy to turn back into a human for the first time in years. Now, Maddy and Paul return to their apartment in the hopes of finding her original body parts in the ashes of their former home.

It was all gone: the clothes, the bed, the apartment. The walls were black and the place smelled like rubber ash.

“I found the suitcase,” Paul said. He hauled it out of what remained of the closet. It fell apart in his hands, and what remained was a thick webbing of melted silicone: Maddy’s original parts.

“Look, I know guy,” Paul said. “He makes stuff like this all the time. I can get him to replace your…”

“What the hell,” Maddie muttered, kicking at a charred piece of wood on the floor. “Assholes and their damn cigarettes…”

“Come on, let’s get home.”

“God damn it!”

Climbing the stairs was a pain. The safety switch that had brought Maddy back to life. She could move and talk again, but it wouldn’t last forever. After two weeks of waiting to search their apartment, Maddy felt stiff: the kind of feeling she’d get when she woke up in the morning, except it lasted all day. She had only climbed up the stairs because of the hope that she might find the rest of her body, and now she had to walk back down again.

Paul paid for a taxi that he couldn’t afford and helped Maddy to their hotel room. The City had put everyone up in a hotel after the fire. Maddy stayed there while Paul went to work, pondering what she’d do if she never got her body parts back. Before she could start thinking again, Paul called his contact. “Jonah will know what to do.”

Before Paul could even say “hello”, Maddy ripped the phone out of his hands. “Please, Jonah…whoever you are…you’ve got to help me! I don’t want to stay like this forever. I know it sounds stupid,” she sobbed, “…but you’re our only hope and I can’t say it any better than that.”

Jonah hung up. She threw the phone and fell on the bed, sobbing. Paul wrapped his arms around her.

“I thought that would work,” she sniffed. “I’m sorry!”

“I’ll keep trying. I already bought a lot from this guy. He’ll have to listen.”

“If you’d just kept me the way I was I’d be normal. Now I’ve got these huge boobs and we’re screwed! They’ll never let me be a doll again. I can’t work looking like this!”

“Will you calm down? I just called the guy once, I’ll do it again tomorrow.”

“And what if he doesn’t answer, Paul? Did you think of that?

Suddenly, the phone rang. Paul dove across the room to answer it. “It’s Jonah!”

“What?” Maddy sniffed.

Paul handed the phone to her. “He wants to talk to you.”

She fumbled the phone in her drowsy fingers. “Hello?”

“You Maddy?”

“Yes…” She listened to everything he said, and then the line went dead.

“What did he say?”

“He said he can help,” she beamed. “He wants me to meet him tomorrow!”

“I’ll come with you.”

“No, he said I have to come alone.”

“That’s crazy, you’re not going alone. I’ll call out of work.”

“Paul! He said he wants me alone, and you can’t call out of work; we need the money.”

“But I’m not letting you go—where did he say to meet?”

“He said to go to Ironbound.”

Paul flipped. “You’re not going to Ironbound! You’re going to get mugged…at least!”

“Stop it, I’ll be fine.”

“For the last time—”

“I’m going!” Maddy snapped. “You called the man, asked him to help, and now that he wants to help you’re going to fuck everything up? Do you have another plan? Do you have a million dollars stashed somewhere to fix me? No? Then shut up!”

Paul wilted. He sat on the bed quietly. He didn’t even look at Maddy for the rest of the night. Maddy realized she’d hurt him, but was too angry to apologize. She had to go tomorrow. If Jonah told her to go to Afghanistan tomorrow she would have gone. She couldn’t get caught, and she couldn’t go home looking like a whore.

City Services couldn’t find a bra big enough for Maddy. The only one she had was from the thrift store, and it squeeze her chest so hard that she looked like she tried to stuff herself into a training. For that reason, she walked braless to the Ironbound district, hoping her heavy coat would hide her boobs. She was still stiff. Sometimes she felt like she was limping the entire way, but block after block, she forged ahead. Every minute that passed was another minute closer and closer to becoming a doll again.

The instructions were simple: go to the Ironbound district. It was the part of the city where the manufacturing had been done. The factories went out of business, got turned into low-income housing, and then got surrounded by bodegas and chicken joints. A lesser woman than Maddy would have worried knowing she was the only white woman on Burr Street, the street Escort bayan she was on now. She just limped ahead, not knowing if she was being watched, and not caring.

