Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 07

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The next day after lunch, Jackie found herself hanging around in her back garden, waiting for him to arrive home from work. She had spent almost the entire morning do the mental equivalent of the children’s game of ‘she loves me, she loves me not’ when they pull the petals off flowers as part of a decision making process. In this case it was ‘I’m not going to meet him, I am going to meet him’.

Now, despite her bravado of the previous night, the power of Alan’s fingers was proving too strong, her desire had won out and the decision was made and now she found herself waiting impatiently for him to appear.

She hung around, hanging out washing, looking through the window, doing anything to keep busy and yet, at the same time, where she could see the shed. She could not get him out of her mind; all she could think of was his hands on her body, his fingers inside her. The waiting was becoming unbearable.

After what seemed an age she saw him walk down the path to the shed. She ran to the door and then caught herself and stopped, smoothing herself down and taking a deep breath before casually stepping out into the garden. She wandered down and made a great show of slowly gathering in the washing, all the time watching the shed. Alan never appeared.

She took the washing indoors and came back out to wander around the back garden in as nonchalant a manner as she could manage. It was difficult to appear to be doing something and not simply waiting for him but she tried. She dead headed a couple of flowers before she realised that she had no idea what she was doing and that her mother would go mad if she destroyed the few blooms that had struggled to survive in what was euphemistically called ‘the flower bed’.

Every so often she could hear him moving about in the shed, the clink of metal on metal, the creak of wood as the old floorboards protested under his weight. And then suddenly he was there, leaning over the fence and looking at her with that casual detachment that she found so unnerving. “Well?” he asked.

“Well what?”

“Are you coming round to see me or do I have to spend the afternoon pulling myself off without you?”

Jackie looked at little startled at his blunt, earthy approach but she guessed she had expecting nothing else; but even at just his words she could feel the now familiar urge between her legs, the instant knot of sexual excitement in her stomach. Without waiting for an answer he turned and went back into his shed leaving her standing there feeling, and probably looking, foolish.

Looking around to see if anyone was watching she walked out of her garden and round the back into his. The shed door stood open and she walked in. “Don’t make yourself comfortable,” he said sitting side saddle on his bike, smoking a cigarette, “we’re not staying, we’re going up to the house.”

“The house?” she said, feeling suddenly, strangely uneasy. Alan’s house was unfamiliar territory, unknown. The house was where Alan’s parents lived, part of her everyday world; Alan’s suggestion was bringing the familiar into the realm of her sexual fantasy, strangely forbidding and yet intoxicatingly adult.

“Everyone’s out for the day. Thought we could have the place to ourselves. Bit of comfort.” Jackie nodded and looked around. “‘Course we could stay here if you wanted to,” he said, “not much room to lie down though I dare say we could manage. Others have.”

The reference to ‘others’ was not lost on Jackie, she looked at him sitting there smoking his cigarette, so cock sure of himself, so confident of his power over her. “What makes you so sure of me?” she asked at last “what makes you so sure that you can just call and I will come?”

“Because you will. I know women and know what they want, want they need.”

“No you don’t, you know some local women,” she nodded towards his ‘trophy’ drawer, “some women from around here; you don’t know all women.”

Alan smiled. She watches him appraise her, his eyes travelling down her body, lingering on her breasts and her groin, making her stomach clench with that familiar visceral, sexual desire that only he could promote.

“Come here,” he said and half turning he stubbed out his cigarette in the top of an old tin can he kept on the top of the dresser; he looked so smug, so confident that she would simply obey. He looked directly at her, “I said come here,” his voice hardening; and she did, her legs moving of their own accord, drawn slowly and inexorably across the divide to stand obediently before him. He smiled and reached out and cupped the side of her face, his fingers curling around her neck.

“That’s better.” He shook her playfully by the neck before running his hand to slowly down her chest to lightly cup her breast. She could feel every movement of his fingers as they moulded themselves softly to her breast; he felt her nipple through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She stood stock still as his hand moved over her breast, cupping and moulding her shape. He knew he could do as he pleased with her.

