Sweet Revenge

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We had been dating for sometime now, but you had also been cheating on me just as long. That hurt me; I decided to move on, as I sat around, what was once our house packing up my belongings. Many thoughts scurrying through my mind, I thought evil plans of how I could hurt you like you have hurt me, but those ideas left as quickly as they came. Then that shit-eating grin slowly appeared as only another scheme had formed. I quickly finished packing and loading my stuff into the U-haul I had rented, deciding to pay you a visit at work.

When I arrived you were standing around with a couple of your drinking buddies, shooting the shit. That is when you spotted me in the doorway; we walked towards one another until we were face to face. “Hi baby, you missing me?” you asked. I replied with, “Yes baby, I am and I am planning something real special for you tonight.” It was so hard for me to put on a loving front when deep inside I just wanted to shake you asking, “How could you hurt me like this?”

“Don’t you love me?” But I you would be getting what you deserve soon enough.

That evening, I made your favorite dinner and served at the dinner tables only lit by candlelight. “Wow baby, this looks fabulous,” you stated as you quickly dug in. To look at you and think that I once loved you repelled me, not liking those thoughts I quickly moved them aside. Once you were done eating, and had retired to the couch; I cleared the table, and cleaned up. I wiped my hands on a dishtowel as I walked into the living room. “Baby, you ready for your surprise now?” I asked. “Oh, and what might that be darling?” you curiously asked. “Well, go into the bedroom, sit your butt in the chair and you will find out baby.” I replied. You obeyed moving faster than I had seen you move in a while, I yelled out, “Make Bostancı Escort sure you remove your clothes before sitting though.” I grabbed my robe that I had hidden under a seat cushion, swiftly got undressed, and tied my robe around me.

When I entered the bedroom, you were waiting in the chair anxiously for my arrival. I walked over to you, pulling two pieces of twine out of my robe pockets, whispering, and “Let the games begin.” with that I tied your wrists to the chair. To my amazement, you didn’t protest one bit. Bending down I kissed your lips, stating that, “This would be our last intimate moment because, I was leaving you”, adding, “That you better enjoy every moment of it.” You cussed me out but soon settled down when I dropped my robe to the floor, only to reveal my bit tits with hardened nipples. I ran my fingers over my breasts, finding my nipples I brushed gently over them, I ran my hand between my cleavage, under my breasts and then pushed my big titties to my mouth inhaling a nipple, biting and then sucking, then doing the same to the other. I could hear your breathing increasing, and your cock starting to rise above your legs. I moved my hand down inserting a finger into my moist slit; I then brought my finger to your mouth, telling you to taste me. “You taste so good baby, I want more”, you proclaimed. “Not until I say, that is if I decide to let you.” I said.

I moved to the bed sitting down with my legs apart directly in front of you so that you would have a good view. I teased my clit as I told you just how good it felt, spreading my lips so that you could watch every move I made. My clit swollen from my own touch, my pussy burning with desire to also have attention. I was going to cum but not yet. I got up going over to you, kneeling down in front Erenköy Escort of you and tasted the pre-cum that was exiting your hard cock, as my mouth tasted you, you moaned as you enjoyed my touch. I brought my mouth to your balls, sucking them gently as my hand jerked you off, I continued that until you began shooting wads of cum; cum that I didn’t want wasted, as who new when I would be tasting cum again. Maybe that was selfish but I wanted it all, and I licked every bit of it up.

I then moved back over to the bed grabbing my dildo, I turned around so that I was facing you, then I asked, “Would you like to watch me use this?”

“Yes ” you tried to mumble, I laid on my side so that once again you could see, I looked you in the eyes as I brought my dildo to my mouth, getting it wet with spit, I brought it to my inner thigh, moving it up and down; then I found my tight, wet slit, I plunged it in, my pussy instantly wetter from the shift, I could feel my pussy lips, slide up and down my stiff toy, I moaned with delight, as I saw that your cock was getting hard for a second time, it wasn’t long before I had my first orgasm, only wanting more. I adjusted myself so that my tits were laying on the bed as my ass was directly in front of you, I spread my legs a little and handed you the dildo, “Fuck me hard with it baby”

“Now”, I added. I thought you were going to shoot your load right there by the look on your face but you contained it. You inserted my toy deep inside me, but found it hard to thrust it in and out with your hands tied. “Stay still, and hold onto it tight”, I told you.

With that, I began moving back and forth doing all the work so you could sit and watch just how my pussy lips spread for a cock, watching as I took it down to your fingertips. I moved Göztepe Escort faster, making the thrusts harder. I moaned louder and found my love button with a hand, my tits rolling back and forth with my movements, so that the bedspread caressed them.

“Oh yeah, I like how that cock feels.” You could see the juices flowing from my cunt, as I continued to propel the juice-covered dildo in and out.

“Do you want your cock inside me baby?” I asked.

“Yes baby, please.” You begged. Okay but not until you taste my pussy first, and with that statement I removed my pussy from the dildo, and climbed up on the chair straddling your legs I bent over and grabbed my ankles so that you could eat me. You licked up some of the over flown juices, continuing up to my clit, flicking it with your tongue, then back down to my asshole entering inside a little, making me gasp with delight. Now I was on the verge of Cumming, but I wanted you to feel this last earth shattering orgasm inside me.

So I pulled away from you, and quickly inserted your huge hard cock, inside my steaming pussy, I rode you quickly as your sucked my tits, I kissed you passionately, as I balanced myself my grasping your shoulders. I felt your cock jerk back, and then shoot your load covering the walls of my pussy, I joined your orgasm as I threw my head back, and tightened my pussy muscles, and I moaned, releasing all the juices that I had held back on. “Oh yesss” I kept screaming as my orgasm persisted to release more love juice.

My body finally calmed, and I kissed you as I released your wrists from the ropes, you went into the bathroom; so I quickly dressed, and then left with tears in my eyes, you had your faults but I did love you, and enjoyed the sex with you. I climbed into the U-haul that I had parked a couple house down, as I was pulling away I saw you waving your arms at me to come back, but just continued driving, not knowing where I was going but knew that it had to be somewhere far away from you. Only hoping that you hurt as much as I did at that moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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