Tammy’s Sophomore Year

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This year is going to be very different from last year. When I arrived on campus twelve months ago, I was naive about the world outside of my little home town, and, to be honest, my own home. My childhood was so very sheltered and strict, and I was such a good girl, that I spent all of last year in a bit of culture shock. None of my clothes looked like the clothes the other girls were wearing. I didn’t own makeup or perfume, I didn’t participate in any sports, I didn’t understand slang or pop culture references, and I knew nobody here. I also spent the whole year trying to stay out of my room to avoid my pot-smoking, cursing, obnoxious roommate.

It wasn’t a complete loss, as I had a very productive year. In the little kitchen in the basement of the dorm, I taught myself how to cook things in ways other than frying or pouring milk over it. While the other girls were burning popcorn every evening, I was streaming cooking videos and chopping vegetables I’d pilfered from the dining hall salad bar. I also spent so much time at the library and the gym that my grades were perfect and I ended the school year 25 pounds lighter and a whole lot stronger and healthier than I started it.

Over the summer, I got a job on my uncle’s farm. Farming is hard work in the hot sun, so I got ripped and tan, and then spent almost all of my earnings on new clothes. I doubt anyone will even recognize me.

A tiny little white lie to the parents convinced them there were no rooms available in the women-only dorm, and I couldn’t possibly risk being exposed to such a horrible influence as my previous roommate, so I now find myself pushing an industrial laundry bin stamped PROPERTY OF STATE UNIVERSITY, full of my belongings into the elevator of the highrise co-ed dormitory. For the first time in my life, I will have a bedroom I do not share with another human being. I have every intention of having the best year of my life.

Room 421 is to the left of the elevator, halfway down, on the right side. I unlock the nicked and scraped door with the worn key I picked up this morning at the registrar’s office. The room is painted an institutional yellow that reminds me of a forced smile, but the window is large and overlooking a green lawn covered in meandering little family groups exploring the campus or parents saying goodbye to students who want to look like they will miss them, but really cannot wait to be left to their freedom. I eye the furniture arrangement and take a moment to scoot the bed into the middle of the room, with the head up against the wall under the window. I will decide about the desk after I’ve put together my shelves and brought in my cozy chair.

My door is still wide open as the giant laundry bin fills the doorway, and I’m leaning over the edge to grab a box of books from the bottom. The door across the hall opens and I look up into a gorgeous pair of green eyes that are widening in delight as they look down the front of my tank top. I lost a lot of weight last year, but not an ounce of it came off my breasts. They are high and proud in their new 32DD underwires, and I feel my nipples harden under the lace as I notice that those gorgeous green eyes are just the tip of the iceberg. The young man standing stunned with appreciation in the doorway across the hall has a clear, boyish face that is used to smiling, shaggy, honey brown, wavy hair just brushing his collar, and muscles trying hard to fit into a preppy polo shirt. There just might have been a twitch inside those khaki shorts, too.

“Um, hi?” I said, ducking my head into his field of vision.

“Hi!” His eyes lift to meet mine, without a hint of apology. “I’m Nate,” he elaborates, stepping to the end of the laundry bin and extending his hand.

“Tammy,” I reply, as I my hand automatically reaches for his, and I am forced to lean forward to meet his grasp. He did not fail to notice this, as it takes him just a moment too long to release his grip on my hand. I smile, thinking about how much I am going to love this year. Just then, his parents pop out of the door behind him and he is swept away down the hall.

Now that my unpacking is done and I am comfortable with my room, I notice it is past 1:30 and I forgot to eat lunch. I slip on my flip-flops and run a brush through my dark brown hair and grab my little purse. I don’t know what I want to eat, but I am starving and just know that whatever I find, I want a lot of it. I am too impatient Bostancı Escort to wait for the elevator, so I practically fly down the stairs and out the door to State Street, where there are dozens of places to eat, and the sidewalks are packed with boisterous students and their families. It isn’t quite time for most people to start drinking yet, so I go into The Tinker’s Shed, a bar that has great, and huge, sandwiches and find it isn’t too crowded. There is a small group in the corner, loudly playing a trivia game and drinking beer, but nobody seems to have brought their parents to a bar for lunch. I sit at the bar and order a big, meaty sandwich and fries and ask for the biggest glass of ice water the bartender can bring me. She brings me a pitcher, and I tell he she is my hero. It is still hot here in late August, and I’m not sure I’ve stopped sweating all day.

My food comes in the biggest red plastic basket I’ve ever seen, and I just might eat it all. Just as I’m opening my mouth as wide as it will go to try to take a bite from the end of the giant sandwich, a voice booms from the entrance behind me.

“I thought they’d never LEAVE!” The group in the corner explodes in happy greetings, and I turn to see my new neighbor, Nate, cross the room toward the table. He sees me, sandwich frozen midair, pointed at my gaping mouth, and veers off course and plops gracelessly on the stool next to mine. He swivels to face me and grins. I put down the sandwich and raise my eyebrows expectantly.

