Surprise Home Coming

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It just so happened to be one of those days where you had worked the night shift. You were coming home as I was preparing to leave for work. I was just stepping out of the shower and did not hear the door open to the bathroom. I was bent over drying my legs when I felt a familiar hand rub my ass.

“Honey…I hope that is you” was my reply. All I heard was the sound of your zipper….Your cock was hard as you pressed into my clit. Not wanting to say no…but very concerned about being late, I stood up and said..Oh you know I’m going to be late for work. My boss is leaving on vacation and I have a million things to do before he leaves. His plane is leaving at 1:00 so that doesn’t give me much time to get everything done. Your reply was a swift twist of my nipple. I moaned and I could feel my knees giving out on me.

“Oh Please honey”…don’t make me late. The huskiness of my voice alerted you to the fact that I was getting very turned on. Your cock was erect and very much ready. I licked my lips as I looked you up and down…scanning every inch of the body I knew so well. You reached down and started to run the back of your hand on my flushed cheeks, instinctively I took it in mine and started kissing and licking it. Your fingers were large enough to be tiny penises and this really excited me. One by one you fed them to my hungry mouth.

Before I knew what happened you were pushing me down on the side of the tub. Your cock was right in front of my face…I went to touch it and you told me “no”. I whimpered…and licked my lips again. Slowly you took your cock and drew circles on my cheeks. Then you traced my lips with it. I breathed in deeply…taking in the scent of you. You told my to lift my breasts with my hands and then you took your cock and “kissed” each nipple with the wet head of your cock and then you stepped back. I bent my head to lick where your cock had been and again you said “no”

“Get dressed now my dear, or you’ll be late for work!” was your reply. My mouth fell open and said..”but, but”…your answer was “go” Hummmmmphh I thought, fine…I’ll get dressed and go to work. I watched as you climbed in bed and fell sound asleep. I couldn’t believe that you could be so aroused one minute and sound asleep the next. My fucking body was on fire. I got into work just on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri time. My boss was a regular “ass” until the minute he left for his flight. I didn’t have time to even go to the bathroom, let alone drink my coffee.

When I finally had time for myself I started to think about what had transpired that morning and before I knew it I was very aroused. I looked at the was 1:30…I knew we would play the scene again tonight…but instead of me going to work it would be you!!! I ached for you…the pleasure your hands gave me. The pleasure your tongue gave me…but most of all the pleasure your cock gave me. I was jolted back to reality by the shrill of the phone. I answered and the voice on the other end said that all the computers were down and the home office said all computer users could go home if they came in early tomorrow.

That’s all the excuse I needed. Within twenty minutes I was home and standing in front of the bedroom door. You were sound asleep on your back. I could see the soft bulge of your cock through the thin sheet. I undressed as I walked over to the bed. Gently I climbed on trying not to shift the mattress. It’s not very often that I can have the upper hand in our love making and it looks like this time I will. Slowly I pulled down the sheet…exposing your naked body. Your cock was semi-erect from sleeping. My eyes scanned your entire body…stopping at your cock. As I reached to “finger” the tip of your cock you sat up and pushed me back on the bed. “What are YOU doing home??” you asked. “Why..why…we got off early because the computers went down” I said. “and just what do you think you’re doing…I didn’t say you could touch my cock”

“but honey”…I whimpered..”I need you so badly”…and with that I started sucking on my nipples…tasting the precum you had put there earlier. You loomed over the top of me and i could see your now fully erect cock…a grin came across my face. “don’t you want me baby?”….with that you bent and took my hard nipple into your mouth…sucking and nibbling it. I moaned and reached down to touch your hot cock. You pushed my hand away and held both up above my head. Soon your mouth found my other nipple. My hips were moving up and down in unison with your sucking. “baby, I’m so hot for you”

güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I need to feel you inside me”

