Strangers in the Night Ch. 02

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Devon stepped from the warmth of his car into the chilled evening. A breath of wind caught up a handful of newly fallen leaves, and they whipped and twirled around a streetlamp before drifting to the ground as the wind passed. The neighborhood was well established, with the 1930’s Bungalow style houses canopied by century-old maples.

The house before him was, he admitted with a wry smile, far more charming in a slightly eccentric sort of way. A violet color vibrantly shaded the front door, and it was highlighted by the paler shades of purple that trimmed the eves. The house itself was a handsome soft grey color that worked well with the quirky purple pallet. Several huge trees draped over the house, which would probably shade it throughout the heat of the summer days. The yard was prettily landscaped, and neatly kept.

Very much the opposite living conditions from what he expected his lusty Jessamine to dwell. He had pictured a modern loft, with hard lines and metal accents, not this picturesque vision of homey comfort.

He shrugged off his curiosity as he bounded up the steps. Their relationship, if you could call it that, was based on sex. Nothing more and nothing less. She, according to her online profile and their typed conversations, wanted to explore her most private of fantasies. The desires that dwell within the heart, but which are rarely ever expressed. Perhaps, as he thought on it, the house made quite a bit of sense. Jessamine, or whatever her real name was, was probably the complete opposite in nature than as she was portraying to him.

Three quick raps on the door announced his presence, and he waited. A clumping sound descended what he assumed were stairs, and approached the door. He wondered what the heck she was wearing, but figuring it was better than the bare feet that she wore on their first encounter. And from there, his thoughts wandered a week back to her seemingly endless legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he pumped into her hot, welcoming pussy.

Rather than paste a pleasant expression on his face to hide the lascivious thoughts racing through his mind (something he would have done on a normal date), Devon allowed his every thought show as Jessamine opened the door. Her breath caught audibly at the sight of him smiling at her in a suggestive manner. Without saying a word, that first five seconds spoke volumes. He raked his eyes up and down, taking in the glorious sight of her.

Jessamine’s boyishly-short black hair was mussed artfully, allowing the graceful architecture of her face and long arch of her neck to show. Her make-up was minimal but for a rosy shine on her lips, but the lack of paint emphasized the erotically fullness of her lips. She wore a short dress that moved with the lithe curves of her body. It’s muted mossy green color and simple lines would have been casually classy, but for the long, belled sleeves that turned classy to charmingly flirty. A bright yellow, heart-shaped stone draped around her neck, and hung so low that it drew the eye to where it was nestled, happily between Jessamine’s bountiful breasts. Climbing from the top of her knee-high, combat boots was a dragon, etched onto the lace of her black leggings.

A peculiar assortment of clothing, muğla escort but somehow Devon found it refreshing. Here was a woman that marched to her own tune. He could imagine her in the sleek little number that most women would have chosen with a night of seduction in mind. Maybe even dressing down into a pair of jeans and a simple top. Yet this outfit was so unique and unexpected, that he found it erotic all the same. Especially the chains on the boots.

As the flowery perfume that was Jessamine swept through his senses, his semi-hard erection sprang painfully to attention. It was only the remembrance of the plans he had made that kept him from foregoing the evening in lieu of wild, passionate sex up against her door, down on her hardwood floor, on the stairs and beyond. He didn’t know what she was really like in her world, but he was exceedingly grateful for whatever prompted her to go looking for a man to fulfill her unspoken fantasies.

“Trouble,” he said with a smile, “you are definitely trouble.”

She slid her arms around his neck, and pressed her body full against his. Feeling the obvious proof of his desire for her, she smiled wickedly. “That,” her tongue slipped out to lick along the line of his lips, “was precisely the point.”

He took her mouth with his, pressing down on the cushion of her lips with savage viciousness. His tongue plunged into the heat of her mouth, sliding along her tongue, and stealing her breath away. It might have been punishment, a reprimand for her audacity, had she not responded in kind. Her tongue battled fiercely with his, and her ripe body rubbed suggestively against his. It was a losing battle, and before he succumbed to her, Devon broke the kiss with a hissing reluctance.

“We’ll never get to the theater,” he panted, his forehead pressed against hers, “if we keep this up.”

“And I’ve always had a thing for dark theaters.” Devon took her hand, and pulled her away from the house and into his car. As he slid into the driver’s seat, Jessamine whistled appreciatively, “This is one sweet ride.”

“I use it to seduce the ladies,” he said wryly.

“Does it work?”

He chanced a glance at her as he revved the engine of the once sleek, sport-coup, and took off with a wanting rush of acceleration. She looked like sin, even sitting there surrounded by the old metal and once buttery leather of his ancient, MG Midget. “You tell me.”

“I suppose it works a lot better than a Subaru might.”

“Ahh, but the Subaru has a back seat. That might be tempting in itself.”

Jessamine stroked a finger along the long length of the parking brake. Devon couldn’t help but watch as she grasped it in her hand, and rolled her thumb back and forth over the head of the stick. “I highly doubt that would provoke the same response.”

He laughed, shaking off his reaction to the sight of her practically giving his brake a hand job. “I think it might be a close call, though. Someday I’ll fix this old thing up, and when I do, the ladies will be swarming.”

She chuckled with him, “I’m sure it will.”

