Steam Room

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He inhaled the musty hot steam, then leaned back on the bench and tried to relax. He wanted to shut his eyes, but the person facing him seemed to be watching. He discreetly stared at the man’s towel, and felt immediately embarrassed. Why did he feel such a strong curiosity? Why was he so willing to convey his curiosity, even to strangers?

He definitely liked girls, and didn’t actually think guys were attractive. But he had this weird quirk, or at least he thought it was. He was intrigued by cock and yearned to be flashed, but he wasn’t sure if seeing a man’s cock would be enough.

He rubbed his face as he caught himself staring at the bottom edge of the guy’s towel again. Why? Why did he feel this strange need?…And what did this guy’s cock look like?

He glanced down again, then sat up trying to clear the thought from his head. He eyed the misty steam-cloud floating below the ceiling, then refocused as the man caught his attention by adjusting his towel. His eyes immediately diverted to the opening in the front, and he stared with his mouth unconsciously open as he eyed the suddenly unhidden protrusion underneath.

He quickly met the man’s eyes and inhaled, then flushed with embarrassment at being caught. He wanted to offer an excuse or apology, but all he could do was stare wide-eyed and sigh.

The man smiled as his legs spread just enough to open the front again, and he glanced twice, fighting his desire to study the intriguing package no longer hidden underneath. He felt his breathing intensify as the man gave him the private show, and he gave up trying to hide his obvious curiosity, and stared.

“You’re going to make me hard.”

He stiffened at the seemingly disembodied words, then inhaled as he realized the man was talking to him.

“Would you like to see that?”

He felt his mouth salivate. He wanted nothing more, but he couldn’t bring himself to say. How could he? He wasn’t sure what would happen…or how he’d feel if he gave in to the curiosity.

He raised his stare, then felt his breathing quicken as he fought his desire to watch the man’s penis grow.

“It’s alright. You can look.”

His eyes glanced from the man’s eyes, to his growing penis, then back again.

“It’s rather flattering.”

He swallowed hard as his mouth filled with saliva. Did he really want to do what he was thinking?

The man’s penis flexed as it hardened and he inhaled audibly.

“Did you ever see one before?”

He raised his widened stare and the man smiled. “Did you ever touch one?”

Did the man just give him permission? His curiosity grew as fast and hard as the intriguing package he was unable to stop studying.

“Do you want to touch one?”

Except for his intense breathing, he didn’t dare move. He was afraid to answer for fear of the truth, and afraid to deny for fear the opportunity would pass.

“You’re very shy and submissive. And I’m finding that very sensual.”

He exhaled as he continued staring at the hard cock curving up so invitingly toward his mouth, and the thought made him salivate in anticipation of turning the fantasy into reality.

“Are you hard?”

He squeezed his legs tightly together as his swollen cock begged to spring free. Could the man hear his breathing…see him salivating? Would he know what he was fantasizing about by the watery sound of him swallowing?

The man chuckled, then flexed his cock again and he felt his head move in responsive rhythm.

“Are you going to masturbate about this, later?”

His eyes widened. He was absolutely going to masturbate about this. He stiffened and slid back as the man stood and stepped toward him, then pressed the front of his towel as he stared at him.

“Stand up and just brush against the towel. You won’t be touching anything.”

Should he? Did he dare? He looked up and the man reached for his arm and guided him to stand.

“Put your arms by your sides and maybe we’ll bump into each other.”

He inhaled. He wanted nothing more, than help with the next move…well maybe one thing more. He wanted istanbul travesti to feel something he only fantasized about…and feeling one had been his masturbation fantasy for quite some time. But what would happen if he felt it? What would the man expect?

He gasped as the man’s hard penis bumped into his wrist and he stared into the man’s eyes.

“See…no harm.” The man inhaled. “Sit if you don’t want to accidently bump any more. Stay standing if you might want to again.”

He didn’t move, and the man pressed more intently into his arm.

His heart raced at how hard it felt, and he raised his hand, hoping he could innocently increase the contact.

“Shut your eyes.”

His eyes widened as he met the man’s stare.

“Shut them. It’s alright. I promise.”

He knew he shouldn’t. He knew if he did, he would probably take a step toward a fantasy he hoped would remain only a fantasy, his entire life. But the desire… He wanted this fantasy more than any other.

“Sit if you want me to stop.”

He shut his eyes and remained standing.

“Don’t be afraid. This is what gyms are for.”

He flinched as the man took his hand, then inhaled as he touched the towel…and his heart raced as he felt its edge. “Go ahead. I won’t tell.”

He extended his arm between the towel edges, then gasped as the back of his hand grazed the something he hoped he’d never feel. But the man didn’t seem to mind. He brushed against it again and felt its resistance.

