Surprise Reward

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Paul was not a teacher, but one day a week, in his lunch break, he went into a local school and helped give personal tuition to pupils with reading and writing difficulties. He had been doing this for a few years now and thought that the work was reward enough in itself. He seemed to have particular success with the older pupils, who liked his way of talking to them and treating them as adults with less experience, rather than stupid children. When he looked in the mirror, he saw nothing special, friendly grey-green eyes, dark wavy hair, six foot and in need of exercise to trim down a bit of a paunch. In fact just an average forty-year old male.

Lisa was one of Paul’s successes. Nineteen years old, she could just about read and write, when Paul started working with her. She seemed to respond to his gentle patience and now, just before she was due to leave school, she was able to show Paul the acceptance letter, confirming a place at university. Paul was flushed with her success and, looking at her flushed and smiling face, suddenly saw a new side to her. She was no longer a struggling student, but now was an attractive young woman who would be going away very soon. Paul felt a tightening in his chest and a pressure in his loins as he looked at Lisa again. Instead of a slightly gauche, somewhat gawky girl, he was looking at a willowy young woman, graceful and slender with a new inner confidence. Lisa smiled and blushed a little when she realised that he was looking at her differently.

“Paul, would it be all right for me to phone you, just to keep in touch?”

“Lisa, you’ll forget about me quickly enough, but if you really want it I’ll give you my mobile number.”

Lisa did not answer, just picked Paul’s mobile ‘phone off the desk and tapped the buttons for a few seconds. Then she took her own mobile out of a pocket and tapped away again.

“There, we’ve exchanged mobile numbers. Will you call me and return my text messages? Promise?

“Lisa, if you send me a text or phone me I promise you I will respond”

Lisa giggled happily and then, turning her back, rapidly tapped on the keys of her phone. She looked up only when she had finished composing her message. Paul’s phone beeped for attention. Reaching into his pocket he closed his fingers around the hard case and drew out the ‘phone a touch on the keys summoned up the message that had called for attention

The screen said “I LV U” and Lisa just watched him.

“Well, aren’t you going to answer it?”

Paul said nothing, just stepped closer and, with the tip of his finger, lifted her face so that he could kiss her. As their lips met Lisa flung her arms around him and hugged, pressing herself against him. Her mouth opened and she sucked gently on his tongue drawing Ataşehir Escort it into her mouth and trapping it between the tips of her teeth while her tongue caressed and smothered it. Paul’s pants bulged as his cock stiffened and thickened under the influence of this young woman kissing him hungrily. Paul groaned softly into Lisa’s mouth and his hands slid around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

At last they broke the kiss, both of them breathless from the blossoming passion between them. They looked around the empty classroom, catching their breath. Lisa reached for him again, sliding her hands around his waist and pressing herself against him.

“Lisa, let me lock the door, someone might come in.”

“Wait! I’ve got a better idea.”

She released Paul from her grasp and quickly took him by his hand. With her leading they made their way swiftly through the corridors to the sick room. Lisa knew that there would be no one in the corridors because the teaching staff insisted that when they were not eating, the students took the opportunity to get fresh air and exercise and the sick room would be empty as this was the nurse’s half day off. Slipping inside, Lisa turned the key in the lock, sealing them in the small room.

The sickroom was light and airy, and importantly for Lisa and Paul had a bed and an easy chair. The windows were set high and frosted and the room was at one end of the school, so that students who were ill would not be disturbed.

The click of the lock had not finished echoing in the quiet of the room before Lisa was in Paul’s arms again and they were kissing. Paul tried to be gentle, but Lisa sucked upon his tongue, consuming him greedily. Their mouths locked together, Paul reached up to undo Lisa’s school necktie, then one by one the buttons of her white blouse. Lisa pressed herself closer to Paul and ran her fingers over the firm bulge in his trousers. She could feel him swelling and hardening as she touched him and her breath caught in her throat as she felt the shaft of his cock twitch beneath her fingers.

Her blouse was completely undone and Paul’s hands felt hot and dry against her cool, milky, skin She undid the buckle on his belt and the button at the top of his fly and then slid the zipper slowly down. Lisa ran her fingers over his bulging briefs teasing and fondling, instinctively touching him lightly, then more firmly, as she felt his erection growing. Paul slipped her blouse down her arms and, breaking their kiss, stood for a moment to look at her pert breasts captured in a white lace bra. The bra was just filled with firm taut flesh and her nipples were hard and deep rose coloured. Paul reached behind her and unfastened the clasp of her bra, sliding the frilly Anadolu Yakası Escort material down her arms. Paul could not take his eyes from the pointed nipples and slowly he lowered his head to take her in his mouth.