He slowly İstanbul Escort let his hand trail down over her stomach. Although there was no need she pulled in her tummy and he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her short skirt. With a sudden jerk on the waistband he pulled her closer until she was standing between his legs, facing him, chest to chest. His eyes held hers as his hand moved down the front of her skirt, touching, moulding themselves to her, moving down over her pubis, tracing the shape of her mound.

His hand continued down to the hem of her skirt and his fingers touched the naked skin of her thighs. She flinched at the contact but she still never moved. Spreading his fingers his hand began the slow, sensual, crawl up the front of her thighs, his wrist taking her skirt with it. His fingers found the material of her knickers and moving slowly to the front moulded themselves to the shape of her mound, gently kneading the material covered shape.

Jackie’s breath caught in her throat slightly as his finger gently traced the length of her sex, his fingers moving lightly between her legs. Alan smiled at her reaction and he removed his hand, letting her skirt fall back. Jackie stepped away in confusion at the sudden abandonment, already missing the warmth of his hand between her legs.

“Women are women. Their needs and wants are the same whether they’re from here or they’re posh birds from the golf club. They all need the same thing.”

“How would you know?”

“Because I’ve had ’em all. Big, small, young, old; they’re all the same. To the posh tarts I’m a bit of rough, so that’s what I give them. To the local birds I’m excitement, a bad ‘un. Women love a bastard and there aren’t any bigger bastards than me. Let’s go to the house,” he said, suddenly tiring of the conversation, pushing himself up off his bike and half pushing Jackie towards the door. She turned and looked at him. “What about me?”

He sighed, “What about you?”

“What do you know about me?”

Alan shook his head a little as if explaining something to a child. “I know that you love sex, I know that you love the excitement of being taken. You love me taking your clothes off and making you come; you’re attracted to the thrill. I also know that you’re going to let me fuck you That you want me to fuck you. I’m your excitement. You don’t want me to leave you alone and you cannot leave me alone can you? I can do what the fuck I like with you and you’ll let me. I just proved that. You want me to take you, further and harder than you’ve ever been before and I’m now going to fuck you and you’ll let me.”

Jackie was stunned by his brutal and accurate appraisal. She looked at him and he began to push her towards the door. She resisted, she wanted to know more about herself. “Did you know it from the start?”

Alan paused. “Near enough, I could see it in your eyes; you wanted a taste for yourself. You were curious about sex, about how far you would go, what it would be like. You still are.”

“Am I?”

“Nobody forced you to come here did they?” he said and he slipped his hand up the back of her skirt and fondled her bottom; running his fingers between her cheeks and down between her legs, feeling the warmth of her through the thin cotton of her knickers. “You wanted this from the start; this is where you wanted to be; you’d always wanted me to fuck you, you just hadn’t realised it.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said as his fingers slipped between her legs “I was always curious.”

His fingers found their way under the elastic around her legs and touched the wetness gathering between her lips, “Dangerous thing curiosity,” he said, “I understand it’s killed lots of cats.” She closed her eyes as his other hand made its way up under the front of her T-shirt until it cupped her breast over her bra. He flipped the bra over her breast and took a nipple in his fingers. Jackie shuddered.

“Now let’s go to the house,” he whispered, his mouth so close to her ear that she could feel his breath on her cheek. His fingers continued to lightly touch her breast while the others still stroked between her legs. “You want this; you want me to fuck you, you love it.” Jackie leant back against his hand, her eyes closed. He took his fingers out from between her legs and they shone wetly. He held them up and smiled, “I do think it’s now time to fuck you properly don’t you?”

Meekly Jackie followed Alan up to the house. She could feel herself trembling slightly; whether from the effect of Alan’s fingers or from anticipation of the forthcoming act she could not be sure.

She could not believe that she was quietly walking up the garden path following the man who was about to casually take her clothes off and then to take her virginity. She glanced over the hedge at her own house and back garden next door and the situation became even more surreal; that house had represented family and security all her life and now here she was about to open her legs to her next door neighbour, a man whom İstanbul Escort bayan she recognised did not emotionally care for her all. He just intended to fuck her, she was just another conquest, another lay.

