Taste My Ambrosia

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Look at me.

I want you to watch me.

I want to sate the hunger in your eyes. Take a long, slow, look over my form. Absorb the feminine camber; drink me in. Watch the fluid movement of my long, slender neck when I turn to give you a coy, beseeching look. Admire the perfect curve of my supple breasts and how quickly my nipples harden under your intense gaze. Placing a hand under each breast I lift them as if to offer them to you. Watch me as I hold each nipple between two fingers and I roll and pinch them then drop my hands to my sides. You stare at my breasts hungrily and I know you want to kiss, lick and touch them.

Not yet…

I want you to throb and ache for me like I’ve done for you. I’ve wanted you for so long I can’t remember a time that I didn’t. Now you’re here I want it to last. Let your eyes travel the soft, but firm path to my navel and let them linger there a while.

The Holy Grail can wait.

I feel the beginnings of a throb between my legs. I have ached for you; craved you. Now you finally have me.

Allow canlı bahis your eyes to follow my fingertips as they snake downwards across my belly towards my soft, hairless mound. My fingertips softly rest upon my puffy folds. Parting my legs slightly, allows me to softly stroke my swollen lips. My fingers move slowly. With each stroke I become wetter. Before long I can feel the warm sticky essence of myself on my inner thighs.

I want a taste. Your eyes follow my hand as I bring my fingers to my lips. My ambrosia tastes tangy, yet sweet. My lubricated finger glides over my swollen clit and I catch my breath. The throb is so strong I almost cum right then.

You look mesmerised. I startle you when I ask if you would like a taste. Your eyes lock with mine as you nod your head imperceptibly. I take a few steps and stand in front of you, my legs apart and my hands resting on your shoulders.

Leaning into you I whisper: “Taste me.”

Immediately you bring your lips to my nipple and I watch your warm, wet tongue dance around and bahis siteleri over it. You bite sharply before sucking the pain away. Not wanting the other nipple to feel neglected, your fingertips toy with it at the same time, pinching, squeezing and twisting bringing me pleasurable pain. All this action has made me incredibly wet. I invite you to touch my arousal by opening my legs further apart.

“Taste me,” I say again.

My legs tremble when you run your hand along my wet slit before sliding your finger inside me. You bring your finger to your lips and slowly lick it clean. Did I just hear you moan?

“I want more,” you whispered.

Reaching down I plunge two fingers inside me then bring them to your lips. You lick and suck them hungrily.

You take my hand and pull me on top of you and guide me until I am straddling your face. Your warm breath on my thighs increases my arousal ten-fold. The anticipation of what you will do next is almost unbearable. I wimper, letting you know I want your attention. You do nothing and all bahis şirketleri I can hear is my own steady breath. So I wait..

Suddenly you plunge your tongue into me. I moan when your tongue slithers upwards and over my clit and down again. Oh you were definitely worth waiting for.

I reach down and open myself up for you, exposing my clit. Your tongue dances circles around it, but when you burrow the tip of your tongue under the hood, I cant help but purr. You concentrate only on my now swollen and hard clit. Sucking it, flicking it with your tongue and long slow licks. Im starting to tighten. My hips are rocking to match the rhythm of your tongue. My thighs begin to tremble.

I hold your head and grind my pussy against your lips. I tell you I’m getting close so you begin a full on assault of my clit, gliding your tongue back and forth without letting up.

My pussy is tightening fast and my legs are shaking uncontrollably. I’m panting and realise I’m holding my breath. My head starts to spin when your tongue tips me over the edge into delirium.

A seemingly endless number of contractions and beautiful sensations take me to a place I’ve never been before. I open my eyes and you are standing over me. I had momentarily overdosed on bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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