Surreptitious Love Ch. 22

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After Tuyet and I had made up, the next natural thing to do was to go and see Nguyet together. We had been waiting for an opportunity for Nguyet to draw Tuyet ever since they met in Hue in March. Even though Nguyet was pregnant, she was still going to work, so we settled on a Saturday for our visit, since she could work through her lunch-break and be home by 1 o’clock in the afternoon. On Saturdays, I didn’t have to work til five-thirty, which gave us a solid three hours to work with.

Tuyet had met her friends in the meantime and learned that Phuong and Vu actually were having sex frequently now. The two of them had even proposed to go back to the beach together, including a frivolous visit to a hotel. Tuyet had also told me that she and her mother had talked about that infamous afternoon at her house again. I was dying to learn the details of that conversation.

Both of these stories were exciting and piquant, but I didn’t want to discuss them at Nguyet’s. I didn’t conceal much from her, but I thought that afternoon should only belong to the three of us. So, Tuyet and I met at the small, hidden coffee shop where we had been the day she got back in late January, just before Tet. She was wearing that spiffy top again with the green leaves printed all over it, together with thin, tailored, navy-blue shorts with white polka dots. She looked rakish and fresh. She just knew how to dress. Always.

We kissed briefly covered by the hedges around the parking lot and walked straight through the whole café, as the back was rather secluded. I was pretty sure, though, that we wouldn’t engage in any shenanigans with (or without) underwear today, as we would get naked at Nguyet’s for the drawing and, then, sex. We ordered coffee, and I lit a ciggie.

“So, the big day,” I began.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see Nguyet again,” Tuyet beamed. “It’s been four months or so.”

“You’ll be surprised how big her belly already is,” I told her.

“What month is she?”

“Sixth, almost seventh.”

“Is it gonna be a boy or a girl, do you know?”

Tuyet couldn’t stop asking questions regarding Nguyet, even though she was going to see her in an hour. At first, I answered to the best of my knowledge but then I tried to stave her off.

“And when is she moving to Saigon?” Tuyet kept going, nonetheless.

“Well, I’m not sure. We’ll ask her later. The last time I spoke with her, she said she might even stay here.”

“Then you could keep seeing her,” Tuyet giggled.

“Yeah, I could drink her milk,” I laughed in return. “Anyway, we probably won’t see each other for the first six months or so. She’s gonna move back in with her parents, as it is customary. And then her parents will come and see her every day, once she’s back at her apartment.”

“Well, just visit her as a friend. You don’t have to bang her every time you see her,” Tuyet giggled again.

“I know. But I’d prefer not to bump into her mother. Initially, she was kind and welcoming. She was on our side, as she liked that someone finally found her daughter attractive. But then she changed her mind. And for Nguyet, a new life begins. We’ve been having our affair for almost two years, but now she’s becoming a mother.”

“Yeah, how do you feel about that?” Tuyet wanted to know.

“Well, I obviously wanted to marry her and have children with her but things developed differently. Then, we often talked about the project to conceive a child out of wedlock. It always sounded fairly reasonable. Not ideal, but feasible. And nothing is ideal, anyway. I couldn’t think of a better solution. You know how important it is for all Vietnamese women of Nguyet’s generation to become a mother. I didn’t try to convince Nguyet to change her mind.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want a child with no husband. But I’m young. I still have about ten years.”

“Just make sure you don’t get pregnant accidentally,” I cautioned her.

“Ha! Who wants to fuck without a condom all the time?!” she reminded me and laughed.

“Well, yeah, because it’s so much better. I just don’t wanna go through all the motions and then come in a little plastic bag. And unlike most people, I understand how the female cycle works. The two of us have been pretty careful. And today is fine again, isn’t it?”

“You must remember that I was ovulating when we were at my grandma’s. And that was—let me see—nine days ago. So, yeah, that’s a ‘yes’.”

“Oh, speaking of ovulating: I hope your mother didn’t get pregnant, though.”

“Right. You did go at quite some lengths to avoid her spilling the beans, didn’t you?”

“I know. I feel bad about it, believe me. But it was worth it. Your mother is so guilt-ridden now that she won’t give you any grief or our affair away. And did you have a better idea?!”

“Oh, please, let’s drop that topic!”

“OK, but tell me one more thing: Has she told you that we fucked that afternoon?”

