Sybian Cougar Pt. 04

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4A – Brooke’s POV

Brooke padded back into the room and saw the Sybian waiting for her, and she was more than ready. After watching Janey getting the ride of her life, masturbation had just slightly calmed down her needy cunt. Getting a hot long ride right after her latest teen girl had ridden it always make her explode.

She took the control box and swung into position. The dildos were gleaming with the lube and the juices, and she smiled. They had more than enough slipperiness for her, and she quickly had her ankles locked into position, and she let out a purr of lust as she applied the nipple clamps to her swollen, reddened tits. Brooke felt that thick dildo slide easily into my wet pussy, and she nudged her asshole against the other dildo, her hands spread her cheeks, she wiggled and rocked a bit, and ah, there, right there, and Brooke slowly slithered down the rest of the way down.

Mmmmm, mmmmmm, god, being double stuffed was fucking amazing, and she had even turned on the vibrations yet. She started it, turning the vibration up a few notches. Mmmm, oh fuck, Brooke moaned, her eyes flared wide as she sank into the pleasure. The dildo in her ass was sending bolts of pure pleasure racing at her creaming cunt.

Now for the topping, she thought as she turned the rotations on, and nudged that up a few notches.

Brooke squealed as the dildo in her pussy started rotating. When it rubbed against the dildo in her ass, the sensation was like nothing else on earth, it was beyond incredible. Brooke rocked against the machine, pressing her clit down on the massaging pad, her eyes wide and staring as she got the supreme ride that watching her teens get always fired her up too.

Mmmmmm, so fucking good, god she loved getting it in her ass. Both holes being reamed were amazing, and she turned the rotations up, letting our more lust-filled squeals. The dildo in her cunt was passing faster against the pressure of the sharp curvature of the dildo shoved up her ass. Brooke could feel the quickly building rush, and she let out a scream of pure sexual pleasure as her orgasm exploded inside her like a bomb, her body rocking wildly while her tits shook like a bowl of jelly.

Brooke turned down the intensities as she let her body ride the sweet downward glide. It did not take long before she turned them back up, rocking atop güvenilir bahis the Sybian as the dildo rammed her cunt and ass while the pad vibrated her tingling clit.. She exploded again, then just let it keep going, and she felt like she was being pummeled over and over, orgasms exploding inside her until she finally reached her limit. She pulled herself off and flopped back, gasping like a racehorse, her body trembling with mini aftershocks.

After lingering in the twilight of afterglow, she pulled herself together, took the attachments and put them in the container filled with disinfectant, and went to wake Janey up.


Part 4B – Janey’s POV

I was having a wonderful dream, a decided exciting tickling between my legs. I reached down and felt a head between my legs, and a warm, wet tongue starting to slide up and down my labia lips. The excitement started to tatter my sleep, and I rose from the nap to discover I was feeling exactly what I thought in my dream.

Brooke heard my startled gasp, and she paused, looked up at me with a beaming smile, and said, “Welcome back Janey, did you enjoy your nap?”

“Brooke, what, what…” I trailed off.

“Well, I’m going to eat your sweet peach.”

“Why me?” I grunted.

“Oh sweetie, it’s not just you. Kirsten, Lisa, Sarah, and Jordan have all gotten the same loving after their second ride, and they loved it. Just like you are going to love it. We’ve bared our bodies to each other, watched each other masturbate in the grip of orgasm, so let’s do what I feel is the natural next step, sharing our bodies.”

She gently parted my lips and ran two long broad strokes over my opening, which was getting creamy wet with my juices.

“Of course, I won’t force you. If you don’t feel up to it, you can say no. But judging by the wet gush of your juices, I’d guess you want to say yes, if you want it, just say yes.”

I looked down, the sight of Brooke’s sexy nude body between my thighs, her mouth inches from my cunt, so ready to orally pleasure me, I moaned with pleasure and purred, “Yes, oh yes.”

“Oh yes, baby, you are going to love what one lady can do to another.”

Turning her attention back to my pussy, it took very little time before Brooke had me pinned to the bed, feasting on my hot, shimmering pink hole. Brooke was giving me her best lick job. güvenilir bahis siteleri I was in heaven, the way she burrowed her face in, her tongue swirling wildly, the sounds of hot licking and slurping rose in volume. I reached down, cradling Brooke’s head against my pussy, letting out gasps and moans of pleasure.

