Summer Art Class Pt. 02

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Art class returned to normal. Carl and I assumed an amicable distance in class, as before, and we did not mention a word between us about the episode. I continued my lunchtime routine of sketching in the park and Carl picked up with the crowd ‘his own age’ in the deli. Although I did have a fondness for Carl and his foppish affectations I was put out by his aloof attitude. We had an exciting experiment and I never intended anything more.

After about a week the novelty of the episode wore thin. What was adventuresome a couple days ago was now prosaic. This also happens when I masturbated too often to the same fantasy. So, to reignite my imagination, I mentally conjured my next escapade.

When I arrived at the studio I found a large brown envelope tucked inside the sketchpad on my easel. Instinctively I knew it was Carl’s doing so I secreted it with my supplies so I could open it in private. Several times that morning in class I caught Carl staring my way but I did not return his glances.

At lunch I packed my sketchpad, along with the envelope, and made my way to the park. I found an unoccupied bench at the east end, with the view that stretched over the city’s industrial skyline, and surreptitiously opened the envelope. Inside I found a dozen matted drawings of me posing naked. Carl added details to the background, the bar, shelves and even a reflection in the mirror to make them more complete. He enhanced the precision of the drawings by shading, tints and touch-up in strategic places on my body. In one sketch I was redrawn in watercolor. This rendition lost some of the sexual exactness that made the sketches so erotic but created a faux photographic quality of a low-grade pornographic flick.

Staring at my pictures made my body responded with lustful urgings. My nipples, which I affectionately refer to as my ‘pixies’, firmed under my light blouse and warm arousal spread throughout my upper thighs. I could almost feel my cunt moisten as I examined the depictions of my body. I imagined finding an out of the way spot and furtively rubbing my clit until I came. Instead I suppressed the frustration and replaced the drawings in the envelope.

Carl was at his easel when I returned. I presumed he had checked that I took the envelope but he did not disturb anything in my area to confirm that. When I faced my easel to begin the afternoon exercise, I heard a raspy, disembodied voice from off to my side. “Did you get them?”

“I did”, I replied, “They are quite fascinating. I like them a lot. Thank you very much.”

There was no reply, only the usual flamboyant gestures that he thinks go along with creativity. I nodded a vote of approval otherwise I reckon he would sulk.

I was not concentrating on the class but was mentally working myself into a sexual lather. Think, almost out loud, about my posing, the pictures and Carl’s warm cock in my hand. The afternoon droned on and all I could think about was getting back to the basement, laying the pictures across the bar, stripping and then masturbating as I stared at them. I did not plan to visualize a sexual encounter when I did, just stare at my naked body and work my cunt hard.

“Hey, Monica!” It was Carl. “Are you asleep?” I shook myself from my reverie. “What? Did I miss something?”

Carl gave his swishy titter. “No. I just wanted to tell you that I was daydreaming about last week.”

“A good daydream or a bad daydream?” I countered.

“Oh a good daydream! In fact I have been daydreaming about it every day” he tittered, “if you know what I mean.”

“Oh! I know,” I laughed. “If you ever need a model again, just let me know.” I was emboldened by his idle jesting which I was sure hid his real motive.

“Anytime you are Şerifali Escort available,” he breathed with an air of accommodation, “I will adjust my busy social schedule.”

“Today”, I retorted.

A long pause followed. Was I too direct or was he taken back that I called his bluff so immediately? I said no more but waited. He emerged from behind the easel and stood at such an angle so nobody could catch what he was saying. “I told Marian I would drop her off at ballet practice. I know what you are thinking but it might look strange to my friends if you were along too.” As much as I was irked by his comment I did understand. Carl has a social image he must maintain and associating with the likes of me did not fit that image.

“Does that take you very far out of your way? If you want to stop you may.” I commented as I tried to project a matter of fact indifference.

“Will you be there?”

I looked up with my best ‘why do you even ask such things’ expression and nodded my head. “I take the commuter train, so you may still be there before I am. Just wait on the street.”

Carl disappeared behind his easel without a word and continued to toil in silence until the final bell. Without a word or glance from him, I left the studio and made my way to the train and the normally uneventful ride to the stop at the foot of the hill.

