Step Sister with Benefits Ch. 02-03

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Starting a new school year helped distract Ben and Claire from their summer relationship. Even though they were step-siblings, there was no denying their attraction to one another. Claire was starting her sophomore year and moved out of the dorms to share an apartment with two of her friends. It was exciting for her to be in her own apartment and out of the confines of a small, shared dorm room. She was taking another step in becoming an independent adult and setting up the apartment and developing a partnership with her roommates took time and energy, not to mention the beginning of classes and the right of passage college parties on the weekends.

It was an entirely new experience for Ben to be away from home for the first time. He was somewhat nervous but was good at hiding his feelings. It was also a great feeling to be a freshman in college, free of his parent’s daily scrutiny. The best part was meeting new friends and checking out all of the new girls on campus. Ben had spent a considerable amount of time weight lifting and attracted the attention of a lot of the girls in the dorm and on campus with his handsome looks and physique.

Before Claire and Ben went their separate ways to their college campuses, they agreed that they had to explore other relationships. They knew they shared a special bond, especially with the great sex between them but they were both too young to know exactly what was going to be their long-term future together. Were they going to be only step-brother and sister and part-time lovers or was there something more meaningful going on between them? Only time would tell.

They would text message each other several times per day and video chat a couple of times per week and they seemed to settle into their separate college lives. Ben was taking advantage of his popularity with a larger group of females to sow his wild oats. While he found having sex with a variety of young ladies exciting, he missed Claire deeply, especially late at night when he was alone in his bed. He would often think back to the times he had sex with Claire and how fulfilling it would be. Sex with the other girls was great but it just wasn’t the same. He would often jerk off thinking of the times he shared a bed with his step-sister.

Claire is also an extremely attractive, very tall blonde with blue eyes and can be selective on who she dates and even more selective on who she has sex with. Sharing an apartment with friends and having your own bedroom makes it much easier to have sex than it was in the dorm last year. While it wasn’t easy to get her into bed, Claire still had her fair share of sexual partners too. She tended to sleep with guys that she had developed at least a short-term relationship with but she also had a couple of one-night stands. After all, a young woman gets horny sometimes too.

After a couple of months of daily text messages and occasionally short video calls, Ben and Claire had time for a lengthy video chat. They talked about what was going on at school, some of the parties they attended, and their college football rivalry. The conversation then turned to an awkward exchange on what was going on in their personal lives.

Ben mentioned he had been dating several girls which led Claire to respond, “You mean you’ve been sleeping around.”

“Well, yeah. You know how horny I am,” Ben jokingly replied.

“Oh, I know all too well.”

Claire then mentioned, “I’ve been dating a guy, a senior, who is in the engineering program. He’s a really nice guy.”

“Is that the best you can say about him, Claire? How is he in bed?”

“The sex is okay.”

Ben laughed and said, “Just okay? Not as good as me, I bet.”

“You sound jealous, Ben. Don’t be like that.”

“I guess I am a little jealous. I don’t think anyone is good enough for you.”

“Now Ben, we agreed that we should see other people and take our time to figure out what’s next for us.”

“I know, Claire. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. Besides, I miss, you know, being with you. I don’t enjoy the sex with the other girls as much as with you.”

“To be honest, I miss being with you too.”

“My roommate is out for a few hours, Claire. Um, how about showing me your tits.”

“What? That was pretty random. Are you that horny, Ben?”

“Come on Claire, you know the answer to that,” Ben replied with a chuckle. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

“Wait a second. Let me go into my bedroom.”

Ben anxiously waited while her camera bounced around as Claire moved her laptop into her bedroom and closed the door. Ben went to sit on his bed. Claire saw his bare chest and asked if he was naked. Ben replied by tilting the camera to his hard-on.

“You’re such a horn dog, Ben.”

“Yes I am, Claire but that’s one of my better qualities.”

Claire set her laptop on her bed, adjusting it so it showed her upper torso when she stood up. Claire slowly lifted the bottom of her t-shirt, stopping just below her breasts to tease her step-brother. She flashed her bra and pulled her shirt asyabahis yeni giriş back down.

“Oh, you’re such a cocktease, Claire.”

