Surprise Camping Trip

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It’s a bright summer morning and the family Escalade is packed with all the camping goodies, the best that money could buy.

I’m sitting in the backseat with my headphones on playing Minecraft on my phone.

My sister Megan opens up the other door and climbs in next to me.

I removed my headphones.

“This should be thrilling,” I said.

“I could be going to a party this weekend, rather than this family trip,” said my sister.

I replied, “No dick all weekend.”

I put my headphones back on and went back to playing my game.

My mom opened the passenger door as my dad opened the driver’s door.

“Tom, did you double check to make sure everything’s turned off” asked my mom.

My dad said “double checked and even triple checked.”

My mom and dad got in the car and closed their doors. My dad started the car and made an announcement.

“All aboard the Anderson express train. Next stop, the wild frontier.”

I looked over at my sister and she had here hand covering her face in embarrassment.

I looked at my mom and she was glaring at my dad with a “what happened to you” look on her face.

The drive to the campsite was long, roughly 6 hours. We stopped to get gas and load up on snacks a few times. The last gas station we stopped at was about 30 minutes from the camp grounds.

My dad was filling up the suv, my mom and sister went to use the bathroom and I snuck off to hit my thc vape pen.

After I got sufficiently stoned, I put clear eyes to mask that I was high. I went into the market to grab an energy drink. Inside the market my sister was chatting it up with three guys, maybe in their late 20’s.

I went up to the cash register and paid for my drink. I heard the toilet flush and my mom came out of the bathroom. My sister signaled for my mom to come join her.

“This is Evan, Skylar and Thomas. Guys, this is my mom Clare,” said my sister

“Hi, nice to meet you” replied my mom.

My sister continued, “Guess what, the three of them are camping at the same park.”

“Maybe we’ll run into you later,” said Even.

“Hopefully,” replied my mom.

Back at the car we all got in and got ready for the drive to the park. My dad was fumbling around for something in the center console and didn’t notice that the 3 guys pulled up next to us in a lifted truck. All three of the guys were smiling and looking at my mom and sister. My mom and sister smiled and waved back at them.

Their truck speeds off in the direction of the park. My dad announces to us.

“Found them! My driving gloves,” my dad said.

“Poor dad, he has no clue,” I thought to myself as we headed out.

We got to the campsite just before dusk. My dad and I set up two family sized tents, one for him and my mom and the other for my sister and I.

It was dark now around 8 pm. Everything was set up, tents, sleeping bags, campfire and the grill. My dad was looking for the cans of propane.

“Hun, did you pack the propane cans?” Asked my dad.

“Yes dear, they’re in the box in the back seat” said my mom.

My dad went to the trunk and tried opening the door, it was locked.

“Who has the keys?” Asked my dad.

We all told him he did. When my dad looked into the driver side window he noticed the keys still in the ignition.

“God dang it! The keys are locked in the car” Yelled my dad.

“I’m going to have to hike to the rangers station to see if he can help open our car,” said my dad.

My mom urged him not to because it was too dark.

“Just break the window,” I told him.

He then suggested that he and I walk to get help. With flashlights in hand my dad and I headed out, leaving my mom and sister at the campsite.

Dad and I walked for about 15 minutes when my dad said he was worried about leaving my mom and sister alone at the campsite.

“Head back and keep an eye on them. I’m going to keep going and I’ll catch a ride with the park ranger,” said my dad.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright, it’s pretty dark out here,” I said

He assured me the situation would be ok and told me to walk back, which I did.

I jogged back to our campsite. I had been gone for no more than 20 or 25 minutes. I grabbed a bottle of water and chugged it, I was fucking thirsty from that jog.

I called out to my mom and sister that I was back but got no reply. I checked the tents and the immediate area, no sign of them.

I got worried and started walking up the road further into the camp grounds. It was pretty dark and the only sounds I could hear were crickets and an owl.

I got to a fork in the road. To my left I could see a campfire and a few lanterns off in the distance. I made my way over there, maybe they saw my mom and sister.

As I got closer I could see people gathered around the fire talking and laughing. I got about 20 yard from the camp site and could see it was the 3 douchebags from the gas station. And of course my mom and sister were there laughing and flirting with these guys.

I took a seat against a tree, pulled out my vape. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, do I Magosa Escort like to watch? Then I thought what’s wrong with my mom and sister? At that point that feeling came over me again, the same feeling I got when I was about to catch my mom and sister having an orgy with some guys they met at a bar.

