Switched Pt. 02

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To get you all up to date: I used to be Roger, now I’m Ellie. No, I’m not a transwoman, I died and my soul was sent back, but it got put into Ellie’s body. I was never supposed to be Ellie. It was a fuck up of the highest order. My soul and another’s got switched by mistake and we ended up in the wrong bodies. Now I need to deal with the consequences of that heavenly error and all the extreme weirdness that now follows…


I spent the evening with my BFF Becca and sat around doing all sorts of girly things, including some awesomely good lesbian sex, but throughout the evening I couldn’t stop thinking about what Angela said about what might happen to me. Could I really change into a futanari girl? It’s not like I have anything else going on right now, right? I’m just a 47 year old guy living in an 18 year girl’s body now! Same shit, different day! Ha! I’m just glad I don’t have to go through high school again.

After my evening with Becca, I got home to see mom in her usual spot on the couch with a glass of wine in hand. God, I wish I could have a whiskey sour right about now, but I’m no longer legally able to drink. Fuck.

I walked over and plopped down on the couch and said, “Whatcha watching, mommy?”

“Hm? Oh it’s some new singing competition show. Weird show, but surprisingly fun to watch. It might be because of the wine though.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, it looks kinda dumb, but I think Masked Singer is fun.”

What? No I don’t… oh wait. Ellie memory. Great, she loves crap shows. I just hope she likes football… Fuck, she doesn’t.

Mom said, “Well, that’s fun mainly because of all the costumes and whatnot.”

I sat with mom to watch the debacle that was on TV and we both claimed that we won’t watch any more of that crap! Thank God. I excused myself to go to my bedroom to crash. It’s been a hell of a day, to say the least. I gave mom a kiss on the cheek and went upstairs.

I shut the door, stripped, and collapsed on to the bed. I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of my previous life as it intruded upon my current one. I woke up somewhere around 2:00 AM in a sweat. Then realizing I needed to pee, I reluctantly got out of bed to go use the bathroom. I didn’t bother to put on any clothes and shuffled out the door. I had to remind myself that I needed to sit to pee. For some reason, I was half-expecting to see myself sporting a dick, but thankfully no. So I guess I got lucky and the wish didn’t come true. Not sure if that’s luck or not, but it’s less complicated!

I muttered to myself, “I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to being a girl. And I really cannot wait to experience that first period, too. Oh joy.”

I finished up and got back in bed, but now I couldn’t sleep. Great, just great. Just what the hell did I do to deserve this? I was unhappy in my old life, but it was MY life. Now I’m living in someone else’s body and it’s forever. Maybe in time it gets easier, but right now it’s anything but. However, on the plus side, I’ve got a hot mom and a hot best friend whose mom is also hot. So win/win/win!

As I laid there I started to mindlessly play with my nipples. I never did anything like this when I was a guy, but damn this feels fucking good. What happens if I pinch them..? Oh fuck, yeeeeah, that’s niiiiice… I can definitely get off on that! How does it feel when I pinch a bit harder? OH! Fuck yes! I wonder if Ellie is a bit of a pain slut or just loves her… MY nipples pinched hard. Whatever, I’m definitely liking it.

After a few minutes of some heavy nipple play, I could feel my pussy pulsating. I knew I was close to cumming just by playing with my nips, so I wasn’t going to stop. I kept pinching and pulling. I also realized I could lift my boobs to my mouth to suck on the nipples too, a first for me! In no time I was cumming and moaning loudly. Running my tongue over my nipples and nibbling on them pushed me over the edge. Oh God I needed that! Sooooo much better.

Now fully relaxed, I was then able to get to sleep and this time I had no dreams that I could remember.

At some point, I was rudely awakened by the sunlight streaming into my bedroom. As I peeled my eyes open, I got the sense I wasn’t alone in the room. I sat up and there stood Angela and she didn’t look too happy. I then realized it wasn’t sunlight that woke me, but that damn golden sheen. It seemed a lot brighter for some reason.

“What the fuck, Angela! Give a guy some warning here!”

She looked at me and smirked, “A guy? Seriously? You’re going to sit there buck naked with your 38DDs hanging out and call yourself a guy?”

I looked down and realized she was right, I was totally naked. My first instinct was to cover up, but I ignored it. Angela is a girl, too, so fuck it.

I said, “You know what I meant. Don’t be a fucking bitch with me, not with all you’ve done.”