“Don’t insult me or I’ll end the call,” she jokingly replied.

“Okay sis, you literally have me by the balls.”

Claire flashed her bra a couple of more times before finally pulling her shirt up over her head and tossing it aside. Ben stared at her white lace bra with her 36c tits pushing out of the top. He missed the great sex he had with his step-sister and couldn’t wait to get his hands and lips on her tits again. Claire teased him, even more, when she unfastened her bra but let it hang freely without removing it.

“You’re killing me, Claire.”

“Yeah, I know,” she replied with a devilish grin.

She took her arms out of the straps, holding it in place with her hands, making Ben beg for more. Claire would flash him one boob at a time before quickly covering up again to build up Ben’s anticipation. When she figured she teased him enough, she took off her bra to display her soft, round, creamy breasts to her step-brother.

“God, I’ve missed those tits.”

“I bet you have, Ben.”

“Come on, Claire, get naked with me. Let’s do this together.”

Ben could see Claire mulling it over then adjusted the laptop so Ben could see most of her body. She did a slow turn and shook her ass for him in her booty shorts then slowly peeled them down, leaving her in only her thong. Claire paraded around in front of the camera, letting her step-brother see her from all angles before bending over and slowly peeling her thong out from between her ass cheeks, revealing her anus and pussy for Ben.

Ben was now slowly stroking his dick watching his step-sister’s striptease. Claire then opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out her vibrator, laid down on the bed, and adjusted her laptop and camera so Ben had a great view of her body as she joined him in masturbating. Claire ran her vibrator over her neck, then down to circle her nipples before letting it drift down between her legs. She teased her clit and ran it up and down her slit before inserting it into her pussy.

“Damn, Claire, I sure do miss you. You are one hot, sexy babe.”

“I miss you too, Ben. If you were here right now, I’d fuck your brains out.”

Ben began to stroke himself faster as he watched his step-sister fuck herself with her vibrator while rubbing her clit with her other hand, her eye on the screen so she could watch Ben jerk off.

“If I were there, Claire, I’d fuck you all night long. I want to play with your tits and suck on your nipples. I want to eat your tasty pussy.”

“I’d suck your balls dry, Ben and then I’d fuck you again. I want to ride your big dick. Oh fuck, I miss your dick.”

‘I wouldn’t stop eating your pussy until you couldn’t cum anymore, then I’d fuck you so hard, you’d beg for more.”

“Fuck me, Ben. Fuck me.”

They both came within moments of each other with Ben shooting a huge load onto his stomach and Claire moaning as she came.

After they both caught their breath, Ben said, “Maybe I can come up there for a weekend. It’s only a three-hour drive.”

“I don’t know, Ben. I’m dating someone.”

Ben was confused, “But you just said how you’d fuck my brains out if I was there.”

“I know, Ben but that was just sex talk. We both agreed that it would be best if we spent some time apart to figure things out.”

Ben was thoroughly frustrated and confused by Claire’s mixed messages but he had no choice but to abide by her decision. If it was up to him, he’d drive to see her every weekend but it wasn’t up to him. He was even more jealous of his sister’s new love interest. It made him angry with jealousy to think of another man having sex with his step-sister. He couldn’t stand the thought of Claire kissing or being naked and sucking her new boyfriend’s dick. He felt worse when he pictured him fucking her. Ben was confident that no one could satisfy Claire as he could but he was helpless being so far away which made it worse.

That’s how things remained for the next couple of months. Ben and Claire would text each other often, video chat occasionally and they mutually masturbated one more time. Ben was encouraged that the Thanksgiving break was coming up and he’d finally see Claire again but he had no idea what to expect. He had found a girl he started to see regularly. His new relationship wasn’t the same as with Claire but it helped fill the void of not having his step-sister around. Subconsciously, it was also a shallow attempt to make Claire jealous.

Claire and Ben got home in the early afternoon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Claire was home first and when Ben walked through the door she greeted him with a big hug but when Ben tried to kiss her on the lips, she turned her head so he could kiss her cheek. Disappointment shot through his brain because he was hoping to pick up where they left off when summer ended.

