Summer in the Hamptons Ch. 06

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Female Ejaculation

Mike enjoyed his last few days of the quiet life before Mr Joanne seemed to be doing her best to prolong the experience for him, using a light delicate touch and stopping frequently to blow on his penis and cool it.

Meanwhile, Miriam had moved, and was watching closely. She looked up at Mike, and said, “I think I could go one more round.” and she levered herself upright, and placed her knees either side of Mike’s arms. Edging forward, she positioned her vagina over Mike’s mouth and lowered herself so that he could reach. “Just lick at the lips, I’ll do the rest.” she breathed. Mike licked at her labia, swallowing the juices, as Miriam gently but with increasing speed rubbed her clitoris. Mike was aware of Joanne also rubbing herself with her free hand as she ministered to him, and before long all three of them climaxed with seconds of each other. Miriam came first, with a little cry, and Mike felt his ejaculation being sucked fiercely from him and swallowed by Joanne, Şerifali Escort who shortly after succumbed to her own self-administered orgasm.

The three of them collapsed on the bed and dozed of in post coital exhaustion. Mike woke first and as he stretched to get into a more comfortable position, he couldn’t help but wake the ladies.

Miriam gave a stretch, and reached for her lover.

“Fuckin’ hell, babe. You were right. This guy can eat pussy. Mike, honey, are you sure you’re not a closet lesbian?”

Mike laughed. “No, I’m not. However, I found out a long time ago that it’s much more fun for the man if the woman enjoys it too. So I went and took some lessons.”

Both women sat up.

“You took lessons?” burst out Miriam.

“Yes. I found this amazing hooker in London when I worked at The Palace. We actually met socially, and it was a while before she told me that she was on the game. I asked her to show me round, as it were, and show Üsküdar Escort me the sort of things that you girls enjoy. She ended up enjoying it too, and in the end I was getting a discount.”

“Is that for real?”

“It certainly is. I needed several sessions to complete the Course of Instruction, but I think it was almost the best £4,000 I ever spent.”


“Well, it’s a toss up between that and my first motorcycle.”

The women laughed and playfully hit him with pillows. Joanne looked at Miriam and nodded. They sat up, and Miriam spoke, “Mike that was great. Those lessons were worth every penny, but Jo and I need a little private time right now.” Mike nodded, and made for the bathroom where he took a hot shower, turning it to cold for the last half-minute or so. As he returned to the bedroom, he avoided making eye contact with the girls who had draped their robes around them. He dressed, and held his jacket in his hands as he turned Ümraniye Escort to say goodbye. Both women rose to walk towards him, and he could smell the sourness of the drying sex juices on them as they stood before him with their robes unbelted and hanging open.

“Thank you, Mike.” said Miriam. “And thank you for being understanding about leaving us alone. We’re sort of a couple, but we’re both a bit more bi than totally lesbian. Maybe we haven’t come to terms with our sexuality yet, but we’re working it out.”

“Thank you, ladies. I enjoyed it too.” Said Mike with a smile.

Miriam smiled back, “Those lessons of yours were worth the money. I know a couple of women who could use your services whilst they’re out in the Hamptons all week and their husbands are in the city. I’ll make a couple of calls, if you like.”

Mike smiled back. “I always endeavor to give satisfaction, Miss Miriam.” and he made for the door. As he went to open it, he heard Miriam call him.

“Mike! Just remember – when you write your memoirs, don’t use our real names, will you?”

He closed the door behind him, rode the elevator to the lobby, and rode a cab to the East Village to see what else the evening had in store for him.

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