Squirt and Her Cousins Ch. 04

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Chapter 4

Zoe and Sam at Shelley Beach

At six our cousins arrived. We both hugged them and Sam pulled me into another room giving me a deep kiss. I spanked her butt telling her to be careful and patient. Smirking she returned to the lounge room. We had a meal of baked fish and salad and then our folks decided to get an early night because they were playing golf in the morning. We sat up drinking beer and talking about the holiday. I did not tell them about our plans for the evening. At ten thirty I suggested we all turn in. Sam and Zoe looked at me with a disappointed expression but I did not let on. At midnight Squirt went to fetch them. When they arrived I told them to remove their glasses and PJ’s, I then blindfolded Squirt before blindfolding the twins. Taking Sam I secured a nylon rope to her wrist, and then secured her to Zoe and Squirt.

It was an apprehensive party that I led to the garage that night. When we arrived, I unlocked the door and released Sam securing the others to a tree outside. Leading her to the table, I told her to bend over. Stepping in front of her I tied her wrists to the ropes previously set up; I likewise tied her legs spreading them wide. Once she was trussed up I removed her blindfold. “I love you more than anybody after Squirt, later on this evening I will tell you more but for now you know how much you mean to me.

I am now going to whip your nasty little arse and it will hurt.” Taking the whip I laid the hardest stroke that I have ever given across her delectable buttocks, thinking as I did so how much I wanted to take her virgin arse. Sam did not react to the blow so I brought the next one down, this time she pushed her buttocks up towards me. I was amazed just how much she enjoyed pain. By the tenth stroke her bottom was scarlet, the welts appearing to stand up from the surface of her skin. This time she moaned and I slashed the next stroke across her making her moan again. On the fifteenth stroke she cried out gasping for more. I landed the next five strokes quickly and viciously across her bottom. On the twentieth Sam cried “Oh my God, how much more can I take? I simply love this please never stop.” I was surprised at this outburst and remembered it for the future.

Releasing her from the bonds I stood her up and kissed her, my tongue spearing into her mouth, my hand exploring between her legs slipping into her dripping cunt, pushing in, stimulating her; making her moan with satisfaction. She responded, using her tongue to explore my mouth. Pulling back I told her to wait there so that I could collect her sister.

I brought Zoe in and secured her the same way. When she was immobile I told her that because she had been so naughty since the last punishment she was to be beaten again. With that I slashed the whip across her buttocks making her gasp before settling back for the next one. I rained the next nine in quick succession and Zoe was screaming in pain. After the next five she was sobbing in distress; although after the previous whipping I realised that this was really in appreciation for what she was receiving. At last I landed the final stroke she gave a great sigh. Looking at her buttocks I saw that they were a brilliant colour and placing my hand against her flesh I felt the heat coming off them.

I released her, telling her to wait for Squirt. When Squirt arrived I secured her to the table and without saying anything I started to whip her willing butt. As usual she was screaming by the tenth and silent by the fifteenth. On the twentieth Sam and Zoe were amazed to see her have a massive orgasm. When she was released I kissed her before we all settled back to talk for a while. As we spoke I sidled up to Sam taking her hand and slowly led her into the other section of the garage leaving Squirt and Zoe to enjoy each other.

“Now Sam before you say anything I would like to tell you that today week Squirt and Zoe are going to the pictures for the day, they will not be home before eight. Our folks are playing golf and staying on to have dinner at the club I understand that they will not be home before midnight. You and I are going to spend the day together and revel in glorious submission.”

“That’s fantastic, I can’t believe it. What are we going to do? But look about tonight I want to beg you to rape me, expose me to pain, bite me and fuck me violently. That’s all I am asking of you. Remember you can’t bite my neck because Mum will ask how I came by the love bite. Please bite my tits, and anywhere else that can’t be exposed.”

“God you are nothing but a little pain slut. Now what are you?”

“Sam lowered her eyes as though she were embarrassed saying quietly I am a pain slut.”

I brought my hand down across her already bruised butt. “What are you, tell me with conviction or you will receive another spanking on your pretty little bottom.”