“Tammy, right?” I nod, impressed that he remembered. “Would you like to join my friends and I at our table?” I have never, in my whole life, been extended an invitation like this, and I feel a bit uneasy and a butterfly or two flops about in my otherwise empty stomach.

“Sure,” I reply, and then add, “Nate.” He laughs a bit, and as I pick up my food and my glass of water, he grabs the pitcher with one hand and puts his other hand on my lower back as we walk to his waiting friends. It feels hot and close, that small area where I can feel the light pressure of his hand through my slightly damp shirt.

“You remembered my name.”

“You made an impression.”

“Hey, guys, this is Tammy, my new neighbor across the hall. That happens to be all I know about her, so if you want to know more, you will have to ask her yourself.”

“You are such a dolt, Nate. Nice to meet you, Tammy. I’m Kat. I used to live next to him, so I have one piece of advice: Never let him ‘borrow’ anything you ever want to see again.”

“Okay, thanks for the warning.”

Kat is the only girl in the bunch. She has light brown skin and thick, black curly hair pulled up into a huge ponytail high on the back of her head. She’s wearing a thin, clingy, spaghetti strap dress with an earthy pattern on it that makes me think she should, but thankfully does not, smell like patchouli. Except for the perfectly round, and unbound globes pressing against the front of the dress, she looks like a ballerina – wiry and graceful. An anklet of tiny bells sings a song like fairies when she moves. I feel so pedestrian in my plain white ribbed cotton tank top and pink running shorts, but she doesn’t seem like the kind to judge, so I relax and sit down next to her. Nate sits on my other side.

The other four boys are Brian, Tony, Erik, and Jack. They continue their banter and compare notes about their summers, and I quietly but desperately eat my sandwich. As the hunger and self-consciousness subsides, I listen a bit more closely to the conversation. It seems they all lived in the same hallway last year and got to be pretty close. In fact, Kat and Erik dated briefly, then Jack and Erik dated and eventually broke up because Erik wasn’t gay enough. This is what they are talking about now.

“I told you I was bi, and you watched me date Kat, so how you thought I was gay, I don’t know!” Even in a small town, I have never seen people who could break up and remain friends, let alone sit at a table with one or two of their exes and playfully berate each other for poor dating decisions. I am a bit baffled and very amused.

I am done eating, and it turns out I can’t finish the fries. I sit back with my glass of water, a bemused smile on my face as I watch the friends joke with each other. I look over to see Kat looking at me.

“Jack thinks bisexuality is a myth. I think everyone is bisexual, but on a kind of sliding scale. What do Erenköy Escort you think, Tammy?” Her tone is conversational, but her eyes are smoldering just a little and locked on mine.

I open my mouth to answer, but close it and swallow instead. I feel Nate lean closer to me, suddenly interested in what I might say.

“I don’t know. I cannot speak for what anyone else may or may not be attracted to. I have only ever been with boys. I live in a really small town, and if any girls were ever interested in me, they never mentioned it. My parents would freak out, anyway. They are really conservative.” I failed to mention I had only ever “been with” one boy, and that was only just this past summer, but it didn’t feel like a lie.

“What about you? Have you ever liked a girl?” Kat is leaning closer, and I can just see her nipples brushing against the inside of that thin dress. As she leans in, she uncrosses her legs and one of them is touching my knee, and I freeze, unable to move. The only sound I hear is the quiet jingle of the bells on her ankle until she whispers in my ear, “If you ever want to try kissing a girl, call me. You might like it.”

At that very moment, I am sure I would love it, but all I can manage is a vague smile.

This morning, I wake up early to go for a quick run to help me calm my nerves before classes start. The air is already warm, even though the sun is just barely up. Damn this humidity. I have decided I’ve run far enough and I am calm enough to proceed with my day so I am slowing my pace to head back, when I hear someone running up behind me.

“I have been trying to catch you since you left the building! Okay, not the whole time. When I got close, I hung back and just enjoyed the view. Then you slowed down and I could catch up, I mean, I thought I’d try the view from this side.” Nate grins and looks directly at my chest, which insists on bouncing even in the best sports bra money could buy. Normally, I would expect to be put off by such lewdness, but if anything, I am turned on. He somehow manages to seems sweet and innocent while saying things that are precisely the opposite.

We get back to our building and I race him up the stairs. He wins, but waits for me at our floor. We pant to our rooms, and I turn to go into mine. I close the door and strip off my sodden shirt and wrestle myself out of the restraining bra. Just as I am taking that first sweet breath that comes every time I take off a bra, I hear the door open and I spin around.

The door is closing and Nate is standing in my room. I just gape at him, unable to speak. My hands move to cover my breasts. He takes a step forward, puts his hands on my shoulders, pulls me to him and kisses me before I can even close my mouth or take a second breath. I have known him for less than a day, and here I am kissing him back. I can’t help myself. I am kissing him just as hard as he is kissing me, and my arms drop from my chest. I stretch up my face and press my sweaty body into his. He reaches down to take off his shirt, and in the instant that our mouths separate to allow the passage of his shirt, I spin around and head for the bed, pulling him behind me by his waistband.