He turned into a parking garage, and whipped around the corners, descending into the earth in search of the elusive parking ordu escort spot on a Saturday night. Three floors down, he finally found a space, parked, and cut the engine. Before he could think of the possible fantasies they could entertain there in the barely lit garage, he was out of the car and opening the passenger side door. One long leg exited, then the other, and with her hand in his, she slid from the car like liquid silk.

They made for the stairs. A step ahead of him, Jessamine’s backside swayed enticingly as she climbed. As they reached the ground level, Devon settled a proper hand at the small of her back. He paid for their tickets; some love story comedy he was far from interested in, but had been playing long enough that he figured there would be few people in the theater with them. As they moved beyond the inquisitive eyes of the general population, he indulged himself by dropping to cup a handful of the rounded curves of her ass.

They found their seats in the nearly empty theater, and they settled in to wait for the previews to begin. Jessamine was quiet as she gazed at the silent promotions the theater projected on the screen.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

Her voice was thoughtful as she answered, “I know I’m the one who set the rules of this… relationship, but I can’t help but wonder a little.”

“About what?”

“You, who you are. I’m not even certain if I know your real name.”

“I suppose,” he said, “that is part of the thrill of our arrangement. The anonymity and illusions.” He picked up her hand and softly kissed her palm.

Jessamine turned her head to watch as he placed hot, open mouthed kisses down to the tender skin of her wrist. “It’s only anonymous unless I Google your name and find your picture by it.”

He smiled slightly before countering, “Or if you don’t answer the door to the house I picked you up at when I just happen to pop on by when you least expect it?”

“Exactly. It makes one wonder what the ‘thrill’ of our arrangement really is.”

Devon’s head dipped down, and his breath feathered her ear as he whispered, “Lust.”

Jessamine turned to face him, and reached to spike her fingers into the silky strands of his hair. She leaned in to nip at his lower lip, and then pulled it into her mouth to lave the sting away with a soothing stroke of her tongue. “Sex.”


As he moved in to take her mouth with, he had intended to be, another hard, punishing kiss, the devious little imp slithered from his hold. She began to chatter on about the good reviews she had heard about the movie, as if she had not just nearly seduced him into a ravenous beast, bent on feasting on the delectable flesh that sat so seemingly innocent beside him. Perhaps it was because he knew that she was well aware of the lusts she created in him that made him able to control himself.

The room darkened, and the previews began. It was loud and brash, as always Hollywood was, but it did not hold his attention. Rather, he recalled their first evening together; the way she took what she needed from him without qualm or apologies. It was definitely not the usual way of things for him, and he found it electrifying. Devon wondered osmaniye escort how she would respond to him in a setting of his choosing. One not sheltered by the isolation of night, though he supposed that a dark theater was nearly as secluded.

The softly rasping sound of one stocking clad leg crossing over the other reached his ears over the sounds of soda cups and candy dancing and singing about turning off cell phones. As she shifted in her seat, the hem of her dress inched up, only just revealing the frilly lace of a lilac garter, edged with black satin, and topped with a miniature bow. Devon closed his eyes as his desire for her burst through him like a fiery rampage. Forsaking all subtlety, he reached out and scooped up her leg to drape it over his lap. Her dress twisted at the sudden movement, and the wide spread of her legs completely exposed the delicate harness of her garter. He slid a seeking hand up her thigh, finding and pushing beyond the edge of her silk panties.

Startled, Jessamine gasped as he wasted no time parting the petals that sheltered her small nub. She glanced around, obviously nervous about onlookers despite the shelter of darkness. When he thrust his fingers deep into the slick heat of her body, she lost interest in the people around them, and moaned as her pleasure spiked with his every stroke.

Her well was like molten liquid, and it wept for his touch. Jessamine spread her legs wider, her dress rising even higher so that he could see the dark tan of his hand silhouetted against the paleness of her skin as he plunged his fingers in and out of her. His thumb searched through the small downy nest of black to find the heart of her, and when he pressed and circled it, she let out a surprised cry that was lost within the sounds of the movie.

Still hungry for a taste of her, he slid to kneel on the floor before her. He spread her lips with one hand, exposing the light pink bud sheltered within. His tongue reached out with long, hungry strokes; drawn to it like a bee for its sweet, honeyed nectar. Devon felt Jessamine’s hands grasping and tugging at his hair, pressing his face against her as his mouth worked her into ecstasy.

He feasted on her, licking and sucking, nipping and laving, fucking her with deep thrusts of his tongue. And when she finally came, she grinded herself against his face, drowning him in her seeping dew.

Hard as the proverbial rock, ready to feel that sopping pussy tighten greedily around his cock, Devon rose over her limp form. He reached for the zipper that had barely managed to contain his raging hard-on, and…

The lights turned on, illuminating the room with a dim, but revealing glow. Jessamine was draped over the seat, one leg hanging from the arm rest, her dress hiked up around her waist. The spread of her legs allowed him to see the burn of his facial hair on the delicate skin of her inner thighs. He was satisfied, at least, to see that the soft, pink folds of her bud had bloomed to a fiery redness by his amorous attentions. Devon pulled the hem of her skirt down, shifted his painfully aroused cock to a more comfortable position, and stood.

The credits were well on their way to completion, and all the movie watchers were long gone. A pair of teenagers stood in the front of the theater, brooms held ready in their hands. They gaped at Devon as he stood, having obviously just been kneeling between the gorgeously sleepy woman’s legs. As he ushered Jessamine from the theater, Devon winked at the young men as they grinned lecherously.

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