“Yes and no. When she brought up our affair the last time, she urged canlı bahis me to stop seeing you. But I reminded her immediately that I get something from you that I don’t get from anyone else and that she, obviously, finds you attractive, too.”

“And then?”

“She suggested we’ll let the issue of you and her rest. What happened, has happened, and there’s no need to talk about it further. Her last sentence was actually that—for the love of God—I mustn’t mention anything to my dad or my grandparents. She was suppressing some tears when she said that. I felt sorry for her that moment.”

“Well, what many women in their forties have to cope with is that the men of their generation are still attracted to 20-year-olds. Just put yourself in your mother’s shoes: She has to accept that I prefer her teenage daughter over her. Even though I’ve fucked her once, your mother knows perfectly well that she can’t compete with you.”

“Yeah, that’s possible,” Tuyet nodded. “I also believe, by the way, that she wanted to drive a wedge between you and me,” she added.

“I’ve had the same thought,” I admitted. “Perhaps she thought you’d break up with me after that move.”

“And what a sketchy move it was!” she exclaimed with a slightly bitter tone. But then she had to laugh again.

She drank the rest of her coffee with the straw and played absentmindedly with the ice cubes at the bottom of her glass. I had a suspicion that there was a little more to the story but I didn’t want to ask bluntly. She’d tell me when she was ready. I liked the idea of doing another foursome with Phuong and Vu; maybe we’d get back to that later, too. We paid our tab, I texted Nguyet, and we went over to her apartment complex.

Ironically, we didn’t have to play hide-and-seek today at Nguyet’s, as I was with another woman. We went upstairs, but when we knocked, no one answered. That was strange; Nguyet was so conscientious. Just as I wanted to call her, my phone rang. Nguyet told me out of breath that her dad was in hospital. Appendicitis. So, she couldn’t be at her apartment today.

“Tuyet, Nguyet’s dad is in the hospital. He’s having his appendix removed,” I told her.

“What a shame. I hope he’ll get better soon. What are we gonna do now?” she wanted to know.

“We could go to Thy. Does she still live here?”

“Oh, come on! We can’t just go to my friends to fuck,” she said exasperatedly.

“But that was perhaps our best fuck ever! Remember, when you got your period. Our second time …” I reminded her.

“Pleeaase! Stop it. I think she’s moved anyway,” Tuyet countered almost angrily.

“Calm down. I wasn’t serious,” I laughed.

“Ok, we could go to the mall and eat ice-cream. And there, we’ll decide how to proceed,” Tuyet suggested.

Like most girls, Tuyet loved going to the new mall in town. I tossed in that we wouldn’t have a lot of time left to fuck if we went to the mall first but she remained adamant.

“If we go to a hotel, we’ll just fuck immediately,” she knew. “We could just sit down, eat ice-cream, and talk a little first. It’s not even half past one yet.”

“But if we go to the mall,” I tried one more time, “we’ll sit there, talk about sex, get horny, but can’t take our clothes off.”

“You know, there are other topics than sex,” she defended her idea, laughing again.

Well, since there weren’t really many things that are better than having ice-cream with a beautiful young woman, I relented. And the stuff the new ice-cream parlor at the mall offered wasn’t bad, actually, considering that we were in a provincial town in Vietnam. They fixed us two ice-cream bowls, but Tuyet insisted she pay.

“So, a topic other than sex …” I was thinking aloud.

“Well, look, I’m switching majors to pharmacy,” Tuyet told me right away.

“Oh. Well, that’s close enough to a medical degree,” I stated. “What made you change your mind?”

“After all, I don’t think I’m cut to cut people’s stomachs,” Tuyet only said.

“I understand. I couldn’t do that either. I would faint, frankly,” I said.

“And there are lots of pharmacy jobs in Vietnam right now,” she added, leaning over her bowl and sucking the cherry off the top. I imagined my glans being the cherry right away.

Still chewing, she added, “I gotta think about how to earn a living eventually.”

“True. And, yes, as a young doctor, you wouldn’t make much. Pharmacy might be the better choice. But they will acknowledge all the course work you’ve completed so far?”

“Sure. I just gotta do ‚Biology and Chemistry for Pharmacy Majors’ or whatever it’s called. But I’ve earned all the credits for general chemistry and biology already.”

“Anyway, good luck, huh! I know, it’s crazy how little even people with degrees earn in Vietnam. Teachers start at 3.7 million.”

