Sweet Receptionist

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My name is Richard. I am 31 and married to Ann who is 28. I am a junior partner in a small firm of Solicitors in a West Yorkshire city and Ann is a Legal Clerk in our home town in South Yorkshire. I don’t think I am terribly good looking, but being nearly 6′ with short dark hair and always smartly dressed I receive a fair share of flirtatious glances whenever we have a works night out. Maybe it is because of my position.

I never followed them up as the girl I like is fairly reserved and although becomes a little giggly when she has had a few drinks, she never gives the boys any encouragement.

Her name is Julie. She is about 5’2, dark curly hair, with a nice figure and nice sexy squeaky voice, which is essential for a receptionist, and always smartly turned out. I think she is about 22 or 23 as I have heard her say that she has worked here since she was 18 and I know she has been going out with the same boyfriend since then.

Julie occasionally wears smart black trousers that show off her cute bottom delightfully, on other days she wears black skirts of various lengths, but what makes Julie so attractive to me is her range of interesting tops. I say interesting because Julie has a wonderful pair of full breasts and her tops either give a tantalising glance of her cleavage or are high-buttoned but see-through giving a clear view of her pretty patterned bras.

Unlike most of the staff here, I am not abrupt with Julie and treat her as an equal, perhaps being over polite as I admire her body as well as her personality, and I am certainly rewarded for my friendliness with regular flashes of her ample breasts as she busies herself in front of me.

We all send our expected visitors schedule to reception each morning and I often stop by to ask Julie to remind me who my next visitor will be. Ensuring she is seated in her chair, I stand by her shoulder looking straight down the front of her blouse as she efficiently checks my appointments.

It came to the regular Christmas party. We always lay on a late afternoon feast that goes on into the evening, party hats and wine and usual festive food at a local hotel.

As I live quite a way away, I take advantage of reduced overnight hotel rates so that I don’t have to worry about getting home or not drinking. This party started like the rest, lots of false jollities as party poppers were aimed at senior partners, and lots of compliments to the staff for all their hard work. As the meal progressed, and the wine started to take effect, things got louder and louder.

I happened to be sitting next to Julie, not by any intention on my part, and possibly not on hers although we did exchange pleasant smiles when she came to sit next to me. Her friend, also called Julie, and one of the clerks to her left were becoming increasingly familiar with each other as the afternoon went on. Although Julie appeared slightly uncomfortable with this, she was also quaffing the wine and we began laughing and joking with each other.

It was obvious to me that Julie was becoming slowly drunk, as I probably was too. In fact I don’t think there were anyone who weren’t, some of the senior partners leaving after the meal while the majority of us continued with the wine and merriment.

Julie was wearing a red dress, the material tight across her large breasts and glimpses of white bra straps could be seen to the sides although the crossover effect did not put much cleavage on show. She had black stiletto heels and black tights or stockings, and a few of us often speculated that she regularly wore stockings.

As the afternoon went into evening some staff began dancing, half out of sympathy for the poor DJ who had been mostly ignored until then and half because they were well sozzled. One of the lads made a grab for Julie who expertly slipped his grip as he staggered onto the dance floor.

“Don’t you want to dance?” I asked. “Not with that pervert, he’s always trying to grab me,” she replied. “Really?” I said, surprised that that sort of thing went on and that Julie was so matter-of-fact about it. “Hmm,” Julie said, casting a frown in the miscreant’s direction.

“Would you like to dance with me,” I asked, half disbelieving I had the courage to ask for a dance. “Oh, alright then,” Julie appeared shocked.

We danced awkwardly for a few records then decided to have another drink. We laughed and talked some more and both struggled to make much progress with our drink, already having consumed more than we had probably planned.

We laughed as we both started moving our shoulders to the next record, and I said “shall we try dancing to this one?” We put down our drinks and went onto the crowded dance floor, enjoying a more comfortable dance than before.

No sooner beşiktaş escort had we got into the swing when the DJ announced he was going to slow things down a bit. The awkwardness came back as the lights lowered.

