Taking Care of Frustrations

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A/N: This story contains infidelity. Don’t like? Don’t read.


It had been a long week. As they walked out of the last meeting of the week, Aleya and Adam went to sit in his office to write instructions for the weekend crew. When they were done, Adam asked “So, you going on a date with your cute dork this weekend?”


“What? I thought the guy was into you!”

“I thought so too but I guess not.”

“What happened?”

“Well, after he told me not to be a tease, he turned into the biggest tease himself. Got me all hot and bothered for him using texts and then total silence for over two weeks. So I give up. And I’m going to take out my frustrations on you tonight!”

“Oh really?”

“Yup! I’m going to show up at your weekly game and I’m going to heckle you like you’ve never been heckled before.”

Adam and others from work would play hockey on Friday nights at the local arena. Once in a while, Aleya would go see them and cheer them on. A few times over the last year, Adam had come over to her place after the game for a quickie. However, in the last four months, Adam had been trying to remain true to his wife and had asked Aleya to help him in that endeavour. Though in the past two weeks, he’d flirted with her more than ever.

“I was hoping for something else but okay, you are welcome to heckle me all you want.”

As they spoke, another hockey player came in, catching only the last bit and asked “Aleya is going to heckle? I thought that wasn’t in your nature!”

“It’s not but tonight, I need to let out some frustrations so I will heckle him and heckle you too!”

“Bring it on! You do realize that I will play so well, I’ll make it really hard for you to heckle me, right?”

“I’ll Pendik escort heckle anyway.”

Just then, others had shown up and they had gone back to discussing work items until it was time to go home. Aleya had had dinner and then gotten changed to go to the hockey game.

The guys were having a blast on the ice. It was a pick up game and they made it fun. Try as she might, she could only heckle so much. Indeed, heckling was not in her nature and that second player had been scoring goal after goal anyway. She cheered them on and laughed with them as they played. She was still frustrated with the tease but the fun of the game had helped lighten her mood. One thing though, none of it had alleviated her need for a man. She was really horny. She would just have to go home and take care of that herself with a little help from her favourite website, Literotica.

As the guys headed to the dressing room, Aleya headed to the door, waving at them as she left. She made her way home and, sitting in her living room turned on her laptop. Quickly, she was checking out the newest additions to the site. She started reading one story and immediately started feeling even more turned on. She rubbed herself through her pants but was interrupted by her phone.

A text had come in from Adam: “Want company? You need it as much as I do!”

She hesitated. He counted on her to be the voice of reason. Another text came in “Don’t think. Don’t be the voice of reason tonight, you NEED it.”

Was he reading her mind?

“I am coming over in about 15-20 minutes!”

Finally, she texted him back “I’ll leave the door unlocked and start without you.”

Shaking in anticipation, she went to unlock the door and then headed to Kurtköy Escort her bedroom. She quickly undressed and refreshed herself and turned down the bed. Shutting down most lights, she grabbed the laptop and laid down on her bed. She reached into her night table and grabbed her trusty vibrator and dildo. She put a condom on the dildo and rubbed it against her slit as she continued to read the hot story on Literotica. She pushed the dildo inside her wet pussy and moved it back and forth a few times. She pushed it in, held it there and then turned on the vibrator and pushed it against her clit.

By the time Adam got to her bedroom, she was done reading the story and had put the laptop on the night table. Adam quickly undressed as he watched her. Aleya was pushing the vibrator against her clit and against the dildo, causing vibrations inside and out of her pussy. She was getting close to an orgasm when she felt lips on one nipple and fingers on the other. He teased her nipples like he knew she liked and that pushed her over the edge in a much needed orgasm.

Adam kissed her deeply and then said “That was the hottest sight ever. Mind if I take over?”

Aleya whispered “Please do.”

Adam removed the dildo from her pussy and replaced it with his fingers. He also took over the vibrator and moved it around on her clit. He finger-fucked her, curling his fingers to stimulate her g-spot and within minutes, she was having another amazing orgasm. He put the vibrator aside and asked “You hungry?”

“oh yeah!”

She scooted down the bed while he positioned himself above her. He put his legs on each side of her head and allowed his already hard cock to dangle to her awaiting mouth. Aleya hungrily started licking Maltepe Escort and sucking on his hard cock. Adam started licking her folds and resumed finger fucking her to stimulate the g-spot some more. He took his time, enjoying both what he was doing to her and what she was doing to him.

When he felt that he was getting close, he focused on her pleasure and really intensified his actions on her wet pussy. Soon, Aleya was having her third orgasm and as soon as it started, Adam flipped around and plunged into her still quivering pussy. He stayed still, deep inside her while her pussy contracted around his cock. He waited for her to reopen her eyes and look at him. Once she did, he gently kissed her and asked “Ready for me?”

Aleya nodded and wrapped her legs around his hips as he started moving back and forth inside her. She moved in synch with him and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down for more deep kissing. Soon, he had to break the kiss as his breath grew short. She encouraged him “Give it to me baby, come inside me.”

He groaned and stopped moving while lodged deep inside her. To finish him off, she contracted her pussy muscles around him, something she knew he liked a lot. After a few moments, he caught his breath and kissed her gently and tenderly. Then, he said “Wow. That was amazing. I’ve never seen you come like that before.”

Aleya blushed “Guess I was really really horny.”

Adam pulled out and went to wash up. She followed and when they were both back in her room, he pulled her into his arms. He caressed her back and her hair as he kissed her. Then, he took her face between his hands and said “You know I can’t stay. I’m sorry.”

“I know. It’s okay.”

He got dressed and she put on her robe and walked him to the door. He kissed her once more and said “Your cute dork is an idiot. He could have had one of the best nights of his life but gave it to me. Let me know if you need more relief. This was amazing.”

Aleya smiled. “That it was. Now go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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