I was close enough to see them and hear them but far enough in the shadows that they couldn’t see me.

Everyone had a red Plastic cup in their hand. Skylar was filling up my mom and sisters cups with vodka.

Evan was talking about how he was fucking this girl one time and she kept telling him his dick was too big and was splitting her pussy in half.

My mom and sister laughed and kept taking sips from their drinks.

My mom and sister must have changed after my dad and I left. Both were wearing one piece swimsuits and super short jean shorts over them. Could they be any more skanky?

The three dbags were wearing swim shorts and tank tops. I thought to myself, are we camping or at an outdoor music festival?

Thomas, the third guy, suggested everyone play a drinking game.

“My husband and son will be back soon with the park Ranger,” said my mom

“The park ranger went home for the night hours ago. It’s an hour walk there and an hour walk back. Stay here and we’ll keep you two beautiful ladies company until then,“said Evan.

“Come on mom this sounds fun, what game do you guys have in mind?” Asked my sister.

“Truth or Dare, but, before each truth or dare you have to take a shot,” said Thomas.

“Oh my god, ok I guess we can stay for a bit,” said my mom as she laughed.

“Alright, you go first Clare,” said Skylar.

“Ok, um. Evan, truth or dare,” said my mom

“Truth,” replied Evan.

“Are you really that hung that you split a girl’s pussy in half,” my mom asked as she took a large swig from her cup.

Evan pulled his shorts down and produced a very large cock. My mom almost choked on her drink.

“Hm. Excuse me, wow! You weren’t lying,” stuttered my mom

Evan pulled his short back up and put that monster back in it’s cage.

“Megan, your turn,” said Skylar.

“Truth or dare Skylar,” asked my sister.

“Dare!” Replied Skylar.

“I dare you to show us what’s under your shorts,” said my sister

Skylar pulled his shorts down and showed the group his dick. Not a monster like Evans but big nonetheless. Thomas then pulled his shorts down too.

“Sorry did you ask me or Skylar to drop our shorts,” said Thomas.

Everyone started laughing.

Now it was the guys turn to ask my mom and sister Truth or dare. Evan went first. My mom was Dared to remove her and my sister’s jean shorts.

My mom took a sip of her drink and handed her cup to Evan. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and let them fall to the ground. My mom’s bathing suit was black on the sides and had a leopard print front. The sides of the suit rode high above her hips and just covered enough of her pussy on the front and a thong in the back that disappeared between her huge ass cheeks.

The three boys had huge grins from ear to ear. My mom kicked her shorts at Evan who caught them. She then walked over to my sister who lifted her arms to give access to my mom who then undid her shorts button and unzipped them. My mom helped my sister out of her shorts and threw the shorts at Skylar who also caught them. My sister was wearing a similar swimsuit as my moms except it was pink.

Both my mom and sister standing there were exposed to these three horny guys. My mom and sister chugged the rest of their drinks which Skylar was quick to refill.

It was Skyler’s turn to ask my sister Truth or Dare, she chose Dare. Skylar Dared my sister to make out with my mom for 3 minutes. Both my mom and sister took more sips from their cups before handing them off to the boys to hold.

My mom and sister embraced and started off just kissing on the lips, which then turned into them french kissing each other. The boys all rubbing their dicks, giving each other thumbs up.

My sister and mom were really into each other that they didn’t mind that Evan and Thomas walked up behind my mom and sister and both boys pulled their bathing suit tops down letting my moms huge tits bounce out and my sisters perky, round tits pop out.

Both the boys reached around the two women and played, squeezed and fondled their tits as my mom and sister kept making out.

Thomas said it was his turn. Then my mom and sister broke their embrace, clearly hot and breathing heavily with their breast exposed to the cold night air. The boys handed them back their cups which my mom and sister shot in one gulp. Again, Skylar filled them up again. My mom and sister are standing there, their bathing suit straps dangling down by their waists.

Thomas said, “this one is to both of you”.

My mom and sister were Dared to make out with him being Thomas and Skylar. Again my mom and sister drank their shots, dropped the cups on the ground, my mom went to Thomas, my sister went to Skylar and they all started making out.

Evan Kıbrıs Escort walked up behind my mom and sister and stood in between them, his left hand was rubbing my sister’s pussy over her bathing suit and his right hand was doing the same to my mom’s pussy. Both women moaning and grinding into Evans hands.

