Summer in the Hamptons Ch. 04

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Asa Akira

Mike drove the Mercedes back to Easthampton, leaving his motorcycle in the city. On the way back to the Leighs’ house, he stopped at the carwash to have it detailed, and whilst he was waiting, his cell phone rang. He saw from the caller ID that it was Siobhan, and answered the call with some anticipation. Her gentle Irish brogue came from the phone.

“Hello, Mike. It’s quite the stranger you’ve been lately.”

“Stranger yourself,” replied Mike, “I left messages, but it seems we’ve both been busy.”

“You’re right there. Anyway, if you’re free tomorrow evening, I have the place to myself, and there’s a little something that I need your help with.”

Mike smiled to himself, as he could well imagine just what it was with which she needed help. “I can get away. Does 8 o’clock work for you?” The time being confirmed, Mike put his phone away and went back to his newspaper. He got back to the Leighs’ house in time for a late snack, and Lenny told him that he was taking advantage of the absence of their employers to take a few days off. Mike and he spent the rest of the day checking all was well in the house and stocking up on supplies. The Leighs weren’t due back for another week, but it was as well to be prepared. Mike then went back to his own little small apartment over the garage, and got showered and changed whilst Lenny packed his things and he decided what to do about dinner.

Later that evening, he took out the Jeep Cherokee that served as the staff car, drove Lenny to the Jitney stop, and then went on to his favorite restaurant for dinner. As always, the Hostess, Christina, greeted him enthusiastically. .

“Mike!” she said, “Good to see you again. We haven’t seen so much of you this summer, have we? Busy?”

“Yeah. Lots of houseguests keeping me running about pandering to their every whim. That’s why I came here so that somebody could pamper me for a change. If you have a table for one available, of course?” The room was a lot busier than it had been on his previous visit, but Christina looked across to the far side near the kitchen door.

“I’ve got just the place for you. You can sit and people watch, the way you like to. Also, it’s in Erica’s section, and I know you like her. Plus she likes you, so you should get your pampering!” Mike raised an eyebrow, as he had only been in three or four times that summer, although thinking about it, Erica had served him on all but one occasion. Christina smiled, “She’s always asking after That Handsome Englishman, and has actually asked me to sit you in her section if I can.” Mike raised the other eyebrow, and Chris chuckled, “I’m pretty sure that she would let you get naughty, if you asked nicely.” Mike followed Christina to his table, admiring as always her shapely rear. She seated him, gave him the menu and winked at him. “I’ll tell Erica you’re here.”

As Mike looked at the familiar menu, Erica came over with a vodka martini. “I remembered that you liked this.” She said with her marked Australian accent, “And Christina said that as you need pampering tonight, your drinks are on the house.” As she poured the cocktail from the shaker over the olives on their stick into the glass, Mike smiled to himself. Christina knew full well that if he were driving, he wouldn’t be drinking too much. Erica told him the specials, and left Mike to think whilst she went to attend to other diners.

Mike sipped his martini as he gazed around the room. There was the usual Hamptons summer mixture, mostly couples, but with the occasional larger party. Mike’s attention was drawn to a party of eight who were in the process of giving Erica their order. It sounded very complicated, as they sorted out who was sharing which appetizer with whom, what wines to order, who wanted substitutions on their main courses whilst several people kept changing their minds. Eventually, Erica got the order sorted, and disappeared into the kitchens. Several minutes passed, and Mike had finished his martini before Erica had returned. He caught the barman’s eye, and when Erica emerged from the kitchen, she fetched his fresh drink before coming to take his order. She started to apologize, but Mike waved her to silence.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m in no hurry, and you’ll get a much bigger tip from them than from me. Concentrate on them, and you fit me in as you can.”

As he sipped his second martini, Mike continued his people watching, but found his eyes drifting back to Erica, as she flitted efficiently from table to table, although she did seem to be having some difficulty with the larger party as they consumed their meal. They became more boisterous as the levels in their wine bottles went down, and they kept up a steady stream of requests.

