Teacher’s Morning Duty

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It was a vibrating dildo, a shiny translucent pink color with glitter sparkles sprinkled on it. It looked like a real cock, and its head was slowly parting the wet pussy lips. Soon, the head of it was glistening, moist with the juices flowing from behind those lips.

She worked it up and down, up and down, sliding the head of it around the opening of her pussy, spreading the slickness all around.

“Are you ready for me to take it?” she asked huskily.

“Do it,” I ordered. “Push that thing deep inside of you.”

She was sitting on my teacher desk, her skirt pushed up around her waist and her legs spread wide. She had her feet resting on the arms of my chair. I was sitting there, staring at her wet pussy.

She rubbed it around her pussy one more time and then slowly, she slid it in deep.

It’s so amazing to see something disappear inside of a woman. It blows my mind each time I see it.

Like I said, the shaft was designed like a real cock, but at the base of it were rabbit ears. The ears are made to go on either side of her clit when she pushes the shaft in deep.

Well, she pushed it all the way in, leaving only the base of the vibrator showing. The ears of the rabbit were pressed tight against her clit. I reached forward and turned the vibrator on. She jumped a little and moaned at the intense pleasure. The buzzing of the vibrator was very loud in the quietness of the room.

In seconds, she was cumming. She slammed canlı bahis her body up and down as the orgasm ripped through her body. As the last little tremor subsided, she pulled the vibrator from her pussy, trembling as it pulled past the tight ring of muscles at her entrance.

She looked over at me with a satisfied look and said, “Damn, that was good. I really needed that.”

“Glad that I could help,” I said with a smile. “I’m always here for you.”

She stood up, straightened out her skirt, and put the vibrator back inside of her bag.

“Have a great day!” she said with a satisfied smile. “See you after school? I’ve got class in fifteen minutes.”

“Sure,” I responded. “I’ve got a little road trip in mind if you’re up for it.”

“Okay,” she said. “Where are we going?”

“Oh, just a little spot I found out in the woods.” I said. “I’m going to tie you to a tree with handcuffs, and fuck you.”

She stopped in her tracks and gave me one of the most serious looks I’ve seen her give. “Are you serious?” She asked.

“Yeah, I am” I told her, not sure about how she felt about it.

“You’d better be serious because that’s one of my secret fantasies.” She said with sincerity.

“Yeah,” I repeated. “I’m really serious. I’ve got handcuffs, blindfolds, and rope out in my truck.”

She put her teacher bag on the floor and pulled her skirt back up, showing me her pussy.

“Fuck me right now.” She ordered.

She bahis siteleri turned around and bent over, grabbing a student desk for support.

“Sweetie, if you ever want to fuck me again, then stick your cock inside me right now!” she pleaded and ordered at the same time.

I stepped up behind her and pulled my cock from my pants. My slacks slid to the floor around my ankles. I grabbed onto her hips and pushed my cock forward until it met the hot softness of her swollen pussy lips.

She pushed back against me as I pushed into her. In a split second, I was buried deep inside of her.

I began thrusting my cock into her pussy when she turned her head and said, “No. Fuck me hard. Slam it into me!”

I did as she ordered. It felt like the whole room was shaking with force of my thrusts. As I was pounding into her, she let go of the desk with one hand and reached down between her legs. At first she grabbed my swinging balls and gently held them, but then she slid her fingers up until she could finger her clit.

She moaned out loud and I could feel her muscles working along the length of my cock, squeezing and milking me. I knew I wouldn’t last for long.

“I’m…..about….to…..come….” I told her breathlessly as I continued pounding.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned deeply as she continued fingering herself.

Then she came. “Ohhhhhhhh!” She yelled. The sound was frightening in my classroom and I could only hope that no one bahis şirketleri outside her it. I felt her pussy contract strongly on me and a whole new slickness coated my cock as she came.

She was wet before, and now she was practically dripping. It only took me a few more strokes and I was shooting deep jets of cum inside of her.

I slipped quickly out of her because she was so slick. She lay there across the desk, breathing rapidly in and out, her ass in the air and her pussy on display.

I don’t know what came over me, but the view of her open pussy was just too much to take. I reached down into her bag and pulled out the vibrator. I lined it up and slid it deep inside of her, quickly turning it on again and pressing the rabbit ears against her clit.

“Unnnngghhh!” She grunted and came again. I let go of the vibrator and it practically shot out of her pussy and fell to the floor.

I stumbled backward, resting against the door of my classroom, the room where high school students would soon be entering. It was way past time to clean up and for her to get to her classroom and teach.

“Baby, you have to go.” I told her as I zipped my pants back up and did my belt.

I had to shake her awake. “Baby, go to class before we get caught.” I told her.

She stood up and slowly walked to my closet to check herself in the mirror.

Just before leaving the room, she said, “Forget this afternoon. We’re calling in sick tomorrow. Get your classes ready for a substitute teacher.”

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, squeezed my softening cock with her hand and opened the door and stepped out.

Coming soon: Teacher’s Field Trip

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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