For a second she suddenly longed for the safety and security of that house and her family and her feet hesitated; but suddenly she found herself standing before the door to Alan’s house.

Alan took her by the elbow and led into the kitchen. He paused for a moment and then turned her and led her though to the hallway, up the stairs and left into his bedroom. He left her standing in the open doorway to the bedroom and casually walked across and sat himself down on the edge of the big double bed that dominated the room.

She looked around. The room reflected Alan, or her view of what she imagined Alan to be; sparse, fairly tidy, extremely masculine. There was an old gramophone on a table under the widow with a stack of LP’s and singles beside it. Motorcycle magazines were heaped on the chair at the bed, a half full ashtray perched on top.

A ‘girlie’ magazine lay open on the quilt cover; he picked it up and flipped through it before throwing to the floor. Jackie wished she could have had a look at it, she had never seen one except the front covers in the occasional newsagents shops.

“Come in and close the door,” he instructed her. She stepped inside and with trembling hands she turned and pushed the door closed. She stood just inside the bedroom, with her back to the room, the bedroom, the place of her deflowering; and her courage began to desert her, she wanted to run, to get away from him and the forthcoming act but her legs wouldn’t move.

She rested her head against the smooth painted surface of the door, her hand resting on an old dressing gown hanging there. “Lock it,” he said quietly. Looking at the door she noticed a bolt half hidden by the jacket. “I like my privacy,” he said, “especially when I’ve an important guest,” and she slipped the bolt into place, locking herself in. “Now come here.”

Meekly, as if in a trance she turned and walked across to stand in front of him, head down, hands at her side.

Reaching under her skirt he ran his hands up the front of her thighs to her knickers. She flinched slightly as his fingertips gently passed over her sex. “Just getting a feel for you,” he smiled. Jackie watched him in silence, feeling his hands on her, touching her intimately.

Hooking his fingers into the waistband of her knickers he casually slide them down, over her hips and down to her legs to her feet. She felt them pool around her ankles; he was undressing her, slowly, casually, as if she were a doll he was playing with.

He ran his hands up the back of her legs until he felt the smooth, warm, skin of her bottom. He gently fondled the soft globes, feeling their form and weight. Jackie stood unresisting as he palmed the soft, pliant flesh. His hands were warm on her skin, soothing and gentle. In her mind’s eye she could see them in the darkness beneath her skirt, moving over her bottom, caressing, feeling her most secret, most intimate parts. She began to tremble inside. His finger found and followed the crack between her cheeks, moving down until it encountered the small, puckered, opening he had been looking for. He traced its shape and Jackie shivered. Alan laughed and looked up at her, gently increasing the pressure of his finger at her virgin opening until the tip of his finger entered her.

Jackie gasped and tried to clasp her muscles to keep the intruder out but Alan had already moved on, travelling down between her legs from behind, seeking and finding the wetness at the junction of her thighs. He ran his finger slowly along her lips as far as he could reach and felt her tremble again before letting his hands fall from under her skirt.

Pulling at the waist he slowly swivelled the skirt around until the buttons that ran down its short length at the back faced him at the front. Starting at the top he undid the first button and pulled the material apart. The skirt sagged on her hips. Looking down Jackie watched him in breathless anticipation as he unbuttoned her skirt. His pleasure in seeing her growing nakedness was obvious.

She wanted to grab her skirt and hold it together but she did not move. He undid the next and the skirt slid a little further. When the third button gave way to his fingers the skirt slid down and joined her knickers around her ankles. Alan smiled as he surveyed his handiwork, Jackie stood naked from the waist down, passive, pliable. He had achieved his objective. She was now open to him, her main defences fallen. She knew that she was now his.

He placed his hands between her knees and gently opened her legs a little. Hobbled as she was by her skirt and knickers she shuffled her feet apart a foot or so; enough to give Alan access between her legs. He leaned forward to bring his face closer to her groin and blew gently on the lips of her sex which could he could clearly see between Escort İstanbul her legs.

The sensation was immediate and Jackie shivered and placed a hand on his shoulder to steady herself. Extending a finger he lightly stroked between her wet lips, separating them, drawing the moisture onto his finger. Jackie shuddered again and a slight moan escaped her.

