Story of C , S: Cyber Love Affair

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He arrived home from what had started out to be an eagerly anticipated brunch/lunch date a little after 1:00 on Sunday afternoon. He had been looking forward to meeting the woman with whom he had had a short, but promising email correspondence about the possibility of a relationship. She was younger, very pretty, had similar goals and purposes to his own and didn’t seem to be put off by the considerable difference in their ages. The brunch had been pleasant and the conversation stimulating…they were comfortable and easy together. But it had ended badly–with a whimper, not a bang–but badly nonetheless. The letdown had been gentle, kind and even filled with a tenderness that in the end made it all the more painful.

Now, with nothing more than an afternoon’s work facing him, his mood matched the gloomy pallor of the skies viewed from his apartment window. He had neglected an important deadline and now there was nothing for it but to tackle the project and finish it straightaway…

But in hopes of delaying the inevitable, he turned on his computer to check his email before buckling down to work. Amidst the usual pile of junk emails he was pleasantly surprised to see that C had returned his earlier email. He always enjoyed hearing from her…

C was someone he had met on the Internet… in one of “those” chat rooms where the curious, the timid, the bold, the adventurous come together in a kind of sexual primordial soup…driven by the sometimes frantic, sometimes languid pressures of desire. In the beginning he couldn’t quite put his finger on his attraction to her. But it was definitely there, and from the start. Something indefinable perhaps, a kind of spiritual connection with her, that he felt from the moment they had first started chatting. He had actually been surprised at how their “relationship” (he always felt it a bit strange to characterize these cyber-only liaisons as “relationships” of any kind…) had progressed. Starting with innocuous, easy and pleasant chitchat: their respective situations/stations in the “real world,” ages; even a smattering of flirtation concerning their respective sexual proclivities. Promising, a little titillating even, but hardly passionate. He had filed her under the “nice–possible good friend” category (where he himself had been deposited earlier in the day). They had signed off with the typical cheery promise to stay in touch and chat more later.

After their initial contact, and for the first week or two, he saw, or rather heard from her, only occasionally. For those not familiar with the process, it can be difficult to find time to find moments for conversation when lives canlı bahis are so far separated, time zones intervene, schedules don’t align, etc.

Then, one day he received a message on his computer from her that startled him with its simplicity and directness. She had written: “I’m looking forward to cybering with you soon.” Again, for the uninitiated, the verb “to cyber,” as in “cybersex,” implies more than just innocent chatting. It moves the conversation (relationship??) into an overtly sexual realm—an eventuality that he before not seriously considered with C. Her initiative and directness shocked him a bit. But her message did have a definite, and, he thought, surprisingly powerful impact on him. The sudden change in status found him contemplating the possibility of moving the friendship to a sexual level and he was amazed at how electric that possibility felt. It was as though all the easy comfort he had felt prior was suddenly, instantaneously even, converted to pure sexual energy.

Several days passed with just an occasional hello/how are you/gotta run exchanged between them as they lived their separate lives on opposite sides of the country… Actually they lived in different countries altogether—he in the US—California and she in Canada on the east coast. He began to consider that he had probably misinterpreted her message about “cybering” and that perhaps she was just a “newbie” (a beginner not familiar with the finer points of the jargon surrounding erotic chat) and had just meant to continue along with their innocent and social chitchat.

Until, that is, he ran into her at work one day–*that* day that had changed everything. She had hailed him across the Internet during her lunch hour. She worked as a teacher…a kindergarten teacher for god sakes…! And she was saying hello to him from a computer in the faculty lunch area during her lunch hour.

He couldn’t now recall exactly how it had started, but the conversation had taken a flirtatious turn rather quickly. And then even more quickly the embers of flirtation were fanned into a small but growing flame…and the sexual tension and promise that he had felt from her earlier message about “cybering” was rekindled and began to flow across the miles that separated them… She was sitting before her computer, primly, innocently in the teacher’s lounge, as though studiously checking her email and absorbed so as to avoid any suspicion that the she might be engaged in anything other than completely innocent and routine email check, as she typed in “I’m here at lunch and thinking about how utterly delicious your cock would be in my mouth….”