Gently, at first, but gradually getting harder as they swelled in his mouth, Paul suckled upon Lisa’s sweet nipples. Lisa closed her eyes and leaned her head back, pushing the heard points deeper and deeper into his mouth. Her hands moved over his bulging briefs, caressing and fondling the bulge of his cock and balls. Without pulling her nipple from his mouth, she reached inside his briefs and slowly eased them down over his hard, hot erection The swollen purple knob was shiny and slick with the first drops of his pre-cum and she spread the oily liquid over the swollen shiny head.

Paul unfastened her pleated skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in a tiny pair of panties and her school socks and shoes. Pressing his fingers against the lace of the panties he could feel them hot and sticky with her sex juices. Slowly he began to rub her pussy lips through the thin material, feeling them moisten and swell slowly under his caress. His mouth on her hard nipple and his fingers pressing against her pussy were making her pant excitedly.

Sliding his hand under the cloth of her panties, Paul slid them down her legs lowering himself to his knees and leaning forward to lap gently at her hot, wet, pussy. Her pussy was almost bald, only a few wisps of soft hair hinting at the luxuriant bush of curls she would grow in later life. She tasted salty-sweet and her pussy gushed copiously, splashing the tops of her thighs with her slippery nectar.

Paul was satisfied that she was wet enough for his hard cock to slide easily inside her and gently lifted her onto the bed. She lay back, eyes half closed and let her knees fall to the side, opening her sweet pink pussy for his closer inspection. Paul let his gaze travel slowly over her naked body, gazing at her milk white skin . She was slender and willowy with the curves of her womanhood just beginning to show, softening the bony ridge of her hips. A light fuzz of soft silky hair covered her pussy and her flat tummy gave rise to small taut breasts. Her nipples were hard and pointed, dark rose and swollen, hard from his tonguing. Her long red hair fanned on the pillow like October leaves and her lips were moist and inviting. Paul leaned over her and kissed her mouth, tasting peppermint on her tongue. His lips fastened firmly to Lisa’s Paul reached between them, resting his fingertips on the beginning of her wet slit. Carefully and very very slowly, Paul slid his finger into her pussy. A little way inside, he felt the resistance of her maidenhead and realised that Kartal Escort she was unbroken, virginal.

“Lisa, you haven’t been with a boy yet have you?”

Tears in her eyes Lisa shook her head, almost shamefully.

“Paul I want you to do it, I want you to be the first to have me. But be gentle with me, please?”

Paul knelt between her spread thighs and gently stroked the tip of his cock along the length of Lisa’s tight pussy. Each stroke made her wetter and she relaxed a little more, allowing the bulbous head of his cock to slip inside. Leaning on his arms he waited for a moment, before he slowly pressed deeper and deeper easing in and out. Lisa’s eyes widened, making surprised circles as she felt his cock beginning to stretch her pussy. Slowly stretching her pussy with his blunt cockhead he pushed sliding the thick head of his cock in and out of her pussy more easily with each gentle thrust. Lisa was biting the fleshy mound at the base of her thumb to keep from crying out loud as the rim of his cockhead brushed the tip of her erect clit with every stroke. Even so, Paul could her tiny squeaks and squeals of surprise and pleasure as he entered her welcoming heat and wetness.

Paul paused, his cock pressed against the thin membrane that was her maidenhead.

“Are you ready sweetheart? This will hurt a little and you will bleed some.”

“Is this it Darling, are you going to fuck me?”

“Yes, if that’s what you want.”

“Of course it is Paul, just take me, break my pussy.”

Paul took a deep breath and thrust hard and deep. He could feel the breaking of her hymen and the sudden gush of hot blood onto his cock shaft. At first she was incredibly tight and Paul was afraid he would hurt her, but he looked into her eyes and saw them go rounder and wider as her hymen broke, then she bucked beneath him impaling herself on his rigid cock. The blood from her hymen made Paul’s cock sticky, but slippery too and he slid easily in and out. Lisa was yelping and squealing now with every thrust. Paul couldn’t make out any words, but from her tone she wanted him to carry on.

Suddenly she screamed out;


The spasming of her pussy was too much for Paul to stand and he thrust deep, pinning her down to the bed with his cock. She could feel his cock pulse in her pussy, spurting thick ropes of his sticky cum into her pussy and triggering a series of diminishing orgasms until she lay weak under him and his cock softening slowly and sliding out, coated in her blood and a mixture of cum and juice from her pussy.

Holding her in his arms as they both caught their breath, Paul stroked her hair and kissed away the tear of pain from her cheek. Lisa could feel his hot sperm inside her and the warm ache in her pussy that told her she had become a woman.

“Did you like the way I replied to your message darling?”

Lisa just nodded and smiled to herself. She was not going to forget Paul’s number. In fact, she was already planning her next call.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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