As his food came and Mike ate his dinner, he noticed that his wine glass seemed to be getting güvenilir bahis refilled rather more often than usual. He looked at Erica when she brought a third glass – or was it the fourth? – and she rested her hand on his arm. “Don’t worry – think of it as pampering.”

“I’m grateful, but I have to drive.” he protested.

Erica smiled, “Don’t worry about that. I’ve spoken to Chris, and we’ll get you home.”

Mike took his time, and carried on watching Erica. She was quite pretty, with dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, and a slender figure under her waitress’ uniform. Every so often, she caught him watching, and flashed little smiles at him. Eventually, the restaurant started to empty, and the large party seemed to take for ever sorting out the check. Mike could see Erica seething quietly as the discussion bounced around the table, as people argued who had had what to eat and drink. Eventually, it was sorted out and Erica went to the till to process the different sums on the six different credit cards that had been proffered. As the party left, Erica picked up the wallet, looked inside and glared at the closing door.

“Cheap bastards!” Christina went over, and looked at the credit card slips. “Cheap bastards is right.” she said. Mike looked at them, and Chris said, “Total check was for a little over $650. What would you tip on that?”

Mike did the math, and said, “Should be around $120.”

Chris and Erica looked at each other, then at him. “Those cheap bastards paid it all on credit cards, and left a lousy fifteen bucks.” Mike was amazed, as he thought everyone knew that the “standard” was at least double the tax showing on the check. Christina shook her head, “I know who they are, too. They share a rented house and I know that the rent for the summer is over a hundred grand. They all work on Wall Street, and must each earn over half a million a year.”

Mike shook his head, “Nouveau riche, I’m afraid ladies, nouveau riche.”

Chris looked at Erica, “Don’t worry, I’ll see you’re OK. You sit down and have a glass of with Mike before we see about getting him home.”

Erica brought a couple of glasses of wine over, and sat down. They grumbled to each other about the Summer People, as the bus boys cleared the restaurant, and before he knew it there were just the three of them. Chris’s husband, Bill, came out of the kitchen, and joined the party, but after just one drink expressed himself ready for bed. Chris said she would lock up, and told Mike that Erica was going to drive him home.

As Erica got her things, Mike asked, “Did you set this up? And what about my check?”

“Yes, but only on request. Now, go, enjoy! And you dinner was on us, tonight”

Mike felt a little unsteady on his legs as they left the restaurant, and Erica took his arm as they walked to her car. He got in, and as they left the car park, he pointed out that they were going the wrong way to get to his place. Erica gave a little giggle, and asked, “Who said we’re going straight to your place?” Mike sat quietly as Erica drove them northwards, away from the fashionable and expensive area and towards the northern shore.

Eventually, they drew up outside a darkened house, and Erica pulled into the small driveway. They got out of the car, and again, Erica took Mike’s arm and guided him through the dark front yard to the door. As she fumbled in her purse for her keys, Mike began to ask where they were. She put a finger to his lips, and said, “No questions for now, OK?”

They went inside, and Erica turned on a light. Mike looked round the small but comfortable living room, and saw that there was a small kitchen area, and several doors. Erica put her purse down, and said, “Don’t worry, my room mate’s away, so we have the place to ourselves. Make yourself comfy whilst I get out of this uniform.” She opened a bottle of wine, poured a couple of glasses and gave Mike one as she slipped through one of the doors. Mike shrugged his shoulders, and not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, sat on the sofa to await developments. Before long, Erica emerged, having exchanged her waitress uniform for a loose fitting sweatshirt and pants. Always the gentleman, he stood as the lady entered the room, and waited as she approached and stood right in front of him.

She sipped her wine, put down her glass, gazed into his eyes and said, “I suppose you’re wondering why I brought you here.”

“Well, a number of ideas did go through my mind.”

She stepped closer, reached up and put her arms around his neck. “Let me help you think.” she said, and kissed his lips gently. She moved even closer, and pressed herself against him as the kiss intensified. She nibbled at his top lip, then the bottom one, and he returned the favor. Pulling away slightly, they looked into each other’s türkçe bahis eyes and then their lips locked once more.