“You like that,” he said at last, a statement, not a question, and he drew his finger down the length of her sex again. Jackie tried to open her legs a little more, bending slightly at the knees. Alan drew his finger to the front and opened her up until he could see her clitoris, standing proud like a small sentinel at the front of her sex.

Jackie moaned quietly in anticipation as his fingers exposed her secret, sensitive, centre. He lightly drew his finger across it and Jackie bent her head slightly as if drawn by the sensation which was being created within her sex. Alan looked briefly up at her before returning to watch his fingers between her legs.

He lightly stroked his finger across the protruding head of her clitoris again and Jackie leaned heavily on Alan’s shoulder. He ran his finger back between her legs, delving deeper into her sex. Jackie gripped his shoulder and moaned quietly as his fingers slipped slowly inside her.

With ease his fingers slid deeper until he was embedded in her up to the full extent of his reach. He flexed his fingers and Jackie groaned, gripping his shoulder tighter and placing her other hand behind his head, holding on as if she may fall over if she let go.

Alan curled his fingers inside her, exploring, touching; increasing the sensations, the pressure that was beginning to build. His fingers retreated fractionally and then slowly reinserted themselves, filling her up again. She groaned softly as the sensations inside her waxed and waned with the movement of his fingers.

Again she wondered how he could do this to her. How he could reduce her to this, an extension of his fingers, powerless, will less. Willingly and completely impaled up on his fingers, his desire for her the most powerful aphrodisiac imaginable; resistance was unthinkable, the fingers inside her were touching the core of her being, creating sensations she had never dreamed possible before he touched her.

She leaned forward from the hips as his fingers slowly slid in and out of her again, resting her forehead on the top of his head. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. He turned his hand, his fingers still inside her, and ran his thumb across the sensitive head of her clitoris.

Jackie sagged forward, her knees now resting on his, as his fingers stroked more purposefully between her legs. He was taking her, casually, efficiently, towards her climax. His thumb was sending waves of liquid fire rippling through her body, blotting out all awareness of her surroundings, curling her around his fingers as burning paper curls around the flame.

The explosion was as sudden as it was fierce; her climax bursting upon her like a lightening flash, lighting her up and then plunging her, shuddering and gasping, into the darkness.

As her senses returned she found she was half sitting, half laying, across his knees, his fingers were still moving gently between her legs. He was watching her as her eyes opened. He smiled. “Well, you seemed to enjoy that. Came right up from your shoes didn’t it?”

Jackie smiled weakly and Alan shifted to roll her off his knee and over onto her back on the bed. She lay quietly; regaining her senses, as he lifted her legs and stripped her skirt and knickers off her feet and dropped them on the floor at the side of the bed.

Next he lifted each foot in turn and took her shoe and socks off, gently massaging out her feet and toes. She was now completely naked from the waist down. He moved her legs apart slightly and smiled at the sight of the puffy lips shining wetly between them.

Half kneeling with one knee on the bed between her legs he leaned forward and ruffled gently through her pubic hair before opening her up with his fingers. He inspected her closely, his fingers touching and moving softly between her legs, opening her, sending little jolts of pleasure through her.

She sighed with disappointment when he eventually straightened up and taking hold of the bottom of her T-shirt he began to pull it up her body, working it from side to side until it reached her shoulders. “Let’s have this off shall we?” he said. She raised her head and he pulled the T-shirt clear of her shoulders and off. It joined the growing pile of her discarded clothes on the floor. He surveyed her carefully, his hands stroking down her flanks and across her stomach. His fingers were warm and sensuous, his touch light and assured. He hooked his finger under the central strap of her bra between her breasts and tugged gently, “and this,” he said.

Jackie half sat up and half turned, allowing him reach behind her and unhook the bra; it fell forward from her breasts, hanging loosely from her shoulders. He tugged it free and dropped it with the rest at the side of the bed. With a light touch in the middle of her chest he pushed her back until she was lying on the bed. She was now completely naked. Her nipples puckered slightly in anticipation and perhaps and little fear.

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