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Brian came home from work to find a tumbler with a generous serving of scotch on the kitchen table. An envelope and a black silk scarf had been placed next to it. He smirked as he picked up the note. It had been a while since Jen had pulled one of her sexytime stunts. A couple of months ago they were out at a bar when she strategically flashed him a recent purchase; crotchless underwear that showcased the lips of her pussy. Unwilling to wait until they got home, he fucked her in the car the instant their drinks were consumed.

The note’s instructions said to enjoy some scotch before entering the living room. He was then to sit in the chair she had placed in the middle of the floor and cover his eyes with the blindfold. Brian picked up the tumbler, inhaling the sharp scent of the alcohol before pressing the glass to his lips. He could only imagine what she was up to.

“Jen?” he called out but she didn’t respond. Their apartment wasn’t huge so if she were home, she heard him. “Jenny?” he called again, but was met with silence. He took a couple more sips of scotch then decided to do what he was told.

Brian walked into the living room with the scarf in his hand and sat down in the chair, glancing around the room before tying the soft silk around his eyes. He wished he brought the rest of the scotch with him but didn’t want to interrupt her plan. He waited, only hearing the sound of his shallow breathing. His skin felt prickly with anticipation wondering where she was. He thought about removing the blind fold and looking for her but as the idea entered his mind he heard kırklareli escort the familiar click of high heels moving down the hallway toward the living room. He grinned as she got closer.

“Well look at you. Such a good boy.” she purred, her palm gliding down the stubble of his cheek.

“Hey there.” he tilted his face upward wanting to kiss her, but she had sauntered off leaving a trail of musky vanilla in her wake.

Brian heard Jen turn on her iPOD which was nestled into a pair of speakers on the coffee table behind him. Sultry music filled his ears. All his nerve endings were standing at attention as he sensed her body. She slid her palms down his torso, her finger tips stopping when they met his belt and then slid back up again and over his shoulders. She untied the blindfold, dropping it. Brian turned to look at her but she moved his head, making him face forward.

“Not yet.” she whispered.

He delighted in the anticipation of seeing her. The music continued as she rubbed his nipples through his shirt, making them hard before giving them a light pinch. Her body danced to the side of the chair. With her back to him and her ankles spread just slightly she squatted down then slowly stood, her firm ass teasing him. He watched her lovely thighs strut forward, her black thong showing off the muscles of her rounded cheeks. Her legs parted wide as she rolled her hips to beat of the music. She bent forward at the waist for a beat before snapping herself back up, her glossy hair raining down over her shoulder afyon escort blades.

Brian’s cock began stirring in his pants. His knees parted wider as she turned around, her fingertips tracing the top of her breasts peeking out of the royal blue bra with the black lace. Jen squatted down again and bounced, spreading her knees offering Brian the slightest peek of her lace covered pussy before closing them and strutting over to him as he reached out for her.

“No touching.” she winked as she straddled his lap. She pushed his face into her cleavage as her hips started grinding against his erection. He inhaled the scent of her body, glistening with a sheen of sweat. It was all he could do not to push that tiny piece of fabric away from her cunt and fuck her.

Jen stood, releasing his head then turned around, her hands clasping her knees as the pale globes of her ass gyrated just above his lap, teasing his cock. She stood, turned to look at him and smacked her right ass cheek before prancing away, her fingers unhooking her bra. Slowly, with her back to him, she turned her head to watch him as she pulled the straps down her arms then tossed the garment at him, grinning.

He unzipped his pants and reached for his cock as the bra slid off his lap. He relaxed into the feeling of his hand stroking the stiff flesh as Jen’s torso bent forward again, hips swaying a little from side to side as her thumbs hooked into the waist of her thong. She pulled it down the length of her gorgeous thighs allowing him a peek of how wet she was.

She amasya escort stood slowly, and then pirouetted around to face him again. She pinched her excited nipples while swishing her hips from side to side. Brian began stroking himself faster as she dropped to her knees, spun around and spread her legs, bending forward so he could watch as her fingers work her pussy. He heard her labored breathing turn into moaning and he thought she was going to come right there. She lifted herself up to all fours instead, then gracefully fell to one side, opening her legs wide in a straddle position teasing him with her dripping cunt before snapping her legs closed and lifting herself up off the floor.

“Are you close?” she asked as leaned forward, her face inches from his.

“I am.” Brian tightened the grip on his dick as Jen straddled him. The music was coming to an end as she lowered herself onto the head of his erection. Her pussy sucked on him as she moved up and down on this tender spot. He resisted the urge to grab her hips and slam her down the length of his shaft. He didn’t want to be teased any longer.

Jen began making little circles with her hips, allowing her body to swallow his length with each rotation. Brian felt the base of his spine tingle as she made her way down. When her body made full contact with his, he let go, his dick spasming against the tight walls of her cunt. Her hips continued to work greedily against him though, her clit lighting up as it made contact with his body until the spark of her own orgasm shot through her center like an exploding firework. Jen cried out as the sensation overtook her, drowning her body in pleasure. When her orgasm subsided she relaxed against Brian’s chest as her breathing made its way back to normal.

“I am one lucky bastard.” Brian whispered into her neck.

“That you are.” she teased, feeling quite lucky herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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