“See? It’s okay.”

It was more than okay. His heart raced with excitement, and he lifted his hand.

“Go on. It feels just as good to me.”

The man liked it? His heart pounded! The man liked it!

“Hold it in your hand.”

He pulled his arm away, then felt the man take his hand, “Feel it. There’s no harm.”…and place it on his cock!

He released it, then seemed instantly disappointed. But he touched a cock! He felt an instant need to masturbate while thinking about the moment.

“You can do better than that.” The man lifted his hand again and his heart raced as he immediately anticipated what he would feel next.

“You know you’re eventually going to taste one.”

He opened his eyes in shock.

“…And I’d love it to be mine.”

He looked down as the man’s cock was placed in his hand.

“But you’re going to eventually have to get used to the idea.” The man half-smiled. “I mean…you know you want to. Why fight it?”

He knew why he fought it; every male relative, especially his father…but the man was probably right. The urge inside him was strong and ever-present. He continued holding the hard cock in his hand and now wanted to get on his knees in front of it. He hoped, satisfying the desire once, would quell the fixation…just like he hoped, seeing one, then feeling one, would…but neither worked. How come his desire continued growing? He did what he had always dreamed.

“How about we go to the locker room?”

He hoped his non-verbal response looked submissive.

“Follow me and I’ll let you do something you’ll like.”

He sighed, knowing he couldn’t count how many times he had fantasized about getting trapped in a secluded corner of a locker room, and being forced to suck cock. Was today the day the fantasy would happen?

He followed the man to a secluded corner of the room, away from the showers.


The man lifted a foot onto the bench next to him. “I’ll leave the towel on, and won’t get mad, no matter what you want to do inside it.”

Oh, god! The towel was so close to his face! He stared at the way it parted, then moved closer hoping for a peek inside.

“You’re fascinated, aren’t you.”

He inhaled. He was more than fascinated. He was infatuated.

“If you don’t kiss it, I’m taking a shower.” The man backed up.

“No, wait.” He inhaled. Did that just come out of his mouth?

The man grinned as he returned his foot to the bench. “Go ahead.”

He looked around.

“No one’s coming.” The edges of the towel covering his thighs, parted just enough istanbul travestileri to entice him.

“Here’s your opportunity to finally do something.”

He didn’t dare hesitate. What if the man took back his offer?!

“I know you want to. I’ve seen you before and know why you’re here.”

It was why he was here. He never exercised and had no desire to start. But he did like hanging around the sauna and showers. “You’ve seen me before?”

The man pointed to the front of his towel. “Kiss. Then you can ask questions while we shower.”

He leaned closer, then spread the edges of the towel, and without exposing anything, kissed between the man’s legs.

“No. Give it a good, open-mouth kiss.”

He had never, but he had wanted to, since he could remember. It was why he joined the gym, and it was the place he loved being….So many muscular men…wearing nothing but towels…showering in the open.

He glanced up at the man, then opened his mouth and gave the semi-erect penis a long deep passionate kiss.

The man moaned in pleasure. “You know what to do next.”

He did, and he wanted to show the man he could do it well. He buried his face under the towel, then opened his mouth and began sucking the delicious cock with sincere passion…kissing and caressing it like he was lustfully in love with it.

He momentarily lost track of time and place as he concentrated on sucking his first dick; savoring the raw masculine eroticism and his willing submissiveness. He was grateful for the towel hiding his actions and more grateful, the man didn’t know his name. He could suck anonymously, which meant he could suck as salaciously as he wanted; fulfilling his need to orally devour cock, to his heart’s content.

The man twitched and brought him out of his concentration-induced daze. “Time for a shower.” The man reached into his locker. “Grab your towel and lead. Carry it. I wanna watch that smooth young ass.”

He did as told, then discreetly stroked his throbbing cock, feeling the pleasure guilt of displaying his naked ass, exposed purposely to a man.

“Oh that’s pretty. Nice and smooth.”

He walked into the empty shower area, somewhat confused and fully erect, wondering what was going to happen next, and wondering if his ability to control it was as absent as it seemed.

“Over there, in the semi-private area.”

He glanced back and saw the man point, but he knew where he meant. He had used the semi-private showers to observe others, more than a few times. His heart jumped. Was he going to have to put on a show for the man? Was the man going to…for him? He moved as directed before feeling the hands on his hips guiding him back, then silently gasped as his ass made contact with the man’s enchanting erection.

“Turn on the water.”

He did as told, adjusting it to the right temperature as the man pressed against his ass while spreading soap on his chest.

“Does that feel good?”

