Suddenly Sarah Ch. 02

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Sarah removed her lips from mine, looked up at me and smiled. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer and my brain shifted into overdrive as I contemplated what had just occurred between my young daughter and me. I had definitely crossed the boundary between the accepted ideals that I had grown up with and the overwhelming urges that had suddenly and unexpectedly, shown themselves to me.

“Daddy, are you alright?” She asked.

“Yes, Honey, I’m fine.” He said, as he gently stroked her hair, “I’m just thinking.”

“Thinking of what, Daddy? Didn’t my kiss make you feel good?”

“Of course it did Honey, maybe too good.”

“Kiss me again, Daddy, It made me feel good too. It made me tingle right here.”

Sarah took my hand and placed it on top of her thigh, then opened her legs and with her hand on top of mine, moved it until I was cupping my daughter’s pussy through her silky panties.

My lips sought hers and as she parted her lips, I ran my tongue across the front of her teeth, then further into her mouth. She moaned as I let my fingers trace the outline of her young pussy, feeling the dampness already forming on her panties. She opened her legs further and I pulled the crotch away from her pussy and gently slipped my index finger between her sweet folds and slid it slowly up and down her slit until my finger grazed her clit.

“Ohhh, Daddy that feels soooo good.” She moaned. “Please, do that some more.”

My finger was rubbing and flicking her swelling clit, then returning to slide up and down her pussy. Her juices were seeping from her arousal and I had little trouble in sliding my finger into her tight, young cunt.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, put more fingers in me and do it faster. I think I’m about to feel canlı bahis real, real good.”

Her young hips were rotating as she sat on the couch, trying to keep my hand and fingers in constant contact with her pussy. Her breathing was ragged and I knew that she was close to having her first daddy induced orgasm. Her tongue sought mine and as we kissed harder and deeper, she arched her hips and groaned loudly, letting the intense feeling overtake her.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Daddy, ohhhhhh.”

“Sarah? Did you enjoy that?” I asked, as I waited for her breathing to return to normal.

“Yes, Daddy, that was great.” “But now, I want to do something for you; to make you feel really special.”

“Oh, Sarah, I already feel special,” I told her, “because of you.”

She giggled and stood up in front of me; lifting her t-shirt above her flat, tight belly, then pulled it completely off and threw it to the floor. She took her breasts, cupping them with her hands, and offered them to my gaze.

“Do you like these, Daddy?” “Do you like the way my tits look?”

“Oh God, Yes.” I moaned, as I feasted my eyes on her succulent tits, the nipples on both, becoming hard, as she saw the lust in my eyes.

I moved lower on the couch as she straddled my hips and threw her arms around my neck, pressing her young tits against my face. My mouth opened automatically as her nipple grazed my lips, my tongue reaching out to it, wanting to envelope it into the warmth of my mouth.

“Yes, Daddy, Ohhh, yes, suck on my nipples.”

My emotions were in high gear as my mouth went back and forth between her tits, sucking, nibbling, licking and then, starting it all over again. My daughter’s tits were driving me to heights I haven’t reached in years, bahis siteleri and she was relishing her part in making me feel better than I had a right to deserve.

I felt her ass shift as she settled down on my lap, her panty covered pussy now resting on my very swollen shaft. I heard her take a deep breath, and then start to slide her ass back and forth against my hardness. I could feel the wetness seeping from her pussy and placing a wet spot on my pants.

“Oh, Sarah,” I moaned, “Let me slip my pants down. I want to feel you sitting on me like this, I want to feel you’re…you’re…”

“What, Daddy?” She breathed, “You want to feel my naked pussy rubbing against your hard cock?”

“Oh God, yes, yes, against my hard cock!”

Sarah stood and quickly pulled her panties off her supple body as I all but ripped my pants and shorts off and resumed my place on the couch. As she sat across my lap again, I felt the hairs on her pussy tickle my cock, like tiny feathers drifting through the air.

“Put it in me, Daddy, do it to me now.”

“Oh Honey, are you sure about this?”

Putting her hand down, she gripped my cock and with a small twist of her wrist, I felt the tip of my cock enter her soft, young flesh.

“Ahhhh, its so big Daddy, but it feels sooo good in there.”

With her hips gyrating and attempting to impale herself even further, I arched my back, slipping my cock in her pussy another two inches. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and she was kissing me all around my face.

“I love you, Daddy, I love you so much.” She told me over and over.

“I love you too, Baby.” I replied, meaning it with all my heart. “I love you so much.”

My cock, now deep inside my daughter’s pussy, was bahis şirketleri still for the moment; I wanted Sarah to control the continuing action herself. Her eyes were closed, as she savored the first time feeling of having a man’s cock deep in her cunt.

She lifted her ass off my hips and then slowly slid her way down my shaft, until I could feel her puckered asshole resting on my balls.

“Mmmmmmm, Daddy,” “Your hard cock is driving me crazy. It’s making me feel all tickly inside my pussy.”

I placed my hands behind her ass and gripped those luscious cheeks tightly, then assisted my daughter as she rose and fell, faster and faster, on my cock. I was getting that familiar feeling I get, when I know I’m close to shooting my wad, and I didn’t want to cum in Sarah’s pussy. An accidental pregnancy was not the route I wanted to follow.

“Baby, I think that tickly thing in your pussy means your close to cumming… you know…having an orgasm. I don’t want to cum in your pussy, so when I tell you, let my cock out and just hold it…”

“Yes Daddy, just like when I fingered myself, like I did earlier, when you peeked at me.”

Yesssss, Sarahhh, God Damn, I’m going to cummmmm NOWWW.”

Sarah pulled off my almost spitting cock and grabbed it with her hand, stroking it like a pro. She directed it at her bush, and not a second too soon either; my cum boiled out of my cock and spattered against her open pussy, then ran down her wide open slit, to her ass.

“Oh God Daddy, that was sooo good.”

“Yes, it was, baby girl, but we’re not finished yet. Do you want me to show you more of what a loving father can do for his daughter?”

“Yes, Daddy, teach me everything.”

“Have you ever been licked down there?” I asked, rubbing my hand on her pussy, “Have you ever had a tongue flick across your clit?”

Sarah stared at me with wide opened eyes, still flushed from our recent activities,

“Mmmm, Daddy, please show me.”

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