“I am a filthy cunt, a whore; the dirtiest, nastiest whore I have ever known. I am a pain slut and I deserve to be treated canlı bahis like shit. I don’t care what you do to me because I am such a slimy little slut of a whore.”

I lent forward smiling. “What a good little slut you are. Whenever we are alone you will refer to me as sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

I then blindfolded her and returned to the other room. Zoe and Squirt were already thrashing on the floor so I crept over and took the whip. When I was back with Sam I lay her down tying her hands above her head. Taking the whip I slashed the leather thong across her left breast. This brought a gasp so I struck her with another nine strokes. Her breast was red so I gave her right breast ten strokes as well. Each time I struck I saw her breast quiver as the tissue vibrated from the blow. After the session was over I stood her up, removing her blindfold. She was crying; the tears had soaked the cloth over her eyes. I hugged her. “Did I go too far?”

“Sam, still crying shook her head before remembering to say no sir.”

“What a brave little girl you are. Sam let me tell you that if it were not for Squirt I would be marrying you. Please never go too far from me. After you; comes Zoe, and I know that I can speak for Squirt when I say that we must have you living close by.”

Sam, still crying buried her head in my shoulders. “Since our last session Zoe and I have been speaking, she knows how much I love you and understands that my love is even greater than hers. We both realise that you will never part from your sister but we must have access to you as well. Zoe and I are going to live together like you and Squirt. Don’t misunderstand me, we are not going to get married and we can have boyfriends if we wish, but we will never marry them because we wish to live together. This relationship will be sexual. Now please go down on me and fuck me. I need you inside me sir.”

I hugged her and helped her to the floor. With her arms still tied above her head I kissed her feeling her tongue enter my mouth. We kissed like this for a long time before I took a nipple in my teeth and bit it. Holding the bite, I eventually released the little swollen white bud, Sam groaning in pain as the blood rushed back in. I then repeated the action on her other nipple before placing a hard love bite on each breast. By this time Sam was beginning to moan loudly. I continued down to her thighs just below her pussy and placed another bite in the soft skin. Repeating the bite on her other thigh I grasped her clit in my teeth biting hard causing her to writhe in erotic pain. Releasing it I pushed my hand into her cunt feeling the walls locating her G spot, making her thrash about with total abandon. Realising that her orgasm was not far away I pulled back, kissing her again on the lips.

Sam groaned with frustration at missing out on her orgasm. When she had calmed down I pushed my hips forward taking her violently. She screamed with lust as she felt the force of my body. I continued to slam into her pile driving my full ten inches to its limit, our groins slapping against us. Her pussy was now convulsing and erupting as my rocks slapped against her. She was swirling her goo around my blue steeler as we both began to boil. Screaming together we announced our mutual orgasms.

Sam’s hips thrust up at me as each successive wave of her lust swept through her. At last, when we had both calmed down I lowered my mouth down to the skin above her pussy and placed a love bite, so that she would remember our session of love making. Looking her carefully in the eyes I said. “Sam when we are together next week I will have a very personal favor to ask you, you may not wish to grant it but I will ask anyway. This will be an expression of our love.”

“OK but what is it sir?”

“I excuse you from calling me sir for the moment because we are lovers speaking together. As far as my telling you what it is you are just going to have to be patient. Now, I think it’s time to take you to, Squirt whilst Zoe and I spend some quality time together.”

“I hope you don’t mind me saying but fuck I am jealous of my sister. I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

Sam and I walked out to find the others sitting in deck chairs waiting for us. Before I took Zoe inside, I lifted my darling Squirt out of her chair, kissing her deeply before giving her a slap and departing with Zoe. When we were alone I hugged and kissed her. “Zoe my darling cousin I just want you to know that you are most important to me. I know about the discussion you have had with Sam about Squirt and I and I just wish to clear up a few loose ends.”

“Squirt and I are going to live together as husband and wife, we intend to have four children and the girls are to be named Zoe and Sam. We could not live without you. You have to live close to us. Now Sam has told me that you both intend to share a sexual relationship together. What about Sam and me? Well, I believe you already acknowledge that I have bahis siteleri a great love for your sister. Squirt was saying the other day that if anything happened to her Sam and I would be an item very quickly. She is right about this, but you are also very dear to me and I don’t want you thinking that anything will be different, because it won’t.”