“come kiss me…let me taste you”. You ignored me and kept sucking on my nipples. Reaching under my pillow you found my vibrator and turned it on low. You held it right above my clit..just so I’d feel the faintest of vibrations. I moved my hips up and down more…trying to guide the vibrator to my clit. Of course…that was not going to happen. You made sure of that. I started cursing you under my breath…”you bastard”

“you’re such a dick”

“I need to cum, please let me cum” Nothing. Just the constant hum of the vibrator and the sound of you sucking my nipples. The bed was soaked underneath me. I tried not to think about what was going on. I thought any second I was going to go mad. Finally you climbed off the bed and pulled me to the end. You spread my legs and bent them at the knees. Your cock was shoved hard into my unsuspecting cunt. I screamed and then moaned. “Fuck bastard”

Again you shoved yourself deep inside my hot cunt. I moaned ..and started thrashing my head around. Grabbing my hair you pulled me to a sitting position and slowly guided your cock into my mouth. I hungrily sucked on it. Tasting my pussy and tasting your precum. My fingers found my cunt and I started fingering myself as I sucked on you. Taking your wrapped your fingers around my hair and held me firmly to you. I loved the way you smelled.

I loved the way you talked and the noises you made when you were fucking my mouth. You told me I was your cocksucker and I hungrily sucked harder on you. My other hand was slowly making it’s way to your asshole. I started drawing circles around it with my finger and I kept getting closer and closer to your hole. Once I was there I slowly started pushing it inside you. You broke your rhythm as I started poking my finger in you.

“Baby..don’t tense up…I will be gentle”…you answered me by stroking my hair as you allowed me to go deeper into your ass. I could feel your sphincter muscles relax as my finger finally reached it’s destination. I started wiggling it around and I could hear your breath sounds get very raspy. You reached down and guided your cock back into my mouth. Slowing you started fucking it. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I met your thrusts with my finger. You started going faster and I started pumping you faster.

Sensing that you were ready to explode I fucked your ass furiously….you started slamming into me. You screamed and started calling me a fucking cock sucking whore…I knew you were going to cum and I pulled my finger from your ass….just as I did you exploded in my mouth. It hit the back of my mouth and I almost choked as I took every drop of your cum down my throat. I asked you to pull out a little bit so I could see the little bit of cum that dribbles out after ….I caught it with the palm of my hand and rubbed it on my cunt. Pulling me to my feet you bent down and kissed me hard. It took my breath away…

“now for you my slut”. You laid me on the bed and proceeded to work your way down my writhing body. Your mouth felt like suction cups on my hardened and swollen nipples. Your hand found it’s way between my legs and you started finger fucking me….slowly at first and then faster…alternating between teasing my clit and fingering my cunt. My body was on fucking fire. I thought I would combust before I would cum. I was moaning and panting like an animal….

“oh God rodger”…I moaned…”please, could you just make me cum, I’m going to go crazy if you don’t” Lifting yourself up on your arms you slowly moved down the end of the bed. “Oh God yes”…was all I could say. You lifted my ass off the bed and took my cunt to your mouth….slowly you started flicking my clit. The sensations were making me wild…

I pushed up so I could bury myself in your face. My legs locked around your neck and I started grinding onto your face. Your tongue was licking my click madly. In the distance I could hear the hum of the vibrator…..slowly you glided it into my cunt…it was almost more than I could bare. Your tongue…the vibrator…thoughts of fucking you all day long…your sweet hot cock cumming in my mouth..

I lifted myself higher and squeezed down tightly as the convulsions took over my body. You threw the vibrator to the floor and started sucking on my cunt hole as my orgasm began to ebb. Gently you licked and kissed my clit. Removing my legs from your shoulders….you crawled towards my face. I looked at you…that dreamy look on my face. I could feel your soft lips on mine…and I closed my eyes to enjoy your loving kiss. My hands reached up and caressed your face and the back of your head.

We both turned and looked at the clock and said…”two more hours and then we have to get up”…mmmmmmmmmmm…yes!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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