I jump onto the bed, and pull him down on top of me. There is absolutely no ambiguity about where this is going. I am going to get fucked. Sweat is no longer the only thing soaking my shorts, and I wriggle my hands down to pull them off. Nate raises up a bit to facilitate this, and while he is at it, he lowers his face down on my left breast and nibbles and sucks at the nipple. I gasp, he moans and mumbles something about tasting better than they look. Now I grab his shorts and only manage to get them down to just below his hips before I get distracted by the sight of a cock so big, so massive, I can’t believe it is real. I almost expect it to be a joke, to have him laugh and toss it aside, revealing the real, ordinary cock. But I can feel it throbbing in my hand. I don’t remember grabbing it, but, really, what is a girl supposed to do when presented with such a gift? Well, after she grabs it and determines it is indeed real, and gloriously hard, she should put it in her mouth, of course! I sit up and flip onto my stomach and lay in front of Nate as he kneels on the bed. I open my mouth but pause, unsure if it will fit. Nate laughs.

“You look like you did trying to bite that sandwich.”

“I think it is as big as Göztepe Escort that sandwich was, to be honest.”

“Just don’t bite it.”

“Hmmph…” My mouth is full.

I do my best to suck that dick. I love sucking dick. Okay, I have only ever sucked one dick before, but I must have sucked it almost everyday for two months. John worked on my uncle’s farm, and we spent a lot of time alone in fields and barns this summer, and I ended up with a prescription from Planned Parenthood, and we made great use of it. I would crave his cock all night long, and loved going to work everyday to sneak quickies and blowjobs in quiet corners. It was nothing like love, and we knew it was over with the summer, but I have grown accustomed to regular access to dick. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait very long. Speaking of long, there was no way I could take this whole thing in my mouth, however I slobber and suck, but I will suck the part I can reach as fully as I am able. Nate grabs my ponytail and pulls, making me look up and him, my lips still stretched around the head of his penis.

“Beautiful. Damn you are gorgeous.” Still pulling my hair, he presses my head down his shaft as far as it will go. I shudder and feel a hot trickle run down the inside of my thigh. My face is so full of cock, I would sigh in bliss if my mouth weren’t stuffed. He slowly pulls my head off his crotch. I moan and close my eyes, feeling empty and hungry for more.

Nate, still holding me by the hair, pulls me up to his mouth and kisses me so hard, I think I might bruise. Then he pushes me back onto the bed, and kisses his way down my body, stopping to bite each of my nipples in turn. When he gets to my thighs, he puts his hands under my knees and pushes them up to my sides, so I am spread completely open, inches from his face. I can feel his breath on me. I wriggle and moan in eager anticipation. I feel vulnerable and exposed, but instead of closing my eyes, I look down, between my breasts with their nipples standing as hard as I’ve ever seen them, and I watch him, as he looks up at my eyes and stretches out his tongue which lands softly on the head of my exposed clitoris. As light as his touch is, I jerk, but can’t move away because his arms are still pinning my knees. Small, light circles with his tongue, and I am twitching and squealing. He pauses and releases one of my legs, and slowly runs a finger from my oozing hole, up and around my clit, back down, pausing to tease the entrance to my pussy, then spreading the thick, warm juice down to my virgin asshole, where he so gently tickles the incredibly sensitive bud there, and I start bucking on the mattress. I can’t help myself.

He quickly puts two fingers in my pussy and bends his face down and begins sucking and licking my clit in earnest while he fucks me with his hand. Then three fingers and I grab my pillow to keep from screaming. He has just put in a fourth finger and I see stars as I come harder than I knew possible. I am just starting to breathe again, and he backs away. I have just had the orgasm of my life, but am in no way satisfied. I sit up, grab him, and roll him over under me.

I lean over and kiss him, tasting myself on his face. I want to lick him clean, but I am reaching down and lifting his heavy, hot cock and lowering myself onto its head. I stop and quiver, enjoying the wide, wet stretching feeling, then I slowly move down a bit, up, down a bit more, up, down, each time taking just a bit more. I am stretched wide, but so wet and turned on it feels amazing. I am starting to pick up the pace, and Nate is writhing under me, panting, eyes closed, hands on my hips as I ride up, almost to the end, then down as far as I can take it, and do it again. I stop thinking about my pace, and my body takes over. My pussy wants to fuck hard and fast and I find myself bouncing uncontrollably up and down until I come so hard, I’m afraid I might faint. I look down as the waves of orgasm slow down, and see Nate smiling at me. He closes his eyes, and I see the skin on his chest flush, and the muscles on the sides of his neck spring tight, and his lips part and a groan escapes them. Then his back arches and he grunts and grabs my hips hard and thrusts into me. I feel the hair of his balls tickle my ass and I realize that means I have that whole monster of a cock deep inside me, and seeing that image in my mind makes me come all over him again while he continues to force me down onto him as hard as he can.

Eventually, we slow and I collapse onto him. He hugs me and his finger traces the muscles and spine in the sweat on my back. I look at the clock next to my bed and gasp. The school year has only just begun, and I am already late for my first class.

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