Taylor, Gabi, Creampies, and Me!

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Big Tits

I met Taylor and Gabi online. Taylor, a successful biomedical entrepreneur, and his hot wife Gabi, a graduate student attending one of the nation’s leading research universities, are both something of an enigma. I am the CEO of a technology firm that deploys ultra-secure telecommunications solutions, so we had very little in common outside of the bedroom. However, once we started our hot conversations via email, it was just a matter of time before we decided to meet. It turns out that the three of us would complement each other very well in the bedroom.

We exchanged pictures very early on, but it did nothing to prepare me for how hot, tight-bodied and absolutely sexy Gabi was in person. This guy Taylor was one lucky dude. When they walked through the door to the hotel lobby the first time we met, my jaw dropped. There she was, probably 22 years old, about five foot three, perhaps 100 pounds soaking wet. Taylor was probably six foot three and 180 pounds, fit. When we got to the hotel room and Gabi took her clothes off, I was shocked to discover that she did not have an ounce of body fat, and instead she had the physique of a long distance runner. I was already imagining her tight pussy getting stretched by Taylor’s cock as I watched and waited for my reward, whatever it may be.

I was very nervous the first time we met. Through email, Taylor told me that he thought it would be hot if he fucked his wife, with me in the same room. “Do you think she would be OK with it?” I asked.

He said “Oh definitely. She is very submissive, and she will do what I tell her to do.”

This comment got me very excited and I started to imagine what that meant. Did he regularly give up his wife to gangbangs? Did he have all of his friends over for beer and football, and he would tell her to suck them all off? Did he watch other men fuck her whenever he felt like it? Was she a submissive slave that he would punish via torture or did he treat her like the sweet little Librarian type she made herself out to be via email? Was I going to be able to fuck this guy’s hot wife? I was dying to find out exactly what he meant by his comment, but I didn’t ask. I figured that my best move was to find out as things unfolded.

I had given Taylor many hints about what I was looking for in this little tryst. Over many email conversations, I had casually let it slip that I had a hot wife (I sent him some nude pictures of me fucking her), and that I had children, and I was in charge of many personnel at work. All of that authority and responsibility builds up, and my secret desire was to be mistreated, abused, put in my place. Humiliated, used, made to do kinky things for others. You see, I needed to feel powerless, to have all of my authority taken away from me. I needed to be controlled, plain and simple. Too much of one thing makes a person crave the opposite. I had no balance in my life! Meeting a couple like Taylor and Gabi might just work for me, depending on what they did in the bedroom. I secretly wished they would be merciless.

Well, discussing this via email had opened some doors into their world, and I knew that I had piqued their interest. They were asking a lot of questions, wanting to know the types of kinky yalova escort things I had done before I met them. They also asked me to send them a list of things I was fantasizing about doing. Just having these conversations was causing me trouble at home and at work — I was constantly semi-erect!

They were fucking with my mind in a big way, and I was driving me insane with pleasure. Somehow, the conversation turned to me licking pussy.

Taylor asked “So let me ask you, what if I was fucking my wife and I lost control and came inside her. Would you eat her pussy right then if I told you to?”

I answered, “Oh my God, how fucking sick! Are you asking me if I would clean your sperm out of your wife with my tongue, and swallow it all?”

He said “Actually, yes. And it sounds like we are done here.”

I panicked. Holy crap, I had not even met them in person yet, and here I was, fucking up my chance to play with them. I quickly replied, trying to beg forgiveness. “Taylor, I am sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking — of course I would do it. You are in charge, and if you tell me to do it, I will do it, no questions asked. I am sorry I even hesitated for one second.” I realized that my cock was rock hard as I pressed “Send”.. I was stroking my cock and feeling the slippery precum at the tip of my cockhead. I tasted it. Was I gay? Was I some kind of freak to agree to eat another man’s cum? Crazy thoughts were going through my head, but my body’s reaction was unmistakable. I had committed to it, and I knew deep in my heart that he was not going to let me off the hook.

Anticipation was building with every email. Taylor was asking me all sorts of questions about the things I would do, and Gabi was reading the emails, getting hotter and hotter thinking about all the things she might be trying for the first time. Things finally worked out and it was agreed that we would meet at a hotel the next night and we would play.

As I walked through the door of the hotel lobby, I laid eyes on them for the first time. They looked as nervous as I did, I’m sure. How awkward! I had decided to just go with the flow and try to be cool with it. We headed up to the room. We didn’t speak as we walked up together. When we went in the room, Taylor immediately said “Gabi, take your clothes off.” And she did. She was an amazing specimen of muscle and sinew, so incredibly sexy. Not a bodybuilder type — more like a swimmer or a long distance runner — perfect muscle definition, every bone and muscle so clearly visible. Not starved, but not one ounce of fat on her frame. I was actually shocked by how hot she looked. I managed to sheepishly ask if it was OK if I grabbed a shower real quick, since I had been at work for a full shift.

When I came out of the shower I saw Taylor naked on the bed, and Gabi sucking on his tool. Taylor was well defined. I do not feel any physical attraction to other men, but I can certainly recognize when a guy is good looking and such. His cock was huge, and as hard as I have ever seen a cock. He was moaning while she was struggling to deep throat his tool over and over. His cock twitched and moved, thick veins straining with blood edirne escort coursing through his body. Her lips looked so good wrapped around the head of his cock. I got very close up to see this — it was incredibly exciting to see two other people naked and having sex within touching distance.