Her features softened a bit and she said, “Yeah, you’re right. My default setting it bitch mode. Sorry. I’m just escort ataşehir upset is all.”

“What? Why?”

“I’m stuck on Earth for the foreseeable future. Mainly to shadow you and to make sure nothing more happens. The Ancients still don’t know if your wish comes true or not, but based on what I see right now it hasn’t. Nice bush, you need a trim though.”

I looked down horrified by what she saw. Then I realized why the fuck do I care? Wait, Ancients?

Trying to stay on topic, I said, “Look, Angela, I’m not going to have you staying in this room with me all the time, I deserve some privacy.”

She laughed and said, “You misunderstand. I’ll be around, but not all the time. What you did doesn’t just affect you, but everything around you. If you go all futa, what does that do to your timeline? Hell, the timeline for every living being could be changed! Ancient Heavenly Magic is no joke. Your future is unknown to anyone currently, which scares the fuck out of them! The general consensus is in ‘wait and see’ mode, at least until whatever’s going on settles into place.”

“Who did you confer with? Who the fuck are these Ancients?”

“I am forbidden to say, but let’s just say that even the Crone is extremely nervous where the Ancients are concerned. You may want to show a little respect when you mention them, for your own safety.”

Oh shit.

I sighed deeply and asked, “Does… does any of them know for sure what’s going to happen then?”

“No. And these are Beings that are not accustomed to not know everything. So there’s some major shit going on here. The wrong soul going into the wrong body? Yeah, it does happen occasionally. A deeply heartfelt wish during a highly lustful sexual experience when you’re infused with ancient magic that exactly matches a fantasy of the vessel? It’s happened only three times before.”

“Only three?”

“Yeah, one of them caused the great flood because of that timeline change. So that’s what’s we’re dealing with here.”

I was at a complete loss for words. The great flood? Holy fuck.

She continued, “Luckily, your wish, while idiotic, probably isn’t going to be as apocalyptic as I assumed originally, but it could still cause major ramifications. This is why I’m stuck on Earth , 100% tethered to you now. Before it was only for a month… Now it’s forever. Literally. Even when you die.”

All I could say was I was sorry to her. I then broke down and cried like a little girl. Hell, I was a little girl. What the fuck did I do?

Angela, shockingly, sat down and pulled me into a hug as I bawled. At that point I didn’t care if I was naked or not, I just needed comfort. I now knew how my wife (Ex-wife? Old wife? Bitchy old wife?) felt when she cried helplessly.

Angela said, “It’ll be ok. I know I was unduly harsh on you, but, whatever happens now, I’m here. The Ancients amped up my own angelic powers a little, mainly in order to make sure I can keep things under control.”

I looked up and her as she held me close. I never noticed just how beautiful she was until that very moment. Long blonde curly hair, bright blue eyes, soft pouty lips, and definitely a nice rack. All of a sudden I was starting to get aroused and then I noticed that Angela was mindlessly playing with one of my nipples. I wonder if she knew…

“Um, Angela, that really feels nice.”

“What?” Oh my God. I didn’t even notice! I haven’t done anything sexual in centuries! I… I’m so sorry!”

“It’s ok, I like it.”

Before she could respond, I kissed her deeply. For half a second she didn’t move, but then she began to return the kiss, hungrily. I felt her hands all over me, as if years of pent up passion were being released all at once. I pulled her closer to me and I noticed she was naked now, too. Nice. I wish I could have my clothes magically disappear like that!

She broke the kiss and said, “I… I… I shouldn’t be doing this, but Goddamn it I am so fucking horny right now. The Ancients warned me that my increased powers might affect me in strange ways, I guess this is what they meant. All I want to do is be with you… now!”

She then pushed me down, spread my legs, and she dove on in. I have never felt such pleasure before in my entire life! In this life or the previous one. Angela was doing things to my pussy I didn’t think were possible. I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face deeper into my cunt and she didn’t break stride. It didn’t take long for her to bring me to climax and I know I squirted when I did. It felt like I let loose a flood of cum on her face.

I said, “Get your ass over here on my face, it’s your turn.”

I never saw anyone move so fluidly and quickly, but she got up and placed her pussy over my face and took a seat. I devoured her very wet pussy. Using my incredibly long tongue, I dug deep into her and I could hear what I was doing was pushing her over the edge. Her moans kept getting louder the deeper I went. I reached up and pulled her down kadıköy escort bayan even more and I clamped on to her clit with my mouth. Sucking, nibbling, licking it… I wasn’t going to let her loose until she exploded and I knew she was close.