“I know that Squirt told you this evening about today week. Sam and I are going to spend the whole day and most of the night in each others arms. Squirt does not know that the following week you and I will be together. Now I think it’s time that you and I wrap our loving arms about each other. I have something else to say but that can wait until after.”

Zoe, with love in her eyes said. “That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard and my wonderful cousin I have never been jealous of you and my gorgeous sister but I want you to know that I worship the ground you walk on.”

I took her behind her back and lowered her gently to the floor. Lying over her I kissed her. We held this until we were gasping for air. Breaking free Zoe pulled my head to her, kissing both my eyes. We continued kissing and licking each other until I placed a hand over her soft breast, needing the flesh and teasing her hard bud.

By this time both nipples were standing at attention so I changed sides allowing my hand to need her other breast squeezing and fondling whilst my tongue bit lightly on her nip. I had to warn myself that she was not the same as Sam; I had to go softly, softly with her. She was beginning to moan her appreciation at what I was doing to her, so I went down to her erogenous zone, pausing to admire its beauty. I must admit that my cousins and Squirt have the most beautiful pussies. All pussies are lovely but their pussies are purely erotic. They are perfectly formed crying out for lust. Plunging my head down I forced my hard tongue into her, causing her to buck against me. I continued thrusting my tongue in causing her to moan loudly.

Tweaking her clit made her scream so I continued with this until she pushed her hips up to me. Pausing I picked her up placing her on her knees with her butt skywards displaying the scarlet strokes from her earlier whipping. Rising over her I thrust forward slowly taking possession of her. Zoe moaned with satisfaction at what was happening to her. She screamed out telling me to love her. Encouraged, I continued working her love tunnel until I felt her muscles grip my phallus. They were so strong, I felt as though she were going to cut me off, when she came with a shuddering violence squirting her cum behind her. I then came pumping my love over her shapely hips.

She knelt there, resting, contemplating what had just happened to her. Turning around she took my head in her hands and tears in her eyes. “Thank you, it was truly beautiful, all that I had been dreaming for.”

I kissed her. “Zoe my dearest before we made love I said that I wanted to say something else to you. Now neither Squirt nor Sam has been told this. It’s strictly between us. I am amazed because I have two cousins and a sister and you are all totally different when it comes to making love. Sam wishes for violent painful sex; as she says she wants’ to be raped. Squirt loves pain as well yet when she is whipped she has the most violent orgasms and that leaves you; in a way the most beautiful of all because you love deep passionate sex. Your orgasm is your highlight, because I have never seen anyone squirt before. This evening, you came with such force; you sprayed cum ten inches behind you.”

“Zoe my darling don’t you ever think that I don’t love you because you are the most beautiful lover of them all. I can’t wait for our day together because we are going to reach new levels. Now it’s already four so we had better be returning to bed.”

We went through to find Sam and Squirt lying in each others arms kissing. We gave them a few minutes before Zoe cleared her throat telling them to come to bed. We walked back to the house; Squirt and Sam was arm in arm whilst Zoe and I slowly brought up the rear. Arriving at the house I pulled Zoe into the shadows and kissed her, allowing my hand to explore her honey pot, pushing it up inside her. Zoe was moaning into my mouth, her tongue going ballistic.

“Come on you lovers you have had enough sex for one night. Do you want Squirt and me to get jealous?”

As we reluctantly pulled apart Zoe looked me in the eyes. “When we have our day together, I want you to fuck my arse because I want to share something very special with you. I know it will probably hurt more than when you took my virginity but I have total trust in you.” I gave her a very special hug allowing a finger to press against her puckered sphincter before leading her to my bedroom. We gave them back their glasses and PJ’s before kissing them goodnight.

Squirt and I then curled up, instantly falling asleep. None of us got up before eleven the next morning. Squirt and bahis şirketleri I were on the beach when we saw Sam and Zoe come down in their one piece costumes. We all went under the cliff and kissed good morning before taking a long refreshing swim. I had told Squirt about the following week and how I would like to spend a day with Zoe, she reluctantly agreed.