“I see you.”

Maddy whipped around and tripped over her stiff legs. Jonah caught her. He held her in his lanky arms.

“Don’t worry, Maddie. I got you. Let’s get going.”

“How did you know who I am?”

“Get in the car first.” He helped Maddy into the seat like she was an old lady. When he pulled onto the street and turned the corner, he pulled out his phone.

“A few months ago I asked Paul if he was happy with all the mods I sent him. He sent me this.” It was a picture of Maddy: dollified, naked, and with Paul’s dick in her mouth. “It was a good answer.”


“Now you have to put this blindfold on. It’s just so you can’t see where we’re going, but if you take it off and I’ll shove you right out the door without stopping.”

Maddy put on a blindfold, and as she felt the car turning all she could think about was that stupid photo of Paul’s dick in her mouth. They reached a warehouse and Jonah helped her inside.

“Just relax,” he said, taking the blindfold off. “We’re going to do a cast of your face, so sit down and get comfortable.”

“My face? I don’t need that: I need boobs, a butt, and legs.”

“Can’t do that.”


“Too expensive. I have a better plan.” He handed her a jar of petroleum jelly. “Rub this on your face.”

“You said you would help: why don’t you just make the parts?”

“Rub the stuff on your face while you argue: it saves time.”

“I’m not doing this.”

“Look,” Jonah said, pouring some blue powder in a bucket. “I’m not doing this for free. All I can give you is a face on credit, and if you borrow another doll and stick that face on her it should buy you some time.”

“Time? We need parts!”

“Anytime you want to leave is fine with me. I’ve got plenty of work to do.”

“Where the hell are we supposed to get another doll?”

Jonah shrugged.

“I could just run outside and find out where we are. I’ll tell the police.”

“Go ahead, but it’s going to be a long walk on those stiff legs of yours. You might even change back before you get home.”


“Put the shit on your face, please,” he said. “You’re lucky to get what you have.”

Maddy sat back on the reclining chair. It was torn and dirty, but functional. In the darkness she imagined Paul’s dick in her mouth again. That image stuck in her head like it was branded on her brain.

“You’re lucky you’re still human,” Jonah said. “Face molds are much better-looking when you take them from live models.”

Maddy couldn’t speak. She had five pounds of blue clay on her face and any movement could ruin the mold.

“You’d be surprised how many guys want to swap out the faces on their dolls.”

Maddy was not surprised. Fortunately, eye-rolling didn’t damage the mold.

“I get a lot of requests. Do you know how many times someone asked me for a face mold of Tifa LaRouge? Ever since the Wushu movie guys keep asking and asking. I keep telling them, ‘Unless I can get her in my studio, I can’t do it.’ No one ever reads the web site, though.”

He was quiet for a moment.

In a way, sitting in the reclining chair was like being a doll again. Paul used to talk to her in the morning before work, or when he was eating dinner. Jonah barely had a quiet moment. Maddy never thought that men could talk so much. All it seemed to take was making sure that you could never talk back.

“Would you mind me touching your thighs?”

She gave him a thumbs down.

“Just to feel their shape. I have customers who would pay big money for thighs like these.”

She put her thumb down harder.

“It’s fascinating what people want. I mean, big boobs and asses are pretty standard. I think longer you have a love doll, the more people think that they would just be a little better if their ass was bigger, he laughed. “They get pretty specific, these guys. They don’t just want a big ass, they want a big black ass.”

Maddy sighed.

“You can’t just make an ass and cast it in brown silicone either. When these guys say that they want a black ass, they want a black ass. I can’t tell you what the difference is, but let me tell you, there is a difference. People ask for all kinds of races, sometimes three at a time. I’ve got Asian chests, white girl chests, Latina chests…they mix and match that shit. One time I got an order for big, rich white-girl boobs with an Asian butt, and a black girl’s face all cast in white. I don’t mean your kind of white, either: I mean pure white.”

Maddy tried falling asleep, but Jonah’s voice echoed between the studio walls and was hard to tune out.

“Not that it’s hard to find volunteers. There are plenty of girls who’ll sit in the chair for fifty bucks. It’s about finding the right girls: physically, I mean. One time, I was trying to find a black woman for a butt cast. I was on 115th Escort street in Ironbound…I walked around for hours, just some skinny white boy giving all the girls the eye. I thought I was going to get fucked up, but I found her.