Expecting a mass exodus I was surprised to see that even more people were packing the floor, denying us a quick exit. The music started and we shrugged our shoulders and stayed where we were.

Gently slipping my hands onto Julie’s waist we began dancing slowly, if you can call it that. It was so packed that all you could do was shuffle without bumping into anyone, as the lights went really low.

“I’m rubbish at slow dances,” I admitted. “Me too,” Julie replied. “No you’re not, you’re a pleasure to dance with,” I grovelled. “Thankyou, you are too,” Julie softly replied.

All around people were kissing in the darkened room as Julie and I looked around before awkwardly smiling at each other.

My hands had moved further round her waist, feeling what was obviously a suspender belt as her breasts gently touched my chest, her hands resting on my shoulders as I held her fairly close. I bent my head down towards hers, placing my cheek against hers.

“You smell lovely,” I whispered, and she did. “Thankyou,” she replied. “And you look lovely too,” I continued.

I turned to look at her and slowly offered my mouth to hers for a kiss. To my delight she closed her eyes and our lips met. First a gentle kiss then a longer one followed by an even longer passionate kiss as I wrapped my hands round her back, feeling her body and the outline of her bra, her hands tightly round my neck and her breasts crushing against my chest as we continued our kiss before breaking for air.

Conscious that my cock was becoming hard and had nowhere to go but press against Julie’s stomach I kissed her again, and again enjoyed Julie holding me tightly as she returned my long passionate kiss. I let my hands roam to her bottom, feeling the unmistakeable outline of two suspenders as I traced her panty line across her bottom’s cheeks round to her hips and upper thighs.

Another song started as the room stayed in almost total darkness and I eased my right hand up to her left breast. Julie gasped as I cupped her breast but this allowed me to insert my tongue into her mouth and she greeted it with rapid licks from her tongue before she followed it back into my mouth, still gripping around my neck tightly as I began to squeeze her gorgeous perfect breast.

“Richard!” she gasped as she suddenly broke off our kissing, as though only just realising I was eagerly groping her.

We loosely held each other as the music stopped and the DJ announced he was going to speed things up again.

We quickly glanced around to check no-one was looking at us. “Do you want another drink,” I asked. “No, I think we’ve both had enough already,” Julie replied, partially telling me off I thought. “Another dance then, or would you like a coffee,” I offered. “Where do we get a coffee from,” Julie enquired. “I’ve got refreshment facilities in my room,” I resolved. “Nooo,” Julie laughed.

“It’ll have to be a dance then, but I cant guarantee I wont kiss you again,” I threatened. “Someone might see,” she pleaded. “Then it’s a coffee or a drink then, I cant stand around talking with this,” I said, gently easing her hips towards mine so that she could feel the bulge in my trousers against her stomach.

“Ohh, Richard,” she smiled, obviously feeling the effect she was having on me, “I think I’ll be sick if I have another drink.”

“Come and have a coffee then, people are drifting off so no-one will know,” I suggested.

“You’re a married man,” she half-squealed.

“That’s why you will be assured of my discretion. You’re not a kiss and tell girl are you?” I continued.

“No but I have got a boyfriend,” she replied.

“So, are you going to tell you’re boyfriend you’ve been kissing and smooching with one of the bosses?” I innocently asked.

“Nooo, but,” she started.

“But you don’t like me that much?” I interrupted.

“That’s not true, its just, well, I don’t know,” she tried to explain.

“It’s simple,” I reasoned, “either you don’t like me very much so we’ll get another drink even though we don’t really want one, or you do like me and we’ll have a dance where I might show you and everyone else how much I like you by giving you another lovely kiss, or you like me enough to share a coffee with me away from everyone else’s view,” I summarised.

“I’m not going to tell anyone, I’m not a stupid kid,” I said as I could see her pondering the options, hoping that she would agree rather than risk being considered stupid.

“Oh, OK then,” beşyol escort she eventually conceded. “But I’m going straight to the taxi queue if any one sees us,” she concluded.

