Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

Part 4 of my longer and dirtier version of synergy.


I’m relaxing on the couch enjoying the fire. Anna sits down next to me and hands me a glass of wine and says, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” I reply, already exhausted from our very daring weekend.

“Why did Deb beg me to clear this weekends schedule just to have me come distract you?”

“Because I have been obsessing over a girl.”

“What girl?”

“Truth or dare.”

“Well played. Dare me. I’m still going to drag the truth out of you, kicking and screaming if need be.”

I ponder a minute, Anna is already naked, and has few limits, when I get it. “Order us some pizza.”

Annabelle frowns. “That’s your plan, show me off to one stranger. Fine, your dare.” Anna retrieves her phone and dials her favorite place. She gives me a mischievous grin and then says, “Hi I need 10 Large pizzas, 2 pepperoni, 2 supreme, 2 hawaiian, 2 meat lovers deep dish and 2 with chicken alfredo. Yes, we need it delivered. Do you have ice cream? You think I could trouble you to get some, just vanilla, and some chocolate drizzle, ohh and whipped cream, I love whipped cream. Yes, that would be great, we have cash, 200 Park drive and the name is Annabelle Rhide, thanks.” Anna looks over at me. “278.65, plus tip, you were hungry right?” She smiles thinking she just got me, “Truth or dare?”

I play it cool, but inwardly I think she’s just digging herself a bigger hole. “Truth, it’s what you want anyway.”

“Tell me about her, and I don’t just mean her name, what does she do , how did you meet, what do you think of her.”

“That seems like more than one question.”

“It’s not, I checked.”

“I let out a sigh, Well I met Stacy earlier this week. She founded Stein House inc. and owns 41 restaurants over 8 states.”


“She is intoxicating, It’s like she was crafted from my dreams to embody the ultimate woman.”

“So you’re saying she’s a good lay.”

“No, we haven’t slept together.”

“Wait, what, you just met her, and you are making life decisions based on how she fills out a pantsuit?”

“It was a dress, and I’m not making any decisions other than that I want a chance to find out if she might be the person to share my life with. She is the first women that I have met that I feel might be out of my league.”

“So, this is some kind of conquest?”

“No, it’s not like that, I just want to get to know her.”

“Where do you think it’s gonna lead?”

“Truth or dare?”

She smiles at me, “Fair enough, dare.”

Got her, “I dare you to pay for the Pizza.”

She bahis siteleri frowns “I don’t carry that kind of cash on me, you do.”

“I know,” trying to hold back my smirk. “And be sure you leave a tip.”

Understanding crosses her face, “Well played sir, well played.”

I begin up the stairs.

“Where you think you’re going?”

“I don’t want to scare him off. Don’t worry I won’t be far. I wouldn’t miss this for 278 dollars.”

I see the headlights coming down the long driveway. I can hear the low throaty muscle of an 8 cylinder before I can make out the shape of the vehicle. Out of the old red mustang hatchback stands a young guy, short brown hair, probably just finished high school. I walk out to the second floor balcony and make my way around the outside of the building. This guy might lose his job tonight, I’m not that big of an asshole. I open the door to my and retrieve my cell phone and wallet. I walk over to his car and dial the number written on the side and open the door to turn his car off. I notice his wallet wedged between the seat and the E-brake. I pick it up and seen his ID, Jeremiah Johnson, born 12/05/1995, He’s 19 good.

“Papa Richard’s Pizza, how can I help you?”

“Yea, Jeremiah just arrived with the pizza, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. He went down the wrong trail on the way to my house and got stuck but still got everything to my cabin and was completely professional. Look, I got a guy who can pull him out tomorrow morning but I’m just going to take him home tonight. Is that alright with you?”

“Yes, thank you for helping him out, tell him I said it’s fine and that he can drop the money off tomorrow when he comes in.”

“Will do, and thanks for the pizza, it’s fantastic.”

“Glad to hear it, that’s what it’s all about.”

I hang up and pull out 500 dollars, then insert it into Jeremiah’s wallet. I close the door and head back to the cabin, excited to find out what sort of debauchery Anna has corrupted this guy with.

I open the door and the pizza boys eyes go wide. He is buck naked with his cock in Anna’s mouth. I don’t say a word but simply walk to the kitchen where a massive stack of pizzas is waiting. I sort through, sampling a few delicious bites from each of the New York style pies. In walk Anna and Jeremiah, his lack of an erection proving that round one is over.

“I called your boss”

Panic washes over Jeremiah’s face “Wait, what?”

“Yea, I told him you got stuck in my driveway and that you would be in tomorrow. You might want to wash your car tomorrow morning though, to get all the mud off.”

He canlı bahis siteleri looks stunned “Um thanks, I’ll be sure to do that.”