Over lunch, Ben told Claire all about his first semester on asyabahis giriş campus in more detail than their text messages would allow. His roommate was okay but was a slob and spent too much time partying. Ben did his share of having a good time but was also interested in making sure he kept up his grades. Claire was a serious student and talked about living on her own with her friends and how challenging that could be at times but she still enjoyed the freedom. Then Claire talked about her boyfriend, Brian, and how they had been dating for about a month. She liked him a lot. Ben was doing his best to hide his jealousy but wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

“I remember you saying he wasn’t very good in bed though. How’s that working out for you?”

“I didn’t say he wasn’t any good in bed, Ben. I said the sex was okay.”

“Not as good as with me though, right?”

“Stop it, Ben. Brian is a nice guy.”

“I’m sorry, Claire. I just want what’s best for you.”

Ben then told Claire about the girl he was dating, Molly. It wasn’t anything serious. They got along extremely well and had similar interests. Ben preferred to have one girlfriend than have a series of one-night stands. It’s not like he had never fucked a girl and never saw her again but it wasn’t his preference. He made sure to go into some details on how often they dated and had sex in hopes of making Claire as equally jealous as he was but she only seemed mildly upset. However, deep inside, it bothered Claire a lot that her brother was semi-serious about another girl but she was better at suppressing that jealousy than Ben.

It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend for both Claire and Ben. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a traditional party night for college students returning home for a long weekend so they both spent that night with friends from high school. Thursday was spent with a large family gathering, watching football, eating, and drinking. Claire spent most of Friday shopping with her mom while Ben and his dad watched college football on TV.

Even though they didn’t get to spend much time together for the first three days, Claire and Ben were constantly stealing glances at each other. Ben couldn’t help undressing his step-sister with his eyes after not only seeing her naked before but fucking her numerous times too. His dick would start to grow whenever he looked at her for too long so he did his best to distract himself. The worst was at Thanksgiving dinner when he was sitting across from Claire. Claire was wearing a tight, long sleeve top that showed just a hint of cleavage but it clung to her breasts. He got an erection but had to start talking football with the other guests until his dick went back to normal. He jerked off later that night thinking of Claire.

Claire kept sizing up Ben also with his muscular build and a charming, boyish smile. She had never had better sex or more intense orgasms than when she was with Ben. Her pussy would get wet just thinking about it. She was fighting her instincts while trying to remain faithful to her new boyfriend. Claire also masturbated thinking of Ben when she went to bed on Thanksgiving. She considered surprising him in his room but fought those urges.

There was an undeniable sexual tension between Claire and Ben whenever they were around each other. Ben didn’t want to act upon that tension without some positive signal from Claire and she didn’t want to act upon her desires out of respect for Brian and unsure of what direction her relationship with Ben should take.

On Saturday night when their parents were out with friends for the night, Ben and Claire agreed to go to dinner and have a couple of drinks together seeing they both had fake IDs. Although they were dressed casually, Ben couldn’t help but stare at Claire in her skinny jeans which hugged her lovely, delectable ass and a form-fitting long-sleeve, scoop-neck black t-shirt. While Claire wasn’t trying to dress sexy, she was too beautiful with an athletic build to look anything other than sexy. It was torture for Ben.

Ben even suggested, “You know, we could order a pizza and stay home.”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, Ben. Nice try though.”

Claire knew what Ben had on his mind and was going to do her best not to give in. Her pussy was telling her to fuck Ben but her mind was telling her otherwise. Her mind won out. Over dinner, they had a great conversation about their hopes and dreams, reminiscing about their childhood and life in general. They were getting back to being best friends rather than lovers. They spent hours talking to each other and when they got home, Ben was hoping to lure Claire into his bed but unfortunately their parents were home early which made those dreams go up in flames.

Ben and Claire spent some time talking to their parents and having a couple of more drinks before Ben said he was tired and going to bed. Claire agreed with him and decided to go to bed too. They both had to drive back to campus in the morning and wanted to get a asyabahis güvenilirmi good night’s sleep. As they climbed the stairs to their bedrooms, Ben was checking out his step-sister’s ass twitching in his face.

When they got to their bedroom doors, Ben told Claire, “I’m right across the hall if you need me.”