“Oh God, Ellie! Yo…you’re dri…driving me fu… fucking crazy here! Don’t st…stop! I’m…CLOSE! FUUUUCK!!”

When she came, I was nearly drowned by the amount of fluid she released. Talk about a great flood! She said it had been centuries, so she obviously had a lot built up! As she came, I joined her with another climax of my own. All of a sudden I felt a sharp twinge of pain and everything went white. Pure white. Blindingly white. Then darkness.

As I regained consciousness, I realized I couldn’t move and that I’m in a lot of pain. If I move the wrong way, It’s going to really fucking hurt. Hell, if I blink wrong, it’ll hurt. What the fuck? I slowly open my eyes (ow) and there’s Angela looking over me, with a very worried expression.

I try to speak, but only squeaks came out.

She said, “Shhh, relax. You’ll be fine. Just breathe slowly. That’s it. Good girl.”

After a few moments, I finally was able to barely whisper out, “What… what happened…?”

She bit her lip (even through pain, I couldn’t help but think that she’s damn cute when she does that!) and thought a second or two.

Finally she said, “Your wish was granted.”

Say what now???

I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t. My body wouldn’t respond. I was able to move my head just enough (ow) to look down and there it was, a dick. Not my original dick, but a brand new differently looking dick. This one was noticeably bigger than what I had in my original life.

I could only mouth the words, nothing was coming out, but I was freaking the fuck out and demanded answers!

Angela said, “Please relax! You’re fine. You’ll be able to move and talk soon. I’m so very sorry, I couldn’t say anything when I got here, but this is the process. The Ancients told me what needed to be done and I was ordered to do this. If I didn’t have sex with you, the ancient magic would have been too chaotic and they had no idea what would have happened. This was the only way they could get it under control. And it had to be you who initiated it having sex. I could only do what little I did to prod you. You needed to kiss me first.”

I softly rasped, “What?!? You… you… you did this to me?”

She sighed deeply and said, “Yes and no. I was their instrument to get this under control. Your wish could have done irreparable damage to the fabric of reality. I couldn’t tell you their plan, but the powers they gave me granted your wish without causing damage and chaos, but there are still changes and not just to you physically. This was the only way we could save the universe. Yes, THAT’S how potentially dangerous this magic is.”

I was finally able to sit up, albeit still with pain. I kept trying to clear my throat to attempt to talk. As I did so, I looked down, with the exception of the dick I still looked like Ellie.

Angela kissed me again and I felt a wave of warmth wash over me. All of a sudden the pain was gone and I felt damn good. Fuck, better than good.

I looked at her and said, “What… Hey, I can talk better! Ok, so what the fuck was that kiss for?”

“To begin to solidify things into place, to get rid of the potential for ultimate chaos. The pain you felt was your body undergoing the changes. Being futanari goes against nature. No one like you has ever existed before outside of fantasy before. You are not a hermaphrodite or intersexed, you are a fully realized futanari now. You are a unique being in this world.”

The reality of what just happened struck me hard. I’m truly a realization of my wish and Ellie’s deepest and darkest fantasies. But then I really started to think about it all and I got really pissed. NONE of this would have happened if things didn’t get totally fucked up by Heaven, then left to my own devices with all this magic in me!

“WHY?!? Why did you do this to me??? If those fucking Ancients could give you the power to prevent chaos and utter destruction, why couldn’t they just fucking remove the magic from me??”

“Because it would have killed you. Ergo, killing Ellie in the process. And not just kill you, but completely destroy your souls. Eradicating them entirely. Nothing matters more to them than souls. They will literally do everything they can to save ONE soul. Even if your body died, they wanted your souls kept safe. And, yes, there was a 50/50 chance your body would have been destroyed in the process.”

I looked at Angela with pure hatred. I reared back and gave her a slap across the face that sent her reeling.

“You. Fucking. BITCH! How dare you! This is all your fault!! All of it! From you being a whiny bitch in Purgatory to abandoning me here with little to no knowledge! You do all this shit, fill me with all this uncontrollable magic, and then continue escort bostancı to play fucking games with me. Fuck you, fuck the Ancients, fuck everyone. Get the fuck out of my life. Leave me the fuck alone.”