The rest of the week was spent with us swimming, fishing and boating. In the evenings we went to the garage and enjoyed each others body. One evening Zoe reminded us that Angie was due the day after they went to the movies. She told us that she had only seen Angie in the company of other women which was why she believed her a lesbian. Zoe expressed a wish to make Angie her particular conquest. She wanted to fuck her brains out before introducing her to our whipping fuck club.

“I really want to see her shapely butt flogged. I doubt that she will allow George to take her cherry but at least we girls can enjoy her.”

I took her over my knee giving her three hard slaps before saying.”Well Zoe you really are the little lesbian aren’t you.” We all laughed as she looked me in the eye. Making contact with me, letting me know that she had to have sex with me as well.

“Zoe my darling we will all be following your conquest with the greatest of interest. If you can pull it off, I will present you with something very special. It will be necessary for you and me to go into town on that occasion. So there is your challenge.”

“What are you going to do for me?”

“You will have to wait and see won’t you.”

Angie is our other cousin she is six months older than me and will turn twenty during our holiday. She exhibits all the family traits. Six feet tall with long black hair and dark eyes. Her hair goes all the way to her waist and she possesses the biggest tits in the world, they are simply massive. I would really love to come between them. I can understand why our Zoe wishes to make her a private conquest.

Other than our regular visits to the garage the week was uneventful.

Knowing that the town had a sex shop of some fame I drove into town the day before Zoe and Squirt’s visit to the cinema. Entering the shop I was immediately approached by a gorgeous brunette asking if she could help. I explained my task asking where the butt plugs were. She took me to a shelf with an amazing assortment. She showed me a medium sized plug that had a remotely controlled vibrator attached. I suggested that Sam had never experienced a plug so maybe it was too big. She gave me a bottle of lubricant to go with it and told me how to insert it. We then looked at nipple and labia clamps. She gave me a set of gold nipple clamps with a small weight attached and a labia clamp with a much heavier weight. I bought a large vibrator which was also remote controlled. The last thing on my list was handcuffs and ankle cuffs which were to include a spreader bar. As I was leaving the shop I saw a lovely pink leather collar and matching lead I included them as well.

Arriving home I hid the toys and joined the others. That night we did not go to the garage because Squirt and Zoe were leaving at eight thirty. Before we went to bed I pulled Zoe aside asking her to cover for her sister in the morning. I told her that she would not be getting up so she would need to tell her Mum that Sam had slept in. When Sam went to bed she found a note on her pillow. It read:

My most precious Sam, I need you to carefully heed these words, at midnight I will come to you. You will be sitting up in bed waiting for me. Your light will be off. Be a good girl for me.

All my love

George xoxo

At midnight I went to the key cupboard retrieving the key to the garage. Going to the kitchen I collected two liters of water. Putting this in my bag of toys I went round to Sam and Zoe’s room. My little darling was sitting up in bed waiting for me. I motioned for her to get out of bed and giving her a hug kissed her.

“I am looking for a sex slave and I am hoping that you will be interested. Your duties are simple; you will be at my beck and call at all times. If you misbehave you will be severely punished. When we get home if I email you telling you to come over at a certain time I will expect you there. You will not tell Zoe or Squirt any of this; it is strictly between you and me. If you are interested I am going to have another position for your sister. So what is your answer?”

“Oh shit yes, I have to do this.”

“OK then, here are your first instructions. Pay attention”

She was wearing a white see through baby doll outfit which I am sure was for my benefit. “You no longer need the baby doll outfit, I want you to take it off, collect your bathers, your glasses and a beach towel. You will place them in a bag and give it to me. Now you will follow me to the garage.” Arriving inside I said “Bend over the table and spread your legs as wide as you can.” I pushed a finger into her very damp pussy and transferred the moisture to the inside of her arse. This was repeated a number of times. Taking the plug I lubricated it up and after applying a liberal amount to her puckered button I started to push the plug in.

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