This time, their mouths opened, and their tongues fought a dainty duel as each tried to get into the other’s mouth. Mike placed his hands on Erica’s waist, and felt his manhood start to harden as she rubbed herself gently against him. Once again, they broke off their kiss, and Erica panted, “This way, quick” and pulled him through into her room. As she pushed the door shut behind them, she pushed Mike back against it and they resumed their necking. Mike started to move his hands over Erica’s back, stroking gently he soon discovered from the absence of a strap that she was not wearing a brassiere. Sliding one hand down to stroke her rump, he slid the other to the front. She moved slightly to allow him room, and he groped her small, soft breast through the sweatshirt and he felt the nipple begin to harden.

He felt one of Erica’s hands slide down his body to reach for his now rigid penis, which she stroked a couple of times before starting to pull his polo shirt from his waist. He had to bring his arms from around her to allow her to remove his shirt, and he then reached for her sweat shirt and pulled it over head, revealing her slim torso. She really was very thin, and her small breasts seemed to sag rather but he barely had time to notice this before she dropped to her knees and reached for his belt buckle. Before he knew it, his pants and boxers were round his ankles, and he lifted one foot at a time as she expertly removed the last vestiges of his clothing with his shoes and socks. Looking up at him, she gripped his penis with both hands, and lowered her mouth to kiss the end. She stood up, and deftly slid down her sweat pants and panties, and stood before him.

“You like?” she asked.

Mike gazed at her, and saw her body for the first time naked. She had shaken her dirty blonde hair from its ponytail, and it framed her elfin face as she struck a model’s pose, with her hands on her hips and one leg slightly bent. He took in her soft breasts with their hard little nipples resting against a visible rib cage, and her firm stomach leading down to a small tuft of wiry dark brown hair nestling between her thighs. . “I like!” he said, to which she replied by gesturing to the bed. Mike lay down on his back, and Erica lay beside him, raised herself on her left elbow and reached for his penis with her right hand.

She kissed him softly, and said, “I’ve fancied you for ages. Ever since you first came into the restaurant. I’ve fantasized so often about this, and now you’re here. You don’t have to touch me, I’m already soaking wet. I’ve been wet since we got into the car. I just want to do – this.”

So saying, she threw her leg over Mike, and knelt up looking down at him. She guided the tip of his penis to the sopping outer lips of her vagina, and lowered herself until she was fully impaled. She leaned forward slightly, and put her hands on his chest. She closed her eyes and smiled.

“I’ve wanted this for so long. I think if you move the slightest bit, I’ll come straight away.”

Mike mischievously flexed his hips slightly, Erica fell forward onto him with a whimper, and Mike held her close whilst whole body shuddered. He felt the walls of her vagina grip him like a vice, then relax slightly, then tighten as she gave another shudder, and then relax totally, as she gave a sigh. Feeling that it was his turn now, Mike began to move slowly up against her, and she pulled him sideways until she lay on her back with he legs spread wide as he plunged in and out of her until he felt his own orgasm approach. As he increased his pace, Erica thrust back against him and he heard her say, “Oh my God, I’m coming again!” as he jerked and emptied his seed inside her.

Mike rolled off, and lay on his back once more, gasping air, as he felt the cool air on his wet and shrinking penis. Erica snuggled against him, and he felt her wet bush against his hip as she put an arm round him. “Thanks, that was great. I had been waiting so long for that.”

“I’m glad you think it was worth waiting for.”

“Was it ever! I don’t hear you complaining, either.”

“No, it was great for me, too.”

“Come on, let’s get cleaned up.”

Erica pulled Mike from the bed and into the small bathroom. As she ran the shower to get the temperature right, Mike took a quick pee and was about to get in the shower, when Erica squeezed past him, sat on the toilet, and let her own stream go. When she finished, they both got under the shower and reveled in the stream of warm water. Erica reached for the soap, and began to lather Mike’s back. They changed positions, and he washed her back. Turning round, they faced each other and passed the soap too and fro as they washed each other güvenilir bahis siteleri totally. Mike spent some time on washing Erica’s breasts, intrigued by the way that they moved so loosely over her rib cage. Gradually, his hands strayed over her tummy and down towards her private area. Surprisingly, she stopped him, and quietly but insistently saw to it they each washed their own genitals. When they were both rinsed off, they emerged from the shower and dried off. Returning to the bed, Mike lay on his back, and dozed with Erica cuddled up in his arms.