“Have a coffee while the taxi queue dies down,” I said as I put my hand on her shoulder and guided her out of the ballroom, walking closely behind her in an effort to hide my bulge.

We got to the lifts and got to my room on the third floor without being seen. My right hand loosely around her shoulders as I slipped the cardkey into door 311 with my left.

We entered the room and Julie looked around as I switched on the already full kettle. She gazed out of the window into the brightly lit square below and I went to join her, reaching her just as she turned round.

I smiled at her as I put my arms round her waist hoping for a cuddle but either Julie misread my intentions or had some of her own as she put her hands to my neck. I didn’t need pulling down as our lips met again and immediately embarked on an even more passionate kiss than those before.

Without pausing for breath we moved to the mouth-exploring stage as our tongues rapidly darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

I brought both hands to the front of Julie’s dress and got hold of both her magnificent tits. Julie let out a deep breath or warm air into my mouth as she continued holding me tightly as our tongues entwined while I had a good long feel of her tits.

This was working out even better than I had hoped and I moved my hands to the back of her dress, pulling her towards me and feeling those gorgeous tits that I had just been groping now crushing against my chest.

I got hold of her zip and pulled it right down to her bottom, and with our mouths still together Julie let go of my neck so that I could pull her dress off her shoulders.

Pulling her arms free and putting them back round my neck I saw Julie’s white bra holding the most perfect pair of tits I have ever seen.

I eased her dress to her waist and then it fell to the floor. I started unbuttoning my shirt as I desperately wanted to feel her skin against mine.

Julie helped me off with it, as I simultaneously kicked my shoes off and then kissed her cheek and neck as I feasted my eyes on her cleavage and looked at her white slip covering her black stockings, suspenders and knickers.

I felt her body as we kissed again and I slipped my hands behind her back, fumbling for the bra clasp. Despite the size of her tits which must have been a 38d, the bra only had two hooks which I quickly unclipped and pulled at the lacy material.

Julie again moving her arms to allow her clothing to be removed but this time I gasped and stared.

“What absolutely gorgeous tits you’ve got Julie,” I stated, as the pink nipples were beginning to move from semi-erect to fully erect.

“Thankyou,” she said nervously as she quickly moved her hands back to my shoulders and offered her open mouth to mine as I instantly began to grope her naked tits.

Much more of this and I would come in my pants, they were absolutely magnificent.

After hugging her again so I could feel her naked tits against my naked chest, I bent down and started to push her slip down, locking my mouth onto her right nipple as I did so.

The sight of her standing in her black high heels with black stockings, suspenders and belt, with tiny black panties stretched over the suspenders and soft white thighs above her lacy patterned stocking tops made me want to fuck her there and then.

I moved my mouth to her left nipple and gave it some equal treatment whilst at the same time removing my socks, trousers and underpants.

Moving back to Julie’s mouth I was confused as Julie then bent down and lifted her leg to take off her shoe. As she did, she kissed my stomach and her hand rested on my hip. I ran my hands over the smoothness of her back as her tits swayed beautifully below her.

Bending to take off her left shoe she kissed my stomach again and bent even further to kiss the top of my right leg. Still bent forward, with her tits hanging beautifully and her shoes now off, Julie suddenly bent further forward and without warning or expectation immersed half of my cock into her mouth.

“Orrrgh,” I gasped in total shock and delight as her warm mouth engulfed my erect cock. With her left hand still on my thigh and her right hand now cupping my balls, Julie stared to suck more and more of my cock into her mouth.

Not only had this well spoken, some would say prim and proper young lady, given me a totally unexpected indication that she might have sex with me, her head was now bobbing up and down as she gave me a fantastic blow job without beykent escort any prompting from me whatsoever.

I continued to groan in ecstasy as I felt Julie’s lips and tongue caress my cock, occasionally feeling her teeth as she changed the pace of her sucking.

“Don’t come in my mouth,” she paused to say.

“Come here then or I will,” I honestly responded.

Julie stood up and we instantly found each other’s tongues again, the taste of my cock lingering in her mouth.

