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“Happy Birthday,” I whispered into her ear.

As we lay in the moonlight flooded room, our bodies wrapped around each other, still hot and sweaty from loud, screaming sex, I inhaled deeply the unfamiliar odor of a new woman. I loved the smell – it pulled me to its source. Her gorgeous, miraculously tight, fucked pussy. Descending down her body, licking her startlingly dark nipples en route, I placed my face in front of her pussy lips, opened the wide labia, and took a deep breath of her inner cunt. I stuck my tongue deep inside her.

“Ooooooh, don’t you ever get tired?” she moaned, writhing her hips so that my face was smeared with her juices.

I felt my cock come back to life. If you had told me 12 hours ago that I would raise my mast again less than 15 minutes after cumming, I wouldn’t have believed it. But then, who would have thought that after 15 years of faithful marriage, I would be in a hotel bed, cumming explosively into the pussy of a married woman I had met only that day.

We had both screamed as we came. She had been riding me hard, her mature breasts bouncing above my face as I licked her dark, large nipples. I loved the size of her areolas, not the tiny pebbles of the teens he had jerked off to on internet pages. This was a real woman.

We were both too intent on the pleasure to talk. Her pussy was sucking the cum out of my balls as they slammed against her heaving ass. She had leaked a gallon of her juices onto me and I felt her walls clamping down on me again. We had both been moaning so loud we had hardly heard the noise the bed was making as we fucked our way to our orgasm. With every thrust I lifted us off the mattress, and with every thrust the headboard had slammed against the wall.

“I’m going to cum …soon,” I managed to moan, giving her a final chance to lift herself off my cock if she did not want me to explode inside her.

“Fill me!” she moaned, “Fill me NOW!!” she screamed as I clamped my mouth on her right breast. I grabbed her ass hard and let one finger lightly touch her hole. I did not need another invitation. I knew I would come deep inside her, emptying my balls of the juices that had been building up for her for hours.

“I want to feel your cock pump your cum into me…now …deep in my p-p pu…ssssssy” She hissed into my ear as I sucked harder on huge nipple. An hour ago, this lovely married mother of two could hardly say the word “pussy” and here she was yelling at me to fuck her as hard as he could.

“Ohhhh, I can feel you throb…your cock is pounding inside my pussy…my …choot …my cunt”. Hearing herself use these new words, these words in our shared mother tongue must have excited her as much as they excited me, because I felt her suddenly clam down on my cock, squeezing my balls with her soft, bountiful ass.

“Oh now …please,” she screamed as her asshole tightened around my probing finger. At the same time, her pussy walls exerted one final and irresistible squeeze on my cock.

“Fuck!!” I bellowed as I felt the juices race out of my body and through my throbbing shaft. I could feel each jet spurt into her contracting walls. I threw my head back and allowed her to milk me some more. She continued to come as long as I was pumping my milk into her, screaming our filthier obscenities each time she could catch her breath.

We both lay there afterwards, feeling our mingled juices flow out of her pussy and around my balls and down my ass. The bed was soaked with her juices from when I had licked her pussy before fucking her. The moonlight flooded the room.

“Happy Birthday,” I whispered into her ear

Her inviting cleavage had been the first part of her I had seen nearly 8 hours earlier as we waited for our delayed flight out of Denver. The chocolate brown skin between her breasts caught my eye for long enough for her to see where I was gazing. When I looked up, I noticed that her eyes were even more captivating than her fully rounded breasts.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked in that classic conversation opener. She sat down in the seat next to mine before I could answer. I was still staring into her gorgeous, dark, Indian eyes. I finally looked away when she reached into her bag for her book. Another opportunity for a conversation wasted, I thought.

We both sat there, reading our books, waiting to be called. She was as agitated as I was, repeatedly glancing at her watch, her boarding pass, the flight information screens …anywhere but her book. Finally, she turned to me.

“Listen, could I ask you a favor?” Oh lord, I thought, ask me anything, oh goddess of gate 22, and it will be yours. Since I was clearly unable to speak, she continued, “I am only asking because I think you are Indian like me. Are you?” I nodded. Now I was struck dumb because she had the same lilting voice and accent as my first girlfriend, the first girl ever to stick her tongue in my mouth.