“Mmmm, so good Brooke, so good, shove a finger up my ass, finger bang my tight pucker, make me cum lover!”

The sounds of groans and cries of pleasure increased, as Brooke swirled her middle finger through my wetness, running her finger down over my taint, poised, and my loud cry of pleasure rose as Brooke’s finger drove in, as far as she could go. She started to finger fuck my sweet tight asshole, eager to make me explode.

I clutched at the headboard with both hands, moaning with her my thrown back in ecstasy. Oh yeah, Brooke was a natural at cunt licking, I was rocking her hips, fucking Brooke’s mouth, whimpering and moaning. My body was quivering, breasts heaving up and down, my body tensing up, reaching for my orgasm.

It all came together, I gasped, “Oh fuck, gonna make me do it, you sexy cunt licker, yes, yes, EEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

My shriek filled the room, and a rush of juices poured out, giving Brooke a hot juicy facial. After Brooke had licked the last spasm from my juicy heat, she slithered up my body, coming face to face, our mouths clung to each other, and I was getting a rich taste of my pussy. We lay back, floating on the afterglow.

Brooke purred, “How did you like that baby?”

“It felt fantastic, I loved it.”

“Would you like to taste my sweet peach?”

The idea of licking my first pussy made my insides churn with lust, and I cooed, “Yes, oh yes.”

“Staying laying back baby, and let me bring my pussy to you.”

I felt a thudding jolt of excitement as Brooke took the position, squatting just above my face. Brooke’s smooth, bald pussy was hovering just above my face. I could see the tight pink lips, the idea that my tongue was going to part those lips and tastes her essence really had me wound up, it made my mouth water.

Brooke’s body looked amazing from that vantage point, her lush curvaceous figure, the gentle swell of her belly, above that, her 36D boobs stood up proudly, her nipples were rock-hard, sexy swollen nubs.

“Go ahead sweetie, you made iddaa siteleri my cunt so wet and so eager, I need your hot tongue!”

Brooke reached down and parted her lips, I could see all the hot, wet excitement, Brooke’s sex was right there. The pink inner flesh glistened moistly as it clung and then separated viscidly. I could see Brooke’s smile of desire as she held her pussy lips open so that her soft wet inner folds were completely revealed in a tantalizing, pinkly shimmering display.

To see that sweet pink hole so close made my mouth water, and the next instant I reached up, looped my hands over her hips, and guided her down to my waiting mouth.

Brooke settled herself down as my tongue parted the seam, and slid inside. Brooke’s purr of pleasure sounded, I moaned deep and low in my throat as I tasted her juices for the first time. Mmmmmm, the taste was exotic and slightly spicy, unlike anything I had ever tasted before. Fired up with the taste, and eager to please, I nuzzled contentedly against her sweet pink velvet, my tongue sliding up and licking at the delicate coral lips. The sounds of Brooke’s coos and purrs of pleasure urged me on, and my tongue started to nudge at the hood of her clit, coaxing that personal orgasm button to rise to my mouth.

Brooke moaned, “Yes, oh yes, finger my ass, lick my clit, make me cum baby!”

Happy to do so, I poised a finger then drove it up that tight back door, and her loud cries of pleasure kept me revved up with the need to make her explode. Finger buggering that tight asshole while servicing Brooke’s sweet cunt while she was riding my face made me wild with rebuilding lust. I wanted to make her explode, flood my face, I wanted to drink deeply of her juices, and I started to lash and swab at her stiff, bulging clit.

Brooke’s loud cries of pleasure sounded, and she writhed wildly atop my mouth, she was seconds away from exploding.

“Oh yes, cunt licking sweet teen, gonna make me explode, yes, yes FUCK!”

Brooke’s voice rose to a shriek, and she writhed wildly against my face, I could feel her ass pulsing with orgasm, her pussy pouring out a river of juices for me to drink down, god, the taste of her essences flooded my mouth, and I felt her hand reach down, fingers flicking at my clit, and I screamed into the wet, soupy heat as I had been balanced on the edge of orgasm, my body shaking as my quivering pussy spasmed hard in the grip of orgasmic release.

We flopped down, and I felt my body held close to Brooke, Mmmmm, that felt so nice, and I brought my arms around her to hold her close also.

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