“And grab some pizza, we have plenty.”

We make our way back to the fireplace with pizza and ice cream in tow.

“So, Anna I think it was my turn, dare or dare?”

Anna’s eyes light up “Dare me!”

“I dare you to dance for us.” I hit a few buttons on my smartphone and a soft stream of jazz emanates from the walls.

Anna stands and moves to the center of the room, her tattooed outline contrasting against the fire. Anna begins to move her hips, gliding her hands down her taut torso, displaying her beautiful globes to us.

Realization comes over Jeremiah, “Wait, am I a dare?”

Anna nods, then turns around to bend over and display her perfect ass with her mound peeking ever so slightly.

“That’s awesome. Um, I dare you to give me a lap dance.”

Anna smiles and makes her way to Jeremiah. She turns her back to him and reaches for the ground giving him a perfect view of all her features. She then backs onto his lap, swaying her hips against his manhood. Jeremiah runs his hands up her body capturing both breasts in his hands with a look of absolute bliss on his face. Anna stands and turns around then climbs back on his lap continuing to rub herself against him. This continues for at least a minute when Anna says I dare you 2 to eat me for dessert. she grabs the chocolate and whipped cream. She pours some on each nipple and lays down in front of the fireplace. I walk over and take the chocolate and whipped topping from her.

“I like lots of toppings on my desserts.” I squirt chocolate all over her breasts and belly, Then pour some down her legs and down her shaven pussy. I the put some in her mouth and on her face. I take the whipped cream and spray some into her mouth then onto her nipples and make her a bikini. I put the condiments aside and kiss her beautiful smiling chocolate covered face. Jeremiah moves between Anna’s chocolate covered legs and dives headlong into her cream covered pussy. I lick the creamy concoction from her face as she moans under the sensation of 2 tongues working over her body. I make my way down to her breasts taking her nipples between my teeth, enjoying the sweet combination of cream and chocolate on skin. I look up to see Jeremiah licking a trail down Anna’s leg and I continue to devour her body.

Once Anna is mostly exhumed from her covering and has cum multiple times from the attention, I retrieve the chocolate topping and whipped cream then dab a bit on the end of my now rock hard cock. “Oops, canlı bahis I got some on me.”

Anna grins and rolls over to enjoy her new chocolate popsicle. “Yum.”

I look over at Jeremiah, “You going to stare at her or fuck her?”

Jeremiah pulls from his love struck stupor and positions himself behind Annabelle, entering her from behind. Anna moans in pleasure on my cock. We take her from both ends for a while before she turns around presenting her warm wetness to my swollen cock. She then takes Jeremiah into her mouth. It does not take long for Anna to bring the pizza boy to the edge and she pulls off him, his come spewing all over her face. I can feel my own orgasm coming on. Anna whips around, displaying her gorgeous cum, chocolate and cream covered face perfectly framed by her blue hair. I jizz all over it, adding my fluids to those already covering her.

Anna takes Jeremiah by the hand and leads him to the couch, sitting him down and leaning him back. Annabelle then starts rubbing his flaccid penis.

Jeremiah looks defeated, “I don’t think I’ve got anything left”

“Ohh yes you do, I’m not done yet.” Anna then takes him into her mouth.

I have an idea where this is going so I go and retrieve a bottle of lube from a shelf and hand it to Annabelle. Anna puts some lube on her finger and rubs it against Jeremiah’s anus.

“Woah, what’s that.” Jeremiah jerks upward.

“Shut up, sit down, and relax. You let me into your ass and I’ll let you into mine.” Anna returns her head to his now inflating cock. Once he has returned to full vitality Anna reverses herself and lubes up her own asshole. She then slowly eases herself in a reverse cowgirl position onto Jeremiah’s cock. Anna slowly moves her ass up and down with her head forward. I present my semi hard dick to her mouth and she accepts it eagerly restoring it to its full potential. I remove myself from her mouth and she leans back, positioning a leg on each side of the couch with her arms on Jeremiah’s shoulders. I move forward to insert my cock into her widely spread pussy. Once fully encased the three of us work into a rhythm and I clamp down on Anna’s neck causing her to scream out in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm rip through her. I feel her muscles spasming on my cock when Jeremiah begins to release himself into her bowels. I lift her off his lap and set her down on the couch. I lift her legs over her head and get excellent leverage, using long strokes driving her wild. I pick up the pace and she loses control again, the muscles of her vagina pulling me over the edge until I also fill her with my juices.

Laying on the couch thoroughly fucked, cum on, in and all over. Cum dripping from every orifice. She is still so beautiful, my tattooed goddess.

“If you guys ever need pizza again just ask for Jeremiah.”

I smile, “will do.”

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