Susan in NYC Ch. 02

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Group Sex

Note: if you haven’t already, read Susan in NYC Ch. 01, which is a prequel to this story.

When she’d visited the ladies’ room before we’d gone to bed the previous night, Susan had used my bathrobe so, when she woke early on Saturday morning and apparently had to go again, she just grabbed my robe and slipped out of my room. I sort of half woke then dozed again and barely registered her return, at least until she returned to bed. It wasn’t her snuggling up against me again that roused me; it was when she engulfed my cock in her warm mouth and quickly brought it to full rigidity. I couldn’t help but smile as I savored her oral skills once again, thinking not only that this was an awesome way to start the day but also that the term “insatiable” must surely apply to Susan. There was enough light creeping in around the mini-blinds that I could clearly see her as she sucked my cock, so I adjusted my pillow to make it easier for me to watch.

Despite all of the orgasms the previous afternoon and night, there was no way I was going to last very long with her skillfully sucking me off but, since we had the entire day ahead of us, I was just fine with that. I just lay there and enjoyed the building pleasure I was feeling along with the highly arousing visual although I fully expected that I’d be returning the favor once I’d blown my load. She didn’t seem to be trying to make me cum quickly so I had to wonder whether her efforts to draw this out was for my benefit or her own. I didn’t imagine that she’d returned from the bathroom, had seen my semi-rigid cock and had decided to just give me a quick blowjob before going back to sleep. Granted, I didn’t know her that well yet, but I was feeling pretty confident that she was a fan of sucking cock.

I was savoring the slow build of my orgasm along with the visual of her repeatedly inhaling nearly the full length of my tool. In the back of my mind, I was also well aware that her pussy was likely about overflowing with juices by then so, even when this exceptional blowjob was over, I was still going to be thoroughly enjoying another chance to devour her hot, wet pussy. Between that and the confidence that there would be many more blowjobs before she departed the next day, I was appreciating that my orgasm was approaching rather than wishing her cocksucking could go on even longer. I was trying to just relax as my cock was swelling even more, willing my body not to tense up as I got closer to cumming. When I finally exploded into her mouth, I let out a moan that was surely heard by others on my floor.

She continued to suck me off as she was swallowing my load, once again only stopping once she was certain that I was completely spent. She released my cock from between her lips then looked up at me so I stuck out my tongue and showed her that I was ready to do some licking. This not only made her smile but also got her moving. As she stood and shed my robe, hanging it back up while giving me an opportunity to ogle her naked body, I slid down the bed a bit and moved the pillow out from under my head. Climbing onto the bed, she straddled my head while I gazed up at her blonde bush before running my tongue along her slit. As expected, her pussy was flooded with pungent juices, which I set out to lap up. I was initially holding her toned ass as I slurped at her pussy but ended up bringing one hand down so that I could slip a finger into her once I focused on licking and sucking her clit.

She was moaning steadily by this point and, although she appeared to be trying to keep the volume down, there were a few moans that slipped out which were also likely heard beyond my room. Naturally, I was just fine with this because the idea of gaining a reputation on my floor for being able to make a girl moan passionately was definitely appealing given that Susan wouldn’t always be there. Of course I couldn’t take full credit for her being as worked up as she was because it was highly likely that sucking my cock had also played a significant role. She was holding my head as she humped her pussy toward my face, her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged the longer I was eating her. I would glance up occasionally, seeing her perky tits and the look of raw passion on her face, but mostly I was just focused on providing her with pleasure and trying to make her cum. I was in no rush to get her there and finish eating her but I also was not trying to draw out the pleasure for so long that I was denying her the relief of an orgasm. I felt like I was achieving the right balance so, when she let out a cry and her body started shaking, I wasn’t disappointed Bostancı Escort that I’d be finishing up.

Her orgasm was another long and clearly intensely pleasurable one. I continued what I was doing until she moved off of me then lay beside me on the bed again. We lay around for a bit before deciding to get the rest of the day started. We’d discussed a plan between orgasms the previous night so, once we got moving, she slipped back into my robe and headed for the shower first since she claimed it would take her longer to get done. When she returned and slipped out of the robe so that I could use it, I couldn’t help but goggle at her body even though I’d just seen it naked a little while prior. I wanted to eat her pussy again and squeeze her ass and lick her nipples and fondle her tits but she shooed me away to go get my shower. I suspected that she’d be dressed by the time I returned so I was thinking about her naked body when I started showering but my thoughts soon turned to the day ahead, which promised to be busy and fun.

By the time I was back in my dorm room, Susan was dressed, her short hair mostly dry and she was applying just a little makeup. She ogled me a little between the time I hung up the robe and the time I was dressed but there were no more orgasms or any other sexual stimulation that morning. Once we were both ready, we headed down Broadway to grab some breakfast and fuel up for the day ahead. The weather was promising so we were both pretty excited even though we wouldn’t be naked, at least until later. When we’d finished breakfast and settled the tab, I took Susan onto campus and showed her around for a little while. She seemed very interested in the various buildings and other features of the urban campus and, as we walked and talked, she took my hand and held it.