The afternoon heat made me break into sweat as I trudged up the potholed road towards the house. The air seemed exceptionally heavy and made my clothes cling to the film of sweat that formed over my body. When I caught sight of the woods beyond the house I fought the urge to wander back behind the overgrowth, find a quiet spot and masturbate. I imagined myself reclining against a tree on the hillside; spreading my legs to whatever preying eyes there may be in the distant houses below and furiously finger myself. Oblivious to my surroundings I would moan loudly as I came violently. I concentrated so much on my musings I almost did not notice Carl’s car parked in the shade of a leafy tree across from the house.

As I approached he sprang from the front seat of the car and eased the door closed to avoid making any noise. I smile in acknowledgement but did not stop as I continued to walk. Obediently Carl followed without a word or a touch into the kitchen where I deposited my class things on the floor in the corner, opened the basement door and walked down the steps. The futon was extended to make a bed and the bar stools moved to the corner. Most likely it was left that way from my sister’s last tryst. I did a quick survey to see if there were any telltale stains on the cover. All seemed respectable if not clean.

Carl positioned his sketchpad on the end of the bar across from the futon and pulled up a barstool. His position and perspective were completely out of phase with the last time. When he was comfortably situated I walked to the front of the bar just a couple feet from him, stared directly into his eyes and deliberately unbuttoned each button on my blouse; slowly from top to bottom, with each undoing I revealed a swath of pale skin and bra. When finished I pushed it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I unsnapped my skirt and that too fell to the floor. I was left standing with only my bra and panties.

Again I studied Carl for a reaction. As before he seemed tense but was expressionless. He had positioned himself so the bar blocked my view of his crotch and I could not discern any rising bulge.

I reached behind my back to undo my bra that I then shed with a shrug of my shoulders. My pixies responded tautly to the cool, damp air of the basement. Placing both hands in the front of my panties, I forced them down my legs intentionally Ümraniye Escort running my hands across my pussy and down my inner thighs as I did. A sideways glance in the mirror showed my torso glistening under a film of sweat. Ignoring Carl, I turned left then right admiring myself in the mirror. The sweat gave me a lustful radiance and I made a mental note to masturbate before this mirror some hot summer night.

“How should I pose?” Carl’s mouth seemed dry as he fumbled to reply. Before he did, I gestured to the futon and said, “how about here?” He nodded approvingly. On cue, I turned away from Carl toward the bed and sprawled on my tummy spreading my legs as I did. I wanted to provide him with a generous glimpse of my ass. I lay with my eyes closed and motionless for a minute or so oblivious to any other activity. With my eyes still shut, I tucked my arms under my torso and placed both hands on my pussy. Slowly I rotated my hands in a slow circular motion pressing them ever so slightly onto my clit. Pussy juice seeped over my fingers and the musty smell of sweat and pussy rose from me. I pulled my knees under me forcing my ass higher as if to tempt Carl. With my head down, my ass up, I began to beat off to a mental rhythm slowly working myself to heat.

I sense rather than heard a movement and opened my eyes. Carl was in front of me sketching franticly. I gave him a wry smile, closed my eyes and continued pleasing myself. The next sound I heard was the faint hum of a zipper as Carl opened his pants drew out his rigid cock and stroked it slowly.

I extended my hand out to touch his cock but he was beyond my reach and did not seem like he wanted to mover closer. I interrupted my massage, rose from the bed and moved close to Carl. He stared at me as he continued to play with his prick the head of which glistened with precum. As he kept slowly stroking I undid his shirt and forced it off of him. Reaching for the end of his belt I tugged until the buckle loosened and working around his reciprocating fist worked his pants to his ankles. I eased his cotton briefs down off his hips until his cock blocked them. I gently pried his fingers off his dick and freed the stiff cock. His pants and underwear were gathered at his ankles but otherwise he was naked.

His torso was extremely pale as if it never saw the sun. His pubic hairs were soft black curls that started with a bushy triangle above his cock and grew in a narrow swath to his navel, up his belly before spreading out as fine patch of soft fleece between his nipples.

I leaned forward and kissed the scant hair on his chest, gliding my lips over the smooth fibers until I settled on a taut nipple. He murmured as I took it between my lips and gently sucked. As I sucked, his hand worked his cock faster lightly tapping my side with each stroke. I could feel the precum wipe on my ribs with each swipe of the head of his cock against me.

