Taking His Daughter

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Alexis Brill

It had been a long night and Joe decided it was finally time to go to bed.

His wife was out for the evening, and his daughter, Sally, had gone to bed earlier as she had her big graduation day the next day.

As Joe approached the steps, he saw his daughters bathroom light on, and made his way there to turn it off.

Suddenly, he felt an arousal in his pants. The thought his daughter may be in there. Just as quick as the thought came in his mind

he tried to push it away. It was wrong to think of his daughter that way, but she was so beautiful. His wife hadn’t touched him in years.

The stirring in his cock was not new, his daughter had just turned 18, was developing nice round tits, so perky. He had yelled at her before for the way she dressed but inside he loved the way her tight shirts clung to her breasts.

Approaching the door, he heard the shower, his cock now erect, begging to get out of his pants. Joe pretended to knock, hoping she wouldn’t see him watching her in the shower. Sally’s silhouette was perfect, her breasts stood perky, her waist so small, her hips so grab-able. bostancı escort bayan Now he started to wonder what her body looked like, more than ever. He hid his body behind the door partially as his cock was almost in pain, and needing release.

His knock startled Sally, and she peered around the corner of the shower curtain, “Oh Daddy you scared me”… “Sally why is the door open?” With that he heard the shower knobs turn off, he knew he shouldn’t watch, he knew he should turn his head, but he couldn’t look away. Sally grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her before stepping from the shower. “Oh silly Daddy, just to let the steam out.” Her perfect body only inches away from him, dripping wet, wrapped in only a towel. She looked at his face for moment, and saw an odd look on his face. “Daddy are you ok?”… She pulled the door away from his hand and noticed the large bulge in his pants. “Oh my daddy, looks like you do have a problem…”

Sally backed away from her father, into the light of the bathroom, and slowly lifted her hands over her head to brush her hair. Joe ümraniye escort slid out of his pants and into the bathroom. Standing there in his boxers, which his cock made into a tent, he took the brush from Sally’s hands, knowing she was teasing him. He pulled the towel slowly from his daughter’s body. Gazing at her in the mirror from behind, he noticed every part of her body. She whispered to him “Daddy do you want to be my first, show me how it’s done before I go to college.”

Joe took his daughter’s hand and led her to the bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed, spread her legs open, and then took his boxers down. His body even tho older now, was still in shape. His cock stood erect. She gasped at the 7 inches. He needed to touch her smooth skin, to caress her, but for a moment he took her in, her breasts, her nipples erect as her body was still wet from the shower… his eyes moved to her pussy, that had been shaved but a small patch. He pulled her up, set her on the edge of the bed and told her to feel his cock, kiss it. Her hand wrapped around it in awe, the touch shot waves of pleasure escort kartal through his body. Precum leaked from his cock, as his daughter instinctively sucked it off. His hands wrapped in her hair, pulling her mouth on to his cock, the steady rocking, her moaning was almost more than he could take.

He pushed her off his cock, she whimpered, but he told her it would be ok. Joe laid down next to her, ran his fingers over her breasts, pinching her nipples, tasting them with his mouth, he trailed down her stomach to her pussy, to taste her, his own daughter… her juices were so sweet, and she came instantly in his mouth… he lapped her up, and caught every ounce of her juices.

His cock throbbed and needed release. Spreading apart her tender legs, he slid his big thick head into her virgin pussy, stretching her walls, hearing her moan almost sent him over the top. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them tight… her wet pussy was so tight, he felt every part of her tight walls on his long shaft, but he did not want to cum in her so quickly he pulled out and stuck his cock back in her mouth so she could taste herself, and as he shot cum in her mouth.

Laying down next to her, he stroked her hair, pulled her small body next to him and told her what a good girl she was. He fell asleep with her in his arms, knowing this would not be the last time he had his daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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