“I swear, she was sitting in front of a fried chicken stand; I am not being racist or anything. She had this pile of bones on her plate and her ass was just pouring off of the chair. She had these pink sweatpants on and…oh man. I could have made a fortune off that ass. I don’t mean to sound like a pervert—I mean, I know what I am—but I missed out on the lottery.”

‘What happened?’ Maddy wondered.

“I asked her if she wanted a little money and she was like, ‘I ain’t doing that. I ain’t nobody’s bitch,’ and whatever. I explained, I really did! I offed her two-hundred bucks but she was like, ‘I’m a woman and I ain’t for sale,’ and some shit. I had to get out before somebody she beat me up.”

Jonah sighed. He was quiet for a time. “At least, none of the other girls said no.”

When the plaster was dry Jonah peeled it off. Maddy took a look inside and saw a perfect negative of her face, eyes closed, mouth agape in that perfect “o” shape.

“My eyes weren’t closed when I was a doll.”

“Yeah, I’ll sculpt it to make your eyes look open

When Maddy sat up and her back cracked so loudly that it echoed through the studio.

Jonah stared at her. “You’re changing back, aren’t you?”

“It’s just the long sit-down in the chair,” she lied.

He nodded. Suddenly he had a smirk on his face.


“I was just thinking,” he said. “I’ve touched those breasts before, when I was making them.”

Suddenly, Maddy realized that the whole time she’d been in the chair, he could have been staring at her tits without her knowing. She was braless, wearing a shirt that was two sizes too small. There was no way he didn’t notice.

“What do they feel like?” he asked. “I mean, I made those parts, and now they’re part of your body. What’s it like?”

He was eager, Maddy realized. The man who was going to loan Paul a copy of Maddy’s face so that another doll could masquerade as her, wanted to know what it was like to be a fake. Maddy thought for a moment. She could tell him what he wanted to hear so that he might want to help more. She knew that Jonah liked her. On top of that was the fact that she couldn’t get that picture out of her mind: Paul with his stupid cock in her mouth. All that and the thought of returning to her horrid hotel room made her want to do stay and fuck him.

“I want to be normal,” Maddy said. That was all.

Jonah drove Maddy back to the subway platform and left without another word. Riding the train back, Maddy couldn’t help but think she

Two days passed, and Maddy was so stiff and slow that she could barely get out of bed. Paul found a cane in the thrift store that she could use, but it wasn’t as if she could go anywhere. She had no job, no family, and no chores. Daytime television did little to fill the gap.

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t had empty moments before. She had spent years as a doll, lying in the same position for hours with no hope of doing anything. She had accepted it, though. Immobile, she could look forward to Paul coming home. She was grateful when he turned on the radio for her, switching the stations every few days so that she wouldn’t get tired of the music. She was excited when he propped her in front of the television, or brought home some new clothes for her. Paul still scoured the thrift stores after work, and he often circled the interesting shows on the TV guide for her to watch while he was working, but it wasn’t fun anymore.

It reminded Maddy of a Funland Station, a little amusement park she went to when she was a kid. She loved it so much she used to cry when they had to leave, but over the years they visited less and less. One summer when Maddy visited with her friends, everything seemed so much smaller than she remembered. The merry-go-round was slow and cramped, and the roller-coaster was tame and short. The water park was just a wading pool and little trickles of water oozing out of poorly-painted dragon fountains. Maddy felt bored, like she could have done something better instead of sitting around with a bunch of screaming, crying kids. Now that she wasn’t a doll anymore, the hotel room felt smaller than Paul’s apartment ever did.

Poor Paul: ever since Maddy yelled at him she felt terrible about it. Still, Paul paid for her meals, and scoured thrift stored for more clothes. As a doll she never ate, and she only wore one outfit that rarely had to be washed (and that was only after a really messy night in bed. She washed the laundry while he was gone, and while it alleviated the guilt, it barely dented the boredom. They rarely spoke anymore. On top of that he had to pay Jonah for a mask when all he really wanted were replacement parts for Maddy.

Bored, guilty, and lonely, Maddy thought for a long time. That night as Paul was sleeping, she copied down Jonah’s number and hid Bayan escort it inside her pillow.

She walked though Ironbound, hobbling with her cane. Jonah was in his car, ready to meet her. He had to put on the seatbelt for her due to her slow, fumbling hands. Quickly he drove her to the studio.