I was brought back from my teen memories and wet dreams, when I realized she had asked me a question.

“Delhi.” I responded to the kastamonu escort question I assumed she had asked.

“Arey,” she exclaimed, forgoing any pretense now of being an American, her seeming aloofness vanishing, “you also. Me too”. Funny how fast we Indians lose our fake accents and fall back into our traditional, sing-song English.

We spent the next few moments wondering aloud at the small world and how we both were from the same place in the world and now trapped at gate 22, Denver airport. I made a superhuman effort not to stare either into her eyes for too long, nor let my eyes drop toward the gorge between her boobs.

“You were going to ask me for a favor?” I reminded her.

She smiled shyly. “I have to go to the loo, and I don’t want to take this heavy bag …you know how we Indians pack …” she grinned.

“Just like my Mom,” I said, although this beauty, this round-busted, flaming eyed, wonder in blue jeans did not remind me of my Mom at all, “go ahead, I promise not to rifle through your stuff.”

She got up and walked away, and I couldn’t keep myself from staring shamelessly at her swaying ass. She had chosen a simple white shirt and a pair of jeans for her flight, but they fit her ass like a cock in a condom. She was not some skinny-assed teen either. She had a butt that was all woman, fully rounded so that each cheek was well-defined in her dark blue jeans, curving gently away from her spine. I imagined she would be stunning in a sari …and not bad out of one too.

Behave yourself, I told myself. Behave like the married man you are and stop fantasizing about other women nude.

She came back and I noticed with regret that she had closed an additional button on her shirt so that her cleavage was not as exposed. I had wondered if the show had been deliberate.

We continued to talk. It turned out Nina was married to an Indian doctor in the Denver area. Like me, she had left India to do her undergraduate work on the east coast. Before we boarded the flight we had identified a series of common experiences and shared memories. Even better, we were both rushing to catch connecting flights out of JFK. She to India, I to a workshop in Geneva.

As I showed my boarding pass to the agent at the gate, she took me aside and said, ‘Sir, we are overbooked in economy, so we have upgraded you, as a frequent flyer, to business class.”

I hesitated. “Sir, is there a problem?’ she asked incredulous that someone would not jump at the opportunity. I looked at Nina.

“The thing is,” I began, “I would love to, but you see this woman. She and I were best friends in 4th grade …” I started lying as if it was the single most natural thing for me to do, “ and we have not seen each other in nearly 25 years. Is there anyway, we can get seats together.” She looked unsure. “It does not have to be in business class.”

Nina began to protest, but the agent started typing frantically into her console, broke out into her Rocky Mountain smile and handed us our new, business class, boarding passes with adjacent seats.

“I sense the beginning of a wonderful new, twenty-five-year old relationship,” Nina whispered to me as we walked into the 767’s business class

“We better take off soon or we will both miss our connecting flights,” I looked nervously at my watch. On cue the flight intercom buzzed into action.

‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your first officer,” blah blah, I thought, just get this baby off the ground, “I regret to inform you we will be on the tarmac for a little longer. Please sit back and relax. We will have you up as soon as we safely can.”

“Damn,” I cursed, “we’ll miss our JFK flights.”

“Hey, it won’t be that bad. It will give us time to catch up on our twenty-five years,” she laughed. That lightened me up too and we sat back, had the wine that was offered to us, and chatted like the old friends we were not. She was easy to talk to, and I loved listening to her melodious voice.

We sat there on the tarmac for another half hour. When we were finally in the air, she turned to me and asked, “How did you know I was 35?”

“Huh ..I didn’t …”

“But how did you tell the woman at the gate that we had been 4th graders twenty-five years ago, that would make us both about 34 or 35.”

“I only said that because I am 35,” I replied honestly, “You don’t look as I old as me at all”

“No, I did not mean to sound offended. I don’t mind if I look 35. I know I am no spring chicken, but I was wondering how much else you knew about me.”

Suddenly she was getting serious.

“Tomorrow is my 35th birthday. I gave myself this trip as a present.”

“You needed a holiday bad, huh?”

“Yes. You know how one day you wake up and you aren’t sure if you made the right choices in life.”