And assorted bahis siteleri other, um, provocative, phrases. The combination of her words and his imagination’s picture of her sitting in the kindergarten lunchroom had worked its magic and his cock was indeed, now rock hard and exposed in the privacy of his own office. He imagined her being there with him, instead of 3,000 miles away and the picture of her innocent eyes raised to his as his cock disappeared down her throat had him incredibly aroused, his erection now rock hard. (They had exchanged pictures previously, and he could imagine her—pretty, sexual and playful in such a position.) Across the continent, C sat primly still amidst the unsuspecting teachers and other staff in the lunchroom.

Had they been a bit more observant, perhaps they might have noticed that under her long sleeved white blouse her nipples were swelling to a state of complete erectness and were straining against the fabric of her bra, which she felt as a delicious sensation that just poured more fuel on the growing fire of her growing sexual desire. Or the most observant may have perceived the slight quickening and deepening of her breathing as she imagined the scene she described so vividly to S. Some may have even sensed the very faintest odor of her female juices, as her pussy lips started to swell, glistening with her arousal.

C continued writing. She loved cocks above almost anything else and the thought of his, this new and perfect conquest sliding past her lips and to the back of her throat caused an almost imperceptible moan to escape her lips… She caught herself and quickly glanced around to see whether anyone in the lounge had noticed. S, across the country could now picture her perfectly – and abandoning his own cock for a moment, typed quickly—he KNEW that she was sitting on the chair with her legs held tightly together… squirming ever so imperceptibly on the seat… enjoying the tingling sensations that were flowing directly from her nipples to what now felt like the center of her beingness…her pussy and her hardening clit. C’s clothing now both hid and stimulated her growing passion…her tight bra substituting for his imagined touch, her skirt and cotton panties, coupled with the discrete tiny gyrations of her hips, simulating the imagined light brushing of his fingers around her swelling and moistening pussy lips. The call that had actually begun as an innocent flirtation, was becoming a rapidly out-of-control inferno of tightly controlled passion.

What finally sent C over the edge was S’s typed instruction that she was to surreptitiously slip her hand down between the waist bahis şirketleri of her skirt and her flat belly, down past the elastic waistband of her panties and in between her now soaking lower lips. To slide her fingers deep into her cunt, silently, moisten them, and slowly raise them to her lips and suck and lick her own juices from them. C complied with the cyber instructions, and reported her sensations—an almost uncontrollable urge to cry out loud as her fingers slipped deep into her feminine recesses; the sweet and tangy taste of her cunt’s juice on her tongue; and an incredible feeling of unbearable tension throughout her entire body, all centered, with the rest of her beingness on her now fully erect and wet clit. Of course the thoughts and pictures of this taking place in the teacher’s lounge, in full view of the rest of the staff… had stiffened S’s cock to it fullest and he now stroked it firmly and moaned with his own mounting pleasure as C described her efforts to follow his instructions explicitly.

C was rapidly approaching the point where she would or could have any control over the rising tide of an impending spectacular orgasm . . . and she knew that this, when it occurred would be utterly unconcealable. She typed her urgent message to S. She had to leave for the ladies room, and quickly! Of course there were no computers in the school’s restrooms, so S, realizing that she really would have to leave, typed his final instructions. C was to imagine herself in the restroom, sitting on the commode, legs spread wantonly and panties around her ankles as she moaned loudly now. One hand’s fingers circling her clit in the rhythms she knew so well and her other hand finger-fucking her drenched pussy. S (in their minds, of course) moves quickly to straddle her legs and present his erection to her openly begging mouth and lips… C cries out, coming uncontrollably, as S ejaculates into her mouth and throat, then watches her unsuccessfully attempt to swallow it all, the excess dribbling down and out the corners of her lips.

Yes, it seems that their relationship had changed, all right… C was left to quickly close the chat window and rapidly excuse herself from the lounge. S, left floating in the haze of sexual afterglow, his cyber lover gone from the screen. S notices his own come, sticky and hardening rapidly all over his right hand. Thinking of her, he lifts his fingers to his lips to taste what she would have tasted…what he would have tasted leaning down to kiss and suck her lips and come-filled mouth had they actually been together.

Almost unwittingly, certainly surprisingly, they had begun what would be the adventure of their sexual lives. They had awakened some sleeping beast of pure, raw sexual energy deep within themselves that would lead them they knew not where.

More to come…. as S and C continue to explore…

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