Summer with C Ch. 11

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It was a short drive to Main Street and the hotel where I had reserved a room. I dropped her at the side entrance and parked the car, returning to find her the focus of attention from everyone who walked past. She sighed in relief when I appeared, then took my arm and pressed her body against mine as we walked for the elevator. Once inside the cab I pressed floor 14.

“Take it off.”

As she was only wearing the delicate little chemise there was no mistaking what I intended. She slipped it up over her head and off then handed it to me when I extended my arm. There was barely enough time for me to absorb the lusciousness of her naked body before the chime announced the arrival at our floor. We stepped out and into to corridor then headed on down to the far corner of the floor. As we strode along she was more magnificent than ever, breasts jiggling away in that naughty little dance that happens when a woman walks naked in high heels and her shaven slit proudly on display. I was aware that my dick was straining against my slacks, dying to be Bostancı Escort set free.

At the door to the room I slipped in the access card, waited for the click and then turned the lever. We entered and I told her to go stand in front of the window, spread her legs, and wait while I undressed.

Once I too was naked and my straining manhood had been released I approached her and placed my hands on her hips, allowing my cockhead to graze against her belly. I kissed her and again we touched tongues. My hands went to her breasts and grasped them softly, my fingertips played with the nipples and then I bent over enough to take first one and then the other in my mouth, running my tongue over them, sucking on them, and gently nibbling them. Her hands were on my shoulders and I sank to my knees, kissing her stomach, then her lower abdomen, and finally coming to rest mere inches from her pussy.

I let my breath waft across her beautiful slit and then ever so gently kissed her right there. A shudder ran through her body accompanied Kadıköy Escort by an tender little whimper. Holding my mouth in place I extended my tongue and began to explore her quim. It was wet and it parted with no effort at all, releasing inner lips that were virtually dripping with hot juiciness. I probed with my tongue, exploring and tasting her sex. I sucked her labia inside my mouth and swished them around, then burrowed between them and upward until I found her hard little clit.

Focusing on it, I continued my ministrations with the tip of my tongue, up and down, back and forth. I placed one finger right at the entrance to her lovehole and then slowly slipped it inside until I could go no further. I wiggled it as I worked on her clit with my tongue. The finger was withdrawn, but only long enough so that a second digit could join it buried deep inside her. Now I could feel her cervix and I wiggled the tip of my middle finger there, keeping time with the movements of my tongue.

Her knees began to buckle and a sweet groaning Göztepe Escort sound came from her mouth followed by a series of convulsions and shrieks as she came loud and hard. Her thighs clamped around my head, forcing me to come up for air. Sensing she was about ready to collapse, I steered her over to the bed.

Climbing atop her, I spread her legs and slipped between them. Her hole was wet and begging to be filled. My cock was dying to explore its depths. In I went, first the mushroom head and then the entire length of my shaft until my balls pressed against her perinium. She felt wonderful – tight, hot, and wet. I began the in and out motion that I knew so well would bring us both to the level of ecstasy we were craving.

We fucked for what seemed like forever, at first just simple missionary style but then with me holding her legs up high so that her knees almost touched her head, allowing my cockhead to slam against her cervix with each thrust and finally with her legs wrapped around my back as she climaxed for the third or fourth time and I spewed my load of spunk deep inside her.

Then we laid there connected like that for a long time before separating, each taking a wobbly-kneed turn in the bathroom before returning to the bed and falling asleep naked in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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