Taylor got up and flipped Gabi over to a doggy style position and started fucking her with abandon. She started moaning and grunting like a wild animal and I put my head down where I could see her belly. I was able to actually see her belly move as the shape of Taylor’s hard cock slid in and out of her body — it was mind blowing to see the form of his cock making a shape on her tight belly from the inside. I almost blew a nut right on the spot, from the sights, sounds and smells of the sex that was happening before me.

My head was spinning. Everything was happening so fast. I was in a hotel room, naked from the waist down, still dripping wet from a shower, watching this man fuck his wife like a porn star. He stroked and stroked and pummeled her and she clearly orgasmed two times before he was done. My cock was hard and leaking precum and twitching, and I was only a few inches from the hottest piece of ass I have ever seen in person. Her pussy was a perfect thing of beauty, and all I could imagine was how it would feel if my cock was up in it.

Taylor continued to fuck her, alternating between missionary and doggy style. Sweat was literally dripping and pouring off of him and collecting on her body, running everywhere as if a bucket was being poured on her. He started to tense up and let out a long, low groan as I watched his balls convulse and contract and pump huge loads of sperm into her hole. I was close, very close. I saw the balls pushing and pumping his seed as he went crazy and as she pushed her tight fuckhole as hard as she could against his body. He froze for a minute with his cock in her, and suddenly said to me, “OK bitch, lay down on the bed right here.”

I jumped up on the bed and lay on my back, placing my head pretty close to her waist. In a move that I figure they must have pre-planned (and maybe practiced!), Gabi swings her leg and waist over me in such a way that she is over my mouth before Taylor’s cock has had a chance to slip out of her body. As she makes the final adjustment, his cock slips out and a huge explosion of sperm flows into my mouth. She does not wait to tell me what to do — “Lick my pussy, bitch. Oooh, that’s it, how does it taste? You sick fucker, how does it feel to clean my pussy up? Does my husband taste good?”

First of all, I was choking and gagging, having another man’s sperm flowing into my mouth for the first time. Second of all, I could not say anything . Gabi had all 100 pounds of her weight on my neck and chest, and had her perfect, well used pussy pressed firmly onto my mouth and she was feeding me like I was a baby at a breast. She cooed and purred and tousled my hair as I licked and licked and swallowed Taylor’s cum. I cleaned and cleaned, probing her pussy deeply with my tongue, pulling out all of the pussy juice and sperm that I could find hiding inside her body. I swallowed every drop.

Taylor erzurum escort was laying on the bed, clearly enjoying the sight of another man eating the fluid he just pumped from his own balls, eating it from his wife’s well fucked hole. Everything was a blur — I heard both of them sort of laughing and commenting about how I was a good little bitch for them and that I was making a very good cumrag for them to use. This went on for at least ten minutes, and then when they had grown tired of me, they abruptly got off of the bed and Taylor said “Now get the fuck out of here, you sick faggot.”

I was actually heartbroken at that instant. Had I fucked up somehow? Did I do it wrong? Was he really disgusted with me, or was he just punishing me for being so pitiful, and maybe he would use me again? I quietly got dressed, and without making eye contact with either of them I said “Thank you Sir, your wife is beautiful and it was truly a pleasure serving you.” Then I let myself out the door.

It was very difficult driving home. I was as hard as a rock, and my face was like a glazed donut. I had the sweet and salty aftertaste of pussy juice and sperm on my lips. I could not escape the sight of myself in the mirror, laying under a total stranger, being forced to drink the sperm of another man after he pumped it into his slut wife. This was maddeningly exciting and incredibly arousing to me. I felt so.. gay? Used? Sick? Perverted? Submissive? Hell, I have no idea what I felt, and what to call it, and I didn’t care. I liked it, that’s what I knew.

When I got home I kissed my wife hello and started kissing her on the back of the neck. We were in the kitchen, and she melted under my tongue and hot breath on her neck. As she gave in to me, I grabbed her and started pawing away at her clothes.

She said “What the hell has gotten into you, stud? Are you just going to fuck me right here in the kitchen window?”

I didn’t answer. It was dark outside, and instead of answering, I flung the shades open and made sure that anybody who might be passing by would get a shot of my wife’s perky tits as they swung and jiggled because I was fucking her from behind, like an animal. We were both totally naked and I stroked her doggy style as she was bent over the kitchen table. I had her pinned down, holding her wrists tight as I stroked her so hard the table was crashing around and things were falling over. I stopped to lick her pussy, then stroked her more, then licked, then stroked her more, imagining me cleaning Taylor’s cum from her each time.

She was heating up and she started the low grinding groan that tells me she is about to cum. I start finger fucking her clit as I stroked her in a rhythm, and soon she loses her cool, screaming in a mind blowing orgasm just as I let my load go. She is too busy cumming to stop me from doing what I did next — I pulled out and with both of her wrists still pinned firmly, I start licking her pussy and cleaning my cum out of her. She realizes this and freaks out screaming, “What the fuck are you doing? Stop it!”

But I don’t stop right then. She finally wriggles away and jumps on me, wrapping her legs around me and kissing me on the mouth while I hold her and I carry her to the couch, where we both plop down, spent.

She says “Wow, you are one kinky fucker… I have never had anybody do that to me before! What has gotten into you?”

What a night.

I am hoping and praying that Taylor and Gabi will send me another email and talk to me again. What if they don’t?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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