Stay Quiet

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The door is closed. And locked.

My fingers are twisted in yours, pulling me towards you. You towards me. Our forearms touching when our bodies are stopped by one another. I breathe in your smell, your warmth on my skin gives me a pleasurable shiver. And then you’re kissing me, your mouth is so soft, delicious, gentle, firm, everything. There’s no room for anything but the sensations you’re causing to run through my body. My fingers find your hair, your beard, your face. Keep kissing me, just keep kissing me, that’s all I can think.

My legs start to become unreliable. I feel your lips smile against mine. You sit yourself on the edge on the bed and lift me into place straddling your lap. Your hands start to edge under my shirt, your hands on my bare back making me shudder. I want you now. I want you naked, inside me. I want you to keep touching me exactly like you are. I don’t know what I want. I want everything, your whole body, all of you. I want nothing, this moment is perfect. Don’t stop touching me.

Your shirt comes off, mine too. I crush you to me, my breasts on your chest, your arms around my back, our lips and tongues giving and receiving pleasure. My lips touch your cheeks, your neck, your earlobes. You pull my hair gently, your fingers in the roots, my whole body shakes with desire and lustful shivers run from my scalp to my ankles.

You flip me onto my back, I sit up and fumble with your fly. The more I want you, the more inefficient I seem to become with making it happen. But it releases eventually. You pull my skirt and underwear over my hips and past my ankles. You lie down next to me naked, and I greedily touch and kiss all the naked skin I can reach with my hands and mouth. Your hands are on me too.

Your mouth reaches my nipple, and you pull it gently with your lips. Then you wrap them around it, running your tongue over the top. You move so ataşehir escort you’re lying between my thighs. One of your hands is on my other nipple, rolling it between your fingertips. My hips begin to buck and you hold them down with your other hand and the weight of your body on my thigh and hip. I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t have you soon, but it feels much too good to ask you to stop. I couldn’t anyway, all I can to is take increasingly ragged breaths, pull you further onto me with my fingers through your hair, scratch the top of your back. You swap to my other nipple, bringing redoubled pleasure. I drag my nails gently over the parts of you I can reach.

You pull away from me after a time, make your way down my body, kissing each of my ribs in turn, going past my belly button and resting your head on my thigh. You pull my legs apart and I know you can see how much I want you. Your fingers dance around the edges of my wetness, teasing but not touching it. You blow softly on me and I feel cold where the air hits the saturated skin aching to be touched.

“I…” I say.


You look up at me.

“I want to…”

“Want to what?”

You move up so we’re face to face. You’re teasing me, but I don’t know how to say it. My brain is too confused and distracted with lust and all of you. I try again.

“I want you.”

“You want me?” You lightly kiss my collarbone.

“Yes,” I say wriggling myself closer to you, but you pull away teasingly. Then you lean in and put your mouth to my ear.

“You want to fuck me? Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” I answer and the thought makes me shudder in anticipation.

“I want you to say it” you tell me.

I look up into your eyes.

“I want to fuck you so badly.”

My body is quivering and I feel a fresh wave of wetness trickle between my legs, though you’re not touching kadıköy escort me, just holding my gaze. You reach over my head and pull out a condom, I reach forward to help you put it on, but you place my hands by my sides firmly.

You put on the condom, and position yourself just shy of entering me. I can feel your hardness and warmth against my inner thigh. I want to pull you into me, but I don’t think you’ll let me, so I stay still. You look at me.

“You want me?” you ask.

I nod.

“Yes…” it’s almost a plead.

“I want you to stay quiet, or I’ll stop. Do you understand?”

I nod.

“Do you want to play?” you check, kissing me where my neck joins my shoulder.

I nod again.


And I do. Even though it’s a game I’m bound to lose, because I’m much too far gone to stay in control.

Slowly, so slowly you ease yourself into me. At first I feel pure relief, as the ache to be touched recedes, then it gradually turns into pleasure. I stifle a sigh as you reach as far as you can go and start to pull out again. Steadily you build up a rhythm, and I fight you keep my breathing even and quiet. I can only feel you moving inside me, but the feeling radiates throughout my whole body.

You add a thumb to my clit, circling in time to your thrusts. God it feels so good, so incredible, completely amazing. I can’t help myself and a cry of pleasure escapes me. You stop immediately, remove your hands from my body and look down at me in stillness.

“I thought you agreed to be quiet.”

You’re smiling. The smile you use when you touch my palm while we’re walking to make me trip. The smile you use when you point out I’m having trouble breathing after kissing you. The smile that means you know exactly what you’re doing to me, and you love it. And I do too.

I wriggle beneath you, try to reach your hips with my hands. You pin bostancı escort bayan them down beside my shoulders with your own.

“Are you ready to try again?”

I nod, quiet and still.

I’m expecting you to begin slowly, but you start hard and fast and deep. It’s all I can do to stop myself crying out again, because it’s so good and I don’t want you to stop. You slow a little and and lift my legs so my ankles are on your shoulders. The pleasure’s intensity increases.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” I groan. I feel you slow and I buck my hips in protest.

“If you stop now I swear to god I’ll murder you,” I gasp.

“You don’t believe in god,” you say. You’re laughing but you don’t stop and your breathing is uneven.

“Shut… Up…” I manage as you roll me to one side, fucking me hard and deep again, your fingers digging into my butt and hips to pull yourself into me. I grip the sheets, barely able to move from the pleasure, moaning louder and louder, not caring who might hear me. You’re way past the point where you can reprimand me anyway.

After a long while, when I feel like I can’t bear it anymore, I flip you onto your back, and slide myself back onto you. Your hands find my hips again, and you’re pulling me, helping me go deeper, deeper, faster, harder. Oh god you feel so good. I bring my face to your neck and kiss your skin, feel your chest against my breasts, your beard on my cheek. You touch your teeth to my neck, cover it with shivery soft bites. I shudder and grind down onto you and suddenly I’m coming, I’m coming, once and then again. I feel the explosion everywhere, as the waves of pleasure ripple to my fingers and toes. My body goes limp, but you keep pushing me onto you, until you groan and shake beneath me. If I wasn’t so spent the sound would have me going all over again.

As it is we’re both laughing, like it’s the funniest and happiest thing in the world, all the tension out of our bodies. Kissing, holding one another, stroking skin. Burrowing into each other’s arms as our breathing slows back to normal. Legs entwined, breath on each other’s faces, fingers interlocked. Content and peaceful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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