“These ladies are dripping wet fellas,” announced Evan.

Evan then put his hands on my sister’s shoulders and guided her down onto her knees. She pulled down Skylar’s shorts and took his dick into her hand and started licking the tip before impaling her mouth on it.

Evan walked over to my mom and did the same thing. My mom pulled down Thomas’s shorts and quickly took his shaft into her mouth. Both my mom and sister are giving these two guys super sloppy blowjobs.

Evan dropped his shorts behind my mom. He picked her up by her hips to position her pussy at his dicks level. He spit into his hand and lubed up his dick, he pulled the fabric covering my moms pussy to the side and slowly split my moms pussy open. He must have gotten balls deep because my mom stopped sucking Thomas.

“Oh my god. You weren’t lying. Jesus fuck,” screamed my mom.

Evans and Thomas were split roasting my mom when a light flickered through the trees, catching the attention of the boys and myself.

“There’s a car coming from the direction of the ranger station,” Said Skylar.

Both my sister and mom shot up from what they were doing. Without a word they grabbed their shorts, quickly put them on and darted back through the dark woods back toward our campsite.

The three dip shits were left with blue balls. Each one of them went in a different direction to jerk off. I stood up and made my way back to camp.

When I walked up I startled my mom and sister. My mom was getting the fire going again, which had since died off and my sister was sitting in one of our folding chairs.

“We thought you were with dad,” said my mom.

“I walked back a while ago. I must have turned around but I found our camp,” I replied.

I took a seat next to my sister who looked like the cat who caught the canary, chewing gum to mask the smell of the booze and cocks she had in her mouth moments ago. My mom also chewed gum.

The Forest ranger’s truck pulled up and the passenger side door opened and my dad stepped out.

“I brought reinforcements gang,” said my dad

“Just want to make sure everyone is ok,” asked the ranger.

“Yes,” we all said.

My dad and the ranger went to our car to Jimmy with the door open.

“Got then,” said my dad as he jingled the keys.

“Who’s ready to eat some meat?” Said my dad.

Both my mom and sister’s eyes got really big.

After we all ate dinner everyone went to sleep for the night, except for me. I knew those guys weren’t done with my sister or my mom. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

I woke up the next morning. My sister was still asleep next to me. I unzipped the tent and found my mom and dad cooking breakfast. My mom had her sunglasses on and was drinking coffee.

“I bet she’s feeling great today,” I thought.

Mom, dad and I ate breakfast. Megan declined to eat, she slept instead. I told my parents I was going to hike around and that I’d be back in an hour.

I hiked for a bit until I stumbled across a large pond surrounded by trees. I sat on the bank and smoked a joint I smuggled in one of my bags. I listened to the frogs ribbit and the dragonflies fly by. After the joint was done, I laid down and took a nap in the shade of the trees for a bit. When I woke up it was later in the day, I quickly headed back to camp.

When I returned, my three favorite ass hats were chatting it up with my dad while my mom pretended to be busy. My sisters are also awake now, sitting in one of the chairs staring at Thomas while she bit her lower lip.

My dad looked over at me.

“Garry, come over here, I want to introduce you to these young men. They invited us over to their camp for dinner and drinks later,” said my dad.

“Hey,” I said as I passed them and climbed into the tent.

I must have dozed off again, because my dad was waking me up.

“Wake up, your sister and mom have already headed over. Are you coming?” Asked my dad.

I got up from my nap and walked with him to the other camp site. I knew why they wanted us over there unfortunately my dad did not. I’m guessing my mom and sister went over early to ask them not to talk about what happened last night.

As my dad and I walked up to the fucktards camp, Thomas and Skylar are standing around a grill cooking food while Evan was making drinks for my mom and sister.

“Hey, you guys made it. Let me make you two a drink,” said Evan.

He handed my dad and I each a cup. I took a sip.

“What is this,” I asked.

“Jungle juice,” replied Evan

“What is Jungle Juice?” Asked my dad.

“Everything except the kitchen sink,” said Skylar.

The three guys laughed.

I walked over to my mom and sister.

“Are you guys alright,” I asked.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t Lefkoşa Escort we be?” Responded my mom.

“I wasn’t lost that night. I watched what happened between you and these guys,” I said.

“Why didn’t you come join? 4 cocks are better than 3,“said my sister.

“You’re a watcher,” Said my sister.