“Yeah, but they teach at home in the afternoons and evenings and collect the same amount, if not more from the parents,” Tuyet reminded me.

“I know. But, still … not even four million a month. bahis siteleri That’s like 160 bucks. I make ten times as much.”

“But you know that four million isn’t bad for a small town in Vietnam. There are loads of people who have to make do with considerably less.”

“Yeah, I know … all the poor people who sell lottery tickets in the streets, those who clean, sew … hairdressers, shop assistants, market vendors, yadi-yada.”

“I think my hairdresser makes more than four million,” Tuyet interjected.

“Maybe, since it’s a fancy hairdresser for ladies. But those who I knew have to stretch to make an extra buck whenever they can,” I replied.

“How do you know so much about hairdressers?” she asked incredulously. “You always cut your hair yourself, you told me,” she laughed.

“My first girlfriend here in town was a hairdresser.”

“Get out! Please do tell more,” she was genuinely surprised.

So, I began to tell her the story of Hang, a young cute hairdresser I had met about six weeks into my tenure here.

“A new teacher from California—older guy and somewhat weird—told me that, as he was walking through town, he passed a hairdressing salon, where the ladies had tried to entice him into getting a haircut. I don’t think he went inside, but they had gesticulated, laughed, smiled and pointed at him to get him to go upstairs for a massage. When he told me the story, the put on a knowing face, pouting his lips, and whispered, ‘I think there’s some action to be had upstairs.’

“Curious, I went to check it out on my next day off, which incidentally was Friday the 13th. My hair was too short to use it as an excuse, so I dropped into one of those cool, old-fashioned, green chairs and asked to get my ears cleaned. Over the last ten years, I had grown accustomed to having sex with young women regularly. I knew it wasn’t gonna be as easy in Vietnam as in some other places in the region, but I had to try.

“I had already started going to the massage salons in our town, which often offered ‘massage baby’ at the end, which was nice, oily handjob. I always thought that was the best way to end a massage anyway; to me, it doesn’t make sense to spare the central portion of the body.

“Anyway, back to the hair salon. So, I sat down and got my ears cleaned. The proprietor, who cleaned my ears, was maybe 34, tall, and slim. She laughed a lot, and when she was done, she invited me upstairs, pantomiming and making the motions in the air of someone being knelt. No one spoke English here, that was for sure, but I didn’t speak any Vietnamese either back then. Anyway, I just smiled and nodded, as I was keen anyway on what was offered up on the second floor.

“A young girl was joining me. She was amazed how big my shoes and feet were, but as I was laughing with her and admiring her cute face, I bumped my head into the ceiling. Those houses weren’t made for people like me. We both cracked up really hard, though. On the second floor, there were three small cabins on the left, which were separated by flimsy curtains. The window to the street was open, and we could hear motorcycles passing below. We were alone up here.

“She motioned to take my clothes off right here in the first compartment, but when I reached inside the seam of my underwear, she blushed and shook her head. I lied down in my underwear, full of anticipation of the good things that were to come.”

“Shall we have a coffee here, or do you want to go to a hotel?” Tuyet asked since we were done with our sundaes. “I definitely want to hear the story to the end,” she added.

“Well, here is fine. Yeah, let’s order two coffees.”

Tuyet left for the counter; on her way back from the bathroom, she brought the drinks over, and I continued.

“The girl who was massaging me was cute but not very gifted. All she did was pummel me with the side of her hands. She did it rhythmically and systematically, at least. I watched her doing it and listened to the noise coming from the street. When she asked me to turn, I couldn’t see her anymore, so I just closed my eyes and wondered what might be up next.

“I had already seen oil, wet napkins and toilet paper in a small plastic strainer, so a handjob seemed to be in the cards. At least. But what else? As I’ve said, that’s what most massage parlors offer, apart from those fancy ones where ladies are trained and where you can get fancy things like a hot stone massage. In regular parlors, girls offer handjobs to make extra money, which never refused. But neither have I ever asked for one.

When the cutie was done, she pointed at my dick with a quizzical look. I nodded, of course, but she only told me to get up and grab my things. She led me to the compartment near the window where I sat down again after she disappeared. I took off my underwear and looked at the back of the shop sign outside the window, eagerly awaiting the lady of pleasure.

“You are telling this really well,” Tuyet said. “But maybe we should move on and find a hotel? bahis şirketleri You could finish the story there,” she said slightly impatiently.

“You horny?” I inquired.