With the campus thoroughly toured, we headed to the subway and made our way downtown. We started out at the point furthest from campus and spent the day gradually making our way closer. It was a very fun day, we saw a lot and would stop occasionally for something to eat. There was also quite a bit of hand holding and kissing, though more of a romantic nature than a passionate nature. I don’t know about her but I wasn’t thinking too much about where all of this might end up leading; I was just enjoying the moment.

By the time we made it back to campus, we were a bit tired but not exhausted, which was good because, not only were we overdue for some sex, but I’d also bought tickets for a comedy show on campus before I knew we’d be spending so much time pleasuring each other. I’d suggested that we could skip the show if she wanted but she was confident that we could fit the show in around our other activities. As soon as we were in my room with the door locked, we were in each other’s arms, making out passionately. We peeled off each other’s jackets followed by the rest of our clothes. Once we were both naked, Susan let me know how she wanted to proceed.

“There were so many times today that I just wanted to sit on your lap,” she said, “but I thought, if I felt your cock, it would just tease me and make me wet, so I want to sit on your lap now but with your cock inside me.”

I was totally onboard so I quickly grabbed a condom and rolled it on as she turned my desk chair away from my desk to give us more room. I sat, facing my bed, then she straddled me and I guided my stiff, sheathed cock toward her pussy as she lowered herself onto it. We both moaned and, once I was fully engulfed, she just sat there for a moment. I ran my hands over her toned ass while we savored the feeling before she started to slowly move up and down on my cock. Not surprisingly, this felt even better and, as she got into a rhythm, she brought her lips to mine and we resumed making out as she was riding me. My hands found their way up from her ass to fondle her perky tits and caress her hard nipples. After a long day of walking around the city, it was nice to be sitting down but even nicer to also have her riding my cock. I definitely wouldn’t say that our focus all day had been on getting back to the dorm for more sex; we absolutely had a great time all day long and had been totally in the moment. That all being said, it was definitely nice to have my cock sliding in and out of her now that we were back at the dorm.

She started out slowly, more likely to savor it than due to fatigue, but the longer she was riding my cock, the harder and faster she was riding it. When it became too difficult to continue, we quit making out and she straightened up, holding onto the back of the chair. I wasn’t pushing Erenköy Escort up into her so she was in complete control of the pace and I was able to lean back a little so I could gaze at her bouncing titties or the expression on her face that showed just how much she was enjoying riding my stiff cock. My hands moved around to caress her ass but occasionally would come back up to fondle her bouncing titties. I could feel my orgasm slowly building because, even through the condom, the pleasure was incredible and her pussy just seemed to continue getting hotter and wetter. Based on the previous day and that morning, I was expecting that she’d cum before I did and probably long and hard. After that, I figured I’d just wait and see what else she had in mind. I wouldn’t say that I was getting laid regularly at school but it certainly sounded like it was more frequently than she had been so I wanted her to decide how we did things. Whatever she chose, I had no doubt that I’d thoroughly enjoy it.

The longer she was riding me, the louder she was getting, though by no means was she too loud, at least as far as I was concerned. When she went silent and just dropped down onto my cock, I knew she was about to cum. Sure enough, she let out a cry and started shaking as another long and intensely pleasurable orgasm coursed through her. I couldn’t help but smile, not only because she continued to demonstrate that she seemed to have no trouble cumming, but also because she was ending what she’d called her sexual drought in such a definitive way. When she’d apparently finished cumming, she opened her eyes and smiled at me then planted a kiss on me while remaining seated on my cock. After a couple minutes of kissing, she climbed off of my still rigid cock and, as I was gazing at her naked body, she slipped the condom off of my cock and dropped it in the trash. After one more quick kiss, she dropped to her knees in front of me, pumped my cock a couple of times then engulfed it in her hot mouth. I ran my fingers through her blond hair and moaned as her lips slid up and down my shaft while she gently pumped the base.

Naturally, I was watching as my cock repeatedly disappeared into her mouth, which only augmented the pleasure I was already feeling. It still seemed to me that she was enjoying sucking my cock nearly as much as I was enjoying having her sucking my cock, which shouldn’t have surprised me given how much I enjoyed eating her pussy. Just as I would take the opportunity to draw out the pleasure so that I could eat her for longer, I suspected that she was likewise in no hurry for me to cum. She was skillfully building up the pleasure I was feeling but never made me feel like I was being denied the final goal of cumming into her hot mouth. In fact, when my cock was growing even thicker as my orgasm was approaching, she changed her focus from drawing out the pleasure to getting me to my orgasm. I was muttering encouraging words along with the moans that I couldn’t stop from coming out until finally I started spurting into her mouth.