He nodded and swallowed hard. It felt better than anything he ever felt and the sweet mix of excitement and shame made his cock beg for its own pleasure.

He touched himself as the man soaped between them and moved against his ass.

“Go ahead. Play with yourself and let me enjoy how much you like my cock where it is.” He exhaled at the exquisite lustful shame!…not able to control his need for cock, and needing to have it in such a public place! But oh, how fulfilling! Such a hard soapy cock rubbing against his anus.

He maneuvered until he guided the cock between his upper thighs, then arched his ass, hoping the man would eliminate his trepidation and finally enter him. He sighed as he began moving in a slow seductive rhythm, knowing he no longer had the power to stop what he once feared but now hoped would happen.

“Good boy. Make daddy nice and hard before I clean inside your sweet tight ass.”

He gasped! Did the man confirm they were about to fuck?!…that he was about to have a cock inside his ass?! He continued moving suggestively, pretending it was against his will…hoping the travesti istanbul man wouldn’t receive the message of his desire.

“Good boy. Daddy’s good and hard.” The man wrapped one hand around his lower waist as their bodies separated, and he paused in confusion, then silently inhaled as he felt the slippery cock press against his anus! Should he continue? Should he stop the man…this stranger…from penetrating him?! Could he, even if he wanted to?

The man placed both hands on his hips, and he continued arching back, wondering how to end this mistake… fighting the need to whimper in pleasure…afraid any sound would attract attention and abruptly cut this forbidden fantasy short.

His mouth gaped open as the man pressed against him, then finally succeeded! He suddenly felt the fullness of the cock inside him and he continued arching back to relieve the pressure.

“There you go. No more curiosity…no more cherry.”

Oh god…he was being fucked! A man’s cock was inside him! He shut his eyes as the man held him tight and began moving against his ass; the cock penetrating deeper with every thrust.

“Do you want me to cum in your ass and really take your virginity?” The man pressed tight against him with each persistent penetration. “Nod your approval.”

He inhaled, then after a brief hesitation, submissively nodded.

“Good boy. It’s fun, satisfying a man, isn’t it.”

He nodded again as the man continued thrusting inside him. Oh, how it felt…the discomfort had turned to sheer pleasure. Pleasure on so many levels…. Fulfilled in so many ways.

His cock throbbed but in a strange submissive way, and his whisper crackled, breathlessly. “Can I cum?”

“I’ll tell you when I’m cumming so you can cum when I do.” The man gripped him tighter and thrust deep enough to produce a rhythmed slapping sound. He looked around, paranoid, then arched his ass and masturbated faster as he spread his legs, waiting to explode with a fulfilled lust he never thought he’d reach.

“I’m close. Press against me.”

He felt the man’s weight as he squeezed him tighter, then heard the soft deep groan in his ear as the man thrust deep.

“Yes.” The man grunted. “I’m cumming.”

He squeezed his cock tight as the words and enhanced feeling started an orgasm felt throughout his entire being, and his cock throbbed as it spurted its own climax against the shower wall.

He stared in amazement as his next spurts joined it, then watched it drip down the tile as the man groaned with each new thrust inside him. Their timed ecstasy spasms continued before the stranger’s grip eased, and he felt a slight disappointment as the man’s erection slipped from his ass. It was the sexiest, most erotic thing he had ever experienced, and that now included sucking cock!

“You’re a really nice fuck.”

He fought a shy grin and glanced down as the man presented the bar of soap, then felt a glob of cum trickle down the inside of his thigh.

“Is that what you wanted?”

He nodded and offered a forced smile. He did, but hadn’t expected the intensity or public display, not to mention the fact, he still didn’t know the man’s name. Yet he knew without a doubt, he’d been fucked. The man’s cum was now oozing down his leg, and he never felt anything more embarrassing…or erotic!

“Wash my cock.”

He pressed the soap against the man’s penis, then began masturbating it to a lather. “Be careful unless you want round two.”

He moved away from the shower stream, afraid to rinse the cum dripping down his leg, as the man took the soap and washed himself. He handed it back before standing under the stream. “Meet here Thursday. Same time, if you want…and you’ll taste something I think you’ll really like.”

His heart jumped as he realized he now knew the next time he would touch and suck cock…but taste what? What did the man’s statement mean? Was he going to make him taste semen? His heart beat even harder as he wondered if it tasted like his.

He watched the man walk away, then reached down and felt the creamy cum oozing down his leg. He scanned the room, wondering if anyone witnessed his actions, then smelled the soap in his hands as he lathered; suddenly needing to find what brand it is, knowing the smell would forever remind him of his first and ultimate forbidden erotic adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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