“Yes, that too. But I just wanna listen while you’re holding me,” she smiled.

“Well, then …”

As we had paid already, we just left the mall and found a small hotel a few blocks away. It was nothing special, but the street was lined with trees and the neighborhood was quiet. It was nice to be alone with Tuyet, as we hadn’t fucked just the two of us since Tet, basically, which had been in February. Four weeks ago, Phuong and Vu had been there, then she had wanted me to come on her face and I fucked her mother later that afternoon, and last time, I jerked off in front of her and came on her panties, before we made each other come using egg-white. That day, I had ‘only’ come inside her mouth, but today we both wanted to have a nice, regular, decent fuck.

We still had enough time left for both, the story and our own love play. We sat down next to each other on the bed and I admired her small collar bones and narrow shoulders. As a teacher, I had a 12-inch ruler on my desk, which I saw every day. Her should were about the same width. The way she had licked her ice-cream earlier wasn’t half bad. I couldn’t wait for her to round my glans the same way.

She got up and washed her hands. When she was done, she reached inside her shorts and pulled them down. She adjusted her hair in front of the mirror, still at the sink, and reached inside her panties in the back, at the bottom, to tuck her buttcheeks away properly. When she turned around, I saw a dark line of pubic hair above the seam of her panties and felt how my body was reaching operating temperature.

Her panties were probably a few years old, and when she sat down next to me again, I started to play with her bush. We kissed and I fondled her breasts. I took my pants off and she reached for the bulge in my underwear.

“So, you picked the smallest panties you own today?”

“Well, I always liked this pair and I thought we ‘re going to Nguyet anyway, where I would be naked all afternoon,” she defended herself.

“Oh, I didn’t say that I don’t like them … quite the opposite, actually,” I told her.

“Well, hopefully, we can meet Nguyet next week. I can’t wait to see her belly. I wanna kiss and stroke it. And her breasts, of course. Plus, her pussy,” she giggled. “I think it’s amazing to be able to look at a beautiful pregnant woman up close.”

“I understand Nguyet likes you too, so we’ll have a sensual drawing session and then fuck her one more time, before things get too cumbersome or awkward with her pregnancy.”

“I don’t wanna bring up my mother again, but here’s a story you’ll like,” Tuyet laughed.

“Fire away!” I encouraged her.

“When she was pregnant with my little brother, I was about nine or ten. Once, I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen and she lifted her dress so that I could see and touch her belly. As she was standing, though, and I was quite small and sitting, I looked straight at her huge dark bush in her panties. I also saw her large pussy lips protruding through her underwear. They looked massive. I wasn’t completely grossed out but it was still kinda strange. You know what I mean?”

“Ha. Oh, yeah, your mother has quite some bush, I can confirm,” I laughed.

Tuyet immediately punched my arm really hard and yelled with mock-exasperation: “Stop rubbing that in!”

“Hey, you started the talk about your mom’s pubic triangle,” I defended myself.

“Yeah, I know, but the topic was her pregnant belly.”

“Then you need to tell it like that!” I laughed again. “Anyway, did you touch your pregnant mother’s stomach, at last?”

“Of course. And my brother was moving inside, right at that moment. It was kinda beautiful,” she remembered. “Ok, take your clothes off and finish the story with the hairdresser!” she suggested.

Tuyet was now lying next to me with her head on my shoulder. I looked down on her and admired her graceful body. She was breathing calmly and, again, it felt good to be alone, naked, here in bed together, knowing that we would cave in to our desires in a quarter of an hour. In some ways, it felt like it was the beginning of a new era for us. The story with her mother was over, Tuyet had won, and we didn’t have to play hide-and-seek anymore.

“Well, so, I was sitting on that small massage table, naked, waiting for I didn’t know exactly who. I heard someone approaching, which turned out to be another cute petite girl. She had her hair up in a bun and was wearing knee-long denim shorts and a T-shirt. She couldn’t have been much older than 20 and motioned me to lie down. Immediately, she started to go through the things in the strainer. Then she pulled my foreskin back and cleaned my glans, as she wanted to suck my dick next, I presumed.”

“Was your dick stiff yet?” Tuyet wanted to know.

“No, not at all. But she took it in her mouth and started to suck. I closed my eyes and just listened to the few quiet noises she made and the traffic outside. My dick grew steadily and got erect.”

Tuyet began to play with my dick now, too. Gently, without haste.

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