She continued to suck my cock as she was swallowing my load and, even once I was fully spent, she didn’t immediately stop. When my cock was beginning to soften, however, she let it fall from her mouth, sat back on her heels and smiled up at me. I leaned forward and kissed her then we moved over to lay together on my bed, resting further before the comedy show that night. We never dozed off, despite the limited amount of sleep the previous night followed by the long day, but still felt pretty refreshed once we got up and started to freshen up before heading out. We met up with a few of my friends and thoroughly enjoyed the show but declined the join them for further festivities, telling them that we were beat from the long day. Of course my friends knew me well enough that they didn’t think we were going back to the dorm to go to sleep.

Once the door to my room was locked behind us, we started to peel each other’s clothes off again and, once we were both naked with my cock stiff and pointing at her, it was my turn to go down on her again. I had her sit on my desk this time so that I’d think of her pussy being right there every time I was stuck there doing homework. She spread her legs and I parked between them on my chair, leaning in and running my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan. It was no surprise that she was practically overflowing with juices which I knew were too copious to completely lap up but I enjoyed trying anyway. She appeared to be enjoying it, too, as she started moaning while running her fingers through my hair.

After Göztepe Escort a valiant effort to lap up all of the juices she was producing, I slipped a finger into her and, as I was sliding it in and out, started to lick and suck her clit. This got her moaning even more and gripping my head rather than running her fingers through my hair. Even though we had just that night and the next morning, I wasn’t trying to draw out the pleasure so that I could eat her for longer because I knew we’d not only get plenty more squeezed into the time we had available, we’d also be figuring out when we’d see each other next. Of course, since my cock was also achingly hard, I wanted to make her cum so that I could slip it into her hot, wet, snug pussy. She was responding as expected to my devouring of her pussy and it wasn’t much longer before she was tensing up as she was right on the verge of cumming. She went momentarily silent before a cry of pleasure escaped and her body started shaking. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her now even wetter pussy.

Once I was certain that she’d finished cumming, I slipped my finger out of her and stood. After moving the chair aside, I quickly retrieved a condom and rolled it on while she was still sitting on my desk, recovering. With my cock sheathed in latex, I stood in front of her and guided it toward her blond bush. She leaned back against the shelf over my desk and held her legs apart as I slipped into her, both of us moaning. As I started to slide my cock in and out of her hot, snug pussy, our lips came together and we commenced making out while I fucked her. It was really nice at first, just making out passionately and fucking calmly, but as I gradually picked up the pace, that perception changed. My desk was sturdy, as was the attached shelf above it, but the things on the shelf were sensitive to the rhythmic movement as I was repeatedly thrusting into Susan’s hot pussy. As the row of CDs then the textbooks each began to fall over, the serenity was disrupted. It was kind of funny at first that our lovemaking was beginning to resemble a minor earthquake but the novelty soon wore off.

We ended up stopping because it was becoming distracting but I wasn’t ready to give up on my desk yet. I had her hop down and turned her around so she leaned on the surface of my desk as I eased back into her from behind. With my hands on her narrow waist, I was gazing down at her sweet ass, which was jiggling just the slightest bit each time my hips tapped against it. She reached back under herself, I assumed to caress her clit as I was fucking her which, if it was going to help her feel even more pleasure, I had no problem with it. As I got a good, steady rhythm going, I slipped my hands up to cup her swinging tits. I don’t know if my palms brushing over her nipples was increasing the level of pleasure she was feeling, too, but she was soon moaning steadily and began to push back against my incoming thrusts.

Her pussy just continued to feel even hotter and more slippery the longer I was fucking her so it wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm slowly building. I straightened up again and held her hips, pulling her back so that my cock was fully embedded in her pussy each time. My hips were smacking against her ass but the sound was basically drowned out by her moaning. I was sure that she was getting close to cumming, not just based on the noise she was making, but also based on how hot and wet her pussy was becoming. When she suddenly cried out and started shaking, needless to say it did not come as a surprise to me. I was so close to cumming myself at that point, though, that I continued to fuck her at the same pace through her orgasm. I’m pretty sure she hadn’t finished cumming yet by the time I groaned and began to spurt into the condom. I continued thrusting as I was cumming, stopping only once I was completely spent.

I remained standing behind her with my sheathed cock still inside her for a moment as I caught my breath, then slipped out before I softened enough to lose the condom. She straightened up and turned to me, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. I caressed her bare ass as we were making out then, when we parted, disposed of the condom before we lay on my bed. We didn’t go to sleep; there were a lot more orgasms before that. We did, however, spend a bit of time between orgasms talking about the plan for the following day, how glad we both were that she’d invited herself to visit and where things were going to go after she went back to Connecticut. We both wanted to continue seeing each other but knew it wouldn’t be as frequently as we’d like. We figured out a number of potential opportunities but didn’t get too stressed about it overall. After that and quite a few more orgasms, we finally called it a night and slept naked in each other’s arms.

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