I pushed her onto the bed, pulling at her knickers which rapidly headed for her knees. Julie lifted her legs in turn so that I could pull her knickers completely off before I raised my hand to the small trimmed dark bush above her vagina. Her cunt lips were like velvet as I rubbed them for a second before inserting one and then two fingers into her already moist cunt. I rubbed her clit as she writhed and gasped with pleasure.

I thought I had better return the favour and started to go down on her, but she grabbed me as if to say no.

I asked “do you want me to lick you?”

To which she replied “no, fuck me, I want you to fuck me Richard.”

I never thought a woman asking to be fucked could sound so nice and so posh as it did when Julie gasped those words to me. It was all the more amazing as no-one at work had ever heard her use a swear word that I knew of.

I leapt onto her, Julie opening her legs as quickly as I brought mine across her. I pushed my knees under her stocking-clad thighs parting her legs even further as she gripped round my neck again.

Supporting myself on my left arm, I grabbed her left tit and began to squeeze as my cock found the warm entrance to her cunt, open and ready for sex.

She gasped and arched her back slightly as my cock brushed against her cunt lips and then started to enter her lovely little sexy cunt.

Soon I was deep inside her, as my left arm was around her shoulders and my right was working her left tit and nipple.

Getting into a good rhythm I was finally fucking this gorgeous little women, whose tits I had admired for months, no, years, and whose arse I had wanted to have and fantasised about seeing in nothing but the various panty styles that had been visible through her tight trousers.

She was gasping with pleasure and mutterings of “oh, yes, yes,” as I looked down on her seeing her tits bouncing in tune to my every penetration as she thrust her hips and pelvis towards me to meet my insertions.

Gosh, this was a girl who loved a good fucking after all.

I looked further down and could see my cock going right into her, then coming almost all the way out then right back into her again.

The harder I rammed into her sexy cunt the more her tits shuddered.

Her high pitched voice began calling “ohh” in response to almost every thrust.

I knew the sight of fucking a sexy woman in stockings was going to make me come quicker than normal so I tried to think of something to delay me coming, like I wonder if her boyfriend was having a good time while I’m giving his sexy little posh girlfriend a good hard fucking in my hotel bedroom.

She was still writhing beneath me, still moaning with pleasure and opening her mouth and then biting her bottom lip as I continued to ram my cock deep into her beautiful body.

Then just as I felt the point of no return, Julie said “oh, oh, I’m going to come.”

“Me too,” I replied.

We kept our rhythm going and I hoped I wouldn’t spoil it for her by coming before she was ready, after the fantastic blow job she had given me earlier, but I couldn’t hold out much longer.

Julie began moaning loudly, “ohhh, orrr, orr, oh yes, oh yes, Richard, I’m going to come, Richard, yes, yes, oh yes, I’m, I’m, Oh I’m coming, oh yes, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, oooohhhhhh,” getting louder until the last two were screamed out.

At the same time I pumped my load into her, banging into her as hard as I could. The bed creaking under the frenzied fucking it was hosting.

I pushed as deep inside of her as I could “arrgh, ahh, uhh, uhh, uhh,” I groaned before collapsing on top of her and wondering if there was anyone in the adjoining rooms as I felt they were bound to have heard us.

We both lay still, panting heavy breaths, with my knob still embedded in her warm soaking cunt.

Eventually we started gently kissing each other and Julie whispered “happy christmas.”

I said “thankyou that was the best present I’ve ever had in my life.”

“I enjoyed it too,” Julie replied.

“Well, you can enjoy it again whenever you like,” I hopefully offered.

“Oh no, that was a one-off, we have to behave ourselves,” Julie replied.

Never knowing if she was totally serious, we got dressed and I waited with her for her taxi, exchanging a nice kiss before she went.

We’ve exchanged knowing smiles at work but so far we hadn’t had the opportunity to see if there is still that same chemistry between us.

But I live in hope, knowing I’ve fucked the woman that everyone thinks is too prim and proper to let anyone but her boyfriend near her.

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