She went on to tell me how tiring it had become for her as a mother of 2, with almost no help from her husband, and how she had regretted giving up her post-doctoral work when kayseri escort she had become pregnant.

“Why don’t you talk to your husband about going back to work?” I asked.

“He would not listen. He hardly listens to me at all now. We hardly talk,” she fell silent for a while. “We no longer sleep in the same room, and I think he may have another woman.”

We were both silent. I did not know how to respond. I wanted to say “how can a man not want to sleep with a gorgeous goddess like you?” but I knew that would sound sleazy at this moment.

“I haven’t ever said this to anyone”

“The comfort of strangers.” I said and placed my arm around her, not an easy task in our business class seats. She leaned against me and placed her head on my shoulder. She was crying.

“I tried all sorts of things to bring him back to my bed …all sorts of clothes …but he was never interested. One night I packed the kids off to bed early and dressed in the lingerie I had bought and stood right in front of him. It was one of the Victoria’s Secrets ones where …well, that did not cover much of my …my …” she looked down toward her breasts. “ It was transparent enough for him to see everything.”

Hopefully, she could not see that she was making me very hard at that moment. The feel of her breasts against my arms made me long to have seen her in that lingerie. I could imagine her dark nipples, clearly defined by the see through fabric of the straining bra. I began to detect her perfume. It was sweet and musky at the same time and it was making me drip precum into my boxers.

“I had candles and incense ready in the bedroom. But he did not even notice. He just said to leave him until the ballgame was over.”

I held her closer and she drew her legs toward her body and came closer to me. I was now holding her close enough to kiss her if I wanted to, and I did want to kiss those luscious lips, but I remembered we were both married and resisted.

“Before that I had even experimented with a few things in bed. You know, positions, things I had read in magazines, even the Kama Sutra, things I thought a man would like to do with me, but he did not even get a hard on”

I was sure she had seen my cock twitch beneath my pants when she said that. Her mouth was next to my neck and I could feel her warm breath. She placed one arm on my knee and whispered in my ear.

“It embarrasses me now that I even tried to turn him on by showing him my …my …” she looked down again, and this time I followed her gaze and looked at her majestic tits under her white shirt, “One time I pretended to be an Indian film heroine, and I put on a white sari, and started dancing for him, I even poured a glass of water over my chest so that the sari would be transparent and he could see my …my nipples. Another time I dressed up as a nurse but I wore nothing under the uniform, so that when I opened the uniform, he could see me naked. I touched him and kissed him, used my lips and my tongue …but nothing worked and now…well, now …”

‘Are you sure he is having an affair with another woman. A man like that sounds like he may be more interested in men.”

“I thought that once, but I know it is another woman. I picked up the other extension when he was on the phone with her once.”

We were interrupted by a flight attendant with our food. We separated and ate and after dinner we talked some more about our lives.

In New York, having missed our flights as expected, the airlines put us both up in the same hotel and offered us a little “comfort kit” for our stay. We both had some stuff with us in our carry-on bags.

We agreed to shower in our respective, but adjacent, rooms and then meet for a late-night snack at the hotel bar. But for the fact that I was longing to be in her presence again, I would have jerked off in that shower. My cock had been hard for hours now, and I could hear her shower in the bathroom next to mine. The thought of water running down her naked boobs, down to her dark private parts made me even harder.

I noticed a small problem when I dried myself off. I only had the clothes from my flight and a spare set of underwear that I always carry. The “comfort kit” only had a large white T-shirt. I put it on, my fresh boxers and called Nina’s room.

“I am not sure I can go to the bar in a T-shirt and underwear,” I told her.

“I only have that too,” she laughed, ‘why not come over here and we’ll order room service.”

I knocked on her door a few seconds later. She opened the door wearing only the large white T-shirt that just covered her ass. I stood there staring because she had clearly put it on when her body was still wet and much of it was transparent like in the Indian film fantasy she had described earlier. Her dark nipples stood out against the white cotton as her full and luscious boobs strained to break out of the tight T-shirt the airlines had provided.

