Studs Ch. 02

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Note: this is my second attempt at writing my erotic dystopian story. I know the first part was kind of dumb – I got distracted by the masturbation scene for a minute. Thanks for the comments. I hope this part is somewhat better. I’ve had it in my head for a long time but it’s harder than I thought it would be to put those thoughts down in words.


Katie started down the stairs, slowly and nervously. She wore a sheer white dress her parents had selected for her. It hugged her slender curves and revealed that she wore nothing beneath it. Over the dress she had hastily thrown a black sweater. It didn’t match, but she felt awkward with just the sheer dress – if you looked closely, you could see the outline of her nipples. She knew her parents had selected a Stud for her tonight, knew it was what they wanted, and yes, what she had secretly dreamed of, but she couldn’t help but be nervous.

Katie had turned 18 only a few months earlier. She was popular but shy at school – boys looked at her but nobody had really asked her out, not seriously. She would be headed for the University in the Capital in the fall, and her parents didn’t want her getting into trouble when she was there – and they figured once she’d learned from a Stud, she would only settle for the best. Katie’s friend, Deborah, had been envious when she learned what was in store for Katie.

“I heard they’re…you know…huge!” Deborah had giggled. “It might hurt you!”

“Studs never hurt you,” Katie had said, a bit faintly. “That’s not what they’re trained to do.”

“Unless you want them to! I heard about a woman who wanted to…to have a whole lot of them…um, you know…” Deborah’s voice trailed off.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Katie had replied. “A whole lot of them? Why would they..never mind.” Anadolu Yakası Escort Katie was getting into a realm she had no knowledge of. A boy had once tried to kiss her when she was fourteen, but other than that, she had stuck to her studies. She knew Deborah had experimented with a couple of guys, but she had never really asked her friend.

Her high heeled dress shoes, purchased just to go with this dress, clicked on the stairs as she came down. Her cheeks burned; she couldn’t look at her parents, who stood waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

“You look, beautiful, honey,” her mom murmured. Just then, a soft knock on the door signaled the arrival of her date, her Stud. Katie’s mom nervously opened it, and there stood Tony – six feet, two inches, curly brown hair, dressed in a black tuxedo. His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled directly into her eyes, and Katie was lost.

“Ready to go, sweetheart?” he asked. Had he winked at her mom? She couldn’t tell as she made her way carefully down the rest of the stairs. Her hand seemed to float into his, as his fingertips caressed her palm gently. “I’ll have her back by noon tomorrow,” he told her parents as he ushered her out the door and into the waiting car.

Katie realized she was shaking as they drove through the deserted streets. “You don’t need to be nervous,” he told her. “We won’t do anything you don’t want to do. I’m here to show you what a man can do for you, so you don’t settle for anything less.”

Katie nodded, “I know. My parents told me that. I…I’ve only ever…well, sort of kissed a boy once. That’s it.”

Tony nodded. “That’s what they told me. So all this is new to you. But they tell me you’re a smart girl, and they want you to concentrate on your studies at college next year.”

As they talked, Katie Bostancı Escort felt some of the tension leave her. Tony was handsome, thoughtful and a good listener. Of course, that’s what Studs were trained for, she guessed. But still, he seemed genuinely interested as he asked her questions about her plans, and listened to her answers. Before she knew it, she was telling him about the university she planned to attend, her best friends, her hopes for the future – and they had pulled up in front of a large, imposing building. It’s grey concrete facade was plain, but she could see the security cameras posted at various locations, the narrow windows, and a heavy iron door.

“This is where we live and work. It doesn’t look romantic, but it will be…for you.”

The Stud compound contained everything – living and dining quarters for the trainees and full-time Studs, workout facilities, and fantasy rooms of every description, from large performance theaters to small holding cells. Whatever people desired to make their dreams come true. Both men and women – the wealthy ones in this society, of course – made their way here for fantasy, pleasure…even for what passed for love, at times.

Tony parked the car in his designated spot and helped Katie out. “What a lovely dress,” he complimented her as he led her from the heavily secured underground parking into an elevator.

Studs were only permitted to leave if they had several years’ experience, and special permission. Tony was not only experienced; he was a trusted trainer of newcomers.

He punched a code into the control panel and within a few minutes, they emerged into a wood-paneled corridor. The floors were elegant marble and several mahogany doors stood, waiting. Tony opened one of them and led Katie into a lovely, elegant suite. There Ümraniye Escort was plush carpeting, a table set with candles and crystal, soft music playing. She could see a bedroom through another door – an elegant canopied bed awaited. Katie swallowed hard. She remembered that Tony had told her they wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to…

Sensing her nervousness, Tony smiled. “Let me take your sweater,” he said kindly. “Why don’t you sit down and have a glass of wine. Ask me anything you like.”

Katie handed him her sweater, sat down at the table, and allowed him to pour her a glass. She took a sip and asked, “How long have you been a Stud?”

“Fifteen years,” he smiled. “It’s gone by fast.”

“Did you…did you ever want to do anything else?”

He shook his head. “I love what I do. I love making love, making people feel good, taking care of them. Learning about them, learning what they like, what they want.”

“People? Women?”

“And men. I like both.” His dark eyes twinkled. “Sometimes at the same time,” he added with a smile.

Katie’s head spun. She could barely imagine … doing it … with even one person, but more than one at a time? Her face must have shown her surprise and amazement, because Tony’s smile widened, his teeth flashing as he chuckled. “Don’t worry about that now,” he added. “This is just about you and me tonight. I want to show you how wonderful lovemaking can be, so that you don’t settle for anything less than…this.”

Before she even knew what was happening, Tony leaned over and kissed her – her first real kiss. His lips were tender at first, soft and gentle, then he leaned in closer and his kiss grew more insistent, stirring a yearning in Katie that she hadn’t known was there. His tongue gently touched her lips, and she parted them, her head spinning.

After a minute, he pulled away, looking into her eyes and smiling. “I can’t wait to show you,” he whispered, and Katie’s fears fled from her. His warm brown eyes were full of affection, a little dimple showing on his strong jaw.

“Show me,” she whispered.

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