“It’s tempting, Ben but I can’t.”

“I enjoyed tonight, Claire, even if we didn’t, you know, have sex. You’re my best friend and I miss you.”

“Thanks, Ben. You’re my best friend too and I miss you too.”

Ben leaned in to kiss Claire goodnight but this time she didn’t turn her cheek. She let Ben kiss her full on the lips but resisted making out with him. She gently pushed him away as they parted. They both wanted each other but Claire was determined to see if what they had between them was real and the only way she could do that is if they had separate lives for the time being and to resist having sex with each other. She didn’t want a purely sexual relationship with Ben and they were too young to make a lifelong decision on their future.

When they got back to school, Ben and Claire had to concentrate on their final exams and papers that were due for their end-of-semester grades but it would only be a few weeks before they would be home for the long winter break. It killed Ben to know Claire was dating someone else but there was nothing he could do about it. He knew he had to give Claire her space and couldn’t rush into anything either. Patience is a very difficult thing for a young man to learn.

Classes were over after the second week of December so Claire and Ben headed home for the month-long winter break to spend the holidays with family and friends. For the first week after they were both home, Claire kept Ben at arm’s length quickly letting him know by her actions that they weren’t going to have sex. Although Ben was disappointed, he still had hope that things would change. It was difficult but Ben knew he couldn’t pressure Claire into anything. The last he wanted was for her to have any regrets in their relationship.

Their parents still had to work, so that left Claire and Ben home alone most of the day. Even though Claire would dress more conservatively in the morning, mostly in sweat pants and a long-sleeve t-shirt, Ben would wear his boxers and tank top in hopes of tempting his sister with his hard, muscular body but it wasn’t working. What Ben didn’t know was that Claire was fighting her urges to return to having great sex with her step-brother after seeing his chiseled arms and shoulders, and how his chest muscles pressed against the fabric of his tight t-shirt, which was, indeed, turning her on. Ben took her coldness as Claire possibly being angry with him but, in reality, it was her trying her best not to see him in a sexual manner.

The step-siblings would spend time together during the day going Christmas shopping together, having lunches and drinks at home with their parents but it was nothing like before. Just before Christmas, Claire shocked everyone in the family when over dinner, she said that her boyfriend, Brian, was going to visit for a few days so they could spend New Year’s Eve together. Ben’s heart took another direct blow but he feigned acceptance for his sister’s benefit. Their parents were more than happy to welcome Brian into their home but insisted he sleep in the guest bedroom. Even though they knew he was probably having sex with their daughter, they weren’t ready to accept them sleeping together in their home. That was a minor relief for Ben but he knew they would find time to have sex with each other. What bothered Ben, even more, was that he and Claire would be at the same New Year’s Eve party at a mutual friend’s house.

When Brian arrived, everyone tried to make him feel at home but deep down Ben didn’t know what Claire saw in him. He was several inches shorter than his step-sister, with a small frame, glasses, and an overall nerd. Brian was a nice guy but wasn’t the type of guy Claire was usually attracted to. Ben made sure to squeeze Brian’s hand particularly hard when he shook hands to greet him, watching in pleasure at a slight wince in Brian’s face.

Ben grinned as he turned towards Claire with a, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” look on his face.

Claire was annoyed at Ben for not being more accepting of her boyfriend. Whenever Ben would have a moment alone with Claire, he would make snide remarks about Brian which made Claire even more annoyed but what she didn’t understand was that Ben was simply jealous. Ben knew that Claire didn’t like it when he slept with her best friend Lisa so he invited her to be his date on New Year’s Eve. Fortunately, Lisa wasn’t dating anyone and was more than happy to accompany Ben to the party. Lisa wasn’t aware that Ben was using her to taunt Claire and trying to make her jealous.

On New Year’s Eve, Ben left to pick up Lisa to take her to dinner before going to the party. When he and Lisa got to the party, Ben’s eyes immediately scanned the apartment for his sister. When he saw her, he locked eyes on her with Brian. Claire was wearing black leggings, heels, and a gold, metallic, halter style top with a keyhole cutout to show a hint of cleavage. She was sexy without being trashy. Ben wished he was Claire’s date but that wasn’t meant to be.

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