I walked in. She took my hand and led me to the window. The view kıbrıs escort was amazing. We could see the runways of JFK beneath us, but I was not interested. I looked at her as she stood next to me. She was close enough for me to feel her soft breasts against my chest. My cock stood up beneath my boxers. She looked down and saw me twitch. Nina reached around my neck and before I could moan, her lips were on mine as she pressed her whole body against mine. We both moaned as our tongues touched for the first time. Her mouth was warm and she smelled even sweeter than she had on the plane, but still the same spicy perfume.

I reached below her shirt and grabbed her ass. She was only wearing a flimsy panty beneath it and I could grab both her ass cheeks and press her closer to me. There could be no doubt in her mind about the effect she was having. She knew what I wanted, I was not sure if she wanted the same thing.

“ I have not been with another man since I got married,” she said slowly.

“I have not been with a woman other than my wife either.”

That shred information only made us kiss with more passion. She was sucking on my tongue and I was drinking her saliva like sweet wine. I thrust my boxers-clad dick against her belly, and then bent down a bit so it would poke her crotch. She moaned and ran her hands around my chest. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off.

She stuck her tongue out and licked my neck, my throat, my chest, my nipples and back to my neck so that her mouth was right next to my left ear.

“Let’s make this night special and unforgettable,” she hissed into my ear, “neither of us has been with a new body for so long, it will be almost like we are both virgins, except better, because we both know what we like, what we want, what turns us on, what will make us scream …”

I moaned louder as she ran her fingernails down my chest, around my nipples and down to my soaked underpants. She placed her fingers around my erection and continued, “Yours is the biggest, hardest, and definitely wettest cock I have ever touched. But it is because you are the nicest guy I have ever met that I want to do this.”

“What do you want to do?” I croaked as she tightened her grip around my cock.

She placed her face in front of mine and I looked into her eyes as she said, “Everything I have ever wanted, but could not get. And I want you to do anything you want to with me because tonight I want it all.”

I placed my hands on her breasts and squeezed. Immediately she moaned as I found her hardening nipples. She smiled as she lifted her shirt over her head. I could not believe the size or the darkness of her appearing nipples. They were the color of dark chocolate and the size of poker chips. I ran my hands around each one, allowing my fingers to pinch them before ducking my head to allow my tongue to wet each one. I ran each nipple in my mouth, licking her delicious areola. She threw her head back, and ran her hands through her jet black, shoulder length hair. The perfume was stronger on her boobs and I continued sucking and licking as she grabbed my head and moaned louder. I held one nipple between my teeth and licked it and sucked it alternately.

I let one hand drop to her crotch and found her panties soaked through.

“What is one thing you have always wanted to sexually but have never done?” I asked.

“You want me to tell you …or show you?”

With that, she took her majestic peaks in her hands and rubbed her saliva-wet tits down my chest until she was on her knees in front of my rock hard cock. She placed her fingers under my waist band and eased my shorts gently over my penis and down to the floor. I kicked them away and stood naked in front of her. My shaft head was completely out of its foreskin as I felt her breath warm against it. I wondered if this beauty had never given a blowjob before, when she grabbed both her breasts, pressed them together and took my rod between them.

“Ooooohhhh baby, your lovely tits.”

“Do them.” She said clasping her boobs harder around my shaft. I could not help thrusting up between the mounds, but the dry skin chaffed a bit. She noticed and let a huge gob of spit fall between her tits, proving all the lube my wet cock needed. Soon, I was producing enough precum to wet her breasts as well. She rubbed the head in large circles against each nipple, leaving a white streak across each dark circle.

“Do it, baby – this is what I wanted, what I have never done. No one has ever done my …” she moaned. I realized that she wanted to say more, but did not have the vocabulary.

“You want me to fuck your tits?” I asked. She moaned in response, “you want me to fuck your massive boobs with my dick?” She moaned again.

I held her hands and said, “Look at me and say it.” She hesitated, so I asked again, “Tell me if you want me to take my hard cock and fuck your tits?”

She looked at my cock and then ran her tongue slowly over the reddened and exposed head. She then licked my cock from head to base until I moaned in ecstasy. As I was still recovering from the feeling of her warm tongue on my shaft, she grabbed her boobs again, formed a pillow for my wet cock. She looked up at me, smiled and very slowly said, “Fuck my boobs, fuck them as hard as you want, paint my brown titties white with your cum”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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