“How’s the sculpting coming?” she asked, her voice slow and deliberate. She was wearing her tightest shirt, which made Jonah pause when he took her coat.


“It’s…almost done,” he said. “Want to see?”

“Sure,” she smiled. “Bring it here.”

The face her brought her was a near perfect likeness cast in silicone. Her lips had been airbrushed and finished with fixer, though the eyebrows were still missing.

“I have to put those in soon,” he explained. “It’s intensive: got to clear a few hours from my schedule to make sure I can do it right, but it should be done by tomorrow.”

“So it won’t be ready today?” Her big, unfashionable coat had covered up more than her shirt. She had on shorts that looked like they might disappear between her ass cheeks. Jonah had more than a chance to check out the butt he had made with his own hands. “I was really hoping that I could bring it back. I had a lot of trouble getting here.”

“I’m sorry,” Jonah said. “Still, if you’re willing to stick around, I don’t mind finishing up.”

“Thank you so much for doing this,” she said. “I just wish that we could pay you now. You’ve done such a good job.”

“Thanks. I’m sure you’ll think of some way to pay.”

“You’ve done such good work for us. I mean, not just the face. I was just looking at these breasts today,” she grinned. She ran her finger across her nipple. It was a delicate move, not easy to pull off with her stiff joints. “I was thinking about how hard you must have worked to make them, and now they’re a part of me.”

“You’ve got to love what you do.”

“Oh, you’ve done a lot of me,” she breathed. “You did my tits, you did my ass, and you even did my long, awesome legs. Are there any other parts you want to do?”

Maddy’s tits were right in front of his face. The last time he had been this lose to them was when he made them. That was the last time he had touched them too. Maddie held onto his chair, trying to stay upright and keep herself from falling, and her arms stretched straight down, squeezing her tits between them and pushing them closer to Jonah’s face. She breathed with her mouth open, her lips unconsciously forming into a pouty, welcoming “o”.

Jonah took the bait; he grabbed her and kissed her straight on her pouty lips. Maddy panted and moaned. The feel of his body against hers, and the way he held her tight made her legs weak. She gripped him tightly to keep from falling.

“Promise me you won’t charge,” she said.

He thrust his hand under her shirt. “What?”

“You heard me,” she panted. She could barely stand up. “I do this, and we’re even.”

“Maddy, I need to eat!”

“Eat these…” She pulled off her shirt. Those tits that Jonah had crafted so lovingly bounced before his eyes.

“Alright,” he panted.

“And don’t tell Paul.”

“I won’t.”

“Good boy!” Suddenly Maddy’s legs buckled and she hit the floor. He ass slapped against the wooden floor. She tried to stand, but her legs wouldn’t move. They were reverting and had lost all their strength. Maddy thought she saw the rubbery sheen on her ankles. “Put me on the bed!”

Jonah carried her. At first her legs swung freely as he carried her up the steps, but little by little her joints were tightened. Jonah dropped her on the bed. Her tits and ass were still soft. He pulled her shorts off. She wasn’t wearing panties. Already he was hard, but he fumbled his belt buckle, trying to get his pants off and stick it in. Maddy could only watch. Her entire body felt heavy. She moved only with the greatest effort, concentrating, reaching up for Jonah and wrapping her arms around his chest. He guided himself in.

Strangely enough, that small world was coming back into focus. Maddy held onto Jonah, moaning and gasping for air. “Slow down…go a little deeper…that’s it…” She felt her fingers freeze up. Her warm flesh was turning back into silicone. Her fingertips felt like rubber, and the feeling spread down the rest of her hand. They were little more useful than claws, opening and closing, until they froze up and didn’t move again. They dangled limply on her wrists until that joint too froze up. Maddy’s ankles stiffened. The only reason that her legs stayed open was that Jonah was there, slowly pounding away like a piston.

She still squirmed, though. She couldn’t sit up, but she still arched her back and craned her neck, moaning with pleasure. The thin, rubbery sheen returned to her skin. Her body felt heavy.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered.

“I love you.”

“I love you…take care…of…Paul…”

“Oh God,” he moaned. She could feel the tension in his hands as he grabbed her tits. It was the touch of a man who had felt nothing but silicone his whole life. Maddy thought of all the women he must have had in his studio, none of whom he ever touched, but which he got to know through crafting their pussies and breasts over and over again. Who knew how many women made up her body now?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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