My mom and sister both laughed and kissed me on the cheek.

“Cheers,” said my mom.

All three of us tapped our cups and took a drink.

“You two need to be careful because dad’s here. He almost caught you last night,” I advised them.

“We won’t let that happen again. This is just a friendly get together. We’re leaving tomorrow morning anyways,” replied my mom.

After dinner the three guys occupied my dad’s and my attention. The three made sure our drinks were filled, after four drinks I started getting pretty buzzed. My dad was getting pretty drunk as well. I took a seat around the fire as my vision started to blur. My dad was sitting next to me and started nodding off. My mom and sister sat across from us.

As I was drifting off, Evan tapped my dad and my knees and asked

“You guys want another drink?”

My dad didn’t respond and I slurred an incoherent response.

“We got a couple light weights here. They’re both passed out,” said Evan

Even though I couldn’t keep my eyes open I could still hear.

“Hey, Megan and Clare. Take these, we took one already,” said Skylar.

“What are these?” Asked my mom.

“Molly,” said Thomas.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Said my sister.

“Don’t let me do anything inappropriate tonight. Bottoms up,” said my mom.

“There’s definitely going to be a couple bottoms up, that’s for sure,” jokingly said Thomas.

Everyone laughed. I heard my mom and sister swallow the pills.

I passed out for, I don’t know how long. I was able to open my eyes and saw my mom and sister sitting across from me, their eyes closed. My mom was rubbing her own breasts while my sister was rubbing her own legs.

Skylar and Thomas were standing behind my mom and sister and began to massage their shoulders. My eyes started to close again.

I came again. When I opened my eyes, Skylar and Thomas were sitting in the chairs now and my mom and sister were straddling them with their backs to me.

Skylar and Thomas were just wearing boxers, while my mom and sister only had on pink thongs. They were all making out and the guys had their hands all over the ladies asses.

I started to nod off again.

When I awoke again, Evan was sitting across from me, with my naked mom riding his cock. She was facing me but her eyes were closed. She had her feet resting on Evans knees and was grinding in a circular motion into his crotch. My mom’s pussy stretched to the max around Evan’s fat cock. Evan was squeezing my mom’s huge tits in his hands. I passed out again.

When I woke up again I was more coherent than before. The seats across from us were now empty except for my mom and sisters bras and thongs on the dirty ground.

I looked to my left and my mom and sister are getting fucked inside one of the guys tents. My mom was in a doggy style position facing out of the tent. Her eyes closed and her mouth wide, moaning. Thomas was behind her slamming into her with great force.

“Oh.. fuck, you’re ripping my ass,” screamed my mom.

My sister was sucking Skylar off while Thomas was pounding her ass. I watched as Thomas dick viciously slid in and out of my sister’s red and swollen asshole.

I must have been out for a while because my sister’s pussy was dripping with cum and my mom’s face had cum all over it. I slept through this fuckfest.

I heard a branch snap. I looked up and my dad was standing in front of me, just watching my mom and sister getting some serious pipe laid.

My mom opened her eyes and looked right at my dad. The look on her face was pure shock. Evan saw my dad standing there, he paused from fucking my mom’s ass.

“Party’s full old man,” said Evan.

Evan then zipped up the tent door. I thought my dad was going to go berserk but instead just walked back towards our camp site.

I was pissed at these guys before, now I am furious. I had a bottle of clear eyes in my pocket. I went over to their jug of water and squeezed the whole contents into the water jug.

I could see the silhouettes of the group having ecstasy fueled orgy. The sound of my mom getting her asshole destroyed by that monster cock. The smell and sound of sex was in the air.

After about 30 minutes Evan screamed,

“I’m cumming in your fucking ass you fucking whore.”

The sound of Evan removing his cock from my mom’s ass made me want to fuck too.

The tent door opened and my sweaty, naked, cum covered mom stepped out. She headed back towards our camp.

Evan stepped out, naked and sweaty and grabbed the jug of water. He must of gulped a quarter of water. The two other fucks climbed out as well, naked and sweaty. The three of them drank the whole jug of spiked water.

The three climbed back into the tent. Skylar laid on his back and rolled my sister on top of him, inserting his cock into my sister’s pussy. Thomas got behind her and slid his dick up her ass. Evan knelt next to her face and placed her mouth at the tip of his cock. As he guided her head down onto his dick splitting her lips open and shoving his cock down the back of her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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