Rubbing the side of her face, she said, “Ok, I deserved that, but I can’t just leave you. As I said, I’m tethered to you. There are things I still need to do with you, otherwise all of this would’ve been for naught. This is why I didn’t tell you anything before we had sex. I’m s-s-sorry…”

Her shoulders slumped and she began to cry. As mad as I was at her, I felt badly for her, too. She’s just as much of a pawn in all of this as I am. Dammit. Despite my anger, I pulled her to me and hugged as she cried it all out.

“This changes nothing. I am still pissed and I no longer trust you, but I’m not unsympathetic. However, if you are holding anything else back, you better tell me right now. Otherwise, tethered or not, we’re done. So what the fuck else is there? There’s ALWAYS something else…”

She wiped away her tears and said, “You’re right, there’s just one more thing. And unless it’s done, you can never leave this room again. The sheen will never be removed and you’re stuck here for all eternity. This part of the house will be removed from this reality and everyone will forget you. This does NOT come from me. I’m being forced to do this. My fuck up, so it’s up to me to fix it as best as I can. By the way, you should know, if you had died during the process, I would have ceased to exist as well. So my life was at stake, too. The Ancients do not allow for mistakes of this magnitude.”

I sighed and asked, “Ok, so what needs to be done then?”

“You need to fuck me.”

Say what…? Under any other circumstances, I’d be all over her, but not now. Fuck this shit!

“No. No fucking way! I’m not going to do a damn thing with you, Angela. Besides, you’ve already done enough.”

I turned away from her and I felt her place her hand softly on my shoulder.

“Ellie, you must. The binding spell needs to be complete. Sex with you when you were still fully a woman was needed to start it; sex with you now as a futanari completes it.”

Great, an awesomely hot heavenly being wants to fuck me and I’m getting all pissy about it, but I’m right, right? I gotta be fucking nuts to say no and… well, shit, my new cock seems to have a mind of its own. Damn I can’t help but get hard here… and I am a lot bigger. 8 or 9 inches maybe? It does look really nice. Ah, hell.

I look up at Angela and say, “Fine. Let’s do it. But I refuse to enjoy it.”

Before I could say anything else, Angela shoves me on to the bed on to my back, with my newly formed dick sticking straight up in the air. Man, it’s like it knows a good time is about to happen! Traitor!

I watched Angela climb up on the bed and position herself over me. All of a sudden she looks incredibly small next to my new massive member. She grabs hold of my dick and guides it into her. I was expecting her to go slowly, but nope… she plopped right on down on it, taking its entire length all at once. Holy fuck, that feels AWESOME! Fuck… might as well enjoy it after all.

At that point I just took over. I grabbed her by the ass and just started pummeling her pussy. I just knew I needed to fuck her and fuck her relentlessly. I don’t know how long I plowed into her, but I knew the more I fucked her, the more she was weakening. She was constantly cumming on me as I slammed into her. Since I was futa now, I was getting all sorts of sensations from my dick and my pussy. When she came, my own little cunt pulsed and I could tell it was cumming too. This is so fucking weird, but I was loving it!

I felt my newly regained balls start to tense up and I knew I was about to blow my load deep into Angela. With one massive thrust deep into her, I let loose. I have no idea how much cum I filled her with, but I could feel it spewing out of her pussy. When I was finally drained, I felt her fall off of me and collapse on the bed next to me. I looked down at my dick and I could swear it had a slight golden glow to it, but I must’ve been imagining it.

Neither of us spoke for a few minutes, we were too busy gasping for breath. Eventually Angela rolled over and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Ellie, it’s done. My new powers are drained now. All I have left is what I had when I met you. Your souls are completely merged, the wish has been fulfilled, and your new life has begun. You’ll see me again soon, but I need to rest now.”

And she was gone. No poof this time, she faded away like smoke, as did the sheen. Once the sheen was gone, the room went completely black. At first I thought I went blind, but I looked at my clock at it was barely 4:00 AM. Just how long did she stop time for..? Man, I’m really tired all of a sudd…

Damn, what is that noise??? Ow. What the fuck? Why do I hurt so much? Dammit, stop the noise!! Oh wait… that’s my phone. Who’s calling me at this ungodly hour of… 8:34 AM??? Shit!


“Ellie!! Finally! I thought we were going talk about what to do today this AM! I’ve been texting you for, like, forever! I had to go old school and call!”

“Oh, hi, Becca. Um, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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