Some hours later, Mike awoke feeling rather hung-over. His head had a dull ache, and his tongue felt as thought it were glued to the roof of his mouth. He was conscious of Erica, still curled up against his left side, and the increasing cramp in his left arm, within the embrace of which she lay cradled. He moved to try and get comfortable, gently to avoid waking her, but realized that he had failed when he felt her stir.

He began to apologize, but she shut him up by placing her mouth over his and beginning a slow, passionate kiss. If that kiss had not been enough to get him aroused again, the gentle ministrations of her hand as it fluttered about his slowly resurrecting penis would have done the trick. He rolled over to face her, and they kissed. He rolled a little further, and now Erica was on her back, kissing him back with increasing ardor. His left arm was trapped under her head and shoulder, but as their kisses grew more passionate, his right hand roved her body, finally coming to rest between her thighs. She spread her legs for him, and he began to stoke gently up and down her nether lips, occasionally straying to tease her clitoris.

Erica squeezed his penis, and growled, “If you don’t stop teasing me, I’m going to break this off.”

Mike slowly started kissing his way down her body, paying a lot of attention to her nipples before finally ending up with his face in her wiry pubes, and licked gently at her labia maxima.

“Just keep doing that.” breathed Erica, as she moved her fingers down and began stroking her clitoris. Mike kept an eye on her hand, and as she speeded up her movements, so he increased the rate at which he lapped at her portal. Soon, with a cry, Erica reached orgasm, and Mike continued licking the flow of juices as they oozed from her gash.

As she slowly came back to earth, Mike moved back up the bed and cuddled her. She reached for his penis, and said, “Your turn, I think.” and, once again, swung over and mounted him. This time, she kept one hand on his chest whilst she used the other to rub her clitoris, and maintained eye contact as she swiveled her hips. Her movements became slightly erratic, and Mike could feel her moisture flowing down over the base of his penis, soaking his pubic hair before trickling down over his scrotum to be absorbed by the bedding, Very quickly, they pulsated to almost simultaneous orgasms, and fell asleep with Erica lying on top of Mike, his wilting flesh still encased within her drying flesh.

When dawn came up, their bodies were still entwined, and Mike felt Erica’s small hand slowly working on his penis.

“Please, just do it one more time.”

Mike rolled over on top of her, and slid easily into her wet opening. She wrapped her arms and legs round him, and said,

“I’ve already come more than I thought I could in one night. Just use me.”

Mike began a slow motion, but Erica squeezed his buttocks to indicate that he should speed up. He felt her vaginal muscles tighten and relax around him and before long, he began to lose control until he ejaculated deep inside her. As he came, Erica held him close until his penis shrank and popped from her, and they rolled over onto their sides, where they lay gasping for breath and planting light kisses on each other.

Erica broke the silence, “Well, I didn’t think I could, but I had yet another orgasm. Not huge, but nice all the same. Thank you.”

Mike smiled at her, and said, “No, thank you. It’s been great. I can’t remember a night like this.”

With a quick final kiss, Erica pulled Mike from the bed, and said, “Shower time, again.” and they returned to the bathroom. This time they washed each other slowly and gently, but being both quite sated, without arousal. Again, Erica insisted on washing her own pubis pleading that she was now a little tender down there after the night’s activities.

They dressed, and stopped at Candy Kitchen for breakfast as they returned to the restaurant to collect Mike’s car. As he gave her a goodbye kiss, Mike asked if he could see her again. She shook her head, and gave a grin.

“Sorry.” she said, “Yesterday was my last day here. My visa is about to expire, and I have to go back to Australia. My flight’s tonight. But I’m glad we had last night – I had been wanting it for a while, and it’s given me a great memory to take away with me.”

So saying, she gave him a peck on the cheek, ran back to her car, and gave a cheerful wave as she drove away and out of Mike’s life.

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