I fought the urge to grab his cock and instead wrapped my arms about him and pulled him close trapping his hand between my body and his. When I did this he released his grip and encircled me with his arms. His cock was pressing like a sword against my tummy; pushing me beyond the brink.

I strained to reach his mouth and when I did I sucked his tongue deep in my throat. Our torsos skidded together lubricated by sweat and precum. I steered his body back towards the futon. As the back of his knees hit the edge, they buckled and we collapsed together mingling in sweat and heat. I maneuvered myself free from his grasp and knelt across his body my knees straddling his thighs with his rigid cock rising before me.

I leaned forward placing my hands flat against his chest and lifted myself up to my Üsküdar Escort knees so my soaking cunt hovered above the shiny baldhead of his organ. Grabbing the shaft with my hand I worked it gently between my labia as I lowered my hips. He thrust gently as he slowly penetrated me and I felt him slide into my unstrained pussy.

Carl lay motionless with his head back and eyes closed as I glided his cock completely in me. Then I raised myself slowly letting his cock slip from my twat until nothing but the head remained between my lips. I paused for an instant before lowering my hips again taking him in. Rhythmically and slowly I rose and descended, each time coaxing his hot cock. I straightened my back and began to play with my tight little nipples. Electricity was surging through my body as I rode up and down on the slick shaft. With one hand massaging my boyish tits and the other a caressing my inflamed clit I rode the stallion as Carl pushed in harmony with me.

My breathing became faster and my voice emitting a low moan as I rode up and down, up and down with steadily increasing cadence. Noisily the futon creaked and groaned under our thrashing and Carl gave short loud grunt like gasps. This symphony of raw sex encompassed us. In an instant I felt the epileptic rush of the orgasm as it swept over my body. Once, twice, in waves it washed over me. I slowed my rocking and looked down at the union of Carl’s cock and my pussy between my thighs. Carl was still pumping groaning and thrashing as he strained to come. He had not ejaculated. Almost in a panic I furiously picked up my tempo. My whole body was engaged in the struggle to extract an orgasm from Carl. As if in pain and exhaustion he violently thrust deeper in me until with a loud groan he erupted in me. As I rode his tortured body I imagined the hot, thick spume filling my cunt. The same smarmy glop that a few days before spit on my face, hair and arms as I jerked him off was now surging deep inside me.

Like a spring slowly releasing tension it ended. I slowly leaned forward collapsing, belly to belly on Carl. I felt his dick go limp in me. I lifted my hips slightly to sense his flaccid member rub against my cunt lips as it slowly left me. I knelt up straddling Carl’s legs and gazing on his glistening white torso, the sweat matted hair and the last remnant of come clinging to the small eye on the head of his cock. I reached down, grabbed his dead organ and in a final gesture milked the last residual drop of sperm from him as he tilted his head back and gave one last desperate moan. I was done.

Carl dressed. I pulled on a robe, gathered my scattered clothes and tossed them towards the washer in the back of the basement. A noticeable aloofness separated Carl and me as we made our way up the steps.

“I had a good time,” I said as we stood at the door.

“So did I. It was real good. I hope you aren’t angry.”

“What?” I laughed, “That was a great. Anytime you want to do it again just let me know.”

Carl’s eyes brightened as he nodded. He then assumed his flamboyant composure as he tripped down the steps and sauntered to his car. I watched from the door as he drove off. Lost in thought, I mused about the last hour and the next opportunity.

“Well! You sure do raise a ruckus!” It was my sister Terri, arms folded across her chest and a grin a mile wide. “He got more than your usual hand job. I am surprised the neighbors didn’t call up and complain.” She had a mocking tone to her voice and a feigned air of seriousness. “You must tell me all about it. Was that your first?” She placed extra emphasis on first. “Did the earth move? Hell yeah!” she answered her own question, “the whole house was shaking!”

I was taken back and could not even react as she walked past me and out the door. “I’m off to get a little for myself!” she said with a chuckle, “Let’s compare notes when I return.” With that she walked out the door, stepped into a waiting car and was gone.

To Be Continued

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